The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 413

Chapter 413 New Combat Style 1

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No matter how popular Ames was, it was impossible for Han Xiao’s place to be threatened. After all, she was just a newly introduced character, whereas everyone was very familiar with Han Xiao. His image would not be impacted by this. The Dragon Emperor being beautiful was one thing, but Han Xiao gave a lot of rewards.

What was the point of just being beautiful? An NPC was only good when could make the players money!

Furthermore, according to the progress of Bun-Hit-Dog’s Black Star Series Episode Three, Han Xiao and the Dragon Emperor belonged to the same faction. The influence of these two was combined, which made the players have more anticipation. As Bun-Hit-Dog used the drama style to edit his Black Star Series videos, Han Xiao and the Black Star Mercenary Group were the audience’s first-person perspective, which gave them a sense of immersion. They felt like they were part of Black Star, and seeing the faction made them feel happy.

This episode was the latest episode of Black Phantom Series, the end of Germinal Organization. Han Xiao stole intel from the Germinal Organization headquarters, escaped and battle over hundreds of miles, met with the reinforcements from the Six Nations, and fought his last battle in the encirclement. The convoy rode across the yellow desert, stirring up dust and sand. The sky was dyed yellow, and it was filled with the murderous intent from both sides. Bullets and cannons rained down like a metal storm while the thunderous sound of explosions swept across the sand.

The video followed Bun-Hit-Dog’s perspective, taking part in the battlefield recreated by the dungeon. In order to show a stronger impact, he chose the Germinal Organization side. From the video, the audience could see Han Xiao dashing across the battlefield in an unstoppable way, moving like lightning. One moment, he was demolishing a few Germinal Organization Executive Officers—the next, he would be hundreds of meters away, flipping vehicles over with his shoulder.

In Bun-Hit-Dog’s video, Han Xiao was like a BOSS. The Germinal Organization’s leader fought him head-on. Every time they clashed, the ground shook, and the soundwave trembled in the air. The impact was almost overflowing from the screen as if the screen would shatter like a mirror at any second!

Their fight was like a flying dragon that extended across the entire battlefield. Just the aftershock from their battle was able to send the soldiers and vehicles in their path flying. The viewers could not take their eyes off. It was like they were there themselves; they were nervously holding their breath.


With the last thunderous hit, the image trembled!

The viewers finally took a deep breath.

Blood splashed out from the Germinal Organization leader’s mouth as he was blown away, flying backward, rolling on the sand for almost a hundred meters, and leaving a marking behind. He fell onto the floor and vomited blood non-stop. On the other side, Han Xiao stood in the middle of the shattered mechanical suit pieces on the ground, unveiling his face. Bun-Hit-Dog was blown onto the floor by the shockwave, and he was looking up. The dust and sand settled, like a yellow curtain being pulled open. Han Xiao stood under the scorching sun, above the yellow sand and between the cannons and bullets, covered in twisting bolts of lightning, expressionless.

At this moment, his coolness level was at the max!

Even for Planet Aquamarine players who knew that Han Xiao was powerful, they could not help but feel emotional. This was perhaps the first time that the players from other planets had seen Han Xiao’s performance, and it happened to be his most impactful scene. They were immediately stunned with excitement and trembling.

“Wow, this man is so powerful!”

“So, he had this kind of past…”

Every novice planet had main characters. In comparison, Han Xiao received the most attention. Many new viewers attracted by the Black Star Series were shocked and more interested; they wanted to find Bun-Hit-Dog’s previous videos and find out more about Han Xiao’s past.

The video continued. The last scene was the cutscene of the nuclear explosion in the Germinal Organization Headquarters.

A mushroom cloud rose from the ground, and the dark red light in the thick smoke was like the boiling lava from hell!

The world trembled!

Just as the viewers were stunned by the image, the noise from the explosion suddenly disappeared. Only the image of the nuclear explosion remained. At the same time, a man’s voice appeared in the background.

“The clouds of war obscured the blue skies like the wings of death, and the scars of the previous war have been torn open again before they could even heal…”

At the end of the video, Bun-Hit-Dog had the genius idea of putting in Han Xiao’s speech from before.

The image was the end of Germinal Organization—the Six Nations launched a nuclear missile to end the war. The background was Han Xiao’s speech when he created the Sanctuary. The image of the nuclear explosion complemented and explained the content of the speech. The Six Nations started a war for their own benefit, and the Sanctuary was built to save the tinder of civilization. When putting everything together, the contrast was very strong, and it felt completely different.

After the video ended, the viewers could not have enough of it. It was like they had watched a short legendary drama. Thinking back to the storyline on Planet Aquamarine as a whole, they were feeling sentimental.

Although Han Xiao did not speak throughout the entire video, with the speech that Bun-Hit-Dog added at the end, the level of class that he had was off the charts!

Some audiences imagined his thoughts and analyzed his actions. When this event happened in real time back then, there had been players who did a similar thing. Now, the topic became heated up once again.

“Real men don’t talk, they use actions.”

“Black Phantom cares about the world and fights for the weak, so he wanted to destroy the evil Germinal Organization. Not bad, he’s my husband after all.”

“Black Phantom: Bullsh*t, I just wanted to run away with girls. Do you think my nickname ‘Women Lover Great Mechanic Han’ has no meaning?”

The players made full use of their creativity and discussed excitedly.

Although this video was rushed, Bun-Hit-Dog did a very good job, and it received a very positive response. Han Xiao’s sense of presence and influence was increased largely. Originally, Han Xiao had already given the players a rich impression. Now, with this video about the end of the Germinal Organization, his impression in the players’ mind evolved and became clearer. He became legendary, and his unique characteristics started to shine through, which differentiated him from all the other characters.

He was the one and only.

This was exactly why Han Xiao had brought Bun-Hit-Dog along, and from the current situation, Bun-Hit-Dog was doing very well. In between building machinery, Han Xiao took a break and watched the video. He was very satisfied.

A few days later in the machinery modification room, the air was filled with a certain stench. The results of these few days’ work—hundreds of small orbs—were arranged neatly on the table.

“It’s finally done. A little earlier than I expected.”

This was the new machinery that he had created by taking the advantages of the same type of low-level blueprints. Their performance and attributes were far superior. Before he started building, he had spent two to three million experience and leveled up these blueprints to the max level. The more he built, the more familiar he was with them, and the faster he built.

Han Xiao took off the protective suit and counted the numbers. He then separated the small mechanical orbs into different types.

A method was needed to use the compressed small orbs as well. Usually, Mechanics would carry a portable small bag and store these small orbs inside, or they might make these small orbs into jewelry, such as a necklace, bracelet, or earrings. Sometimes, they might also tie them at the end of their hair like the Godora Observer or place them into the combat suit.

As the compressed structure was very tight, there could not be any extra parts in them. Therefore, compressing a compressed orb into another one would not work, or it would have been able to be expanded infinitely. Only a complete machine or an individual part could form a compressed orb.

Han Xiao compressed the mechanical suit, so in normal daily life, he used a black tactical belt to store the compressed orbs. This had originally been designed to store magazines. It had a metal button in the middle, and the belt was split into two and formed an ‘X’ shape. It was slotted on his waist to increase the number of items that he could bring. Inside this belt were weapons that were relatively less important. For core machinery such as the mechanical suit, it was made into jewelry.

Han Xiao wore a necklace made from three compressed orbs, bracelets on both his wrists, and two small orbs as his earrings on both his ears. His hair now was rather long, so it could be tied and let down behind him. At the end of it were some compressed orbs as well.

Han Xiao walked over to the mirror and looked at himself. He was entertained by his new look.

“Tsk, what a unique style I have.”

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