The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 235

Chapter 235: Infiltration (1)

Han Xiao moved the phone further away from his ear, before picking his ears with his pinky and saying unhappily, "Lower your voice."

"Why didn't you discuss with me?" Bennett said furiously. "You represent the Dark Net; joining the war means we have lost our neutral ground. The impact behind this"

Han Xiao covered the speaker and looked around at all the mercenaries who were eavesdropping with a warning in his eyes. The seats in the cargo plane were opposite each other, so everyone saw the look on Han Xiao's face. They were all confused as to how they messed with him.

Qin Yuan was the first to react. He immediately took out earplugs and placed them in his ears. The others saw this and understood as well. They all followed suit.

Only then did Han Xiao uncover the speaker, and Bennett's nonsense finally came toward the end. He did not hear most of it, but he still replied as if he was listening all the time.

" therefore, don't get involved in this," Bennett said. "The Germinal Organization will definitely lose. No matter what grudge you hold against them, there's no need for you to settle it yourself."

"This is a private matter," Han Xiao replied.

"Of course! How can it not be a private matter" Bennett yelled furiously.

"The Germinal Organization can't even take care of themselves anyway," Han Xiao said. "Isn't it good to make use of the opportunity? Neutral standings aren't important in the current situation anyway, so don't worry."

" You didn't actually hear any of my analysis just now did you!" Bennett was stunned.

Tsk, got found out. Han Xiao shook the phone rapidly and moved it further away while yelling, "Hello I'm on a plane The signal is bad"

"You stop lying to"

Han Xiao hung up the phone.

Bennett would definitely be unhappy with him doing this, so Han Xiao felt somewhat apologetic.

However, that did not mean that he would not do it just because Bennett was unhappy. Exterior factors would not determine his actions; he only followed his own thoughts.

Furthermore, Han Xiao was very clear that there was no meaning to whether the Dark Net maintained its neutral ground anymore. If the Germinal Organization was destroyed, Dark Net would be next on the list.

The Dark Net always seemed harmless, but no one could be sure that they would continue to be in the future.

In the previous life toward the end of version 1.0, the Six Nations expressed their intentions to suppress the Dark Net. Now that the Germinal Organization had met their demise two years in advance and the Six Nations were not as damaged, they might suppress the Dark Net at an even earlier date.

At this moment, a Stardragon commander walked into the cabin, waved his laptop, and said, "Eight hours till we arrive in Andrea. The destination is Migratory Birds Port on the south side. These are the basic situations of the southern battlefields and some missions. Take a look."

After he finished, the people looked at up at him in confusion.

The commander was a little stunned. Should there be someone that would take the laptop from him? Holding onto the laptop and getting ignored is very awkward, okay?

Qin Yuan realized something. He hastily informed the others to take out the earplugs and said awkwardly, "Er, please say that again."

After ten minutes, everyone had a laptop in their hands and was studying the information.

Han Xiao suddenly said, "Give me a map of the entire battlefield with the Germinal Organization's territory and their basic layout."

The commander agreed.

The territory map and the layout of the enemy was not a secret. He had received orders to pay attention to Black Phantom and satisfy any of his reasonable needs.

The reason that Stardragon treated him so well had to do with Han Xiao's identity. In gaming terms, it was because he had high enough relationship points and legendary points.

Intelligence was also a reason that Han Xiao had entered through the official channel. It was not easy to penetrate the battlefield, and if he rushed in without any knowledge of the enemy's strategic layout, he would most likely end up in a horrible position. The intelligence that the Six Nations had was very well rounded, and it was convenient for him to come up with an action plan.

"A lot of soldiers near the headquarters. Both ground and air are locked down"

The Germinal Organization headquarters were made up of bases. The real core was the explosion-proof fortification hidden underground in the middle of these basesthat was Han Xiao's target.

Han Xiao realized that there were many small gaps in the Germinal Organization's deployment, which seemed like a chance for him to head straight into the headquarters. These gaps were not very obvious but were not too secretive.

Feels weird. Han Xiao rubbed his chins as his eyes twinkled.

The cargo plane landed in Andrea. The cabin doors opened, and the smell of dust and the tight war atmosphere filled the air. Countless battleships docked on the sea far away, and sound of helicopter blades passed above their head continuously. There were still burn marks from the coastline battle in this port. Stardragon soldiers passed by one after another.

Han Xiao alighted the plane along with the others. What followed next were all sorts of procedures that took two hours to complete. The mercenaries finally crossed the iron net obstruction, boarded the troop transport, and entered the battlefield area through the road. The vehicle was heading toward a battlefield on the front lines that was fighting with a Germinal Organization team in the ruins.

After getting off the plane, Han Xiao had not stopped moving. He could feel the tense atmosphere in the battlefield as he passed through the battlefield. He occasionally saw refugees in ragged clothes staggering and retreating under the soldiers' lead. These were the wanderers in Andrea. Their life was already tough enough, and the war made it even worse.

The impact of the old era war was still affecting Andrea, the radiation pollution was still very severe, so plants and animals were rare. Many of the refugees had black yellow scars on their skin, and some of them even had tumors.

They alighted the vehicle upon arriving at the destination. Qin Yuan approached Han Xiao before the commander came.

"Your Excellency Black Phantom, we hope you can lead us."

Mercenaries respected the strong, Han Xiao's position was undoubted. It was the safest to act in groups on the battlefield, and it was an instinct to follow those who were strong.

Han Xiao waved his hands, picked up his equipment, and left.

Qin Yuan was stunned. He hurriedly yelled, "Where are you going? That's the way to leaving the battlefield. Our mission is"

Han Xiao's voice came from far away. "I'm not interested in that mission. I'm used to acting alone."

Everyone helplessly exchanged looks.

There was no need for him to join a team; he could just do things alone.

A few days later

Scorching sun burnt the ground of Mika Town, which had originally been a colony for the wanderers. It had become a small-scale battlefield. Short and tiny buildings were destroyed, bullet shells littered on the ground, and burn marks scarred the scenery. There were still flames that had yet to go out giving out black smoke.

"Huu, Huu"

A gasping sound appeared behind a building that was half collapsed. A few superhumans in Stardragon combat suits were hiding behind the wall and cautiously observing the surroundings. They were Pugilists cultivated by the military. With the civilization standard of Planet Aquamarine, Pugilists were the easiest to create in large numbers compared to the other superhuman classes.

"Captain, our situation is very bad. The Germinal Organization has outnumbered us. They have a small team of 200 people, 7 superhumans, and 15 super soldiers. We only have 11 superhumans left, and we are separated from each other."

"I have requested for backup," Fang Yun said in a low voice. "The Division 13 agents will be providing the backup as long as we can hold on for an hour."

"An hour there is still a group of damn Inhumans among the enemy. They are too difficult to deal with."

At this moment, the sound of machine gun fire appeared from afar. Sounds of crying and screaming appeared but disappeared the next second.

There was still a group of refugees that did not retreat successfully in this battlefield and hid in fear. The Germinal Organization was worried that the people of Stardragon might disguise themselves as these refugees, so they killed every one of them.

"With these refugees to stall time, we won't be discovered so soon."

A flash of pity appeared in Fang Yun's eyes as he nodded heavily. At this point in time, they had to make use of everything to protect themselves. The battlefield did not allow sympathy, and there was no time to care about the lives of a group of refugees.

There is no justice in war.

At the same time, in the second floor of a building, Han Xiao changed his face and put on a ragged coat to disguise as a refugee. He stayed beside the window and looked out to observe the situation outside.

This battlefield was the target that he had decided with after a few days of searching. His plan was to kill a member of the Germinal Organization here, switch to his face, and disguise as him, which would allow for easier infiltration. He had used this method before, and he planned to use it again. It would be as difficult as finding a needle in a sea to find him in this chaotic battlefield.

When he observed the battlefield deployment, Han Xiao had noticed the gaps, but he thought that since he could notice this weakness, the Six Nations and the Germinal Organization would be able to as well. It looked like a trap, so he decided to use his own method.

The risk of breaking directly into the headquarters was too huge, and Han Xiao's destination was the underground headquarters, which would be many times harder. It was safer and stealthier to infiltrate by changing faces and identity. Even if he was exposed, they would not know his identity, and he could still switch to another face and continue infiltrating.

At this moment, a loud bang came from someone kicking open the doors downstairs. A group of people came in to search the building.

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