The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 1058

Chapter 1058 Dust Settled

Gorutan, who was covered in wounds and sealed in the Spacetime Amber, looked like he was made into a specimen.

Looking at the fixed expression on his face, Han Xiao finally relaxed.

A peak Beyond Grade A fighting for his life had almost endless trump cards. If not because of his Spacetime Amber, the King, Silver Shadow, and his double Mechanical Senses, he might not have been able to beat him.

After all, this time, he did not have a perfect trump card like the Esper Silence he had when facing EsGod, so the only choice was to fight head-on. Therefore, his mechanical army suffering huge losses was unavoidable. A huge number of mechanical soldiers had to be sent to the factory to be remade.

Both sides were peak tanks. There was no situation where one attack would decide the results. The battle was basically countless repetitions of the same process, and whoever lasted longest would win.

If not because the dynasty’s allies were on the side, this would have definitely turned into a chase, which would have lasted much longer, and Gorutan might even have escaped. Nonetheless, the result of capturing Gorutan was ideal.

“The goals have been achieved. Hila is protected, and the King’s functions have been showcased, which is more than enough to discourage others from thinking about attacking Hila. Even Gorutan is captured. The results of this event are going to be very beneficial for me.”

Venting his anger was just one reason he had gone to fight Gorutan head-on. The main reason was to express his firm stance and instill fear in others.

Due to how strong an impression he made as a very sociable and friendly person, plus the fact that he had kept a low profile for more than two decades, there were always people trying to test him, thinking that he was easy to mess with.

This time, he did not depend too much on the dynasty. It was basically his own achievement. Since he had done this, it was certain that the other organizations would have to think twice before trying to mess with him in the future, weighing up whether it would even be worth it.

The only problem was, this achievement was too terrifying, almost unbelievable.

Although the church and the federation’s people were not fighting for their lives and could not go all out due to many reasons, which gave him the opportunity to make full use of this flaw, the outside world would not care about all that. All they would see would be his achievement of fighting against twelve enemies all by himself. In front of this achievement, even capturing another peak Beyond Grade A was not as shocking.

This was more than enough to be listed as one of the most shocking achievements of any Beyond Grade A in history!

However, too much of something would never be good. He had achieved something that he was not supposed to achieve with the strength he had now, which was not without drawbacks. What Han Xiao was glad about was, Sierron had made it that all this way because he had ‘burned his potential’.

This way, it would be much more acceptable for the various organizations, including the three Universal Civilizations, and the other Beyond Grade As.

With that reasoning, as well as the Beyond Grade A united front, Manison would most likely not test him after seeing this astonishing achievement, which would eliminate a huge problem for him.

At the same time, people saying that he was burning his potential would also not reduce the effects of his achievements.

Although this explosive state was made possible with many Character Summon Cards, some of which could only be used once

Others would not know that this was the case!

Han Xiao knew clearly what those high-level organizations would be thinkingthey would have a false assumption that as long as he was willing to pay the price of burning his potential again, he would be able to draw up this strength again!

And even if he explained the truth to others, no one would believe him!

Therefore, following this thought, the various organizations would all come to one conclusion

Don’t push Black Star too much!

This way, the influence of this event could be understood without saying.

As Han Xiao thought, a smile appeared on his face.

“Since I’ve now planted fear in them, I can continue to develop myself slowly. It’s going to give me a big fortune”

At this time, he only had one thought.

Sierron really is such a good friend!

Suppressing the surprise in his heart, Han Xiao quickly told Phillip to clean up the battlefield and take away the Gorutan amber specimen.

Having seen that the battle had ended, the dynasty allies finally came forward.

“You’ve really outdone yourself this time. When this gets out, it’s definitely going to make a huge impact,” Kant said. “Sharp and brave, as one would expect from youngsters. When I was making a name for myself in the universe, I was young too. But now, I have to think of the pros and cons before making every single move. I’ve lost that courage.”

“You’re being humble.” Han Xiao smiled.

“Well, defeating Gorutan is just a small matter. The problem is, what do you plan to do with him?”

Kant was not surprised by this result. Black Star was in an explosive state, and the battlefield favored him. Plus, he was also a peak Beyond Grade A. Therefore, defeating another peak Beyond Grade A seemed very normal, nothing compared to the absolutely shocking fact that he had forced twelve Beyond Grade As of the federation and the church to retreat.

“Hmm, Gorutan has no one to rely on, and no one will come to bail him, so I’m going to keep him as part of my collection.”

Beast Ancestor was one of the protectors of the Galactic Black Market. He did not have any background like the three Universal Civilizations. Therefore, there was, of course, no need for him to give Gorutan up. This was also one of the ways the three Universal Civilizations appealed to the Beyond Grade As. After all, no one could guarantee that they would never lose, and having one of the three Universal Civilizations backing them would make them feel much more assured.

Kant nodded and said, “This incident was too sudden, so we couldn’t help much. Luckily, the results did not turn out too bad. The dynasty will help you to deal with the aftermath of this, and the dynasty’s upper echelons will probably come to negotiate with you very soon.”

“I know.”

At this time, Silver Shadow turned back to his normal appearance, which attracted the attention of everyone.

Han Xiao nodded at him.

“You were of great help this time, thanks. Follow me back later and be a guest at my place. I’ll keep my promise.”

“I should be the one thanking you. If not for you, god only knows when I would’ve discovered this new ability I have.”

Although Silver Shadow was quite heavily injured, having discovered a new ability made him quite happy.

Kohler could not help but ask curiously, “Silver Shadow, what ability is that? Can you show it again?”

“It’s one of the special forms I have, which Black Star had helped to discover”

Silver Shadow chatted passionately with the others, and Han Xiao nodded in his mind.

With my influence, this guy is probably going to start his Uber life much earlier

However, with the help I gave him, it will probably be quite much easier for me to make him my private Uber.

This time, Han Xiao turned to look at Ravenlaude, who was staying silent and looking like he wanted to say something but did not, so Han Xiao started the conversation.

“How you doing? Have your wounds healed?”

“Pretty much” Ravenlaude thought of his experience of getting beaten into a pulp not long ago, resignation appeared in his eyes.

“Haha, thank you for letting the past be the past and coming to help this time.” Han Xiao smiled.

“I didn’t help much.”

“Don’t say that. If not because you relayed the message, the dynasty’s reinforcements would not have arrived here so soon. I owe you one for this.”

A hint of a smile finally appeared on his face. He felt much better.

Aiyo, although Black Star is irritating sometimes, he’s quite a good guy overall.

Sorry Ty-Ty, I probably won’t be able to join your anti-Black Star alliance. Hang in there!

Suddenly, they all felt something and turned to look at the source of it. Beast Ancestor’s fleet, which had been watching from the side, was now quickly retreating.

Kohler shook his head and said sarcastically, “They watched on as their leader was attacked. Such wise subordinates.”

“With Gorutan gone, his organization will split up very soon.” Beyoni snorted. “But that’s a good thing. I’ve always disliked the things this guy did. If he did not buy tons of females from the Galactic Black Market, he would not have been able to make so many offspring. With his organization gone, the slavery business of the black market will take a hit.”

“You’re probably the last person here who has the right to say that” Han Xiao remembered that Beyoni also had a huge harem.

“That’s completely different. I chose mine from my people and never forced anyone. I’m not spreading my seed all over the universe.”

Beyoni was quite proud, and he felt that he had the moral high ground.

Among the Beyond Grade As, there were actually quite a number of people who did not like Gorutan’s way of doing things, but no one messed with him because of how strong he was. Now that the dynasty’s allies present had seen Gorutan get defeated by Han Xiao, they were all glad.

Han Xiao did not bother entertaining him and silently opened the interface.

Including Gorutan, he had captured a total of five Beyond Grade As, which far exceeded the requirements of the mission. The mission was now shown as ‘completed’.

“Five chances to draw abilities. I’ll have to make full use of them.”

Han Xiao was very excited.

He decided that he had to pray and touch Feidin before drawing the mission reward, or it would be a huge waste if he received some useless abilities.

Beep beep!

The communicator suddenly rang. He glanced at it. It was a call from Urranrell.

He picked it up and said, “Your Excellency Urranrell.”

“I’ve understood the situation. The dynasty will negotiate with the federation and the church, now tell me the details of what happened.”

“Okay, so it started” Han Xiao explained the situation and skipped some details in between.

“To think that Hila has such an ability”

After Han Xiao finished, Urranrell kept silent for a while. She then suddenly changed the topic and asked, “What about you? What price did you pay? Did you really burn your potential?”

“Yes,” Han Xiao said without any change of expression.

“How big is the impact of that exactly?”

“I don’t know.”

“Sigh You were too headstrong this time. You could have shrouded Hila in Spacetime Amber, and we could’ve bailed her afterward. This was avoidable. You have the highest potential in history. It’s not worth doing something so unwise just to vent your anger.”

“No, if I did that, I would have helped the enemies to take away Hila’s ability to fight back. Plus, there are too many uncertainties to bailing someone out. The church might not be willing to make the deal and might keep Hila forever, and the federation would demand that I unseal the Ten Thousand Deity Scepter. Furthermore, Hila isn’t the dynasty’s ally, so the dynasty is in no position to bail her.”

Urranrell frowned slightly.

“What you’re saying is, despite this incident, you still aren’t willing to let Hila join the dynasty?”

“Hila has her own will. You’re saying it like I can force her,” Han Xiao joked.

“Joining the alliance will help to avoid something like this from happening again. Do try to convince her. I’m sure she won’t want to see you burn your potential for her again,” Urranrell said.

“ Got it.”

If the dynasty used this to persuade Hila, given her personality, she might really agree to it. Urranrell indirectly gave him a reminder.

Han Xiao shook his head. Just as he hung up the call, another communication request came.

He looked at it. This time, it was from his headquarters.

The scene of the Black Star Palace command room appeared. Hila stood at the front, and beside her were Ames and Aurora. Around them were the many officers of the army. They were all looking at Han Xiao on the screen with concern.

“Black Star, are you okay?”

“I’m fine. It’s been dealt with. I’ve captured Gorutan. Hila, he’s the person who leaked the information to get revenge on you. You don’t have to worry about him anymore.” Han Xiao smiled.

Hila bit her lips.

Black Star did everything to protect her. He even got rid of the root of this incident. Looking at Han Xiao trying to look like it was no big deal and thinking of how tough of a battle Han Xiao had gone through for her, all the words of appreciation were stuck in Hila’s throat.

Words were too light, not enough to express how touched and thankful she was.

Seeing this, Han Xiao joked and said, “Say something if you want to. Being this hesitant doesn’t fit the impression I have of you.”

Hila took a deep breath, stared into Han Xiao’s eyes, and said, “You will forever be my army commander.”

There was no thank you. It was more like a promise, a declaration.

Hearing this, Han Xiao wiped the smile off his face. He looked into Hila’s eyes with a serious expression and slowly nodded.


“I heard from Hila that you burned your potential?” Ames softly said from the side.

“Don’t worry, that’s all fake. I actually did not suffer any losses at all.”

Ames nodded lightly. To her, this was clearly a white lie that Han Xiao said to comfort them.

She did not deny Han Xiao of his ‘kindness’ and only remembered it.

Han Xiao suddenly thought of something. “By the way, where did Traveler go?”

“He ran away, but we injured him,” Hila said. “Before he left, he said that the Black Star Army disobeyed the rules and fought someone who came to challenge as a group. Is he really related to this incident?”

“Humph, this guy is such a drama queen Leave him alone. He’s a sh*t-stirrer at most. There’s no time to deal with him now. That’s for later.”

Han Xiao exhaled and said, “I’ll be going back first. We’ll probably be quite busy for some time”

The entire universe was paying attention to the Flickering World, and this huge news erupted all of a sudden, spreading like wildfire through all channels, ignoring the restrictions of distance.

Every single person who saw the news was shocked.

The federation and the church had gathered twelve Beyond Grade As to kill the Black Star Army’s second in command, but they were forced to retreat by Black Star’s main body, who even captured a few of the attackers. Not only that, even the Galactic Black Market’s Gorutan was held responsible for this by Black Star because he was involved and was captured alive.

This means that Black Star had fought twelve Beyond Grade As alone and won!

Are you kidding me

All the news after the Flickering World opened combined would probably not be as shocking as this!

The entire universe was driven into a frenzy!

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