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The Goblin Nation summary:

They should have fought back. They felt his disdain, but no one wanted to believe - believe that they were never loved. That they can just appease him again. Sacrifice their lives again. Conquered their enemies again. Built wonders for his majesty again. And when they finally accepted the truth, it brought them to their knees as his machines burned down their wonders and reduced them back into an...

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The Goblin Nation Chapters

Time uploaded
138 The King2 days ago
124 Pagasa3 weeks ago
109 The Walk4 weeks ago
104 Hooksho4 weeks ago
101 The Sisters4 weeks ago
85 Staying Strong4 months ago
82 The Bird Cage4 months ago
80 Red Rain4 months ago
79 Seeking Power4 months ago
77 Religh7 months ago
76 Circumbinary7 months ago
75 Separated7 months ago
70 The Legions7 months ago
69 Secret Tunnel7 months ago
67 The Female Man7 months ago
66 The Hole7 months ago
63 Bilbo Blade7 months ago
62 Supernova7 months ago
61 The Final Doub7 months ago
58 Rock N Roll7 months ago
56 Power Headache7 months ago
54 Bitter Fuck7 months ago
52 Flashbang7 months ago
50 Make No Sense7 months ago
49 Make A Move7 months ago
48 Wait A Minute7 months ago
47 Promises7 months ago
43 Run Boy Run7 months ago
42 Better Days7 months ago
40 The Red Roof7 months ago
39 Lover Boy7 months ago
37 Cloud Nine7 months ago
36 Burning Love7 months ago
28 Moving Forward7 months ago
27 Sun Eater7 months ago
26 Red Cross7 months ago
25 Bomber Man7 months ago
22 Starving Tribe7 months ago
21 The Three Beas7 months ago
18 Helping Hand7 months ago
14 The Tutors7 months ago
13 Revelation7 months ago
12 Recovery7 months ago
11 Lust Cala Pov7 months ago
7 Jet Engines7 months ago
5 The Mother7 months ago
4 The Strong Ones7 months ago
3 The Bear7 months ago
2 Hunger Strikes7 months ago
1 Newborn7 months ago
1 Authors Though7 months ago
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