The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 1029

Chapter 1029 The Dynastys Plans

Compared to when he was at level 300, the attribute growth was obvious, but this mainly came from the bonus given by his Lv.21 Energy Level and was due to Han Xiaos accumulation during the version update.

As his energy level continuously increased, he would also gain ever-increasing strength. This was an important part behind the power of the Supers.

The Endurance bonus for his promotion this time was +90, which was twenty points more than his previous promotion. Because it was more difficult to upgrade in the later stage, the enhancement to ones attributes brought about by each advancement would also increase, and the increase in Energy Rank would also cause ones S-level rank bonus to upgrade even higher. There was a close connection between all the attributes, causing Han Xiao to be comprehensively strengthened.

Just an ordinary promotion already gave him such a sharp increase in stats, causing Han Xiao to be extremely satisfied.

"As for the more than 2,000 Free Attribute Points"

Han Xiao thought about it but left them untouched for the time being. His Intelligence and Endurance were all quite high, so he decided to provide himself with some flexibility depending on the situation.

As for his potential points, they would be used to upgrade his Class knowledge, with the Ultimate Knowledge having priority.

At present, there were only three of his Ultimate Knowledges that were maxed out, namely [Virtual Creator], [Eternal Power Source], and [Relativity Theory]. The other three belonged to the other branches of the Mechanic class, and there was a three-times penalty imposed. Levelling them from Lv.1 to Lv.5 would require a total of 288 potential points.

Han Xiao had gained quite a few potential points since the update of the version. He had raised the three Ultimate Knowledges a little each, and the twenty-eight free potential points he had on the interface right now were just right to max out his [Mechanical Life Tinder] skill.

However, Han Xiao did not do so after some thought. He turned and added a level to [Ultimate Mechanical Engineering], raising it to Lv.3.

This class knowledge was related to ones manufacturing and production, and Han Xiao wanted to increase the success rate of the Emperors Cape and the King, so he first prioritized this knowledge.

"A plan cannot always keep up with the changes. I wanted to go there and camp, but now I need to work while I wait." Han Xiao shook his head.

Now that he was alone and unable to use the workshop in his base, he could only use the army workshop in his secondary dimension, and he even had to go out of his way to obtain the raw materials.

He counted the days, and he probably could not even create it before the Primal Chaos Mysterious Energy was born. The time needed to manufacture a Universal Treasure-level equipment was quite hefty. That was especially so for the Emperors Cape, which was physically huge.

"Right now, Ive reached level 320, and my battle strength has experienced yet another leap, drawing closer to the Mechanic Emperor and Void Overlord. I can gauge their strength even better now" Han Xiao sighed.

Seeing the gap in strength narrowing bit by bit, his mood was definitely good.

However, after this promotion, his upgrade costs once again skyrocketed. Because the effects of each promotion in the later stages were extraordinary, the upgrade fee naturally corresponded to this.

"Im afraid it will take a long time to accumulate enough experience to upgrade to level 340. Also, I have to find an opportunity to ask about the Gods Trait Transformation as well as The First Sanctum."

In Tarunamir Palace, the top leader of the hawk faction, Bekorodi, sat in a conference room with his eyes closed for a rest. After a while, a remote projection appeared. It was Gaud.

"Youre here." Bekorodi opened his eyes.

"I hope you called me over to inform me about some good news." Gauds expression was calm.

"Its indeed good news," Bekorodi said in a deep voice. "The request you submitted has been approved, and the dynastys top management has decided to give the Primal Chaos Mysterious Energy to you provided that your Esper ability is truly as what youve said and that you can control the Primal Chaos Mysterious Energy."

The dynasty had bet on Black Star, thinking that he would be an important National Pillar in the future, but the dynasty did not mind having another person as strong as him. After all, someone with Gauds Esper Ability was too rare, so the dynasty was willing to spend the resources to cultivate this high potential Esper. Furthermore, this person still belonged to the dynasty, and he was not an ally who did not have to listen to all their orders.

"Im very clear what my ability can and cannot do, so as long as the dynasty is willing to put their trust in me, I will not disappoint them." Gaud thinly smiled.

"As long as you can prove yourself, the dynasty will not be stingy with the resources to cultivate you, just like Black Star." The moment Bekorodi mentioned Han Xiao, his tone got a little deeper.

Black Star rejecting his one to three exchange had left Bekorodi extremely dissatisfied.

However, Gaud only replied with a smile that was not a real smile, skirting past this topic. He instead asked, "Now that the Primal Chaos Mysterious Energy is about to be born, what does the dynasty intend to do?"

Bekorodi nodded. "The dynasty has already sent troops to the various locations shown by the intelligence, and we have spotted abnormal movements from many of the organizations, which confirms that they likely also got their hands on EsGods legacy. They will be our competitors in obtaining the Primal Chaos Mysterious Energy"

"What sort of organizations are they?"

"The number is small, but their composition is complex. There are all kinds of organizations, but the church and the federations side do not seem to have moved, so we cannot know if they are aware of this matter"

"It sounds like there are many uncertainties. Can we ensure that the dynasty will get the Primal Chaos Mysterious Energy?"

"The current situation is unclear. The Oracle of the dynasty has tried to scry for information, and it feels like the Emerald Star Cluster is the most likely place in which the Primal Chaos Mysterious Energy will appear. It just so happens that the Flickering World is our territory, so the dynasty has decided to engage a few Beyond Grade A allies for help." Bekorodi narrowed his eyes as he spoke.

"Black Star?"

"Hes not on the list." Bekorodi shook his head.

The Black Star Army had the greatest amount of influence in the Flickering World, so it stood to reason that Black Star should be the most reliable. However, the dynasty did not request help from him, and Bekorodi did not disclose the reason.

Gaud smiled to himself as he realized the implications.

Tsk, it seemed like the problem with the Evolution Cube caused quite a rift between Black Star and the dynasty

His eyes flickered, and Gaud calmly said, "Since thats the case, I have a suggestion. We should tell Black Star to turn away so as to prevent side issues from arising."

"I dont have the authority to command Black Star." Bekorodi waved his hands. "In addition, the latest news states that his Black Star Guards are all within his palace, and even Ames has gone over to visit him from Shattered Star Ring. Thus, it is likely that his true body is still within his base. He probably knows his limits and will not interfere in this matter"

Bekorodi paused for a moment before his expression sank. "However, even if Black Star decides to interfere, the dynasty can still strike a deal with him. With his current situation, the chances of him rejecting us again are miniscule. He should know what to do in order to mend his relationship with us."

"Thats good. I hope that there will not be any accidents during the operation." Gaud narrowed his eyes.

The dynasty did not wish to see a special talent like him encounter any unnecessary risks before growing up, so he could not join the operation.

What Gaud needed to do was obediently stay put and wait for the dynasty to hand him the Primal Chaos Mysterious Energy.

Getting the dynasty to work for me is so convenient Gaud secretly smiled and shook his head.

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