The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 400

Chapter 400 The Arrival Of Dragon Emperor

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Holy Stone and Black Raven’s fleets surrounded half of the battlefield each. They were on level one alert. Countless cannons were aimed at both sides of the battle. Shivate stared at the battle and was on high alert all along.

A third-party conflict happening at the border had always been difficult to deal with, as guarding the border was the responsibility of the Guard Army. Firstly, interfering blindly would not grant any merit. As it would not be defending against an enemy, there would be no reward for winning, no compensation for damages, and very severe consequences if they lost. Hence, taking part in the battle was the worst choice. Shivate believed that, if his fleet suffered damage due to his decision, the royalties of his political opposition would definitely use him as an example to attack the political faction that he was in. As the Holy Stone was aristocratic with many factions, most of the army were royalties as well. Of course, there would be political opposition paying attention to what he was doing.

Luckily, the attacks from the DarkStar mothership and the alliance fleet were controlled within the area. As long as the situation did not escalate further, Shivate would be thankful.

At this time, a subordinate said in a hurry, “Commander, a large object is approaching the battlefield. Stream Light is on its route, please give the order!”

Shivate was shocked. He looked at the screen. A large object was approaching at a very high speed, and its energy reaction was through the roof. He adjusted the angle of the porthole and looked over, then he saw an ellipse-shaped golden object was shining in space, gradually approaching. Its size was dozens of times larger than a fleet. It was indeed Floating Dragon Island with its shield activated.

“That’s Floating Dragon Island. Is it passing by?” Shivate was surprised.

Seeing the Floating Dragon Island was still approaching and would crash onto his fleet soon, Shivate immediately sent out a message to Floating Dragon Island. “Attention Floating Dragon, attention Floating Dragon. I am Holy Stone Border Guards Army Third Formation Commander Shivate. A battle is underway ahead, and we have locked down this area, please go around.”

Just one second later, Stream Light received a reply. Jenny’s cold voice sounded, and she only said two words. “Give way.”

A tint of rage appeared on Shivate’s face. This was his first time meeting such an outrageous passerby. Not only did they not want to go around, they even wanted the entire fleet to move away. Regardless, Floating Dragon had the right to be this way, and Shivate did not dare mess with them.

Floating Dragon did not seem like it would stop at all. It approached in a straight line and would soon bump into the Holy Stone fleet formation. Shivate’s face was terrible as he clenched his teeth and gave the order. “All units spread out. Terminate the lockdown and give way to them!”

The Holy Stone spread out hastily and created a path. Floating Dragon passed through the formation and casually entered the battlefield. This was included in the news image, and Brimner’s always smooth tone was stuck. She was stunned for a while before saying slowly, “Err… As everyone can see, Hol— Holy Stone fleet gave way. It seems like the negotiation failed. Apparently, Floating Dragon does not care about the battle in front of them. We don’t know what will happen next…”

The viewers were awed by how dominant Floating Dragon was, but no one felt that Floating Dragon came just to interfere.

At this time, the alliance fleet still could not break through DarkStar’s defenses. They contacted the mercenaries who were being chased, but they could not pick them up. They could only watch as the communication channels became silent one after another. Their organization members were being caught right in front of them, and the rage from that was expressed directly in the strength of the alliance fleet’s attacks. From just wanting to go around DarkStar at the start to now being on a killing spree, it was getting bloodier over time.


A part of the planet surface suddenly bulged. The ground cracked open, and a large ice pillar burrowed out and rose from the ground. Goa and her teammates came back to the surface on the ice pillar. Her white blue mage robe was covered in dust and holes, and her face looked exhausted. She had been chased by the troops till she had nowhere to run, so she channeled her power and released it on this one hit to finally return to the surface. Looking up, the astonishing scenery reflected in her clear, blue eyes.

In the dark blue, almost black outer space, countless fleets were fighting. Countless lasers and cannons were as bright as stars. On the lower heights, it was the DarkStar fleet that was going in circles and surrounding the area. They were rushing toward her, stirring up dust on their way and twisting the atmosphere with the heat from their thrusters.

“There’s… still no one to pick us up?”

It was like all the energy was being pulled out of Goa’s body. She slowly kneeled down, and her magic staff fell from her white hands onto the ground. She looked up at, watching the powerless alliance fleet who were supposed to be their saviors.

The color of desperation painted her pupils.

The three large armies were what made them struggle and resist because they knew that there would be fleets coming to the rescue. Everyone had gotten their hopes up. However, the reinforcements they had waited so long for could not save them. Their friends were captured one after another. Their last bit of toughness was gone. Who could save them in this situation?

Hovering ships surrounded them. Goa and her teammates beside her gave up resisting and let go of their weapons.

At this time, the Floating Dragon Island entered the battlefield. The fleets of both sides hastily moved aside. It was like the pause button had been pressed for the heated battle.

Sarota was shocked. “Why is there still interference? Didn’t Holy Stone and Black Raven lock the battlefield down? This is… Floating Dragon‽”

Both sides stopped. Floating Dragon became the focus of everyone. Everyone—including DarkStar, the mercenary alliance fleet, Holy Stone, and Black Raven—waited for it to leave as soon as possible. They were fighting properly, and suddenly, a passerby appeared. Plus, it was someone that they could not mess with. How were they going to continue fighting?

However, Floating Dragon Island stopped in the middle of the battlefield.

“What’s going on?”

“Why did it stop?”

The captains of all the parties were shocked. Was Floating Dragon not just passing by? They already moved away and cleared its path, so why was it not leaving?

This time, an extremely piercing alarm triggered on the detector of every battleship.

“Attention! Space ripple appeared nearby! High energy reaction! Calculating energy rank… The accurate calculation failed. Area of effect is fluctuating, cannot be displayed!”

A blue dot appeared above Floating Dragon and expanded quickly, turning into a spinning ring of light. Inside was a white fog that was only two to three meters large. It was nothing that people would pay attention to in the wide universe, but now, it attracted everyone’s attention.

High Grade Secret Spell: Physical Entity Teleportation Door!

Then, a snow-white long leg stepped out of the ring of light. Ames, who was in a black dress, ‘walked’ out. Her black hair extended from behind her back right to her ankles. On her beautiful face was her careless expression as always, like those countless battleships could not even make her eyebrow move even the slightest bit.

The commanders’ faces all changed.

“Dragon Emperor‽”

“Why is she here!”

Just as everyone was stunned and guessing what Ames’ motive was, it suddenly happened!

Ames saw DarkStar, and without saying a word, a violent force field gushed out. The armor of the dozen or so DarkStar battleships nearby bent inward and exploded like fireworks!

The entire process looked extremely easy. The battleships made from DarkStar technology were as weak as pieces of paper in her hands—she could turn them into paper balls in an instant!

Sarota’s face changed instantly, having not expected this at all. Why did the Dragon Emperor attack them‽

Everyone was shocked. Shivate suddenly realized and yelled, “She’s not passing by. She wants to help the mercenaries!”

The alliance fleet was stunned, then became overjoyed. Their morale grew tremendously.

“Dragon Emperor is reinforcing us! Everyone, attack!”

Panic finally appeared on Sarota’s face. The subordinates around all looked at him and anxiously waited for him to give an order.

“Info— Inform everyone to retreat immediately. No wait, inform the fleets to protect the mothership, form a defense formation, cover the mothership to escape!”

Dragon Emperor’s name was as impactful as thunder. When they met Ames, everything about the mission was thrown out of his head. Sarota only had one thought now—minimize the damage and run for their life! As soon as he gave out the order, he left the commander room and ran to an escape pod.

The DarkStar fleet contracted their formation, forming a shield formation and protecting the mothership like a wall, blocking the focus fire from the alliance fleet. Behind layers and layers of protection, the exterior of the mothership started to fade away. It started to go into stealth and back away.

Seeing this, Ames’ force field held onto the entire Floating Dragon Island, then slammed it down!

The Floating Dragon Island covered in the golden shield was like a high energy meteor. The DarkStar battleships were like tiny beans in front of it. The defense formation shattered straight away. Floating Dragon Island slammed into the mothership, unleashing burning sparks on the shield, and a small half of the entire mothership was shattered!

The Floating Dragon Island was Ames’ territory, palace, and… weapon.

Everyone at the scene was dazed.

Brimner opened her mouth wide and was speechless. She was supposed to report the situation, but no one blamed her for it. Everyone who was watching this had the same expression as her.

Ames’ name was known across the entire Shattered Star Ring, but the times that she had shown her destructive power were very few. The impact of seeing such unbelievably great power with one’s own eyes was like a hammer knocking heavily on their heart.

The Dragon Emperor had arrived!

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