The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 214

Chapter 214: Leaving

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Between these three random talents, the one with the highest practicality on the surface should be [Frost Resistance], which had a very specific effect. However, in terms of usefulness, Han Xiao felt that [Call of the Wild] had a broader area of application.

Beast type monsters were a very large monster group. Other than planets that had been highly modified or had very little life, every planet across the entire Galaxy would have some beasts. Beasts were a very important part of the biological chain, and there were many types of beasts living across land and sea. There were even some stronger beast species that lived in space, unharmed by the radiation, meteoroids, and many other forms of danger existing in space. These types of species were all BOSSes that would appear in later versions of the game.

As for [Duplicate Channeling], it was a sorcerer talent. It did not apply to any ability other than magic, so it was completely useless for Han Xiao, who was a Mechanic. If it was not for the random factor, Han Xiao would have never gotten in touch with any talents from another class.

After some consideration, Han Xiao decided on [Call of The Wild]. Although his Charm was a little low, it was still a rather useful talent.

Planet Aquamarine in version 2.0 would be filled with monsters, beasts would be crawling across the planet. Han Xiao had a feeling that [Call of The Wild] would be useful by then.

His plan was to leave Planet Aquamarine before version 1.0 ended, but he had a thought in his mind. The main storyline of version 2.0 was [Mutation Disaster]. It was a virus that came from space and caused mutations in many planets, including Planet Aquamarine. The cure was later invented by a higher civilization. Han Xiao was thinking that he could return with the cure in the future and bring an end to the storyline earlier.

After he spread intelligence of the Germinal Organization before the game’s official release, Han Xiao knew that there were a lot of benefits to bringing large impacts to the main storyline.

This was just a blueprint of the future; Han Xiao was still focusing on the current issues.

The accident in Alumera had come to an end, and the result was satisfactory.

Not only did he not lose anything, he also gained quite a number of benefits. Although his schedule was delayed because of the days that he stayed in Alumera, no one disliked having more side missions; the more side missions there were, the more benefits they would bring.

The players would always be there, and they were not complaining or anything, so there was no rush for Han Xiao.

The next morning, Han Xiao left Alumera. All the high ranked officials came to see him off.

The cold of the north seemed to have pierced into the hearts of Alumera’s high ranked officials. They held on tightly to their beast hide coats.

Black Phantom had become a member of their family on the books, so this outsider was now the strongest in the family. The high ranked officials were willing to suck up to him, and they gifted him an SUV to save him the trouble of walking.

Everyone in the Xiao Faction arrived. They all greeted Han Xiao with manners and respect, displaying their closeness by having their youngsters calling Black Phantom ‘stepfather’ one after another. The other factions despised this yet were jealous of it. If they could get Black Phantom’s support, they would do the same willingly. They sighed in their heartsthat Xiao Jin had grabbed the opportunity before them.

Xiao Jin was having mixed emotions. He looked Han Xiao in the eye and nodded lightly. Only they themselves knew the deals that they made behind everyone else’s back.

Although Xiao Jin’s wish came true, he could not help but feel some bitterness deep in his heart.

Han Xiao waved as he got into the SUV and left in the wind and snow.

“He finally left.”

The tensed bodies of Alumera’s high ranked officials all relaxed. It was like a huge stone had been removed from their heart, and even breathing felt easier.

Not far away, the players of the Bamboo Rain Guild cheered with joy; their mission was finally completed.


Black Phantom captured the real killer and brought a huge impact to Alumera’s structure. As his helper, you witnessed the entire process. Bonus reward: 15,000 experience.


The experience from this mission was a lot for the players at the time, so they were very satisfied.

“By the way, Xuan, didn’t you make a recording of Black Phantom?” Guild Leader Bamboo Rain Fragrance asked.

Bamboo Rain Xuan said with pride, “I’ve already sold it and emailed it to Galaxy Times. They have given me a reward.”

The mechanical suit, men’s romance.

The background of Galaxy had players guessing about all sorts of combat system, and the mechanical suit was a very popular topic among them. Articles about mechanical suits created countless fans, and many players looked forward the day of them battling in a mechanical suit. Between the five main classes, only the mechanic class fit the speculations, but since the official release, no one had seen an NPC that fought in a mechanical suit.

Han Xiao was the first person who had showcased the mechanical suit, and he had created another first without noticing.

The impact of this on the players would only show after the next episode of ‘Galaxy Times’ was released, but before that, it first impacted the local organizations.

When Han Xiao killed Luann and Vanessa, he had used his mechanical suit. It had been recorded by the people of Alumera and leaked into the Dark Net, which triggered waves of shock within the organizations.

Everyone could see that Viper had an astonishing level of performance. It was a very advanced mechanical suit. Black Phantom was a Mechanic, so this had undoubtedly been built by himself, possessing a higher quality than the military experiments of many large nations.

Han Xiao was famous for his identity as a killer, but he had shocked the world again with his standard as a Mechanic. The organizations immediately updated his documents.

At the same time, there were also many organizations who were interested in obtaining this mechanical suit.

One of them was the Germinal Organization!

“This is a very advanced single unit combat mechanical suit. If we can gain control of it, the strength of our soldiers will increase tremendously, and the chances of winning this war will be higher.”

In their headquarters in Andrea, the leader and Cyberlos were watching the short combat recording on a large screen. Cyberlos’ eyes opened wide and were filled with fanaticism.

The leader, on the other hand, thought of something else.

“The guy who claimed to be our member and made a mess in the Louis Research Institution was wearing this mechanical suit, too. Turns out it was Black Phantom.

“During the evacuation in the Northern Continent some time ago, Black Phantom was involved as well, and he took us as an enemy.

“Not a guy to be easily messed with.” The leader frowned. “His mechanical suit is of high importance to us, but we don’t have enough forces in the other continents, and his movements are difficult to predict. Unless we send the strongest executive officers of the organization, no one can fight him.”

The leader did not want to give up easily on Black Phantom’s mechanical suit, but his senses told him that he would have no chance to deal with Black Phantom once the war started unless Black Phantom came to the battlefield.

The leader shook his head. The chances of that were close to none.

Two days later, Han Xiao accepted the reward mission for Invisible Demon in one of Dark Net’s based of the Northern Continent and only handed Invisible Demon away after a notification popped up on the interface.

Interestingly, the person in charge of the stronghold was very confused.

“Mr. Black Phantom, where’s the Invisible Demon who you’ve mentioned?”

Han Xiao pointed at an empty space on the ground and said, “Right here.”

The person wiped off his cold sweat and said, “II can’t see him.”

Han Xiao used more than ten torturous ways to prove Invisible Demon’s existence, and after the heavily wounded and mind broken Invisible Demon was retrieved, the mission was completed.

More than 200,000 experience and 150,000 Aquamarine Dollars.He had made another fortune with Invisible Demon. Although Han Xiao had amassed a small fortune, he was not going to give up any opportunity to make moreit was an accumulation process.

The players with the top spot on the level leaderboard had reached level 20 and were such on the class advancement missions, and at this time, Han Xiao had arrived in the last novice village of the Novice Village and made it in time for the last opportunity to make a huge amount of experience.

Upon arrival, Han Xiao realized that he was even more popular, especially among the male players who all surrounded him.

“What the name of your mechanical suit?”

“Do you sell the mechanical suit?”

These questions appeared the most. Han Xiao browsed through the forum and noticed that ‘Galaxy Times’ had released a recording of him battling in his mechanical suit.

This episode of ‘Galaxy Times’ was not as interesting, but this recording became the highlight of the episode. The quiet comments section exploded upon seeing the recording.

No wonder the players are so excited.Han Xiao could understand. When he was a new player, if he had seen a mechanical suit, he would have reacted the same.

The most direct influence was that players had even more of an interest in the mechanic class. More people came to this novice village to change their class, which in turn increased his sales.

An official announcement showing the various statistics of the game would be released some time after the official launch. Han Xiao was looking forward to seeing the percentage of players that chose the Mechanic class. In his previous life, this percentage had been a single digit, but now, with his influence, he was expecting it to at least double.

The more mechanic players, the brighter Han Xiao’s business future was.


His phone suddenly rang.

Han Xiao looked at his phone, and it was Hao Tian who sent a text message. He had completed the mission, and he was the first among all the other highly skilled players who had taken on the [New EraOrigin] mission!

Not bad, no wonder he’s a god-tier pro.Hao Tian’s eyes twinkled. Hao Tian had completed the mission before he had even left the Northern Continent, and the players who had accepted the mission much earlier in the Western Continent had yet to do so.

Hao Tian accepted the mission [Ending of The Survivor], whose the requirement was to retrieve [SullyDocument 485]. The text content was the entire process of Hao Tian completing the mission, and the information included in the document was included as well.

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