The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 456

Chapter 456 Power Of The Main Character Aura

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Han Xiao had a rough idea as to what the fourth requirement was. Extracting again was impossible given the 0.3% success rate; neither Feidin nor Chen Xing would be willing to take the risk. Therefore, the only path left would be for them to reconcile. The extent of ‘reconciliation’ for the fourth requirement would definitely be more perfect than the third requirement, so it would require more time. Of course, Han Xiao preferred the fourth requirement with the greatest reward, but even if not for the reward, letting Feidin walk the same path as the previous life was beneficial for Han Xiao.

Since Feidin had decided to stay with the mercenary group, his position was not a member but an employer who needed help. However, this guy was potential stock. If his problem was dealt with, Han Xiao would at least be able to get more than half of Chen Xing’s savings. According to Feidin, with the money that Chen Xing had made throughout the five years of her career, they were a multimillionaire.

Of course, Han Xiao had more hopes to make Feidin an officer of the mercenary group. In that case, he would get all the benefits!

However, this was not easy to achieve. With Feidin’s personality, he would not become a mercenary. He was only following the mercenary group to solve his problem.

Although I have him in my team temporarily, he is not considered as a member. He is just a customer, so he definitely will not help in combat, Han Xiao thought.Hmm… In order to make him join us, it will take some time. I shall first see how [Choice] goes, then plan from there.

They had to take care of Feidin since he was following them around, or he might face danger. The youngest Volga brother was suitable for this job, since his combat abilities were not strong anyway, so he might as well do something else.

The mission [Choice] needed time and had to develop naturally, so Han Xiao was not hoping to complete it any time soon.

Feidin handled his matters with ease and became a completely free person. Han Xiao was not planning to stay for long. He brought everyone to the dock and arrived at the parking spot of their spaceship.

The spaceship let down a ladder, Han Xiao and the others climbed up. Han Xiao turned around and saw Feidin still on the ground sizing up the spaceship with complexity in his eyes.

“Stop standing there,” Han Xiao said, “let’s go.”

“… Fine.”

Feidin took a long, deep breath. This was the first time that he had controlled his body after five years, and he missed that feeling. Chen Xing stopped talking in his head and focused on recovering, waiting for an opportunity.

As long as he stepped onto the spaceship in front of him, he would go on an unknown journey once again. The difference was, this time, he was not a spectator. As someone who disliked the advanced technology, Feidin felt like it was like a dream. Five years earlier, he had never thought that he would become a celebrity singer known throughout the galaxy, or that a woman would be living in his body, making him fight for the control of his body with her, or that he would ever end up following a group of mercenaries and even try to train his Psychic powers.

Feidin sighed. He had once thought that he would spend his entire life as an ordinary person. Living his life in the wilds, having a pet as a companion, hunting while he is young, put down his hunting bow to farm his land once he got older before he got killed by a beast, maybe falling asleep near the fire one day and never waking up again. But that fallen spaceship shattered his life plan like a hammer, suddenly and without any warning.

“Although this life now is not what I wanted,” Feidin murmured, “it seems quite interesting.”

Just as he was about to step onto the ladder, a commotion came from far away. A large group of people flooded toward them, shouting Chen Xing’s name. He looked over and realized that they were reporters.

After thinking for a while, it occurred to Han Xiao.

“Right, Chen Xing’s assistant group has disbanded. Someone must’ve contacted the reporters.”

As he expected, the reporters smelled a hot topic from the fact that ‘Chen Xing’ gave up his singing career and left with the group of mercenaries who were suspected to have kidnapped him earlier. They immediately turned around and came back like maniacs.

“Chen Xing, what are the reasons behind you doing this?”

“Were you threatened?”

“Tell us, don’t be worried about someone hurting you. We will protect you.”

These reporters surrounded Feidin and almost wanted to take him away. Feidin struggled to squeeze out of the crowd and waved. “This is my own decision. I have something else to do…”

As he spoke, he hastily rushed up the ladder. Han Xiao moved aside and let him in.

The reporters were not going to let Chen Xing go this easily. They squeezed up the ladder one after another, wanting to push Han Xiao away and rush into the spaceship no matter what.


A ring of energy erupted!

All the reporters on the ladder were blown away and rolled down. They barely stood up enduring the pain but did not dare go forward anymore. Only then did they remember that it was a dangerous mercenary who was standing before them.

Han Xiao closed the hatch with an expressionless face.

The spaceship took off and left that colonized planet.

Outside the window was the dark universe in which the spaceship slowly traversed. In the hall, Feidin was sitting in the middle of everyone. The youngest Volga brother pressed onto the back of Feidin’s brain, and rings of formless Psychic waves spread out from his forehead. After a while, he took his hands away.

“I found Chen Xing. She’s very weak and could not resist my invasion. I have set four layers of walls and trapped her inside, at the same time hypnotizing her consciousness and slowing her thinking speed, which equals to reducing her recovery speed. In the next fifteen days, she won’t be able to do anything.”

Feidin nodded. “She’s scolding me, so it seems to have been quite effective.”

He turned and smiled at the youngest Volga brother, releasing his attractiveness without holding back. “Thank you for your help.”

“Er, yo—you’re welcome.” The youngest Volga brother’s face blushed for some reason.

Han Xiao sat in the middle of the sofa. On his left was Aroshia and on his right was Sylvia. He said with a deep voice, “Exterior forces are not stable no matter what. Only you becoming stronger is the right path.”

“I know.” Feidin shrugged. He looked at an object on the table. A slight wave of Psychic power reached out, and that object slowly levitated and floated in the air. “Actually, I awakened Psychic powers on the way here.”


Sylvia fell onto the ground.

She hurriedly climbed up, and her face was covered in shock. “S—So quick?”

Feidin smiled and said, “There are full sets of Psychic training methods in Chen Xing’s memories, and I could feel it when she trained her Psychic powers. It’s easy to do the same. Apparently, I am rather talented. She used three days to awaken her powers back then, whereas I only used a few hours. By the way, when she is curing herself, I can take some Psychic power from her more or less. She and I use the same body, so there’s no power rejection.”

Chen Xing’s memories were an enormous treasure, and all of that was now shared with Feidin. It was like Feidin had already walked that path once so now he would not make any mistakes. Furthermore, he was very talented. Only Feidin himself did not know how fast his growth was.

Han Xiao’s mouth twitched. Feidin surely lived up to his high-class main character aura.

Sylvia had no tears left to cry.

For me to become a Super, not only did I have to memorize tons of books every day, but I still had to be electrified. Why are you so lucky‽

Herlous snorted and did not really like Feidin. He turned around and asked Han Xiao, “Where are we going now?”

Han Xiao pondered and said, “Let me think about it…”

Han Xiao did not get a Mission Completion Card this time, but he was not going to give up. This was only the first try—maybe he would get it on the next try. Compared with taking the risk and fighting a Grade A Super, although taking his chance with the random reward required luck, it was steadier.

Promotion is the most important target currently. Level 100 is the gateway to Race Evolution; the enhancement will be huge. Strength is the most important thing—everything else has to be put aside. The version update is in more than one year’s time, so there is quite some time left. I have to find another familiar mission to get a random reward chance. Luckily, my list of missions is very long. I refuse to believe that I will not get the Mission Completion Card even after so many chances.

After some contemplation, he chose the nearest mission. Just as he was about to change the route on the autopilot system, Aroshia, who was silent most of the time, spoke. Her tone was hesitant, and she spoke more than usual.

“The past few days, I’ve felt a restriction on becoming stronger. It seems to be the Grade B limit you spoke of. I have a feeling that as long as I surpass it, my power will be much stronger. However, this limit is not as strong as you said. I should be able to break it any time…

“Also, I have been dreaming. I saw many blurry images in my dream that felt familiar, but I can’t recall the most of it after waking up… Do you think these are the memories I’ve lost?”

Han Xiao was surprised, and his eyes narrowed.

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