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  • Invincible Opening System

  • Genres : Action -  Adventure -  Fantasy -  Xuanhuan
  • Status : Ongoing
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Invincible Opening System summary:

A generation of game king Lin Xuan has crossed to the Profound Sky Continent…Nine Turns God Pill? Sorry, tired of eating…Peerless cheats? Sorry, there are still piles in my toilet…What…You are a peerless genius, you are destined to rule the world in the future?What Lao Tzu is playing is that you pretend to be the perpetrator… Why am I so powerful… Because Lao Tzu is dead!- Description from MTL

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Invincible Opening System Chapters

Time uploaded
Chapter 532: He3 months ago
Chapter 467: Rosy3 months ago
Chapter 446: Test3 months ago
Chapter 444: Clan3 months ago
Chapter 393: Shot3 months ago
Chapter 388: Dilu3 months ago
Chapter 326: Kill3 months ago
Chapter 275: Mars3 months ago
Chapter 253: Jade3 months ago
Chapter 210: Hunt3 months ago
Chapter 209: Plan3 months ago
Chapter 205: Chop3 months ago
Chapter 171: Meet3 months ago
Chapter 137: Dull3 months ago
Chapter 117: Maze3 months ago
Chapter 97: Drunk3 months ago
Chapter 84: Ready3 months ago
Chapter 56: Kill3 months ago
Chapter 54: Thief3 months ago
Chapter 52: News3 months ago
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