The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 137

Chapter 137: A Wild Black Phantom (1)

Han Xiao's tablet received real-time alerts from Spider No.1. He immediately hopped off the driving seat of the truck and signaled Frenzied Sword, who had been waiting online for two whole days. Han Xiao remembered that the VR-Capsule of this era had yet to perfect the body analysis and nutrients-balancing functions.

No wonder he is a professional player. Guy's got great kidneys.

"Let's go," Han Xiao said.

"Okay" Frenzied Sword was confused, but following Han Xiao would never be a bad choice.

The pitch-black truck had a layer of SUI anti-radar paint coated over it. Han Xiao came up with this using the basic theory of Spatial Sensing, and it had been effective at reducing the chance of being discovered by radars.

The second the armies from Stardragon and Germinal met each other, a massive war would break out; that would be the perfect time for a third party to take advantage of the situation.

First, they needed to find a suitable hideout to snipe from. It needed to be some distance away from the battlefield. Han Xiao had found a spot long ago, and it was a cliff along the mountainous range in Cloud Valley. That location was perfect for aiming at the barren fields beyond the forest. This meant that the moment the Germinal Organization's troops stepped out from the jungle, he could start firing away.

The only problem was that he had to arrive at the mountain range fast and avoid getting detected by the army radars in the process. The painted layer could not guarantee evading detection, so there were risks of getting exposed. However, Han Xiao was not too worried because by the time Germinal's troops drew near, the army in the valley would be too occupied to be bothered with him.

The truck sped into the valley jungle.


"Commander Huang! The radar is showing a suspicious target!" shouted a soldier in the Stardragon Strategic Department tent.

Huang Qiuming strode over to the radar display screen, which was showing a flashing light entering Cloud Valley region. The signal was inconsistent and weak, and it seemed that the target had a certain level of anti-radar capabilities. It only showed up because Stardragon army was using an army radar this time, which was extremely powerful.

"Only one target?" Huang Qiuming's eyebrows were tightly knitted together. He felt that it might be a Germinal scout, but the location of target was very far-off from the path that Germinal was taking.

"Whatever it is, just deal with it first." Huang Qiuming did not want any unwanted surprise elements to hinder the plan, and he was about to send out a stand-by troop when all the radar detection screens blacked out simultaneously!

"What's happening" Huang Qiuming shouted.

Soldiers rushed to recalibrate but to no avail.

"Reporting to you, Sir. The radars have been deactivated by very strong electromagnetic radiation, which is coming from the direction of the Germinal army. We found the Germinal army's tracks three minutes ago, and the preliminary conclusion is that they have some sort of advanced device that can destroy radars!"

"They want to take away our sight. Activate the spare radars, mute their electrical signals. Make sure they are powered on randomly once every five to twelve seconds." Huang Qiuming seemed composed and quickly issued his commands. As for the suspicious target, he could only leave it aside. It was more critical to deal with the huge Germinal army at this point in time.


Suddenly, a screeching sound could be heard coming from the horizon.

A dozen mid-range missiles were steadily approaching Stardragon camps, leaving fiery trails behind them. These missiles suddenly split into countless bullet heads in midair and started raining down.


At the same time, the Germinal army emerged from the jungle region on the edge of Cloud Valley.

Ugar's face was dead serious. The vehicles were carrying anti-radar equipment, created by the Germinal Organization, that was still in the experimental stages. It was capable of catching radar detection and emitting strong long-distance EM radiation waves that could destroy radars that were in use, all while simultaneously detecting the exact location of the enemies' radars.

Ugar decided that he had found the enemies' base, so he ordered for the beehive-type missile assault vehicle to launch attacks, firing the cluster munition missiles, which was a mature weapon that had already gone past the experimental stage.

What he did not know was that he had indirectly done Han Xiao a favor by destroying Stardragon's radars.

Surely, such attacks could not injure the Stardragon army. Indeed, the Stardragon army aimed and fired their missile intercepting machine guns toward the cluster ammunition, creating explosions and intercepting the bullets in mid-air.

Both sides were ready for the battle. The only question here was: who was more prepared?

"Enemies will soon reactivate their radars. We don't have much time left; we need to launch attacks now!"

Ugar commanded in a dead serious tone, "Bomb-detecting team, you go first!"

With the vehicles carrying portable bomb-detectors leading the way, the Germinal troops were able to quickly detect where Stardragon had planted bombs and detonate them with their machine gun. Germinal was steadily and safely advancing.

This time, when the anti-radar equipment discovered signals from Stardragon's radars, it was unable to destroy the radars as Stardragon's radar would switch off before anything could be done to it. Ugar knew that the real fight would be starting soon.

The helicopters' rotors were roaring as they flew close to the ground. The Germinal troops had to advance against the merciless firing.

Among the flames and explosions, Ugar commanded in fury, "Fire the graphite missiles!"

A handful of graphite missiles soared through the air, landing among the helicopters. Graphite missiles could cause local short-circuit, hitting the helicopter squad hard, causing many to malfunction. The enemy firepower was reduced significantly.

"Mihawks, after your troop gets out from the jungle, lead the assault troops to fight the enemies head-on! Your task is very important; you have to distract the enemies!" Ugar spoke into the walkie talkie.

Mihawks was sitting in one of the transport vehicles, and he replied with a light grunt. Mihawks was extremely well-built, and he was a master of martial arts. His strategic task was to lead a few teams of elite fighters to assault the enemy camps with bombs. His agile combat style, coupled with bulletproof vest, allowed him to dive smoothly through the bullet storm.

Superhumans were mainly assigned to assault and assassinate on the battlefields.

At the Stardragon base, Huang Qiuming stared at the Germinal army expressionlessly as they trod through the jungle. "Artillery, get ready; armored vehicles, stand by; elite team, prepare to fight the enemy assault team!"

Stardragon's elite team consisted of the strongest and the best soldiers, including Superhumans who were biologically equipped with skills to fight. Stardragon was very prepared for this battle.

This large-scale battle scene left the logistic team leadersSleepy Winter, Flash Fried Rice, and Rainy Kimin awe. Judging from the intense atmosphere, hazy smoke, and deafening explosions, they knew that the battle was too high level for them to join in.

"Thought I was going to die when the missiles flew over just now." Twinkle Fried Rice heaved a sigh of relief.

Sleepy Winter laughed bitterly. "Let's just stick to delivering resources. No way we can handle any battle tasks."

Rainy Kim's expression was calm. With a hint of determination, she said, "I want to give it a shot."

"We only have a few handguns, what can we do?"

"I want to try."

"Forget it. If we go, we will just court our own deaths!"

"I. Want. To. Try."

Sleepy Winter and Twinkle Fried Rice made eye contact and relented. "Okay, okay. You're the boss; you are the prettiest. We'll follow you. Let's go together."

Expressionless, Rainy Kim started walking right away after getting their agreement, and the other two could not do anything but keep up behind her.

It was a party of gunfire and explosions. Han Xiao slowly drove his car to the target location on the cliff, where he could see the grand fireworks in the distance in the jungle.

There were spider detectors hidden in the jungle. Some of them had been destroyed, but some lived and were loyally updating the battle situation for Han Xiao. Judging from their location, Germinal troops were going to get out of the jungle and into the open fields very soon.

In the distance, on the Tedramira River, explosions appeared on the surface of the water as well. Han Xiao took out his binoculars, and he could see that the Germinal ships were also getting attacked, and the attack was worse than the one they were facing in the valley.

Germinal ships had yet to reach the straits, and they were already getting bombed heavily by fighter jets. The missiles rained down like a storm, and the machine gun interceptor array would not stop even for a second. Huge fiery explosions lit up the night sky and seemed just like fireworks.

"It's time to get ready."

Han Xiao took out a few foldable battery ports, came up with a task with decent rewards, and issued it to Frenzied Sword.

Tasks like setting up traps and stuff were obviously for these fresh, young players.

As Frenzied Sword rushed off to set up the traps, Han Xiao took out a mechanical neck brace and wore it around the back of his neck. It was a soft layer made from unknown material. He turned it on, and a numbing electric shock started to spread from his neck to his brain. Han Xiao shivered slightly and felt adrenaline rush through his body.


You have entered [Excitation] mode.

All attributes +5%

Duration: 20 minutes


This machine was called [Electromagnetic Pulse Controller]. It was a special piece of equipment that used EM waves to adjust biological conditions and improve the user's attributes. Han Xiao had gotten this blueprint from talent fusing by accident.

After getting ready, with all the needed attributes turned on, Han Xiao lay down with his Ghost sniper rifle in hand and the Red Falcon lying next to him. His eyes were sharp as eagles, and they were glued to the battlefield.


An area of trees was blown up. The Germinal troops had finally made it out of the forest.

"Come on, baby."

Han Xiao narrowed his eyes and aimed.

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