The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 197

Chapter 197: Responses from All Sides (1)

The male host changed the topic. "Recently, an event has raised wide discussion among the players. The NPCs in the game have expressed extreme curiosity over the unique characteristics of players. Every planet has witnessed different reactions and labelled this phenomenon differently, such as Chosen Ones, Inhumans, Genius Phenomenon, which was very exciting and surprising. It's like NPCs have their individual minds and are not as rigid as NPCs in other games."

"If every NPC has an individual mind of their own, the amount of computation needed will be extremely high, but Galaxy is using the latest light speed computers. Its limit is unknown," the female host said.

Players wrote their speculations in the comments. The fact that NPCs seemingly had their own intelligence and interacted as freely as a person would in the real world was very new and exciting.

The hosts read from their scripts. They talked about the situations on various planets and made some speculations.

From the players' perspective, they only knew the NPCs attitude toward them and not the responses from the organizations, but Han Xiao did. Recently, the information on the Dark Net had almost all been about the contact with Inhumans. The rapid increase in the number of players had given a lot of pressure to the organizations.

All the organizations agreed that, if the number of Inhumans grew continuously without a limit, it would bring endless potential dangers and subversively impact the current social construct, but they could not find a way to suppress that growth at all.

Luckily, Inhumans were weak and easy to control.

The organizations in Planet Aquamarine had yet to notice that the strength of players was growing at a very fast pace. Before they were LV 20, their power was still in the category of normal humans.

Han Xiao shook his head. When the level of the players is high, these organizations are going to be really shocked.

The topic of the Inhuman Phenomenon had ended. The male host said, " we have invited Li Ge to join us today. Good to see you, Li Ge."

Li Ge, the god tier player that ranked second in China, sat between the hosts with a smile on his face.

Galaxy Times frequently invited highly skilled players for an interview and discussion, so the female host asked Li Ge what his view on the Inhuman Phenomenon was.

"I think this is part of the game's plot, to give the players a feeling that it is real. When I was playing, I kept having the misconceptions that I was in a real world, and I think that is what the developers want us to experience. As a unique character in a real world, everything that occurs required improvisation, and there will almost never be any repeated events. It's all new and exciting. I have high hopes for what Galaxy can achieve in the future."

"Talking about the future of the game," the male host said, "our channel has received first-hand news that the international esports association has confirmed that they will be hosting the first ever pro league, and they have also informed the countries to host competitions. What is your view on this?"

"I would say that it means I have yet to lose my job." Li Ge laughed. "On a serious note, strong esports clubs have all stepped into Galaxy. They will definitely be preparing for it, and I think it will be a great fight. Hopefully, I can lead China to a good result."

The comments exploded again. The players were very excited about the creation of pro leagues. It was going to be a big event. There were also other comments like "Li Ge is so handsome!" and "Love you hubby" that came from the female fans.

"The competition has been established, and pro players will have to quickly prepare for it. Do you have any advice or tips that you can share with us?

Li Ge thought for a while and said, "We pro players have to distribute the experience points logically in our abilities in a way that suits our strengths best. Therefore, we stick to a steady pace and won't rush our levels so that we can familiarize ourselves with the controls in every level and improve our skills, which is why there are almost no pro players in the level leaderboards. Oh, there are a few from Japan. Well, as you know, they like to show off," he mocked lightly.

"We pro players will grab every opportunity to become stronger. Black Phantom in our Planet Aquamarine has become very famous recently. I think I'm going to try my luck too but that's if he returns to the Southern Continent." Li Ge sighed.

The rest of the show was mostly chitchat.

After he watched finish the show, Han Xiao thought, Pro leagues are going to start soon. All the clubs will be preparing themselves and not wasting any time. My customers should be increasing.

Li Gea god-tiered player that ranked second in China, someone whose status was so much higher than Han Xiao in his previous life that Han Xiao was not even qualified enough to be in contact with himhad said that he would come to find him.

But now, Han Xiao had the power to choose if he wanted him to be one of his spare tires.

Li Ge I'll have to think about it.

Frenzied Sword and Bun-hit-dog did missions in Black Pine. It was not a place for high-level players. The missions were difficult, but Frenzied Sword was a pro player after all. With his skills and the equipment that he had received from Han Xiao, he was having a good time and grew rapidly.

Through the missions in Black Pine, Frenzied Sword had received new equipment and new abilities, but these things could not fill his heart. Instead, he felt empty inside.

When he thought of Han Xiao, his heart would be filled with desire.

Only by following Han Xiao could he understand the true meaning of life, and the missions in Black Pine paled in comparison

"When will he return"

Frenzied Sword was melancholic.

Outside the isolation zone in Black Pine, Lu Cheng was talking to Frenzied Sword. "Honestly, you have surprised me. You actually suppressed the plague."

Frenzied Sword was upset. Bun-hit-dog pulled him to the side, and only then did he come back to focus.

"Hmm, yeah," he replied perfunctorily

In the beginning, when Black Phantom had left the two of them to deal with the plague, Lu Cheng did not take it seriously at all, but not long after, he realized that these two people really could be of huge help. The characteristic of them being able to revive meant that they were unafraid of the infection and could do many things the researchers did not dare to.

The plague in the colony stopped spreading with the help from the duo, and the lightly infected patients were already cured. The number of people in the isolation zone had visibly reduced.

Lu Cheng has always been surprised by the characteristics of Inhumans. He had told the people of Green Valley Ville to research these 'homeless wanderers'. He contacted his friends from other organizations and knew that the Inhumans phenomenon was happening everywhere in the world. As the Inhumans' area of activity started to grow, even the Six Nations could not keep the secret from the civilians.

As the level of players increased, players from novice villages started to explore the map slowly. Many left Green Valley Ville, and some of them came to Black Pine.

Lu Cheng did as Han Xiao taught him to, which was to treat the Inhumans like mercenaries. He noticed that Han Xiao had surprisingly pointed him down the right path.

"Er rewards?" Bun-hit-dog reminded the distracted Lu Cheng.

Frenzied Sword glared at Bun-hit-dog.

During the mission, he had done almost everything. Bun-hit-dog had just spent the whole time recording from the side like a boss, and yet he had the guts to ask for rewards.

Lu Cheng laughed and told his subordinates to pass the agreed rewards to the duo.

Frenzied Sword carefully read the details of the pieces of equipment that he had received. With the creation of the pro league, he had felt more pressure, so he improved on his skills as much as he could during his free time.

But Bun-hit-dog did not care. He browsed through the forums, then suddenly, he said, "There's news about Black Phantom. He can give out main storyline missions how come he never brought it up to us? We triggered his hidden storyline, so why aren't we getting at least the same treatment?"

Frenzied Sword's expression tightened, and he said in a low voice, "When he returns, he will definitely give the main storyline missions to us too."

"Where did that confidence come from?" Bun-hit-dog questioned.

"I" Frenzied Sword was at a loss for words. He was rather anxious, but he comforted himself with a firm expression and said, "I believe in him!"

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