The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 345

Chapter 345 Meeting The Liar Again 2

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“Foreseer?” Herlous’ face was filled with doubt. A stranger had suddenly appeared out of nowhere to find him and said that he could foresee the future. He had never experienced something like this. What the hell is this?

Herlous’ first reaction was to not believe him. “Since you can see the future, do you know what I will eat tomorrow morning?”

“It’s okay if you don’t believe my identity; you just need to listen. Time will prove if what I say is true.”

Han Xiao ignored Herlous’ mocking and started his performance. He purposed acted mysterious and said with a voice only two of them could hear, “Contradictions have already appeared. Not long now, the guardians of your race will split up, and Planet Sunil’s revitalizing dream will forever be shattered. The Catastrophe will finish all of your resources and hope; the only path left will be to look for help and become a subsidiary of an advanced civilization. Your people will spread to live in different cities, gradually losing your independence, relying on the strong, then slowing losing your heritage and spirit. Your past will become your words, recorded into the history books of the other higher civilizations. Your children will only come to know of the history of your race through words. Your race will be another withered race in the broad universe…”

He used unclear words on purpose. Foretelling had to give people a blurry and unclear feeling, and when it really happened, people would feel enlightened and regret when they thought back to the foretelling. Han Xiao, of course, knew the future of the Sunil race; this race did not end physically, but they did ‘end’ in another form.

Spirit, heritage, belief, history—these were the things that a species had during the process of evolving. Through thinking in various processes and coming up with answers that belonged to this race, these untouchable things were what made a race a ‘civilization’. Just like the base of a building, they were something that everyone in a race shared, pillars that held the race together. There were many races and species of beasts, but no one ever called them ‘civilizations’.

Planet Sunil was a refuge civilization—Supers were their guardians, and the race appreciated their contributions but did not have extra resources to reward them. The race could only recover by relying on Supers. It was this everlasting contribution that sparked the contradictions. In his previous life, a group of the Supers could not take it anymore. They felt they had done more than enough, so they chose to give up their home and in search of ‘freedom’, abandoning the race, which they saw as a burden, taking the galaxy as their new home.

The Sunils were heavily wounded. Originally, the damage after every Catastrophe was still acceptable, and the strength of the race as a whole was slowly recovering. Everyone had been looking forward to the day when all that bitterness would be gone and they could taste the sweetness. However, when the guardians of the race split up, their situation went downhill extremely fast; the damage suffered through the Catastrophe started to grow larger than the race’s accumulated resources, and the times became harder and harder.

The Sunils did not have enough resources to migrate. Even if they did, they would not do so; they could only look for help. Many evil forces existed in the universe, and refuge civilizations were their favored prey. If they left Godora’s protection, worse dangers would come, such as large scavenger groups, slave traders, and many others. Examples of this were not extremely rare—slave traders with strong backing wiped out an entire race except one, then raised the price due to the reason of that one person being the last of an ‘extinct species’. There were also evil organizations wiping out races to fulfill some kind of ritual or simply for satisfaction.

Regulations kept the universe balanced, but it could not get rid of all evil.

In the end, Sunil accepted Godora’s military aid and migrated once again. Godora split the Sunils up and sent an army for long term ‘protection’. As Godora made more decisions and as time passed, the Sunils were assimilated, ending the Sunil ‘Civilization’.

The three Universal Civilizations made laws that forbade the invasion of lower civilizations, but the war never ended. The festive, boisterous, and the regulated universe was just the surface, and hidden in it were many ambitious civilizations that either waited or were already acting. After all, every civilization dreamt of becoming the overlord. Since it was not allowed to invade lower civilizations through war, they assimilated them. Even the lawful civilizations were not completely kind people, and even Godora, who held pure blood beliefs, also cultivated subsidiary races.

Whether a civilization prospered or fell was on the population. If the people wanted their civilization to continue, others would only grab the opportunity to take advantage of them. Every day, there were races or civilizations dying in some corner of the universe—what difference would one more make? At most, their race’s history would be recorded and become a conversation topic after dinner or a record that did not make a difference to anyone.

Some galactic shows liked to report the dilemmas faced by civilizations, and its selling point was sparking sympathy in the audience, but hoping that others would turn sympathy into actual action was extravagant. One might make an emotional decision because of one’s emotions, but when it came to an entire civilization, an entire race, only profit mattered. After all, Sunil was just one of the hundreds of thousands of normal races. It had no right to receive special treatment.

Furthermore, this was Shattered Star Ring, the edge of the visible universe, rural and unpopulated. The active groups of people were scavengers, abandoned people, mercenaries, and vulture-like pragmatists.

Furthermore, DarkStar had attacked the lower civilizations because they wanted them to spend Godora’s resources. If one refuge civilization could stop relying on Godora and rely on itself because it had revitalized, how could the DarkStar allow the birth of an ally of Godora?

Han Xiao used vague words to describe this future to Herlous, letting him know that the Sunil’s future was covered in darkness.

“Why did you tell me something like this? Do you think I will be interested?” Herlous asked indifferently. He raised his head and gulped a mouth of alcohol, looking completely unconcerned.

“Because I saw your ending, many things can be prevented.” Han Xiao smiled.

Herlous put down the glass and said curiously, “How do I end?”

Although he did not believe that Han Xiao was a so-called prophet, most people would be curious about their future. Han Xiao had talked about many things earlier, and Herlous really wanted to know how this guy would ‘foresee’ his fate.

Han Xiao stopped instead with a smile and said, “When you believe I’m a foreseer, I will tell you.”

“I already do.” Herlous took back what he had said previously.

“If you really believe, you’re welcomed to actively find me next time.”

Han Xiao smiled; lying did not work on him.

Herlous was the storyline main character of Sunil. According to this person’s experience, Han Xiao thought that there was a chance to take away this main character role. At this time, Herlous was still an alcoholic escaping from reality, not matching up the style of a ‘storyline main character’. The parts he was going to play had yet to start, and the Great Mechanic Han had done all this specifically to target Herlous’ changes in the future, to leave a heavy impression.

His faction had to have more than one ‘NPC’ other than himself, and Herlous was the first testing target.

At this time, an argument could be heard from the corner of the bar. One of them was clearly drunk and had a conflict with his friend. It seemed like they were on the topic of the survival of their race, and they had a conflict due to disagreements.

“You don’t know about sh*t,” the friend said furiously. “This is all part of Godora’s plan. They purposely migrated us to a dangerous planet. How could they not know this planet’s actual environment? Godora wants us to beg them!”

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