The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 45

Chapter 45: The Last Laugh

News of the conflict between the research department and Han Xiao spread throughout Division 13 like wildfire. As everyone thought Han Xiao to be an ordinary mechanic, the outcome seemed obvious.

Over the next few days, Han Xiao showed no signs of action, so it became apparent that he had, as expected, decided to swallow it.

Nonetheless, it still remained a mystery as to why the research department would pick on a normal staff member so much.

Li Ya Lin also suffered from the incident due to her involvement with Han Xiao, and while she kept on trying to call Han Xiao to speak to him, the line always failed to get through.

Of course, Han Xiao was not going to let things end like that. While he had not made his move yet, that was because his preparations were not complete.

Han Xiao had previously made about $100,000 from selling the Retractable Knives, $30,000 of which was used to purchase materials for High-explosive Gunpowder.

Over the last few days, he had used another $30,000 of materials to make a huge batch of Retractable Knives100 in total.

"That should be enough."

Han Xiao had just finished with the hundredth knife, and he went to look for a crate to store them all in before leaving Division 13.

As the threat of war loomed, guns were heavily regulated in the Six Nations. It was in fact illegal for civilians to possess any, which was why Han Xiao had gotten rid of his guns before entering the city.

Nonetheless, there were illegal arms dealers situated all across the Six Nations. Neutral vendors such as these were implemented in Galaxy as a way for players to purchase equipment and intel as they carried out infiltration and assassination missions in enemy nations.

Naturally, Han Xiao knew exactly where these vendors were located.

Han Xiao was headed to District 8 to look for an arms dealer named Ma Xiu Si. Ma Xiu Si was an operative for the Fabian Company, a global powerhouse in the arms market who sold everything from guns to jets. Under the table, they even did business with the Six Nations themselves and the Revolutionary Army.


Han Xiao easily found Ma Xiu Si, who was more than happy to entertain him when Han Xiao opened up the crate of Retractable Knives before him and began to explain their usage.

Ma Xiu Si was experienced in the black market, so he instantly recognized the Retractable Knife's worth. While conventional melee weapons were not much of a money spinner, the Retractable Knife's concealability and element of surprise would definitely be favored by many.

Han Xiao expressed his wish to sell the whole crate.

"Can you supply them long-term?" asked Ma Xiu Si.

Han Xiao chuckled.

"Would you be interested in the blueprint?"

Ma Xiu Si's eyes widened. Blueprints were extremely important items to mechanics. They essentially gave their owners monopoly over their inventions. It was extremely rare that a mechanic would offer to sell one of his blueprints, so Ma Xiu Si was not only shocked but overjoyed.

As he was a veteran salesman, however, he suppressed the excitement boiling within.

"Name your price," he asked casually.

"There's a hundred here. 5,000 each, and I'll sell you the blueprint for a million."

Ma Xiu Si gasped lightly. '5,000 each? A million for the blueprint? Just rob me, will you'

"No bargaining."

Han Xiao was confident that Ma Xiu Si would agree to his terms.

Ma Xiu Si frowned, but after a while of contemplation, he relented.


Being able to obtain the blueprint was far too lucrative a chance to miss.

As the banks of each of the Six Nations were not connected to one another, dark web banking was the primary method of transaction in the underworld. Not only was it accessible worldwide, it was also extremely secure.

Han Xiao performed fingerprint verification for the account on the spot.

"I look forward to doing more business with you. This is a VIP card."

Han Xiao took the card from Ma Xiu Si and kept it.

Fostering good relations with these arms dealers would prove useful in the long run as he did not plan to stay in Division 13 forever.


Back in Division 13, the research director encountered the intelligence director in the hallway.

"Looks like you guys have chosen to support a good-for-nothing," mocked the research director. "He caved in so easily to a little bit of pressure. Take my advicestop playing nice with him."

For some reason, the intelligence director was not enraged by his words. He simply smiled back.

"Good luck," he replied plainly as he patted the research director on the shoulder.

The research director was confused. 'Good luck? What do you mean?'

Suddenly, his phone rang. The division chief was looking for him. He hastily bumbled his way to the chief's office.

"Chief, you called?"

"Your plans were approved yesterday. The Retractable Knife will be credited to your department."

The research director was overjoyed to hear the news.

"Thank you for your trust, chief."

The chief chuckled.

"Don't be happy so soon."

The research director furrowed his brows.

"What happened? If it's about Han Xiao, there won't be a problem. There's nothing he can do."

"Oh, you think so?" questioned the chief.

The research director nodded.


Suddenly, the chief picked up a folder and threw it in the research director's face.

"To think that you would abuse your power to sell the division's technology for personal gain! How disappointing."


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