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  • Super Cookery System

  • Genres : Harem -  Male Protagonist -  Netorare -  Poor Protagonist -  Cooking -  System -  Netori -  Weak Protagonist -  Urban Life -  Harem-seeking Protagonist -  Manly Gay Couple
  • Status : Ongoing
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Super Cookery System summary:

In the far east, there is a strange roadside stall.The price is expensive there. A skewer of grilled gluten sells for 100 yuan, and a grilled chicken wings costs 388. Even so, there are many people waiting in line.There is no delivery of food there, only the person queuing up there, the boss is also very willful, only open six hours a day, but even so, countless people from all over the world drive special planes to eat.“The service attitude there is terrible, and customers have to clean up their dishes and clean the table after eating! Oh! God this boss is crazy. ” –Michelin Food Magazine- Description from MTL

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Super Cookery System Chapters

Time uploaded
Chapter 820: News2 months ago
Chapter 775: Win2 months ago
Chapter 771: Tank2 months ago
Chapter 712: End2 months ago
Chapter 623: Yama2 months ago
Chapter 527: Past2 months ago
Chapter 505: Left2 months ago
Chapter 455: Help2 months ago
Chapter 409: Run2 months ago
Chapter 372: Gift2 months ago
Chapter 127: Bet2 months ago
Chapter 68: Live2 months ago
Chapter 41: Fool2 months ago
Chapter 18: Joke?2 months ago
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