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  • The Omnipresent Martial Arts Sage

  • Genres : Action -  Fantasy -  Xuanhuan -  Body Tempering -  Apathetic Protagonist -  Cheats
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The Omnipresent Martial Arts Sage summary:

In the barren land at the end of the day, Sejong’s three years, the world is in chaos, and the people are not living.The central dynasty collapsed, and the sects were independent. The Demon Party is hiding in the dark, and the gangs conquer each other, making it chaotic.Natural disasters, severe droughts, severe cold, heavy rains, insects, people are struggling hard, thirsting for hope and salvation.During the chaos, various schools and factions emerged one after another, vying for resources and establishing their own rule.There are ambitious people who try to sweep the world and establish a dynasty, and there are people who are righteous who intend to save the common people and rebuild their homes.Muscles, martial arts, immortal law, a martial arts extreme powerhouse, won the title of imitation Buddha in the legend.Wei He holds the Breaking Realm Orb that can break through the realm, travels through the chaotic world, step by step to create his own legend.- Description from MTL

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The Omnipresent Martial Arts Sage Chapters

Time uploaded
Chapter 172:a month ago
Chapter 171:a month ago
Chapter 69: Offa month ago
Chapter 2: Hopea month ago
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