Mystical Academy: Clashes Of Insideworld Outsideworld Aboveworld And Underworld Book 4 Chapter 291

Volume 4: The Army Of Dead Chapter 291 Demon In Academy


Instead of going out of the Academy to go to college, I choose to take courses while working as an operator in the Academy. The Academy is paying me handsomely that I also upgraded our house and bought a car from my money. I also stopped my mom from working instead, she worked in the Academy as a Nurse.

The reading of a certain novel intensifies however, one thing caught my eyes. The monitor from the stockroom is glitching. I focused on it and something dark crawled on the wall. It's fast or maybe I saw it wrong. I looked at the other corridors and whenever that dark thing passed, there's a glitch on the monitor. It means that negative energy is strong. I checked the monitor outside my office. The sound of this animal was deafening and it's something that I should call Andrew.

I reached for my phone and dial his number. It kept ringing and ringing and after a few moments, he finally answered.


"Masen, it's Thunder."

"Oh, God! Thunder where's Andrew? Something is creepy inside her I think it's a demon. But I am sure that Adhiti cursed them to never enter the boundary~~"

"Calm down, I'll be there." He said calmly.

I quickly called out the guards and told them to send the students and professors back to their rooms and to never open their doors. Using my hacking skills. I have every student's number and send a red alert to them so they would be aware. This is one of the programs that I and Bethany made so it'll be easy for us to control the students and so no one would get hurt.

At the moment, my heart is palpating and Andrew should come back in here as soon as possible. I paced back and forth and thought of something to do. Or maybe I'll wait for Thunder. I checked the monitors again and at the moment, he wasn't around the academy but outside. I need to keep monitoring him. Finally, I sat down and worked on the cameras to search for that monster who dared to enter within my watch.

The joystick helped me as I rotated it even outside the Academy even on the farm and the cottage that our Headmaster and his wife stayed at.


The monster had a bald head. If it's converted to a human, it could be a skinless monster with long arms and legs and crawled like spiders. Big deep red eyes could be seen in the dark. It's more like a transparent shadow in the camera and I don't know what it would look like but the red eyes are very catchy.

It rummaged inside the cottage-like he's smelling someone's scent like a wolf. Perhaps, they are after Asher. I still don't understand why the demons are after him. He's indeed more gifted than any of us and he's powerful but there are also people like him. However, my curiosity grew as I thought about what the demons wanted from him.

Someone banged on the door and I checked the monitor. I quickly opened it. God of Sky was here faster than the wind. Once he entered, I quickly showed him the camera on the cottage as it broke a few things searching for him.

"What are we going to do now?"



Knowing that there's chaos in the Mystical Academy, I left Almira and Asher in Psyche while I went to Mystical Academy with Bethany and Calvin. When we reached the Academy, the shrill of a demon can be heard. I watched as the demon stayed in the cottage where I and my family stayed. Thunder approached us as Bethany was ready anytime to bring it back to hell.

"How many are inside?"

"I just saw one coming out from the storage room."

"I already sealed the portal from there." Thunder said. "Now, it's time to send back that demon."

The demon has my son's clothes like he's trying to possess them to hurt my son. I looked at Thunder for answers.

"They want your son, Andrew. But he gave a very special gift by the above. Leviathan's wife is now obsessed with him."


"Leviathan's wife wanted your child to be hers and Abyss needed your son to open a portal to the above world. I can't explain everything to you right now," Thunder said as Calvin moved fast, covering us as the demon was fast. He sliced it but the demon is a transparent soul and it went through the body without hurting it. A sword that was blessed from the above would help us to banish a demon.

"We are going to lure something to him." Thunder said.

Bethany opened a portal and held it. Calvin stayed close to Bethany to protect her while Thunder raised her hand like a lightning strike to the demon. It shrieked in pain. A claymore inside my house caught my eyes. Nicholas gave it to me back when I was working in the castle. I brought it to my hand using my ability to move things with my mind. Soon after I reached it, I ran fast to the heart of the demon and sliced the throat. The deafening squeal of the demon rings in our ears.

Thunder formed a tornado inside, moving it to the demon, swirling it, and bringing it to the portal. Bethany closed the portal. Finally, it's gone. I watched as Bethany fell to the ground. Calvin dropped his sword and pulled her close to him.


"Let's take her to the clinic," I told them. We rushed to the main of the Academy.

Calvin was running as we followed him to the clinic. He lay her down. Mariel Gregory, Masen's mother came up quickly and checked on Bethany.

"Headmaster!" One of our security approached. "Headmaster, something is wrong in the Male Dormitory."

I followed the security on the corridor to the other building where the Male Dormitory is located. The security opened the dormitory. A pungent smell entered my nostrils. I covered my nose and mouth but it suddenly disappeared. However, the students are struggling with a stomach ache. There are at least six of them who have a stomach ache and another six who collapsed. Then, lastly, another six students started coughing.

"What's going?" I asked the guard.

"It happened when we heard a monstrous shrill. I think the demon leash is an epidemic."

"Students! Get back to your rooms!" I demand them. The staff arrived to help the students and take them to the clinic.Find authorized novels in , faster updates, better experience, Please click /book/mystical-academy-goddess's-rebirth_12336619005291005/demon-in-academy_51042397525694314 for visiting.



The sky has beautiful organized long clouds. The sunset reflects the color red-orange and purple rays, making the sky more dramatic. It's more beautiful in the Inside World and finally, I arrived here. At the moment, teacher Achbar sent Kenneth with Uncle Patrick back to Pyr and I am with my mommy and Aunt Marissa in Hydor with Queen Nixie.

"Isn't it beautiful?" Nixie who I treated as my sister and loved as my sister asked. She's now the Queen of Hydor. She dressed like a queen with a small crown on her head.

"It is. It felt like I had seen this before."

Nixie exhaled and hugged me.

"It felt like I had heard someone describing this beautiful scenery. Mama is right about the sunset as a stress reliever!" She smiled at me cheerfully. I was happy whenever my sister Nixie was happy. Although we aren't by blood. My admiration stills. I looked back at the flying seagulls and flying other birds.

She approached the par.a.p.et and leaned on it.

"Seeing the whole beautiful Kingdom like this makes me think of something I should do as a Queen. My mama already gave me a platform and a list. It's hard to study various things but, Mama told me that the best thing that I should do is to be compassionate and fair at the same time."

"Aunt Marissa is right after all."

She sighed.

"I have a dream, can I tell it to you? Kenneth was far away from me but I sent him letters."

"What dream?"

"That I woke up and it's all dark and I could only hear voices and feel someone's touch." She exhaled softly. "It's scary,"

"Maybe it's your past life," I told her.

"What do you mean?"

"Reincarnation. I read stories about it." I stood beside her. She smiled at me.

"I wonder what happened."

"You'll figure it out by yourself."

She faced me as she leaned her back at the par.a.p.et.

"Hmm, I will figure it out!" She said it was lively. Nixie was the first girl that I met who was always cheerful, mischievous, and smart. "How's school?" She asked as she pressed her lips. She's still young, and yet she's taking on all of the problems of Hydor.

"It's doing well." I looked around and pointed to the market. "Can we go there?"

"Of course, we can. I'm the Queen after all." She grinned at me. "But we need to disguise ourselves."

"And ask for mom and Auntie's permission," I told him. She nodded and smiled at me beautifully. My smile faded when suddenly, I felt something dark coming, and it's coming to Queen Nixie.

"Nixie!" I reached her arm.

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