The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 139

Chapter 139: A Wild Black Phantom (3)

Germinal's super soldier project has been brought forward a year?

Han Xiao raised his eyebrows.

This project was originally intended to create humanoids with battle potential. Through exoskeletons cybernetics, they improved test-subjects' physical capabilities by experimentation. Through the pure strength of the technology, it supported their physical body, and as a result, warriors with the battle power of super-soldiers could be mass-produced.

However, the technology was still in its infancy. The process was very painful because the exoskeleton had to be directly connected to the nerves, and various mechanical parts had to be implanted into the body to strengthen the physique.

Only experimented Valkyrie specimens whose mental resilience was strengthened could withstand such modifications. At the end of it all, their sense of pain would fade away, and they would only move on instinct.

By the whole of Galaxy's standards, it was a very undeveloped modification technique and had already been eliminated long ago. But on Aquamarine, the Germinal Organization was able to develop the technique further by neglecting the physical condition of the test-subjects.

The exoskeleton was not only a piece of equipment that could be worn externally, but it could also be infused as a part of the body. Doing so would connect one's nerves to the armor, giving the person greater mobility. However, the Germinal Organization had yet to develop the technology to maturity. By experimentation, they only managed to develop to infant stages of the technology.

Aquamarine's major players each held one or a few advanced skills, and [Nerve Integration] was an advancement knowledge that was in Germinal's hands.

The advanced skill that Han Xiao had learned was only [Advanced Material Composition]. For the players on Aquamarine to obtain the advancement knowledge, they had to have a large contribution after entering the camp. Han Xiao set his sights to the very distant future. Advancement knowledge was very rare on Aquamarine, but in the long term, one could also spend some Aquamarine dollars to obtain it easily. If he were unable to obtain other advancement knowledge from Aquamarine, there would still be other opportunities to do so in the future.

In the original plan, these super soldiers had special effects, but the three experimental super soldiers before him were not yet complete. The bodies even had a large amount of heat armor equipped, and these three were only using the external exoskeletons to strengthen their physiques, which were also incomplete.

Looks like Germinal's experimental project hasn't matured yet. Exoskeletons Come to think of it, when I was escaping the lab, I left a Lightweight Mechanical Arm behind. Seems like Germinal has been using it to experiment.

Han Xiao's eyes lit up. Such a thought was not without reason. The three test-subjects' mechanical arms resembled the Lightweight Mechanical Arm. They were very sturdy and even had extendable golden shields embedded that could block shots fired by the portable batteries.

The three test-subjects separated from the vehicles and started spreading out the firepower from the portable batteries. The three successfully drew close to the portable battery, bombarding it with countless attacks using their fists wrapped in exoskeleton armor. The exoskeleton that was rooted to the joints released smoke. As they used more power, they instantly destroyed the portable battery, causing it to fall to its side as it cracked open.

After taking down the remaining portable batteries, the three sprinted toward Han Xiao, each step moving them seven to eight meters ahead, with an overwhelming killing intent completely directed toward him.

Han Xiao's gaze remained unfazed as he pulled out his tablet, quickly unleashing another hidden weapon.

The trailer shook violently as two Second-Generation Rovers rushed out to Han Xiao's side. Instantly, they activated [Furious Fusillade]. With both hands, the machine gun released its rounds, as their chests shot out mini rocket missiles, ravaging the three test-subjects. The damage was dealt heavily but was almost entirely blocked by the exoskeleton armor, with only its endurance dropping.

The three test-subjects' stats were also exposed.


Based on your level, you acquired the following information:


Super-Soldier Experimental Body (042)

Level: 40


- [Special Agent] Lv.10

- [Low-level Machine Equipment] Lv.30 (Endurance to Health Conversion Ratio 1:10)

Attributes: 51 STR, 54 DEX, 70 (80) END, 25 INT, 8 MYS, 4 CHA, 6 LUK

Energy: 0

Energy Rank: 500

Grade: E

Health Points: 534/650

Status: [Violent Modifications]: Health Point -150, Endurance -10


- Low-level Spiritual Resilience: +3 Psychological Resistance

- Effective Training: +100 Health Points

- Immunity to Pain: Injuries do not affect combat ability


- Basic Close-Quarter Combat Lv.7

- Basic Shooting Lv.5

- Capture Lv.3

- Precise Shooting Lv.1



Crane Exoskeleton Arms:

Lightweight Mechanical Arms, equipped with extendable golden shield.

Grade: White

Basic Stats

- Damage: 3245

- Defense: 2024

- Power Level: 45

- Endurance: 250

Ability effect: +8 Strength


Predator Power Legs:

Lightweight Cyborg Legs increase sprinting speed.

Grade: Gray

Basic Stats

- Damage: 2731

- Defense: 1518

- Power Level: 53

- Endurance: 230

Ability effect: +8 Dexterity


P-2 Embedded Armor Inserts:

Implanted lightweight gold in the skin, provides some defensive ability.

Grade: Gray

Basic Stats

- Defense: 1520

- Endurance: 500


The three test-subjects' stats were considered extremely low for LV 40. With such a high level but low-level stats, it meant that they had no potential.

Individually, their health points were very low, but the defense and endurance provided by the exoskeleton was able to reduce the damage to the body to a large extent. Han Xiao did some calculations and realized that this set of exoskeleton armor provided 1,460 endurance points, and nearly 100 defense points. This was the effect due to the equipment. If they only looked at the health points, one would think that it was just a useless clothed armor.

The Second-Generation Rovers fired several rounds, which only took off a fifth of their health bar.

Han Xiao realized that Experimental Body (044) was actually at LV 45, and his stats were at an even higher level that his two counterparts. Perhaps he was the leader of the three.

Meanwhile, Germinal's vehicle team circled back. With the two rovers' firepower, it was difficult to monitor both sides. Han Xiao immediately made a decision.

"Take the briefcase with the red-triangle marking from the trailer. I have something I want you to do!"

Frenzied Sword instantly carried out the orders, carrying the briefcase in hand. Inside it was a bomb with massive destructive power. Han Xiao quickly scribbled down the task and tossed it over.


[Brave Sacrifice]: Take your unfulfilled dreams and explode into glorious sparks!


Frenzied Sword unconsciously gulped down his saliva.

"Go for it, youngster. I'll leave the stage to you," Han Xiao casually remarked as he continued to barrage the test-subject with attacks.

"I I got it" Frenzied Sword clenched his jaw. The rewards from the task were extremely attractive and could definitely make up for the death penalty.

The strengthened Red Falcon released a series of shots, leaving bullet holes in the three experimental subjects' bodies. Han Xiao's aggressive abilities had already reached the maximum level. Through the cracks in the exoskeleton, he dealt damage straight to the flesh. His attacks were on point, restricting the three test-subjects.

Soon, No. 042 was shot in his vitals by the barrage of attacks. His health bar receded to zero as he fell to the ground, dead. The other two, however, were nonchalant to the death of their ally, continuing to charge forth.

On the other side, the other military truck closed in rapidly toward them. Han Xiao redirected the Second-Generation Rover toward it, opening fire against several military vehicles. The tightly packed firing left red streaks amid them, as though it was a rainbow that linked them together.

The rover's endurance rapidly fell. Seeing that they could not withstand the attacks, Han Xiao commanded the rover to dive into the team and execute the self-destruct function. The enemy, unable to react in time, was enveloped in striking flames that swallowed up several vehicles as a series of explosions ensued.

Both sides were decimated at once.

With the loss of two Second-Generation Rovers, Han Xiao remained unfazed. Technology-based warfare was just like that, money-burning But he was indeed generous. If it was another player, they definitely could not bear to do such a thing. However, Han Xiao had all the money he needed.

The sniper rifle had a limit to its firing speed. Finally, both test-subject were within fifty meters of him.

Frenzied Sword remembered the contents of the task. Steadying his heart, he leaped forward, lunging onto No. 043 as a fist pierced through his chest. He spat out a mouthful of blood and clenched his teeth as he activated the bomb in the briefcase.


A mini mushroom-shaped cloud rose up into the skies. The sweltering wave of hot air mixed with dust exploded, and the fully-equipped Han Xiao was splattered with dirt.

Through the smoke, the debilitated No. 044 Experimental Body rushed over again. In the moment when the explosion took place, No. 043 was ahead of him in the rush and exploded into nothingness. No. 044 immediately dropped to the ground and was still able to move as his gaze oozed with bloodlust.

With only the last ten meters left, in a second, he would be able to lodge his steel fist into that foul sniper!

At that moment, [Flaming Will] finished its cooldown!

Han Xiao suddenly threw aside Red Falcon, reloaded the Ghost sniper as he activated [Overload], reinforcing it with [Flaming Will], and fired.

The bullet, with blue light trailing behind it, disappeared from sight as it shot straight through No. 044's head. Blood spurted out like an arrow, leaving a thin, long streak of blood on No. 044.

No. 044 took several steps forward without losing momentum. Suddenly, his body tilted, falling to Han Xiao's feet. Just one more step, and he would have been able to reach Han Xiao. His still eyes had a trace of unwillingness.

This scene was far too familiar to Han Xiao. Fighting with a Mechanic, distance was always the determining factor between a win or a loss. Many other enemies had fallen right before reaching their target, just like this.

It's a shame. Even if you managed to engage me in close-quarter combat, you wouldn't have lived.

Han Xiao shook his head. There were still many cards that he had not shown yet. These immature test-subjects were far from his match.


[Second Advancement]

Current Progress: 1/3


The battle this time could be considered an easy fight. Mass-produced assembly line soldiers were the easiest enemies for him to take on.

There's still two more.

Han Xiao narrowed his eyes. He only needed two more higher-level kills before he could increase his rank. The interface displayed a sea of EXP, and he was looking forward to advancing his skills.

Frenzied Sword sacrificed his virgin death. Ten seconds later, he was revived next to the trailer. Looking at the quest rewards and enemy kill experience, he could not hold back his grin.

The Germinal team that had come to intercept him had been eliminated. The heated battle grounds were already at the pinnacle of its battle. Stardragon's and Germinal's foot soldiers had both been massacred. The battle was at a standstill and in a complete mess. Han Xiao spared a few glances and decidedly knew that he would no longer get a chance to interfere.

After contemplating for two seconds, he quickly made a decision. He beckoned the grinning Frenzied Sword onto the car.

The vehicle continued to travel onward, circling around the heat of the battle, and headed in the direction of the Tedramira River.

In the battlegrounds, Sleepy Winter taunted, "Did I see that right? Is that Frenzied Sword"

Han Xiao's battle was very conspicuous. They saw Frenzied Sword's ID floating above his head and got a shock. Twinkle Fried Rice was at a loss; even the cold, prideful Rainy Kim had her mouth wide open.

Sleepy Winter remembered that even at the internal examinations, Frenzied Sword rejected his goodwill and did not enter the Stardragon Army. So, how could he be on the battleground now? And by self-destructing, he defeated a high-level monster; they saw all of it happen!

"If my eyes didn't play tricks on me, that black-clothed person he's following that was the Black Phantom, who appeared a while ago at Big Horn Mountain," Rainy Kim suddenly said.

"Are you sure about that?" Sleepy Winter asked.

"I recorded the entire battle just now. Just watch it and you'll know," Twinkle Fried Rice said.

Sleepy Winter seemed to be a little depressed. Frenzied Sword and the three of them had started on the same foot, but now he seemed to have gotten way ahead of them. It made Sleepy Winter feel a little pressured and curious as well.

No wonder he didn't want to join us during the internal beta. What exactly happened to Frenzied Sword? Why is he with Black Phantom?

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