The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 259

Chapter 259: Reinforcements and Traps

Suddenly, within a radius of two kilometers, all the corpses released a gray mist, which slowly gathered around Hila.

Hila opened her eyes, which were covered in mysterious gray instead of the dark red light. Her bones started to crack, and her wounds healed. Within a few breaths, she fixed her bones and the bloody wound in her stomach also closed off.

Aha, she's still alive! Han Xiao was surprised.

Oh, doesn't this scene perfectly resemble the words 'What doesn't kill you make you stronger.' Like how Gandalf came back from the dead as a white wizard.

No wonder she's the candidate for the goddess of death. Show them you power girl!

Hila sat up, and the gray mist faded away. Her eyes returned to the normal collar, and she started coughing intensely. She said in a fragile voice, "Go, leave me now. I'm too weak to do anything."

Han Xiao bit his lips.

Damn it. Why did you make such a scene if you are not going on rampage? I got excited just to get disappointed. You're still a weakling!

Oh right, I remember she had an ability called [Ignore Sudden Death], where she gained a special effect if her health points were lower than 1%. I thought she would ignore the damage from the fatal attack, but it's actually rapid healing. What a tenacious life force, but this ability must have a cool down.

The enemies surrounded them. Han Xiao was not in a good position, and Hila had become a burden. The chance of surviving became slimmer and slimmer.

"Didn't you say that you'll abandon me when you have to? Now it's the time! Run away!" Hila's face was pale, and she used all her strength to get those words out. Her hand was on Han Xiao's chest, trying to push him away.

"Okay." Han Xiao nodded directly. He was not the type of person who would hesitate. Abandoning her was the best course of action, and there was no benefit to staying with Hila. He would not make a choice that made him worse off.

Even though Han Xiao really wanted Hila to be on his team, if necessary, he would up give Hila up in the blink of an eye.

Seeing that Han Xiao had already made his choice, Hila relaxed and said, "Please take care of my sis.."

Suddenly, Han Xiao heard an unfamiliar voice through the earphones.

"Hey, I see you guys, we are coming!"

Han Xiao was slightly relieved as he looked toward the south. Three black armored jeeps without any plates showed up on the side of the battlefield in an arrow formation, approaching them at high speed.

The helicopter from the Germinal Organization flew toward them. Han Xiao's display zoomed in and clearly saw a woman's white arm, wearing a bracelet made out of red pearls, stretched out of the windows of the jeep.

The next moment, a surge of burning flames shot out from the palm of the women's hand, and the flame turned into a roaring flaming dragon that flew into the sky and consumed the helicopter.


The helicopter fell from the sky.

The three jeeps drove around the burning helicopter and headed right toward Han Xiao.

"The reinforcements are here!" Han Xiao felt the boulder in his heart finally lifting. He slapped Hila's cheeked and laughed. "Seems that you don't have to die today."

The reinforcements were composed of the best superhumans in the Six Nations with the best equipment that the nation provided.

The three jeeps crashed right into the battlefield and broke open the Germinal Organization's encirclement. The female Esper released her power without any reservation, turning the battlefield into a burning sea.

This was not normal fire but the fire created by energy using special an Esper power. After the flame hit the target, it would explode. This was called the explosive flame, one of the destructive powers of the fire Esper.

With only one look, Han Xiao already judged that this woman was a Class-C superhuman.

All the Germinal Organization's troops tried to turn their crosshairs on the jeeps, but the three jeeps suddenly released smoke similar to a smoke bomb, which quickly spread out, blocking the vision of half of the battlefield.

The Germinal Organization lost their targets, and they could not even see their own team. The visible range was only as far as one meter.

Then, the sound of coughs arose in the smoke. The smoke contained a strong irritating substance similar to tear gas.

"Where is the enemy‽ I can't see, cough cough—"

"I can't breathe! Cough."

"New enemies have shown up. Please give us instructions, bleurgh… give us instructions!"

"The radar is not working. The enemy have an interference machine!"

The Germinal Organization was in chaos. However, the four senior executive officers quickly grasped the situation and recalled the view of the battlefield before the smoke appeared. Then they charge toward where Han Xiao had been, but Han Xiao had already disappeared.

"He's getting away!" Jeross was shocked. "Can any of you track his position?"

The three pugilists stared at each other.

They knew how to punch things, but tracking enemies was not in their job description.

Ingris had good perception due through sense movements on the soil, but she had already been killed.

In the dense smoke, Han Xiao carried Hila on his shoulders like he was carrying a sack of rice. The reinforcements quickly gave the location to meet up, and he soon found the three military jeeps. One of the doors to the back seat open, and Han Xiao jumped in without a second thought.

There were three people in the jeep. The driver was a Sharnuk, wearing sunglasses, and had a buff body. The white woman with the red pearl bracelet sat in the passenger seat. She was the Esper who had the explosive flame power. There was another yellow man who was using a control panel on the ceiling of the jeep.

"Target acquired, we need to move out!" the Sharnuk driver shouted with his deep voice.

Three jeeps changed direction and left the smoky battlefield behind them.

The troops quickly recovered from the smoke and got back into formation, chasing right after the jeep. The helicopter kept its distance from the jeeps, fearing that the fire Esper would shoot them down.

"We're saf…" Hila was about to show a sign of relief, but Han Xiao quickly covered her mouth.

Stay quiet and rest, will you?

The yellow man looked at Han Xiao and smiled. "I have heard a lot about you. We finally got you out. I am Tang Tang, a member from Stardragon's Division 13. The director-general always mentions your name. You have done great things. The driver is Alaupog from Theseus, and the lady is Diana from the Maple.

"Okay let's stop with the mindless chit-chat." Diana did not even look back and said, "Now that we have the target, all the enemies are right behind us. What should we do?"

"Uhm, since they still have reinforcements behind them, we can't afford to stay and fight them," Tang Tang replied. "We just follow the planned route, and we can shake them off after half a day and remain hidden."

Hila regained some of her energy and asked, "Why didn't you use a plane?"

"How would you have wanted us to sneak into the Germinal Organization's territory in a plane? Or do you want us to be a shooting target in the sky?" Diana's tone was sharp and cold.

The reinforcement had three jeeps in total, and they still did not know who was in the other jeeps.

After successfully meeting up with the reinforcement team, they were still being chased by the enemy. However, it was good news that they already broke out of the encirclement, and all they had to do was to spend some time and lose the troops behind them.

Han Xiao let out a long sigh. He was providing his intel in exchange for the Six Nations' support. It definitely felt nice to have reinforcements rather than just fighting alone.

Other than Tang Tang, the two people in front of the car kept on observing Han Xiao from the rear mirror. They were all the aces from their own countries, and this large-scale joint operation was only to save one person. On paper, they knew the incredible things that Han Xiao had done, and since they had finally met in person, they were naturally curious.

From stealing intel from the headquarters of the Germinal Organization to fighting the entire army to get away from the territory, all these people viewed Han Xiao as a superior human compared to them, and they could not help but observe Han Xiao.

After two hours, the ground became less and less firm, soon turning to sand. They had left the plains and now reached the desert. The troops behind them could no longer be seen, and they were temporarily safe.

The dense atmosphere soon relaxed. Han Xiao did not take off his suit, but he just left it on sleep mode, waiting for it to recharge.

"The east side of the plains has a small desert right next to it. The place used to be a nuclear bomb testing area, and the radiation is high, killing all plants and animals. It will take around eight hours to travel through the desert. After that, we will reach an area with complex hills and mountains. As long as we avoid any base along the way…" Tang Tang explained the escape route.

Suddenly, Han Xiao's computer in his suit received a call.

It was from the leader.

"Well done, you actually got through the encirclement in the plains." The leader seemed calm, but Han Xiao had expected the leader to be raging. His suspicion quickly rose.

Something is wrong!

"Hehe, do you think you safe now?" The leader laughed. "Do you think I never noticed the team that infiltrated my territory a few days ago?"

Han Xiao froze. Something bad was coming their way.

"I never tried to stop them just so that I could get this change. I really wasn't be able to track your position, but at least I could track your reinforcements. I knew you were going to meet up with them, and from the movement of you and your team, I could at least predict the where you would meet up.

"That's right, your reinforcements were heading to the east side of the plains, meaning that you will escape from this side. Unfortunately for you, I knew this at least ten hours ago.

"Zero, you are not all-knowing and all-powerful, right?"

The leader suddenly had murderous intent in his voice.

"Open your eyes, and be grateful for your last parade I have prepared… This will be the end, Han Xiao!"

Han Xiao looked out from the window, and the hills and valleys were filled with ambush troops with dozens of military helicopter hovering around the sky. Hundreds of machine guns were spread in the sandbag base, and soldiers holding grenade launchers and SMGs stood still near the base, awaiting orders.

The number of soldiers was more than double the previous battle.

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