The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 371

Chapter 371 Differential Treatment

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Talented intelligent creatures could awaken Super genes. Through various training, the cells would create special power—this was energy. The energy was like a running river; cells and genes were like the stones under the river. As the river grew larger, after days and days of flowing, the genes would start to evolve, gradually becoming perfect. It was like compressing the million years evolution.

Grade A was a benchmark, also called Calamity Grade. It was a high-level power in the galaxies, and Supers fortunate enough to reach this grade were very uncommon. When the genes evolved to a certain level, it would meet an indestructible barrier ahead without exceptions. In other words, ‘there were no road ahead anymore’.

In the exploration era before the Galaxy Calendar, the three large civilizations had still been fighting each other intensively. The world had thought that all types of power were different from each other. That was until Professor Stuart Ona of the Federation of Light invented the energy rank theory. Only then did everyone know that ‘Energy’ was a similarity that all Supers shared. Then it was fused into a large system, forming today’s grading standards. Back then, grade A was seen as the finishing line of evolution, and no one broke through the barrier of grade A.

The war was a double-edged sword. Countless talented grade A Supers died, but at the same time, the war was also a catalyst. The potential of those who survived would be forced out to the maximum extent. Toward the ending stage of the war, there was finally one Super that broke through grade A. It was a completely different level, and it shocked the world.

The civilizations never thought the strength of an individual could reach such a level, a level that could match up to the strong armies of the three large civilizations. Although it was still small compared to the endlessly vast galactic battlefield, no matter how strong the group strength was, it was not as shocking as when an individual had this level of power. The existence of an individual beyond grade A was intimidation on its own, and this was one of the many reasons that lead the three large civilizations to stop the war.

When peace came, the existence of beyond grade A individuals still had a very deep meaning, and their position was very high. Gradually, the grades above grade A gained detailed divisions. One grade higher was grade S, and there were even higher grades. However, people still called Supers above grade A ‘beyond grade A’. It was a memorial in history and a respect for the strong.

In the current Galaxy Calendar, there were only four known beyond-grade-A Supers in Shattered Star Ring, all with fame, glory, and countless titles. Ames was mostly known as [Dragon Emperor], containing both the meaning of her throne made of Void Dragon skeletons and the creator of Floating Dragon Island, which was the most famous thing that she had done.

At this time, Ames was hovering in midair. Everyone on the dock felt pressure deep in their hearts. More Dragon Guards had arrived, surrounded the mercenaries, and pointed countless firearms at them. The members of the three large mercenary groups could not figure out Ames’ attitude toward them—there were scared.

The Silver prisoners stood aside, and Ames knew roughly what had happened with just one look. She said with an interested tone, “Silvers… I see, so you’re the mercenaries hired by Silvers?”

Her voice was not crisp at all. It was rather husky and magnetic instead.

“Yes,” Goa said, “Silvers were getting sold to Floating Dragon Island, so we chased here. We are very sorry for dealing accidental damages, but we hope you can let them go.”

She wanted to make a final attempt. She could only hope that Ames would forgive them for the sake of the Silvers, since the Silvers were Universe Royalties and had a very strong background.

Ames only smiled faintly, completely not caring about the Silvers’ status. “This is the Shattered Star Ring, not the Sea of Star Spirits.”

Then, she controlled the throne and flew toward her residence in the heart of the Floating Island while leaving a sentence behind. “Bring all the mercenaries to me.”

The Dragon Guards brought everyone to the center of the Floating Dragon Island, and the mercenaries had no choice but to follow. At least Ames did not kill them immediately, so there might still be hope.

However, they did not lighten up at all. Looking behind, the Silver captives, which they had gone through so much hardship to rescue, were being brought by another group of guards toward the slave market. Horlaide was in the team, too, and he had joy all over his face. The Silvers issue in Ames’ eyes was just a small matter. She did not want to bother about it at all—it was just because she had heard the report of someone making trouble, only then did she decide to casually strike. The other issues were left for her subordinates to deal with, which benefitted Horlaide.

Horlaide had retrieved the Silvers finally, and regardless of whether Peggy was alive or dead, he did not even have to pay, making him the biggest winner.

The mercenaries’ rescue originally made him very anxious, but now, he only felt it was funny. These people spent so much effort, yet it had led to him getting the biggest profit, what a complete joke! Horlaide felt very good. He sneered at the mercenaries and left with the Silvers.

The people of the three mercenary groups were very upset and downcast. Porter was straight forward—he had been cursing all along the way in his native language. Nobody liked the feeling of everything going to waste.

The team escorting them happened to be Theon’s team. Theon pushed Han Xiao and sneered, “You people are done for. You dared to attack the Dragon Guards. Lord Ames will definitely use her great power and turn you people into powder!”

Having been pushed, Han Xiao turned around and glanced at Theon.

“What you looking at? Keep walking.” Theon yelled.

Han Xiao was pushed again. The strength was like a weak breeze, not able to move him at all. Han Xiao shook his head and forgot about Theon. He pondered about the upcoming situation. From what he knew about Ames, as long as her subordinates were not killed or hurt, there was a possibility to turn the situation around. Although Ames was protective, willful, and her mood was very hard to guess, she could not be considered bloodthirsty.

The center of the Floating Dragon Island was Ames’ residence, a huge fortress-like palace with dragon bone decorations everywhere. They passed one room after another until they reached the luxurious hall, waiting to be dealt with.

After some time, Ames floated in from the side gate of the hall. The throne stopped before them—she held her cheeks and said casually, “You attacked my subordinates. Although there was no injury or casualty, I need to punish you. Wilsander, what’s our rule?”

Someone walked out from the side. He was almost like bamboo, making people worry that a slight wind would blow him away. He had a pair of horns on his head, red skin covered in lines, a tail, and bony wings behind his back. This was a hybrid as well; he had some kind of Demon gene.

This guy was called Wilsander, the commander of the Dragon Guards and Ames’ direct subordinate. He stepped out of the crowd, narrowed his eyes, and casually stroked his beard. “According to the rules, all who fight back will be executed.”

The people all became nervous.

Ames nodded and said, “Then the people of Sky Ring, Blades, and Purple Gold shall be imprisoned. Tell their army captain to pay a ransom.”

“Ahem…” Wilsander coughed and said cautiously, “The rules say executed…”

“My words are the rules,” Ames said coldly, showing her dominance.

Feeling wronged, Wilsander’s eyes twitched. “Then why did you ask me?”

With an innocent look on her face, Ames blinked. “I was just asking randomly.”

She basically did not do any management and had forgotten what rules she had set before. She only asked because she felt like it, and she changed it as she liked; she was indeed very willful.

“Contact your captain and tell them to make the payment, then I will let you go.” Ames had a bit of a relationship with the three large mercenary groups. She occasionally hired them to do some stuff. The three armies never asked money for it, and every time, the captain personally did the things for her, all to create a good relationship with her. As the saying went, ‘don’t slap someone with a smile’. Ames did not want to make things difficult for the people of the three large mercenary groups.

Hearing this, Goa, Cerleni, and Porter heaved sighs of relief simultaneously. They did not know that Ames knew their captain—they only felt that they had escaped death.

However, Ames turned to look at Han Xiao with a playful face and said, “Now it’s your turn. If you have nothing much to say, I’ll start attacking.”

Unlike the three large mercenary groups, this small Mercenary Group was a nobody. There was no need to give them special treatment.

The atmosphere became tense, and the emotions of the three large Mercenary Groups changed.

These mercenaries were not unaffected—they had fought alongside each other and had already made a connection with each other. They could not watch their comrades get killed in front of their eyes, and they all became anxious.

The air around became stagnant—it was Ames’ force field starting to gather.

“Oi! This differential treatment is way too obvious!” Herlous felt like his bladder was shivering.

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