Bank Of The Universe Chapter 442

Chapter 442 Discussing The Dao For Seven Days

"My name is Li Xiandao." Li Xiandao looked at Tai Xuan and announced his name.

"Greetings, Senior Li." Tai Xuan was still really respectful.

"Come in. I was just about to cook dinner, so lets eat together." Li Xiandao invited him.

"I brought some fruit wine that I brewed in the mountains. I can drink with Senior Li." Tai Xuan smiled.

Li Xiandao invited him in. Although the priest was young, for some reason, Li Xiandao had a weird feeling about him.

There was something he couldnt put his finger on.

Anyway, this young priest wasnt an ordinary person.

Li Xiandao was thinking about Tai Xuan like that, so was Tai Xuan thinking about him the same way?

"As expected, just my luck. I didnt expect to meet such a person in the Nine Skies and Ten Lands." Tai Xuan was filled with emotions. He too couldnt see through Li Xiandao.

But when he looked at Li Xiandao who was cooking, he felt like he was someone who could shatter his head if he got angry.

So, he was really respectful and treated him like a senior.

Li Xiandao cooked the soup and prepared the vegetables before carrying them out under the moonlight.

The cold breeze blew and the moonlight was pure. Birds chirped and the cicadas came out, forming a beautiful tune.

The raging river currents in the distance added a little to the atmosphere.

Li Xiandao and Tai Xuan raised their cups to one another under this moonlight and drank their beer.

"Eat." Li Xiandao invited Tai Xuan to taste some lamb.

"Okay." Tai Xuan didnt hold back as he ate.

The two of them talked while eating.

"Which mountain are you from?" Li Xiandao asked.

"Dragon Tiger Mountain, what about you senior?" Tai Xuan asked.

"I am the Master of a bank." Li Xiandao said truthfully.

Tai Xuan believed him and said, "Then, you must be rich."

"We lost a lot in the past. Now, we are getting them back bit by bit." Li Xiandao shook his head.

"You said that I am your good luck, so what kind of luck is it?" Li Xiandao asked curiously.

"Luck is just luck, like me eating hotpot with senior, this is luck, this is fate. This might bring me some sort of benefit in the future. I believe that making friends with senior will bring me good luck in the future." Tai Xuan smiled.

Li Xiandao understood, "So this is what the taoists call, cause and effect?"

"Today, I drink and eat meat with senior, it is a cause. There will be an effect in the future." Tai Xuan nodded.

"What cause?" Li Xiandao raised his wine glass.

"The treasure on me or what I can do for senior. As long as senior asks, I will do anything." Tai Xuan clinked glasses with Li Xiandao and said.

Li Xiandao ket silent.

He was going to give him something or help him to do something for free.

It sounded good.

But, there was nothing free in the world.

Tai Xuan was free now, but in the future, the effect that he wanted would be huge.

Li Xiandao analyzed it and then picked up his wine cup to gulp it down with Tai Xuan.

Now that the cause was planted, Li Xiandao had to return him an effect in the future.

The huge Bank of the Universe, would it not be able to repay Tai Xuan?

"I want your wood flame." He drank it all down in one mouth before pointing at Tai Xuan.

Tai Xuan was stunned and then decisively took it out.

"Here senior." Tai Xuan respectfully passed it to Li Xiandao.

Li Xiandao took it and as expected this was the wood flame.

In the blazing flame was a green sapling that seemed eternal.

"This wood flame is a fire that burnt when a million-year tree spirit was hit by the lightning tribulation. It will never burn out." Tai Xuan introduced.

Li Xiandao was shocked, "A million-year tree didnt turn into human form?"

Tai Xuan thought about it and said, "It is not from Nine Skies and Ten Lands."

He didnt want to lie.

Li Xiandao understood and didnt ask for more.

Since it wasnt from Nine Skies and Ten Lands, then it meant that it was from Celestial World.

It definitely wouldnt be Heaven and Earth Battlefield as they definitely wouldnt have any million-year trees that would try to transform.

Tai Xuan, came from Celestial World.

But Li Xiandao didnt care about where he came from. The key was that he got the wood flame.

With it in hand, Li Xiandao felt really good and drank a lot with Tai Xuan.

Deep into the night, the two of them slept in this farmers home that Li Xiandao bought.

The next morning, Li Xiandao looked at his chicken coop and counted.

"Seven chickens, one a day for seven days." Li Xiandao muttered.

They were all hens!

"It was my fault making all of you all widows. These few days I will send you over for a family reunion. Dont be afraid. Youll be a human in the next life." Li Xiandao muttered and looked towards Tai Xuan.

Tai Xuan had a weird expression, "Senior really is a warm person."

"That is right, it is so bad to make husband and wife live far from one another. There are seven days, lets discuss the dao for seven more days and finish these chickens before going our separate ways. How about that?" Li Xiandao suggested.

"I couldnt wish for more." Tai Xuan was delighted.

Li Xiandao smiled and grabbed one. Under its grateful eyes, he sent it to see its husband.

From the start of the morning, Li Xiandao and Tai Xuan started to discuss the dao.

Li Xiandaos dao came from the teachings of many and it was really thick.

He thought that Tai Xuan wasnt on his level but Li Xiandao didnt expect that Tai Xuans dao was greater and thicker than his.

At the start, Li Xiandao guided him and but then it changed to Tai Xuan guiding him.

But Tai Xuan was under huge pressure. This was because the moment he said anything, Li Xiandao would comprehend it. He would even want to turn his dao into his own.

This speed terrified Tai Xuan.

Although he was knowledgeable and had a deep background, he had never met such a sick person like Li Xiandao.

On the second day, they discussed the dao once more. Only one cow and one chicken witnessed this process.

The difference was that the cow was listening and the chicken entered their stomach.

Third day

Fourth day

This continued till the seventh day.

On the night of the seventh day, Li Xiandao and Tai Xuans discussion ended.

Of course, Tai Xuan had huge gains too, but compared to Li Xiandao, it was a drop in the ocean.

Li Xiandaos cultivation improved greatly and he reached Destiny Realm stage two.

The daos that Li Xiandao grasped instantly reached 1,000.

At the first stage, Li Xiandao grasped 365.

Now he grasped 1,000.

On the afternoon after Li Xiandao broke through, Tai Xuan also broke through.

This stunned Li Xiandao. Tai Xuan found it simple. Li Xiandao felt like Tai Xuan did so just because he did.

At night, they went their separate ways.

"Take this watch. If you want your effect, then just crush it." Li Xiandao passed a red watch to Tai Xuan.

Tai Xuan kept it and looked on as Li Xiandao left.

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