The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 295

Chapter 295: Competition Festival (2)

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The first season of Pro League was heated up. ‘Galaxy Times’ also released the latest episode to analyze the overall movements of the competition, which received a lot of attention, breaking the record of highest viewers.

Han Xiao opened the video. This episode was clearly different from the others. The comments were much denser than before, and the length also doubled, showing clear signs of it having a lot of content.

After making the regular opening cold joke, the hosts entered into the main topic.

“The first season of Galaxy Pro League has commenced. Registration has opened for the Qualifiers. Players, are you ready for this festival?”

The comment barrage filled with “always ready” flew past the screen.

“Starting from this episode, we will continuously bring comprehensive competition analysis for everyone,” the male host said. “The content of this episode includes interpretation of the competition mode, competition schedule analysis, and introduction of the various strong teams in the divisions. We also invited the leaders of the four biggest clubs in China as guests in the studio. Okay, let’s first enter a short commercial break. Don’t leave, the wonderful content will soon be back.”

A not at all short commercial started playing for the next five minutes. When even the comments started discussing which baby diapers were better, the hosts finally reappeared.

Han Xiao was speechless. No wonder this episode is so long…

“Welcome back. So, the Pro League is divided into 13 divisions, corresponding to the 13 novice planets, selecting the strongest teams of the various planets. And the clubs from some strong Esports countries have already selected their bases, which means that they selected their division in advance…”

The duo introduced the situation of the various divisions and what were the strong countries. Every strong team they mentioned, a barrage of slogan comments of that team would fly pass. Every strong team had fans all over the world.

When talking about the Planet Aquamarine division, the reaction was the most intense. It was the China version of ‘Galaxy Times’ after all.

“… Planet Aquamarine is the main division of the China clubs. We have invited the guests to analyze the situations of the Planet Aquamarine division. Let’s give a warm welcome to Li Ge from Temple of God, Second Prince from Dynasty, Hao Tian from Long Sky, and Sun Eggplant from Fried Eggplants with Fish!”

The comments exploded. Everyone knew that these four clubs were enemies, yet they were gathered in one place; it was an extremely rare occasion!

These four were all leaders of the biggest clubs. They had a lot of fans, and they were enemies too, so the comments were filled with arguments in no time.

“Boss Li Ge is so handsome!”

“Temple of God is all trash. Fangirls, back off!”

“Don’t stop me, I want to carry the child of Li Ge!”

“We can’t lose, brothers. Hao Tian, I want to give birth to your child too!”

“Why did Second Mace come out, where’s the boss of Dynasty? I want to see the top player in China!”

“That’s crossing the line, how can you call him Second Mace? Call him Second Son!”

“Sun Eggplant is the best!”

The four professional god players, all with unique characteristics, appeared in the image. Li Ge had the warm expression on his face as always, being the most handsome of the group. Hao Tian sat beside him, expressionless like a stone.

Second Prince was one of the renowned players of the Dynasty club—arrogant, combing his hair with his head held up high, fully expressing the definition of ‘too big for one’s boots’.

Among the four of them, this guy had the most haters. The rank one god player in China belonged to Dynasty, mysterious and barely participated in any shows. In contrast, Second Prince loved to speak badly of the god player in his own team, not hiding his ambition of wanting to take over at all. However, he regularly got thrashed by the god player in his own team, becoming a laughing stock, yet he never changed. All things aside, he was never a burden in the competition, so most of the haters were just joking.

The last one, Sun Eggplant, was the last member of ‘Three Chariots’ of Fried Eggplants with Fish. He was a middle-aged man wearing sunglasses, looking undisciplined and shaking his crossed legs continuously, one hand behind the chair, sitting like a boss. He even had a toothpick between his lips. If there was not the rule of no smoking in front of cameras, it would definitely not be a toothpick.

Li Ge smiled and said, “Thank you for your invitation. Come to think of it, this is the fourth time I’ve showed up in Galaxy Times.”

“Thanks to everyone for being a guest in Galaxy Times,” the male host said. “Please, our four god-tier players, let’s start with the analysis for the Planet Aquamarine competition situation.

They started the analysis. Li Ge and Second Prince spoke the most, Hao Tian almost didn’t talk, and Sun Eggplant occasionally piped up.

The Planet Aquamarine division was the main venue for China. There was a total of tens of clubs. Other than the four biggest names, there were other large clubs like Thunder Storm, Fanatics, and Nine Gates. There were quite a number of strong pro players. They discussed the topic at length. In their eyes, the four biggest clubs were still the ones that had the most chances to win.

Thirteen novice planets, thirty-seven participating countries. Small countries did not have the ability to choose their bases. There were some foreign club events in Planet Aquamarine, not many of them, but they were strong nonetheless. It was not to be underestimated.

Although the so-called base planet was just self-named, and any country could come to play, this was a naturally formed sense of the territory from the players. Han Xiao remembered some clubs would send strong players to other divisions, creating a team disguised as ordinary players to beat the local clubs, which would make the local players lose face.

Electrolux, whom he had once met, was this kind.

“… Qualifiers will be the most intense stage,” Li Ge said. “The participating players average at LV 40, not max level yet. With the elimination mode, luck will play a certain part, but the longer one stays, the more battles one will face. Even we can’t say that we are confident of every single match. The impact of the luck factor will be minimized. The last top 38 teams will definitely be strong teams with real skills.”

Second Prince sneered. “Hehe, that’s because your Temple of God is too noob. Our Dynasty has absolute confidence. Anyone who meets us just has to wait for their death.”

Li Ge smiled on the outside but cursed on the inside.

He did not bother about the fool and turned to look at Hao Tian. He smiled and said, “Old Hao, can you fulfill your dream and become the international champion this time?”

“Success depends on effort.” Hao Tian’s words were few but had a clear meaning.

Second Prince grunted and said arrogantly, “Save it, you guys. The champion will be Dynasty!”

Sun Eggplant looked at him sideways and said, “Moron.”

Second Prince turned his head and stared at him furiously.

“What you staring at, looking for a beating?” Sun Eggplant rolled his sleeve like he was going to fight him any time.

Second Prince stood back and murmured, “Savage.”

The four of them interacted, and the comment barrage fired. This episode of the show analyzed the competition in detail. In the end, the four of them promoted their preparations of their teams, expressing their fighting spirit and their strong determination for the champion position.

Han Xiao shook his head. Although they all look undisciplined, they were all god players.

Through the show, his old memories of Season One Pro League were refreshed.

The Qualifiers registration ended very quickly. The official start was three days later, so all the contestants prepared themselves as much as they could.

This time, hundreds of thousands of players gathered in the sanctuary, crowded around the arena, and filled the square completely.

Han Xiao looked down at the square.

Three more days to the start…

Han Xiao turned and walked downstairs.

It’s time!

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