The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 1112

Chapter 1112 Trap And Pursuit

On the Star Arc Civilizations mother planet, the upper echelons were having a discussion in the conference room. "The three Universal Civilizations sent us a notification not long ago, demanding that we be ready to shut down all the quantum network base stations on all our planets any time. Whats this about?"

"Isnt the Intelligent Plague already under control? Did something happen?"

"Or are the three Universal Civilizations plotting against us again?"

The upper echelons expressions were stiff. They were full of suspicion. Initially, when the three Universal Civilizations announced that the antivirus had been created, they thought the Intelligent Plague was basically dealt with. Hence, their attention was focused on the fact that the Ancient Star Desert was still in lockdown. They felt that the three Universal Civilizations might use the opportunity and do something to them afterward, so they had been on alert 24/7. It was like they were suffering from delusions. The three Universal Civilizations sudden order to tell them to be ready to cut off all the quantum network connections in their territory made the Star Arc Civilization even more suspicious. They almost thought that this was a signal of the three Universal Civilizations attacks on them.

This time, it was not cutting off their communications to the outside world but shutting down the quantum network in their territory, which meant that their galactic society foundation would be shut down. In the interstellar era, large civilizations like them completely relied on the immediate exchange of information through the quantum network to rule and manage their planets. Shutting that down meant that they had to abandon their ruling over their territory temporarily. It was no wonder they were worried.

The civilizations leader knocked on the table and silenced the room. "The three Universal Civilizations sent the same announcement to the other civilizations too. Were not the only one."

Hearing this, the others all nodded with relief.

"Then it should still be related to the Intelligent Plague What have the three Universal Civilizations been doing lately?" an official asked.

The person in charge of the intelligence department raised his eyes and said, "The three Universal Civilizations troops are stationed separately on various planets. Those Beyond Grade A Mechanics are making strange movements too, dispatching their mechanical troops to those planets. They seem to be up to something big." "All the Beyond Grade A Mechanics are acting?"

"Yes, all."

"What do you think theyre doing?"

"I dont know the details, but it sure looks a lot like theyre setting up an encirclement." "Hmm"

The civilization leader pondered for a moment and slowly said, "Cooperate with the three Universal Civilizations arrangements. For the time being, investigate what the three Universal Civilizations and those Beyond Grade As are planning to do. Pay close attention. Dont ignore any moves they make. I want to know what their goal is."

In the Flickering World development union headquarters on Planet Finn, the remote projections of various Beyond Grade As gathered for the routine plenary meeting.

Some of the seats were empty, mostly Beyond Grade As who were summoned, including the president and the vice president seats.

"Speaking of which, Mechanic Emperor and Black Star have already missed quite a few meetings. I wonder how theyre doing in the Ancient Star Desert," someone casually said. This topic quickly sparked discussion.

"The Intelligent Plague in the Ancient Star Desert has lasted for many months. No news has gotten out. Whats the situation now? Is the disaster under control?"

"The Star Field is under lockdown. I cant get any information either. Any of you know whats going on?"

Since the three Universal Civilizations evaluated the Intelligent Plague as a universal disaster, the entire universe was paying close attention to the Ancient Star Desert. However, since leaking any information was forbidden, they did not know the situation in the Ancient Star Desert.

The Beyond Grade As present were all curious too.

"Hey, Hila, anything from your army commander?" A Beyond Grade A turned and looked at Hila, who rarely spoke.

"No." Hila gave the simplest response.

She was also a member of the association. Since Black Star could not attend the meetings, she acted as the representative of the Black Star Army.

Tolaen curled his lips and said, "Humph, Black Star might have already been taken out." "Are you itching for another beating?" Hila said with an expressionless face.

Tolaen gave a creepy smile and said, "The way I see it, the three Universal Civilizations calling all the Beyond Grade A Mechanics over was a conspiracy to begin with. Think about it, both the president and the vice president are Mechanics. Wouldnt they be able to easily achieve what theyve been wanting to do to us this way?" The allies of the Arcane Church all looked at him with speechless expressions. Whose side are you really on?

"Stop talking nonsense. Youll be held accountable for the things you say," a direct member of the church said with a displeased tone.

"My bad, I always say whatever I want to say." Tolaen snorted.

Hila did not bother with him, but she was indeed a little worried.

All the other Mechanics only sent their avatars there; Black Star was the only one whose original body had gone over.

The Ancient Star Desert was in lockdown. If the three Universal Civilizations really wanted to do something to Black Star, that place would instantly turn into a death trap. Hila did not trust the three Universal Civilizations from the bottom of her heart. Although the King suit could teleport Han Xiao out anytime, it was not enough to make her not worry.

On the other side, Secret Masters eyelids trembled uncontrollably.

As a protector of the black market, he was more interested in the Ancient Star Deserts situation than the others.

Ever since the Star Field had gone into lockdown, all contact with the black market over there had been cut off. A lot of the businesses there were under his protection and had always given him a lot of profit. Some were the Beast Ancestors businesses that he had just taken over not long ago. After having no contact for so long, he had absolutely no idea how his businesses were doing.

I wonder how the black market of the Ancient Star Desert is faring Secret Master pondered.

According to Han Xiaos operation plan, the three Universal Civilizations did a lot of preparations over more than a month. They dispatched fleets to be stationed at all the trap node planets. Most of their time was spent on traveling and waiting for the Beyond Grade As mechanical armies to arrive at the locations.

Since this was a Star Field level network, there were quite a number of trap nodes that spread across the various Star Systems of the Ancient Star Desert. The trap nodes the three Universal Civilizations had chosen were mainly those territories that were not easy to control with just orders or some crucial spots.

Every terminal exit had a Beyond Grade A Mechanic and the three Universal Civilizations fleet around it, and Manisons Lords Avatars were at all of them.

In this time, Han Xiao had also built a batch of specially made Lords Avatars, but it was still not enough. He decided to compromise and stationed only his mechanical troops at every spot.

As for the Lords Avatars, he placed them at the locations carefully selected by Harrison and hoped he was lucky enough.

The target of [Lords Descent) was not limited to specially made Lords Avatars. It could be used on even normal mechanical soldiers, only not at full power and with a full set of abilities. Therefore, even though any Beyond Grade A Mechanic would be able to set up an ambush at all the locations, they could only be a bystander at most, and none had the advantage Manison had. After all, there was no way they could compete with Manisons Lords Avatar if they descended on ordinary machines.

Therefore, the other Beyond Grade A Mechanics were all planning to do their best to force the virus core to materialize at one of the locations their Lords Avatars were at.

Due to how stealthy the virus core was, there was currently not a scanning tool that anyone could use. Only Beyond Grade A Mechanics could track the virus core on the network. Although some of them were not specialized in the virtual area, as long as they had learned the (Virtual Creator] Ultimate Knowledge, it was enough.

In order to improve everyones virtual ability and range, the Federation of Light provided a large-scale strategic deviceSuper Range Virtual Brainwave Enhancer.

This was equipment exclusively for Mechanics. It improved ones virtual ability in many ways, drastically increasing the range. It could be fully utilized by Beyond Grade A Mechanics.

The size of this device was enormous, like a spherical, silver galactic fortress. Its exterior looked like it was assembled through plates. There were clearly visible gaps between, and it was not smooth at all.

The inside of the device was very empty. In its heart, all the Beyond Grade A Mechanics formed a circle and hovered in midair. They were ready.

The remote projections of the three Inspectors, including Sidreun, appeared in this circle. Sidreun said with a serious tone, "Guys, the mechanical troops are all deployed. There are only thirteen minutes to the time when the virus core will go online according to the prophecy. When the time comes, we will cut off the network immediately and make the Ancient Star Desert a trap. Please act according to the plan. Were relying on you; you must catch the virus core."

The people nodded. Although this was a huge responsibility, everyone there was someone who stood at the top of the universe, so they did not feel pressured.

The first step of the operation involved them tracing the virus core after the trap was set, preventing it from hiding. It was like catching a chicken inside a cage. With the data pattern Manison had provided and the bonus of the Super Range Virtual Brainwave Enhancer, they could track the virus core for as far as they wanted and not worry about it escaping

This time, Kant said with a smile, "This should be the first time all the Beyond Grade A Mechanics in the universe have worked together. I think this will be written down in history."

Hearing this, many people present laughed.

Indeed, all the people at the top of the Mechanic class working together was something worth writing about in the history books.

Han Xiao glanced around and curled his lips.

Humph, youre all laughing now, but when we fight for the virus core later, youll all beat each other up without hesitation.

I hope Harrisons Luck Glow works this time and the virus core ends up meeting my Lords Avatar

Not taking part in the conversation, Han Xiao prayed in his mind.

The people went silent to stay focused. Time passed minute by minute.

Finally, when it came to the last minute, Sidreun looked at the time and said with a deep voice, "Guys, lets go!"

In the quantum network vision, the Ancient Star Desert was an illuminated Star Field. Countless bright nodes formed a sea of light, and countless data streams connected the nodes, forming an extremely complex 3D network structure.

These data connections that looked like strings were the foundation of the galactic society.

At this time, a stream of light suddenly appeared outside one of the data links.

This stream of light looked like a cluster of extremely intricate data. Countless symbols flowed on its shell. This was what the Domino Virus core looked like. It was in the form of an artificial intelligence life form.

The next second, the virus core came into contact with the firewall of this data link. Its shell instantly assimilated with the firewall, easily getting through the alarm system, and infiltrated this link. It then moved along with the data flowed, capturing the feedback data in the network.


At this time, a large portion of the bright Ancient Star Desert in the quantum network vision suddenly became dark.

Countless data links broke off, and countless nodes extinguished simultaneously. The sea of light became much smaller.


At the same time, more than a dozen powerful consciousnesses arrived in the quantum network, scanning through the remaining quantum network area like nothing could hide from them.

The next moment, a consciousness locked onto the virus core.

Data streams came together and formed a silhouette of light before the virus core. Kants virtual soul smiled at it.

"Found you"

At this instant, the virus cores program quickly came up with a measure and immediately fled!

Through the data link, the virus core changed its form multiple times and fled to a place that was countless nodes away.

However, suddenly, a data stream tornado appeared in front of it.

"Are you playing hide and seek?"

The data streams formed Quantum Demons face. It was intently staring at the virus core.

Without hesitation, the virus core turned around and fled again, hoping to find a location and hide in the quantum network.

However, no matter how much computing power the virus core spent on coming up with disguises, it would still end up meeting a Beyond Grade A Mechanic every time. It was forced to keep changing direction. It looked quite similar to someone who was panicking.

Han Xiao, Manison, Kant, Judith, and the other Beyond Grade A Mechanics showed up one after another, stopping the virus core in its path.

The encirclement started to shrink around it.

At this time, the virus core suddenly stopped fleeing. It entered one of the nodes and disappeared without a trace.

"It has materialized!"

Inside the real world, Han Xiaos original bodys eyes sparkled.

The terminal exit that the virus core had chosen seemed to be a planet where the Machinery Faith was. That was one of the ambush locations his Lords Avatar was at!


At the same time, powerful Mechanical Forces appeared around every Mechanic in the Super Range Virtual Brainwave Enhancer.

Multiple consciousnesses traveled in the cosmic space and headed to the planet this node was at!

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