The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 296

Chapter 296: Sensation!

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The sanctuary was overcrowded with people. Not only were there contestants, but there were also spectators. It was more than ten times more boisterous than usual. The players’ line of shops extended from the square to almost the gate of the city.

The Divisions were big events for all players. The players not at the venue could watch the live stream on the forums.

Three days to the opening, there was one day that coincidentally was the fixed Black Phantom loot box sales day. Part of the reason a large number of players came to the sanctuary was also because of Han Xiao.

The location that he usually appeared at was already surrounded. A male player stood outside the crowd and looked around on his tiptoes.

“He should be here anytime soon,” the player mumbled softly.

His ID was ‘Jing Zhe’, an LV 20 Mechanic, one of the unnoticeable spectators, as good as transparent in the crowded sanctuary. He knew about Han Xiao’s functionalities from the forums, so he wanted to buy some low-level equipment.

This kind of new players appeared every once in a while, bringing Han Xiao long-term profits.

After waiting for a while, Han Xiao drove the truck and arrived at the scene with a 270 degrees tail drift. He jumped down from the car, and the waiting players swarmed over instantly to grab the boxes.

The number of boxes was limited. It was almost impossible to purchase them without putting up a fight to buy them as soon as possible. Jing Zhe was pushed around by the crowd.

After the boxes were sold out, only then did the crowd leave. Jing Zhe heaved a sigh of relief. Seeing that Han Xiao was still there, he quickly trotted over and conveyed his intention of wanting to learn abilities. And as he wished, he saw the shop list.

So much machinery, and it seems like I can learn abilities here as well. The functions of this NPC are so rich. I heard he was the main storyline main character before…Jing Zhe was a new player that only started after the end of the Germinal Organization main storyline. He barely knew about Han Xiao’s past at all.

The items made his heart beat a lot quicker. And after he scrolled down to the bottom, his eyes opened wide in surprise.

This is… the class advancement knowledge for Pugilist and Esper, [Energy Burst] and [Tier 2 Gene Chain—Endurance Enhancement]. Both selling for 30,000 EXP. Jing Zhe’s mouth was wide open with surprise.

Was Black Phantom not the Mechanic mentor? Why was he selling the class advancement knowledge for the other two classes?

Anyway, he could not use them.

Jing Zhe took a screenshot, posted it on the forums causally, and continued to look at the other items in the shop. What he did not expect was… this post created a storm on the forums!

Every player who knew what this meant was shocked!

Jing Zhe did not know how rare class advancement knowledge was yet, but the older players knew it very well—Class advancement knowledge could only be exchanged after they farmed their relationship points with the Six Nations to ‘Reverence’, which almost no one could at the moment. Yet, Han Xiao had just started selling them out of nowhere!

Only one word could describe how to old players felt about Han Xiao.


After being silent for a few months, Han Xiao’s name dominated the forums once again!

Jing Zhe was stunned. He had never thought that his casual post would trigger such a reaction.

However, what was more shocking only came afterward. Countless players came from everywhere upon hearing the news and swarmed toward Han Xiao. After they confirmed the news to be true, the entire square’s players became frenzied!

Black Phantom is the players’ blessing as always!

Suddenly, there was a commotion at the exteriors of the crowd, and they split open a path automatically. Renowned pro players walked in one after another—Li Ge, Hao Tian, Sun Eggplant, and so on. They gathered in one place and snatched the spotlight!

With the Pro League just around the corner, the appearance of class advancement knowledge was certainly a very timely help. No one wanted to be behind the others, so they all rushed here. Dozens of famous pro players surrounded Han Xiao!

Some of the surrounding players had not had the chance to meet their idols before, so they could not hide their excitement and screams.

Jing Zhe was completely stunned. A post that he had casually published turned out to attract a group of god level pro players. He was used to being a nobody and had never had such an experience. He was shivering in excitement.

These pro players led the way to buy class advancement knowledge. The EXP on Han Xiao’s interface rocketed by millions every minute! Han Xiao was overjoyed.

It was worth hoarding the class advancement knowledge till now. It’s profiteering!Han Xiao was delighted. He had long expected the class advancement knowledge to be a hit. In Version 1.0, the prerequisites for acquiring class advancement knowledges were very difficult. The players went through a lot of hardship to get them, yet he sold them without any prior requirements. It would definitely shock all the players.

The class advancement knowledge for these two classes came from the Germinal Organization central computer. Now that the Germinal Organization had been eradicated, the class advancement knowledge in his hands became the only source of it throughout Planet Aquamarine.

Tens of thousands of players gathered in the sanctuary—excluding Mechanics, players with insufficient purchasing power, and players with insufficient potential points. Even if there were only a tenth of the players that bought it, he would still make a crazy profit!

30,000 was not high for the players at this time. Han Xiao sold it at this price because he wanted to sell more quantity and also because the contestants would spend most of their EXP before the competition to strengthen themselves as much as they could. If he set the price too high, he would miss the opportunity on those who did not have any EXP left.

He sold it for a few hours straight and only stopped as the sun started to set.

He looked at the interface. The EXP that he had received was an outrageous amount of 300,000,000.

Han Xiao had more than 500,000,000 EXP in his pocket through all sorts of events during the four months, and it had grown by more than half in just a day!

The players’ demand for class advancement knowledge is ridiculous. It will be high in the first few days and will start to gradually decrease as time passes, but even then, it will still earn a healthy profit just like the other abilities.

Han Xiao opened the forums. The Planet Aquamarine panel was filled with posts about class advancement knowledge. Many analyzed why he would suddenly sell the class advancement for the other two classes despite being a Mechanic.

This even affected the panels of other planets. The other division players were shocked and felt pressured. It was competitive between the divisions, and Planet Aquamarine players getting class advancement knowledge so easily was bad news for other planets. Players from all the planets were discussing it.

Han Xiao was very famous in Planet Aquamarine, and he also sometimes appeared in Galaxy Times. However, most of his popularity was limited to Planet Aquamarine. This was the first time that his name had spread to the other players. The players from the other players started to know his name—Planet Aquamarine Legendary NPC, Black Phantom, Han Xiao, Loot Box!

Actually, every planet had their own storyline main characters that appeared actively as they took part in the main storyline missions. Despite also being the main storyline main character, Han Xiao was very different. He did not provide main storyline missions one round after another, yet the functions that he offered were horrifyingly rich. The Planet Aquamarine players received countless benefits from him.

He was the storyline main character, the mechanic mentor, the salesman for rare items, the distributor for regular prize-pool missions, the loot box seller… His identity was so complex that the players had never seen any NPC that even came close. His position in the hearts of Planet Aquamarine’s players was unique and irreplaceable. It was like they had gone through the change of times side by side. When the players thought of him, they felt a sense of familiarity and trust!

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