The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 341

Chapter 341 Why Are You Here? Farewell Green Tiger

"From today onward, I dont want to hear any more news about the Green Tiger Gang." Si Yi tilted away, declaring Long Youchengs end without even a glance at said person who was kneeled on the floor with the back of his hand stepped on by Ya Dang.

YoungYoung lady?

The woman, Slaying Luo, was the woman of this man with such an absolute commanding air?

Long Youchengs eyes dulled as he was overwhelmed. Staying rooted, regret exploded within him. Anything he said was too late now!

What was going through in his mind to want to snatch a woman with someone of the An Hun?

The century-old Green Tiger Gang which he had inherited from his ancestors was now destroyed because of his one singular mistake!

While everyone was dumbstruck, Si Yi whom everyones eyes stayed glued to since he announced the end of the top northern gang made his way to Yun Jian.

Then, everyone was filled with a tidal wave of exclamation.

Yun Jian was actually the woman of some hotshot in An Hun! She was related to someone in An Hun!

Xu Zetian was equally befuddled as he froze, gasping inwardly as he watched the aristocratic man come toward Yun Jian. It was no wonder Yun Jian was confident that she could lead their gang out of Longmen City.

Xu Zetian stood out with his thoughts. Luckily he had opted to follow Yun Jian; otherwise, he would still be roaming about Longmen City right now. Yun Jian was destined for greatness!

Si Yi was already in front of Yun Jian then. Looking at the girls small face, he was charged with an impulse to hide her in his embrace so no one would set eyes on her.

"Why are you here?" Yun Jian blinked her long lashes. She had wanted to take action just now but Si Yi had been a step earlier. He also mentioned that he was leaving for some time, so it puzzled her when he appeared here.

"I was done, so I came to you."not expecting to see what happened just now was what Si Yi did not say aloud but his raised brows were evident of his fury.

Standing before Yun Jian in his towering height, he was surprisingly matching with the girl.

Their conversation was simple but the meaning implied within was more than clear.

"Young master, the headquarters of Green Tiger Gang has been bombed." Mo Sen hung up his phone and went toward Si Yi, informing him what shuddered everyone once more.

"Mm," Si Yi hummed before holding Yun Jians hand and brought them out.

What was left would be Ya Dang and Mo Sens responsibility.

"Wait." Yun Jian took two steps from Si Yis hold and stopped. She fished out the key to her Ferrari and turned to toss it to Qing You. "Drive it back for me."

Then, she left the venue with Si Yi.

Catching the key, Qing You replied, "Okay, Sister Jian."but Yun Jian had already left with Si Yi.

Long Youcheng watched both of them leave as he kept a hold on his palm that was still bleeding profusely.

"What are you looking at? You offended my young master, this is your penalty!" Ya Dang dug into the back of Long Youchengs hand with his foot and executed a merciless twist to snap the mans head.

There was no way the tea party could proceed now. In spite of it, no one ever imagined that Green Tiger Gang, the top mafia existence that reigned the northern region, would disappear from history just because Long Youcheng teased a woman he should not have.

There was no Green Tiger Gang from then on!

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