The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 485

Chapter 485 The Gangster Mechanic

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Ta, ta, ta!

Alvin escaped hurriedly. He was the final doppelganger left on the surface, and DarkStar’s pursuing forces followed behind him like parasites. The one chasing after him was a Grade B Super called Sherman, the vice-captain of Forsyth’s squad.

He had already noticed that DarkStar was getting ready to take action and had informed Nagakin and the others to request reinforcements. However, reinforcements still had not arrived, so Alvin was getting anxious.


A thick light cannon pierced through the walls and smashed into Alvin’s body. A magical shield appeared with ripples on it and blocked the damage before exploding in the next instant. Alvin was sent flying by the shockwave and rolled a couple of meters out.

Not too far away from him, a short dwarf-like man walked over wearing a pair of targeting goggles. He was dressed in a gray mechanical suit and held onto a gigantic cannon almost the size of his body. The design of the cannon was complicated with an extremely thick barrel. Apart from the main cannon, there were a couple of subsidiary cannons, and it was obvious that this was a multipurpose firearm.

This person was Sherman. It is said that he had the bloodline of the dwarfs and was a Cannon Master.

“I only have three protective talismans left, and I wouldn’t be able to escape far. If the reinforcements do not arrive, I will be finished for sure. Those from DarkStar definitely won’t show any mercy to me…” Alvin’s face turned solemn; he knew that things were bad.

Sherman remained expressionless, and he pointed his cannon at Alvin, who was trying to crawl back up. “Don’t move. Unless you find your legs too long.”

Before he could even finish his sentence, the sound of something descending from above could be heard. Looking up, he saw someone weaving through the gaps of the buildings nimbly, dressed in a mechanical suit that looked like the armor of a knight. The white cape on his shoulders fluttered in the wind, and he approached Sherman at high speed. With a Battleship Slicing Blade that was a couple of meters long, it could only be Herlous.

Without saying a single word, Sherman raised his cannon and fired.

Boom boom boom!

Wave after wave of large light balls assaulted him. Herlous’ eyes were extremely sharp, and he cleaved apart the ball of lights before they could even reach him.

Weaving through the balls of exploding cannon fire, Herlous cleaved his blade down at Sherman’s head right before he reached the ground. However, Sherman had already foreseen this attack and avoided it.


This attack landed on the ground, and a long ditch was created with silvery flames spewing out like lava. The cracks on the ground then extended out a few dozen meters.

“Reinforcements?” Sherman was sent flying by the shockwave of the attack and was half kneeling on the ground. Licking his lips, he could taste the slight metallic taste of blood, and his killing intent burst out.

At that moment, all of the hired mercenaries also appeared and surrounded Alvin to protect him. Alvin could finally heave a sigh of relief.

Reinforcements are finally here.

Over a hundred mercenaries glared at him fiercely, but Sherman was not anxious in the slightest. He pointed his finger at Herlous, who caused him to suffer a small loss, and pointed his finger at his head like a gun before ‘firing’. He obviously meant that he had his eyes on Herlous.

The next moment, the members of DarkStar arrived as well. They did not lose in numbers at all and had even more elites. Anur walked out from the crowd and said with a deep voice, “Godoran, don’t hide in a corner. You cannot escape from my senses.”

Hearing that, Nagakin walked out, and the two powerhouses glared at each other in a faceoff. Nagakin’s expression was solemn as he asked, “Where’s the other one?”

Anur did not reply, and his gaze swept past the mercenaries. Counting the number of mercenaries present, he began to frown. Almost all of the hired mercenaries were there, and the enemy’s camp should be empty. He knew that Ember would definitely return empty handed. However, that did not matter; Ember would not need much time to return, and they would be able to form a pincer attack to cut off all paths of retreat.

Since they were enemies, neither party spoke about their plans. Glaring at each other without a word, the situation was extremely tense.

With a single command, the killing began.

The battle had erupted!


Anur’s body swelled up, and he turned into a strange looking creature in the blink of an eye. His body was four to five meters tall with an inverted triangle as the head. His body was that of a streamlined beast with thick skin and small little holes all over. Those holes were the key to controlling the wind pressure. A long tail trailed behind the body, and his limbs turned into powerful claws. Eight strange, dog-ear-like bones could be seen on his back with its appearance looking a little like a pair of winds. However, it was a special organ like a tube for it to shoot out air. It extended out from Anur’s ribs and allowed the high-pressure gas to cycle between the inside of his body and the atmosphere on the outside. It also ensured a balance of pressure on the inside and outside of the body to protect the body under high speed.

This was what Anur looked like after its transformation. His nickname was Wind Demon, and he had the special ability to control the flow of air.


Anur’s eight tubes spat out high-pressure gas, and he sped up rapidly. In the blink of an eye, he covered the distance of a few hundred meters and clashed together with Nagakin.

With him as the center, to his left and right were formless wind pressure cannons. The usually gentle air had been transformed into a powerful shockwave and decimated everything in its way.


Wherever the wind pressure cannon passed by, the ground would crack, and the windows on the buildings to the side would be shattered. Everyone present felt that it was becoming difficult to breathe as though they were in the middle of a storm.

Nagakin broke through the wind barrier, and his fist smashed squarely onto Anur’s body. His golden flames clashed straight on with the formless wind pressure, and both of them were sent flying in two different directions. Wherever they landed, a gray cloud of dust would be kicked up, and a circular crater would form.

By the time he raised his head again, Anur’s figure had already disappeared, and only the violent winds were left behind. Nagakin had witnessed this ability before. The little holes on Anur’s body would control the air surrounding him to coat his entire body like a shield. He would then use some unknown method to absorb the light rays and make sure that his body was no longer reflecting any light. As such, Anur’s body could no longer be seen.

The two Calamity Grade Supers had to restrain each other. If not, the others fighting by the side would be in danger. Just a single Anur forced Nagakin to use all of his strength. If there was another Calamity Grade Super, he would be dead for sure.

Black Star said that the enemy will probably split up their forces. One of the Calamity Grade Supers will probably charge into our base alone. Black Star chose to stay behind to restrain the enemy. Only if we can hold down that Calamity Grade Super will we have a chance to save Alvin.

However, he is only a Grade B Super, and the Calamity Grade is too dangerous to him. Can he really do it?

Nagakin was worried.

At the same time, Ember walked into the mercenaries’ base and was already prepared to unleash a massacre. However, the place was covered in darkness, and there was not a single person inside.

“Everyone abandoned the base and took action with the Godoran? It seems like this was a wasted trip. I’d better regroup with Anur.”

Ember was expressionless. Just when he was about to turn around and leave, the lights lit up in the base.

“Don’t go. I have been waiting for a long time.”

Ember’s eyes narrowed.

I know this voice.

He looked up and looked at the camera in the corner.

“Black Star?”

“Ember—this is the nickname that DarkStar gave you, but you do not have a real name. When you were very little, you were accepted by DarkStar. They were interested in your talent, and they treated you like a weapon, forcing you through endless strict training. You are not a Godoran, but you were brainwashed with a hatred that does not belong to you. DarkStar groomed your loyalty, but you are no more than a useful tool in their eyes. Your beliefs are completely meaningless because those aren’t your true thoughts.”

Han Xiao narrated slowly. Because of the information from his previous life, he understood Ember’s life story. While he had killed many and was extremely hateful, he was also extremely pitiful.

If he had not been groomed by DarkStar from a young age but led a normal life, he would not have been the infamous Ember. He might have had his own name and would not have given his all only to be treated like a weapon and tool.

Ember clenched his fists tightly before releasing them slowly. He did not have any intention to argue with Han Xiao. “All of the other mercenaries have left? Why are you the only one left behind?”

“To wait for you of course.”


A metal door opened, and Han Xiao walked out with his gaze clashing with Ember.

Sparks flew.

DarkStar had sent out two Calamity Grade Supers, and Han Xiao had guessed that they would try to fully utilize their advantage by sending one of them out alone. On a strategic level, this will allow them to be more agile. Thankfully, he had guessed correctly, and there was indeed a Calamity Grade Super who worked alone with his strength.

During the recruitment, Han Xiao knew that he would not be able to hide the recruitment from DarkStar. If the enemy wanted to barge into their camp alone, the most likely person to come would be Ember because his ability was the most suited for a group battle. All carbon element beings that were weaker than him would essentially be killed instantly. As such, Han Xiao got the majority of the mercenaries to aid Nagakin in saving Alvin. They would only be committing suicide if they stayed behind.

Only he would be able to restrain Ember. The longer he could restrain Ember, the higher the chances of Nagakin rescuing Alvin.

If he wanted to fight a battle of attrition, Han Xiao was extremely confident.

“Wait for me?” Ember’s expression was odd. “You want to hold me back alone?”

“Not really alone.” Han Xiao shrugged his shoulders. By his side, a light flashed, and Aroshia drifted beside him. Apart from her, there were another few useless mercenaries in another monitoring room with their attention focused on the screen.

Han Xiao had left them behind on purpose, and their mission was to ignite the explosives that were laid all around the building to hold Ember down. At that moment, their palms were completely soaked in sweat and their breathing heavy. The look of nervousness could be seen all over their faces.

It was understandable for them to be nervous. After all, the figure in the surveillance image was a Calamity Grade Super. If they had been standing in Han Xiao’s position, they probably would not even have been able to speak fluently. They could not help but feel nervous for Han Xiao.

The moment the enemy takes action, Black Star will be in danger.

If Black Star dies, we won’t be able to benefit from his connections.

Ember raised his finger and found out that there was no reaction from Aroshia when he used his Esper abilities. He then shook his head and said, “It turns out your trump card is this energy lifeform. Do you think that you can stop me like that?”

Han Xiao twiddled a compressed orb and said with a smile, “We never decided the victor in our previous battle. Could it be that you are afraid?”

As Ember heard that, he could not help but chuckle. He had already entered the next grade and was no longer the same as before. He did not understand where Han Xiao’s confidence came from. Could it be that Han Xiao thought that he was the same as before?

“Overestimating yourself.” Ember’s tone became cold. “Even though the rest aren’t here, it isn’t too bad to get rid of you. I will be able to fulfil a small wish of mine from the past. It won’t be too late for me to provide reinforcements after getting rid of you.”

A rustling sound could be heard as though there were numerous grains of sand rubbing against each other. However, this rustling sound quickly turned into the sound of rushing waves. Around Ember, countless carbon atoms had already formed a mysterious black cloud that was rapidly expanding.

The range of Ember’s Esper abilities was greater than before, and he could control it much more easily than before. Countless carbon atoms were stuck to the surface of his clothes and skin, and it was just like a weapon that he could bring around with him. He was not afraid of fighting in a place without any carbon.

“This is the strength of a Grade A Super…” The sound of the mercenaries gulping with nervousness could be heard. They felt a wave of pressure emanating from the screen, and their legs turned to jelly.

But the next moment, they saw Han Xiao’s body shaking and bolts of electricity being shot out in all directions. It accurately connected to the ceiling, ground, and the compressed orbs in every corner. With him as the center, he seemed to have formed a web of electricity!

Ka ka ka!

The next instant, hundreds of machines were activated. The scene was truly breathtaking!

Those compressed orbs had been set up by him before the battle!

The entire base was a trap that he had laid!

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