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  • The Idol Group Pet Became A Final Boss

  • Genres : Romance -  Drama
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The Idol Group Pet Became A Final Boss summary:

//One room for two, three meals for four season cookies//1The famous vase in the entertainment industry is suitable. After being hacked by the whole network, it suddenly announced: I am going home to farm.All black fans: Hehe, deserve it.The next day, the Xingchen APP began to broadcast the comfortable rural life.Hey, why did the top lawyers come for dinner?Hey, why did the medical doctor come to raise chickens?Hey, why did well-known designers dye the cloth?Hey, why did the e-sports god come to install the swing?what? Are you her brother? Are you her brother too? Are you still her brother? ? !In the much-anticipated, Grand Slam actor Shi Sui airborne the show scene, the black fans are weak and weak typing on the public screen: you… are you also her brother?The time actor calmly squeezed a suitable little face and said calmly: I am her husband.All black fans: can’t laugh.jpg2shock! When the actor changed his assistant! Want to shoot farming variety shows with each other? !Girlfriend’s mother’s career fan beats her chest and feet: Who cares for whom is a delicate and weak vase? ! It must be a scheming girl who wants to fry CP!On the second day of the live broadcast, fans watched the beautiful girl without makeup and calmly took out a pot of steaming spicy crayfish from the pot. Tears flowed out from the corners of their mouths one by one, scolding and swearing.On the tenth day of the live broadcast, fans stuffed rice into their mouths and complained: Can you fry CP, dont cook! Five catties fatter! Little Vase, please lock up with our brother/son/cub for a lifetime![//Xinghe is boiling hot, it’s better to have a bowl of spicy soup][//Vest off + sweet pet teasing + gourmet food + healing + daily]- Description from MTL

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The Idol Group Pet Became A Final Boss Chapters

Time uploaded
Chapter 774: Kids2 months ago
Chapter 644: Scam3 months ago
Chapter 623: We3 months ago
Chapter 407: Wuhu3 months ago
Chapter 255: Tutu3 months ago
Chapter 180: Kiss3 months ago
Chapter 162: Liar3 months ago
Chapter 161: Wow3 months ago
Chapter 70: Bunny3 months ago
Chapter 8: I Can3 months ago
Chapter 7: Maka 23 months ago
Chapter 6: Maka 13 months ago
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