The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 46

Chapter 46: Settlement

The research director was flustered. He hastily scrambled to pick up the document on the floor, and as he went through it, he began to tremble.

The report stated that the blueprint for the Retractable Knife had been leaked, and that, naturally, the 'inventor' of the Retractable Knife would have to take responsibility for it.

"T-t-this is not my fault!" he cried out. "It must be that brat, Han Xiao! He is obviously trying to frame me! Everyone knows that the blueprint belonged to him, please help me clear my name, Chief!"

"The report clearly states that the research department invented the Retractable Knife," replied the chief coolly. "It is your responsibility."

The research director felt a chill run down his spine as he suddenly realized what was going on.

The top brass had chosen to back up Han Xiao!

The reason why the verdict on their proposal was delayed for so long was simply that the higher-ups wanted to wait and see what Han Xiao would do.

And Han Xiao had managed to play everyone.

By leaking the blueprint, he was asking the higher ups, 'Here is the excuse you need. Do you want to help me or not?'

While they had not expected Han Xiao to come up with such a brilliant comeback to frame the research department, they were more than willing to help him out to appease him. After all, they did want to continue having his cooperation.

Originally, Han Xiao's Retractable Knife would have been exclusive to Division 13, even if it meant that he himself had the monopoly over it, but thanks to the research department's greed, the Retractable Knife would now appear in the hands of others too.

While Han Xiao's actions might have been a little bit extreme, the higher-ups were willing to overlook it. The blueprint was rightfully his anyway.

Of course, if it had been a normal agent, they would without a doubt send him to court martial and expel him from Division 13. It was Han Xiao's unique identity that stopped them from doing so. The intel he possessed was truly far too valuable. In any case, he had not stepped entirely out of line yet.

Furthermore, it was important to display the Division's fairness to everyone.

At this point, the research director's face had turned completely pale. He deeply regretted having tried to pick on Han Xiao.

While the 'crime' itself was not grave to the point of a death sentence, his career was essentially over.

Han Xiao, you bastard! he screamed inwardly.


When news of the research director being charged with selling weapons illegally broke out, all the agents in Division 13 were filled with disbelief.

The fact that he was not immediately sentenced heavily hinted that there was more to the entire incident than met the eye.

It did not take long for the agents to put two and two together and arrive at the unbelievable conclusion that Han Xiao had orchestrated it all.

Previously, they thought that Han Xiao had kept quiet due to caving in, but in retrospect, it was simply the calm before the storm.

"Did he actually frame the research director?"

"The gall of him!"

"But doesn't that mean that the higher-ups are supporting him"

What everyone found hardest to believe was that Han Xiao actually got off scot-free. This caused a lot of speculation regarding his true identity to arise.

And the person happiest to hear the news was none other than Li Ya Lin, who was vindicated from all the odd looks that people had been giving here due to her connection to Han Xiao. The first thing that she did was look for Di Su Su and gloat in front of her. However, Di Su Su was not the least angered by her. Instead, she was more preoccupied with her newly found interest in Han Xiao.

"Who exactly is Lin Lin's new teammate?"


The research director was only given a strict warning for now, and, unable to touch Han Xiao, his men suffered the brunt of his rage. Of course, Luo Xuan was not spared. Instead of his promised promotion, what he earned was a demotion to the position of an ordinary staff member.

"Damn it!" cursed Luo Xuan.

If he had known things would turn out like this, he would have obediently continued on in the logistics department. It was also now too late, as the logistics director was not even willing to grant him an audience.

This is unfair!

Why do they want to protect Han Xiao?

How is he better than me

Luo Xuan was blinded with rage.


The next day, Han Xiao received word from Feng Jun that the higher-ups wanted to discuss the matter of settlement with him.

Finally, the chance for Han Xiao to negotiate had come. Han Xiao knew that in the future, the hardliners would not carelessly take action against him again, so it was probably the one time that he would be able to acquire advancement knowledge.

Han Xiao arrived at the HQ with his mask on as usual to meet with Feng Jun. Feng Jun led him to the chief's office where three people waited: the chief himself, the research director, and an old man who was faced against the glass window.

"Gu Hui, Stardragon Strategic Defense Chief," introduced the chief.

Han Xiao squinted. It was a familiar name, but he could not recall where he had heard it.

"Someone wants to see you," Gu Hui continued in a low voice.

The old man turned around and smiled at Han Xiao.

Han Xiao's acting skills immediately kicked in.

"Tall, old man"

The tall old man chuckled.

"It must be quite a surprise."

"Who exactly are you?" asked Han Xiao as he nodded blankly, similar to how he had once acted back in the Germinal Organization.

"All you need to know is that I have some power in Division 13."


"Heh. Don't be so nervous. I've already noticed you from back then. You gave me quite a favorable impression."

Mission accomplished!

As Han Xiao wiped the confusion off his face, the tall old man scrutinized him for a second before slowly saying, "Tell me, how do you want this matter resolved?"

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