The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 1117

Chapter 1117 You Pay To Win I Cheat We All Have A Bright Future

Chapter 1117 You Pay to Win, I Cheat, We All Have a Bright Future

Manison showcased his full firepower, and with his P2W[1] method of strengthening his foundation, he quickly occupied an absolute advantage and completely suppressed Black Star.

This scene also fell into the eyes of the Machinery Faith believers who were watching the battle on the surface of Planet Magnetic Cloud.

"Am I dreaming? I can see the descent of two Mechanical Deities with my very own eyes in my lifetime."

"Quickly record it. No one knows when the Mechanic Emperor last went all out. This is precious first-hand data!"

"Why did the two of them start fighting?"

"It seems like a challenge. Black Stars situation doesnt look good." "The Mechanic Emperor is still the Mechanic Emperor, having occupied the highest position in our faith for so many years. Black Star is still too young. Its unknown what will happen in the future, but right now, how could he be an opponent for the Mechanic Emperor?"

"Black Star set a historical record a while ago, and I thought that he had already arrived at the same level as the Mechanic Emperor. Now it seems like hes still lacking in accumulation."

The onlookers were extremely excited. As enthusiastic fans of the top mechanics, they considered the experiences of each pinnacle Beyond Grade A their precious heirlooms. While they did not know the reason for the battle, this did not prevent them from discussing the fight.

While their settlement was threatened by the aftermath of the battle, few of the believers were willing to leave.

In their opinion, as long as they could watch the magical battle of the Mechanical Deities with their own eyes, it was nothing to bear some risks in return. If not for the fact that the land only reached this high, they would have moved even closer to them.

On the top floor of the Machinery Faith temple, many of the priests looked at the virtual screen in front of them, which showed the image of Han Xiao and Manison in outer space.

"Both Deities have moved away from the battlefield, but the settlement might still be in danger. Grand Priest, should we evacuate the organizations followers?" one of the priests softly asked.

The Grand Priest in question was staring at the screen quietly, for fear of missing any second of what the image showed. He watched in fascination and did not even turn back as he said, "Wait, let me watch it for a while more."

By the side, someone muttered, "While I dont understand why they started fighting, there should be no suspense in the result. Both parties are here as avatars, and theyre only fighting based on machinery abilities. In this regard, Black Star is indeed below the Mechanic Emperor."

"It seems like that."

The various priests also nodded. Having seen the situation, the majority would regard it as so.

However, no one would be disappointed over this, because in the eyes of the Machinery Faith, this was a normal situation, a given.

However, the situation suddenly changed, and the energy readings at the edge of the screen suddenly soared.

The Grand Priest was taken aback.

"Black Stars energy fluctuations suddenly spiked"

At the same moment, the three Universal Civilizations were also watching the live broadcast of the battle between the two. The flashing lights on the screen reflected in the faces of the trio.

The Arcane Churchs Pope turned to glance at Urranrell. "Your Excellency, Black Star doesnt seem to be in too good a state."

"Its expected." Urranrell was calm. "We never hoped that Black Star would fight with the Mechanic Emperor. He has amazing potential and needs more time to strengthen his foundations, even if his growth always exceeds expectations. Its still too early for him to fight against the Mechanic Emperor head on."

"However, the first to release the spacetime anchor was your dynastys fleet. It seems that you wish for them to fight with all their strength instead," the Pope joked.

"Youre mistaken. Since the virus has been resolved, of course the blockade should be lifted. We cannot forcibly retain the avatars of the mechanics. We opened the blockade in hopes that the Mechanic Emperor would leave, but it seems like he wishes to show his strength in front of us," Urranrell solemnly replied.

Her order to close the spacetime anchor was not an arrogant decision. Urranrell was aware that Black Star could leave the area at any time even under the restraint of spacetime, but in her opinion, Black Star did not do anything wrong. Destroying the virus core was an act beneficial to the universe, so why should he run? The one that should be running was the Mechanic Emperor.

"Its understandable that after being made a fool of by Black Star, the Mechanic Emperor would definitely retaliate." The Pope glanced at Bader.

Bader continued staring at the screen, silently telling them to just continue chatting among themselves whilst he acted as the backdrop.

Seeing this, the Pope knew that Bader was not going to talk about the Mechanic Emperor for the time being, so he withdrew his gaze and continued. "However, Black Star is not on the Mechanic Emperors level. It is likely he will lose."

"We dont wish for Black Star to have conflicts with the Mechanic Emperor right now, but since they have started fighting, the dynasty will support Black Star to the end. Theres no need to back down," Urranrell decisively stated.

In terms of their stances, the three Universal Civilizations were on Han Xiaos side, but they did not deny the fact that the Mechanic Emperor was still more powerful.

Furthermore, Black Star was only using his avatar, so losing to the Mechanic Emperor was not unacceptable. After all, Black Stars age was but a fraction of Manisons, and his future potential was promising. Just as the trio were thinking of that, an abnormality appeared on the battlefield.

Han Xiaos energy reading suddenly skyrocketed, climbing to an astonishing level.

The three of them were startled.

"Black Stars switched modes? Hes burned his potential again?" Bader was stunned.

The Pope was dumbstruck.

"This is too impulsive. Does he need to struggle like this"

The fact that Black Star had two modes of fighting was no secret. His regular mode would not be able to defeat the Mechanic Emperor; this was something the trio knew well in their hearts. But they also understood that Black Stars fighting prowess would only peak when he burned his potential.

Black Star had utilized his burning of potential to shock the entire universe during his Godlike Battle. Whether such a form could match up to the Mechanic Emperor, no one knew.

Urranrells expression was not too good. Black Stars actions were once again out of her expectations.

He could obviously utilize a slow and methodical approach to develop and accumulate his foundation, but he just had to burn his potential to explode in strength. She was unable to accept such an approach.

Didnt you already burn your potential once? You still want to burn more? How much more potential do you have to waste!

Black Star was the dynastys ally, and she had high hopes for him. The position he had taken was also in line with universal peace. Now that Black Star had burned his potential, it was a loss to the dynasty.

In her rational judgment, this move would no doubt be a loss in blood, but in an emotional sense, she appreciated the never-say-die attitude of Black Star.

The choice Han Xiao had made lived up to the trust she put in him. Whichever way she looked at Han Xiao now, she found it very pleasing to the eye.


The trident once again cut open the shield provided by the Emperors Cape and drew a deep line on the abdomen of Han Xiaos Mechanical Deity. Many mechanical parts were dug out, and the body of the Mechanical Deity now was scarred with defects.

The surrounding mechanical soldiers wanted to come over to repair the wounds, but they were all blocked by the troops of Manison. They could not overcome the blockade of the combination of the Indestructible Mechanic Empire, Apostle Weapons, and the Mechanical Life troops. The performance of his machinery was suppressed by the Mechanic Emperor on almost all fronts, with only his attack power being stronger than the latter. This was all thanks to his (Legendary Battle Technique], which was not something to be trifled with. It was only that the majority of the attacks were being absorbed by Manisons Indestructible Mechanic Empire, which was not afraid of destruction or damage.

The legend of the Indestructible Body had long been spread through Galaxy, and because Manison had no idea if this also applied to Han Xiaos avatar, all his attacks were concentrated toward the non-critical parts of the Mechanical Deity, aiming to destroy the majority of Han Xiaos machinery in the shortest time possible.

At this moment, Han Xiao was finding it difficult to resist, and the thoughts spun rapidly in his head.

If this continues, my Mechanical Deity will be cut apart piece by piece. Manison has the advantage now, and if I were to allow him to attack so unscrupulously, it will greatly consume my machinery. I have to stop being forced into this passive state

The large number of Universal Treasures had greatly enhanced Manisons combat power.

His own foundations were not solid enough. If he wished to bridge this gap, he could only do his best to improve his attributes, especially Intellect, which would directly affect his Mechanic classs abilities.

Opening the interface, Han Xiao saw that he had accumulated quite the bit of experience over this past month or so while the three Universal Civilizations were preparing for this operation. He originally wished to hoard it until he could promote, but the plan could not keep up with the changes. The experience urgently needed to be turned into combat prowess.

Han Xiao did not hesitate, taking out most of his experience and using it to upgrade his blueprints on a large scale in exchange for more Awakening Points.

His current accumulated experience was not enough to gain a hundred Awakening Points, which did not meet the conditions of obtaining a Unique Talent. However, Han Xiaos purpose this time was not to generate Unique Talents but to replace his Awakening Points with Free Attribute Points in order to pump them into his Intellect. In that instant, his Intellect attribute rose by almost 8,000 points!

He had also accumulated more than 4,000 Free Attribute Points, and after placing 1,000 into his Endurance, allowing it to break through the 15,000 point threshold, he placed the remaining 2,000 points into Intellect.

Adding both together, his own Intellect attribute skyrocketed by more than 10,000 points in total, breaking through the 30,000 threshold and approaching 40,000!

This was his fastest increase in history!

After completing this delightful step, Han Xiao did not hesitate to start activating his Character Summon Cards.

[Mechanic Emperor Character Summon Card The Ancient Ones)!

Effect: +20% INT, +10% MYS, +2 to all Skill levels, last for 24 hours.

(Nero Character Summon Card-Perfect Mechanical Sense)!

Effect: x1.4 Machinery Affinity, Grade of Mechanic equipment that receive Mechanical Force bonuses are temporarily increased by 1 2 tiers (highest quality will not exceed Pink Grade), +4 to all Mechanic Skills.

However, Han Xiao did not stop here. He activated (Polar Channel Flow-Blood Rage), and his HP value plummeted.

At the same time, the additional effect of (Advanced Strengthened Life] came into play. For every forty percent of his HP lost, his attributes all temporarily increased by ten percent!

Since Manison will not hit me, Ill hit myself!

He also had talents such as [One Against the World), which gave him an eleven percent bonus to all attributes, and [Battlefield Wisdom), which gave him a fifteen percent bonus to Intellect Han Xiao took out everything he had.

Old Man Manison has a solid foundation?

Whats scary about that?

If you know how to P2W, then I can just cheat!

Were evenly matched in this regard!

This wave of bonuses came into play in an instant, and a powerful force surged throughout his body. The energy fluctuations Han Xiao was releasing suddenly skyrocketed.

Manison keenly noticed the change in Han Xiao and was shocked.


Before he could finish speaking, Han Xiao turned his defense into offense, knocking the trident aside with an elbow and slashing the Celestial Punishment Edge down diagonally.

A highly compressed psionic energy enveloped the blade, drawing a blue trajectory line.


The power behind this slash exceeded the upper limit of which the blue protective shield could handle and broke through the defense.

The blade suppressed the trident before embedding itself deep within Manisons battle armor.

The next moment, the psionic energy wrapped around the blade caused a violent explosion! Manisons offensive was interrupted, and a huge portion of the Mechanical Deitys body was slashed away. A huge wound was left in the chest of his battle armor, left by the eruption of the psionic energy. A large portion of his outer armor was torn and corroded.

This was the first time Manison had been repelled since the fight began.

The one-sided battle was instantly turned around by Han Xiao!

"Eat a few more of my blades!"

Han Xiao pressed the advantage, slashing out in rapid succession to seize the battle rhythm.

The combat capability of Han Xiaos Mechanical Deity was enhanced in every respect, and the gap in their combat capability was shortened. Han Xiao was no longer suppressed.

His increase in Mechanical strength was reflected in his surrounding mechanical soldiers. The Black Star troops experienced an increase in their combat power, successfully breaking through the blockade of the Mechanic Emperors troops, approaching Han Xiao to repair the damage to his Mechanical Deity. Manison finally stabilized himself, and while waving his trident to counter Han Xiaos attacks, he spoke on the wide area channel with astonishment.

"You burned your potential again?"

"Think what you want. Hows that blade taste?" Han Xiao laughed. " Youre ruining your talent!" Manisons tone turned cold.

He originally only wished to teach Han Xiao a lesson but did not expect him to burn his own potential in retaliation.

To consume his future potential to fight a battle with their avatars was a foolish act from Manisons point of view. Even if this battle involved factors such as prestige or speaking rights, it would still be a loss-making business.

He was puzzled by this. Maybe their ideals were different, but he did not think that Black Star was such an impulsive person.

He had no way of knowing Han Xiaos thoughts. Since he was willing to waste his potential, Manison was also happy since they were all competitors.

However, while he sneered at Han Xiaos approach, he had to admit that the combat power Han Xiao displayed in his mode was extremely strong, which allowed him to immediately recover from his disadvantage.

If he did not go all-out, he would definitely suffer!

Moreover, Manison felt that the increase in Han Xiaos combat power this time was higher than the first. This discovery surprised him.

What is this? Can burning your potential even be trained?

Also, since when was Polar Channel Flow so strong? How did I not know about this?

What is behind of Black Stars explosive ability? How is the effect so good and yet unknown?

Feeling the surge in Han Xiaos aura, Manison was both surprised and suspicious.

[1] Gaming slang for Pay to Win, meaning the person becomes strong through using real world cash.

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