The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 309

Chapter 309: All Ready


The heavy chains fell onto the ground. Kerlodd heaved a sigh of relief, moved his limbs around, and awkwardly looked down on his nude body. "Can I…"

A set of clothes were thrown toward him. Kerlodd shoved them on hastily; being naked would have humiliated anyone.

Han Xiao stared at Kerlodd with a smile the whole time. Kerlodd's personal account had galactic general currency. Calling the galactic travel agency needed money, and since Han Xiao was unsure if they would accept resources as payment, getting the general currency was insurance.

Furthermore, he indeed did not want to kill Kerlodd. Although he had the upper hand now, Godora definitely knew that an investigator had come to Planet Aquamarine, gotten into an accident, and lost contact. Thus, they would contact Six Nations at some point or even send out new investigator team.

The truth would always be revealed. If he killed Kerlodd, the conflict would only get more intense, and there was no need for that. Letting Kerlodd live meant that the personal conflict would not become a bigger one. Investigators often met a bit of danger; as long he did not die, Godora would definitely not bother as such small conflict was nothing.

Of course, although Kerlodd had made a promise, Han Xiao did not trust him completely. At least he would not let Kerlodd out of his sight in Planet Aquamarine and would not return any of his equipment to him.

Because of him acting mysterious, Kerlodd assumed that Han Xiao came from the galaxy as well, so he would not dare to make a move easily unknown of his identity.

As expected, Kerlodd asked again, "Who are you really?"

"Galactic Human," Han Xiao said with perfunctory.

The human race in the galaxy was a very large species, and there were countless branches. Kerlodd observed that Han Xiao seemed to be the most common type of Galaxy Human race. Not being able to identify Han Xiao's origins, he scratched his head and said, "Okay, I will not ask again. When are you planning to leave? I want to go home soon."

"Not too long."

Han Xiao planned to bring the pro players from the Planet Aquamarine Division away. The Divisions would soon end; he could wait.

"By the way," Kerlodd suddenly said, "where's my spaceship?"

"Someone took it away, probably without the intention of returning it to you." Han Xiao knew full well what had happened after. He knew that Raylen locked down the information just from the fact that there was no intelligence about the crashed spaceship from the intelligence agents in the Dark Net; it was clear what Raylen wanted to do.

Kerlodd was upset and did not think about contacting the Six Nations at this time. The current situation did not favor him, so he did not want to take the risk. Furthermore, he felt that he had more to say to Han Xiao, who also came from the galaxy like him, and communicating with him would be easier than with the natives.

"What malfunction did your spaceship have?" Han Xiao asked.

"I don't know either. It was flying normally and perfectly under stealth mode, and when approaching Planet Aquamarine, the engine suddenly stopped working. Although the observer spaceship isn't big, it was very stable. I have no idea why it would suddenly malfunction.

Han Xiao thought about it before shaking his head

He started to get down to business. He turned on the communicator and registered for a personal account. The communicator also worked as a personal terminal—its personal account functions were very rich and had a bank transfer function, the most common way of making a deal in the galaxy, quick and convenient. Every big civilization had their own galactic bank, among which, the most authorized and powerful ones were the three Universal Civilization banks of course. The banks worked with each other, and they could be used anywhere in the galaxy.

Han Xiao picked one randomly and told Kerlodd to make the transfer.


"Your account has been transferred 878 Enas." A pleasant-sounding female voice appeared from the terminal.

"Only this much money? You're too poor." Han Xiao could not help but complain.

Enas was the general currency in the galaxy, the most common currency unit used.

Kerlodd's face turned red, and he said, "I don't have the habit of saving. Being an investigator is a tough job, and I need to enjoy myself… Wait a minute, why am I explaining myself to you?"

He suddenly realized that he was being robbed—why did he even have to feel ashamed of having little money?

Having received the money, Han Xiao's target was achieved, and he felt assured. Counting the days, the Planet Aquamarine Divisions would last for about more than ten days, and he planned to use that time to contact the galactic travel agency in advance.

There were thousands of channels in the communicator. Han Xiao looked through and entered 'Garton Galaxy Travel Agency Channel'. A dense list of traveling routes appeared on the screen, and a cold electrical voice appeared.

"Is filtering required?"



"Star Zone 9, Planet Aquamarine."


Han Xiao paused then said, "Juberly Hub."

"Please select price range."

"Cheapest." Han Xiao gave 'Kerlodd the Cheapskate' a stare.

"Number of travelers?"

"A few dozen."



"Have you used the Galactic Travel agency before?"


After more than twenty questions, the result was finally filtered down, leaving only five traveling agencies. The Galactic Travel agency was a very large industry, and many large organizations provided this service. This was one of the cheapest ways for galactic travel, like a private hire, or more accurately, a 'public spaceship'.

Han Xiao chose the 'Short Horn Star' travel agency as this was a galactic travel agency with a very good name. After choosing, the communicator transferred the communication channel into the Short Horn Star salesperson channel, letting both parties discuss the details.

"Greetings, thank you for choosing Short Horn Star. We will provide you the best high-quality and inexpensive services…"

The salesperson was a beautiful human female. According to the race of the customer, they would be assigned to salespersons meeting their standard of beauty. After the saleswoman finished her welcoming opening, she said, "We have received your travel requirements. Fortunately, a Whale Spaceship will pass by Star Zone 9 in twenty days' time. We will bring you to the ship by then. What grade of seats would you like? We have economy class, business class, first-class class, VIP cabins, and even VVIP cabins.

"What's the price for the economy cabins?"

"3 Enas per person. How many seats would you like to reserve?"

Han Xiao quickly counted before saying, "Fifty."

Bringing about fifty of high skill players in the top places should be enough. Bringing some players was a very important part of the plan.

Han Xiao then paid the deposit and confirmed the boarding time, nodding in his mind. The preparation of heading into the galaxy could be considered completed. His destination was Juberly Hub, a transfer station in Garton Galaxy with accessible and convenient transportations. Various races of the Colton Group gathered there, and there were many opportunities. In Han Xiao's plan, the Juberly Hub was the most suitable to be his first station of entering the galaxy.

Now, I just have to wait for the players to finish the competition. I will then make an announcement, and the team will be created. It's all ready.

There were some matters in Planet Aquamarine that he had to deal with before leaving.

For a few days in a row, Han Xiao transferred his resources secretly and brought Kerlodd along all the time. He made him wear a cape covering his skin. They occasionally appeared before people in the sanctuary, raising some curiosity and shock as to why there was suddenly a mysterious man alongside Han Xiao.

During the battle between the top eight to decide top four in the Singles, Frenzied Sword met Li Ge. Frenzied Sword, who everyone expected to lose before the match, gave an astonishing performance. After five tough battles, he beat Li Ge by one round. This time, Frenzied Sword expressed what a Mechanical Pugilist was fully capable of and finally showcased something he had been hiding, his Energy Warhammer. Its explosive power was even stronger than a Pugilist, helping him to break through Li Ge's combos.

Frenzied Sword entered top four Singles, and the haters suddenly all disappeared. The victory was the best confidence boost, his 'China's Best Mechanical Pugilist' nickname in the forums became more popular. He was considered the black horse of the first season!

Li Ge did not think that he would lose to Frenzied Sword, and unfortunate things did not come alone. The Temple of God entered the top four teams, meeting Long Sky. This time, Hao Tian gave his all. He cleansed himself of his previous shame, defeated Temple of God, and entered the finals of the Groups.

The situation became clear. Long Sky and Dynasty would fight for the Divisions Champions and Runner-Up. Temple of God could only fight for Second Runner-Up with another team. As for the Singles, if things went smoothly, Frenzied Sword could very possibly enter the top three, and he had a very high chance of entering the Internationals. As for the champion, not that Han Xiao looked down on Frenzied Sword, but Dynasty's King Admiral was way too strong. His skills, control, and attributes were almost undefeatable in Version 1.0. Dynasty seemed to have the momentum of becoming the champion; the media favored them.

Even so, Frenzied Sword's achievements and popularity were way better than what he had boasted in Han Xiao's previous life. It had definitely been worthwhile cultivating him.

The Divisions lasted for about half a year. The batch of players with the highest level already reached an average level of the limit LV 60.

As Han Xiao was doing his preparation discreetly, Bennett suddenly called him.

"I have arrived at Sanctuary Three. Where are you?"

"Why are you suddenly here?" Han Xiao said jokingly. "Missed me?"

"What do you think?" Bennett said with a very serious tone. "Where did you hide that alien? You didn't eat him, did you?"

Han Xiao's smile disappeared, and he frowned. "Did Huang Jian expose it?"

"Talk when we meet. You're in big trouble this time again!" Bennett said with a low voice, but there was not much blame in his tone… He was already used to having trouble drop from the sky.

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