The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 1154

Chapter 1154 Dilemma Of The Silver Revolutionary

Chapter 1154 Dilemma of the Silver Revolutionary

On a colonial planet of a certain Star System level civilization, within a rented temporary stronghold, the senior officers of the Silver Revolutionary Army gathered together, most of them with a melancholic look.

The current leader, Edmond, frowned. "While the competition in the Flickering World has caused turbulence in the universe, the efficiency of our publicity program is far from expected. It could even be said that progress is stagnant."

The Silver Revolutionary Army had predicted this conflict in the Flickering World, so they wanted to take advantage of the turbulent times as an opportunity to grow their team. But when the conflict broke out, the spread of their ideals did not go as easily as they thought.

One of the men wearing glasses pushed his glasses up as he spoke. "Based on our survey, the popularity of the three Universal Civilizations in the universe is 1,174.1% higher compared to the same period as predicted by our mathematical mode. In other words, the three Universal Civilizations have obtained more trust from the people in this period. The turmoil of the Flickering World should have allowed the galactic residents to see their domineering attitude, but it did not drastically deteriorate the image of the three Universal Civilizations, unlike what we predicted."

"How could this be"

"The root cause of this deviation lies in the sudden Intelligent Plague incident not too long ago This disaster scared countless galactic residents, and the three Universal Civilizations responded in a timely manner. It only took about half a year to resolve it, and this extreme universal crisis allowed the galactic residents to see the power of the three Universal Civilizations, which is what they wanted.

"Black Star also played an important role in this, and it can be said that if not for his achievements, along with the Mechanic Emperors ambitions attracting hatred, the three Universal Civilizations would have lost a large wave of popularity in this Flickering World incident. Right now, their foundations are still stable."

Hearing this, the senior officers of the Silver Revolutionary Army could not help but reveal bitter expressions.

The conflict of the Flickering World should have been a once in a lifetime opportunity for them to develop, but now, it seemed that this opportunity would no longer meet their expectations, as the effect was ninety percent lower than expected.

Without this, everyone felt that their future was quite gloomy, and they lamented in secret, complaining about how the Intelligent Plague had destroyed their plans.

But everyone was unaware that this Intelligent Plague should have been the important event in their rise. Due to the butterfly effect Han Xiao caused, this had become an obstacle to their development.

Edmond turned his head to look at the dignified woman who was leaning on the sofa not too far away and asked, "Mentor, how do you see it?"

Everyone gazed at her. While they were all in the upper echelons, they subconsciously understood that Rossellin was their true spiritual pillar.

Rossellin swilled her wine glass as she indifferently replied, "Since development is now blocked, take your time. The hearts and wills of people are ephemeral like smoke, and the current support may change in the future. Be more patient."

"This" One of them opened his mouth in hesitation. "You dont have a way to solve this problem?"

Hearing this, Rossellin laughed. "Haha, do you think Im omnipotent? I can only follow the general trend to plan out details. I cant change anything with my own strength." As she spoke, Rossellin stood up, walking to the front as she smiled. "Since there are difficulties with our development now, I plan to take out some time to work on something else. Black Star sent me a request a while ago." Everyone got a shock.

"You still maintain contact with Black Star?" Edmond was surprised.

"Why not?" Rossellin casually shrugged. "After all, I was an officer under him for a period of time. He didnt stop me from leaving, so I technically owe him a favor."

Edmonds expression turned serious as he solemnly replied, "Right now, were plotting against the three Universal Civilizations. Whos Black Star? An important ally of the three Universal Civilizations! How can you still maintain contact with him!"

"To be precise, it was Black Star who contacted me." Rossellin did not think much of it. "Besides, I think hes well aware of what were trying to do. He probably thinks of us as a joke."

Edmonds expression was grave as he paced around the room. He finally said hesitantly, "What does Black Star want you to do?"

"He wants me to go to the Modo Civilization and intensity their social contradictions." Rossellin clicked her tongue. "He really trusts in my abilities"

One of the Silver Revolutionary Army members was shocked. "How can this be? Its one thing not to expose us, but he even asks for your help to fan the hatred in another civilization. Isnt he someone who cares for the masses?"

Rossellin laughed derisively. "How could a man who broke into the decades-long established foundation be as kind-hearted as the news says? Its just that he knows how to maintain his image and give the dirty work to others. Now, its my turn to work as well"

With that, she did not wait for the rest to reply, pushing open the door and leaving the room.

Black Stars request for her was to try and provoke the internal conflicts within the Modo Civilization, and she was given free rein. Rossellin already had a vague idea of how she should act. In her opinion, Modo Civilization was made up of three main races, and thus, it was very suitable for implanting radical split thoughts. Speaking of which, she herself originally wanted to revolutionize the lives of the three Universal Civilizations citizens but ended up turning around to revolutionize the lives of people in the Super Star Clusters, who were supposed to be her supporters.

Rossellin did not mind it, however. Unlike most of the upper echelons in the Silver Revolutionary Army, she did not believe that she needed to do something big. Be it against the three Universal Civilizations or the Super Star Clusters, as long as she could create upheaval in society, she did not care who the opponent was.

Within a certain asteroid belt in the explored universe was the secret base of the Assassins Society.

Ding ding dang dang!

Hundreds of assassin apprentices in training suits were practicing in the open-air training ground. Only the sound of weapons colliding could be heard.

In the stands of the training ground, several instructors stood with their arms folded, supervising the practice of the apprentices while Lothaire stood at the very front, staring with indifferent eyes. It had been almost twenty years since Han Xiao ordered him to secretly form the Assassins Society. Over the years, he had left a frightening record of assassinations on the black market and secretly recruited many assassins, constantly training new people. Now, the organization had reached a certain scale.

Beep beep.

His communicator rang.

Lothaire glanced at it before walking off. "Stop the training, assemble the staff, and prepare the spaceships. Were heading off."

Several of the officers showed curious expressions.

"Where are we going?".

"New mission. Were going to Modo."

Lothaire concisely spoke as his figure disappeared down the passage. He had no interest in authority and always kept in his mind that the organization he established was a sharp blade that Black Star hid in the dark, stabbing the target Black Star pointed to.

In the Primeval Star River, within the Modo Civilizations secret base

Ta, ta, ta! Heavy footsteps sounded in the corridor outside as a person slowly approached a door.

With a creaking sound, the door was opened, and dazzling light shone in.

A group of soldiers stood at the door, with only their silhouette seen against the light. The commander said in an emotionless tone, "Soul Swap Twins, theres a mission."

There was no response at first, only deathly silence.

But this silence did not last long. A rustling sound came from a corner where the light could not reach, and a humanoid creature enveloped in shadowy fog walked out of the darkness. There was a baby-sized figure lying on his shoulders, wrapped in the same shadowy fog. Both of them only revealed a pair of blood red eyes, and no one could see what sort of species they were. Obviously, some kind of abnormality had happened to them, and the only telling factor was their size. These two were the Soul Swap Twins. The person with a normal growth was the elder brother, while the infant was the younger one. "Modo allowed us to go out again?" The younger one lying on the shoulders spoke with a hoarse voice, not unlike that of an old man.

Seeing the two, the officer immediately replied, "Same old rules. Immediately get on board with us. You can only get in touch with the Soul Swapper once you get to the mission location."

"Who are we dealing with this time?" the elder brother asked with some resentment.

"Black Star!"

Hearing this name, both twins shared a look, inexplicable fluctuations in their eyes.

There was no tension but rather a faint excitement and greed, as though they had discovered a treasure.

At this moment, the officer took out a magical orb, saying, "The target has an ability to make predictions. This magic orb is inscribed with a magic circuit that will cover your aura, so when its worn on the body, it can effectively interfere and mislead any prophetic abilities."

After the magic orb was given, the group of soldiers stepped forward, leaving the room with the Soul Swap Twins. Each soldier had a tense expression, their footsteps subconsciously speeding up, obviously wishing for the twins to be boarded as quickly as possible.

Even if they did not have the Space Wonder called the Soul Swapper, the twins were still quite dangerous, spending most of their time in prison.

While their realms were not high, long term contact with them would cause people to have more hallucinations, lowering their Sanity values.

At the same time, Aesop raised his head to look out of Floating Dragon Island in suspicion.

Aesop closed his eyes, directly activating his abilities. His thoughts seemed to pass through the dimensions until he locked onto the territory of the Modo Civilization.

"The feeling comes from Modo Civilization. What sort of abnormalities? It seems like theyve used a masking device. The perception is vague, and the specific possibility of a future cannot be seen either"

Aesop frowned uneasily.

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