The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 514

Chapter 514 Time To Harvest

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Because of the Germinal Organization incident, information relating to Black Phantom was of high importance, and everyone in the various intelligence organizations recognized Black Phantom. The very first intel officer who received the satellite image almost thought that he had seen incorrectly. Han Xiao, who had gone to the galaxy two years prior, had suddenly returned. Furthermore, he had returned in such a shocking manner. Just what was going on?

While over half of the Six Nations’ strength had been diminished by the calamity, they had maintained their intelligence networks. The intelligence was sent quickly, and not too long later, a complete recording was being played in the meeting between the upper echelons of the Six Nations. After seeing the recording, all of the upper echelons present remained silent with a heavy atmosphere in the place.

They had always thought that only Godora would come to their rescue. However, Han Xiao had actually brought a fleet and descended out of nowhere. Han Xiao had appeared without the Six Nations making any preparations. The upper echelons of the Six Nations were truly at a loss for words.

“Black Phantom is back, and he’s brought an entire fleet with him!”

After going to the galaxy two years ago, they had not heard any news about Black Phantom. However, they had never imagined that Han Xiao would still be alive and actually have such an amazing strength in his hands. The mercenaries under Han Xiao had truly shocked the upper echelons of the Six Nations. With their limited view of the world, they felt that the strength that Black Phantom had once displayed was already at the peak of the world. However, they had never imagined that Han Xiao would bring back a few hundred experts from outside the planet to refresh their understanding of the word ‘strength’. Furthermore, he had even brought more than ten spaceships with him!

With just this strength alone, it was more than enough to sweep their entire Six Nations away.

When Han Xiao went into the galaxy back then, they had already been stunned once. The Six Nations also wanted to enter the galaxy, but they did not have the technology to do so. They were not able to construct a spaceship, and Godora would ignore all of such requests. As such, they could only grit their teeth and watch with envy.

They did not know what Han Xiao had done in the galaxy. However, the upper echelons of the Six Nations were extremely clear on one point! Black Phantom’s realm had far exceeded theirs!

While the Six Nations had placed great importance on the past Black Phantom because of his contribution to the destruction of the Germinal Organization, they still felt that Black Phantom belonged to the same level as them. Using an analogy, it was like how they were all classmates in the same class. The Six Nations were like students who consistently scored above 90 marks, but Black Phantom was a top scorer who always scored full marks. However, they were still in the same class.

But now, Black Phantom had already become a little genius student who could skip grades. He was like a carp who leapt through the dragon’s gate and no longer belonged to the same level!

A few days ago, they had been hesitating over whether they should make a move against Sanctuary Three. Now, they no longer needed to contemplate over this matter. In truth, the upper echelons of the Six Nations heaved a sigh of relief instead.

Thankfully, this fellow had come back in time. If they had not been able to control their temptations and he returned, they would probably have been eradicated.

The upper echelons of the Six Nations no longer dared to have any thoughts about the suppressant, but another thought came into their minds. What if they sought Black Phantom’s aid?

Godora still had not arrived, but Black Phantom had returned with a fleet. In the eyes of the Six Nations, both Han Xiao and Godora were galactic organizations that were far superior to Planet Aquamarine. Furthermore, Planet Aquamarine was his hometown, and it was likely that he would help.

Since they could not rely on Godora, why not try Black Phantom?

At the same time, the players in the Sanctuary were excitedly sharing their recorded videos on the forums. The Planet Aquamarine board was refreshed rapidly with Black Star’s name being one of the most popular keywords.

There were many different versions of the recording, and they came from all different angles. When the other players who were not on Planet Aquamarine witnessed the majestic appearance of Han Xiao, they were immediately drawn into the video and experienced the feelings of the players in the Sanctuary.

The benefits that Han Xiao had brought in Version 1.0 were still fresh in their minds. With the new version being launched and Han Xiao returning from the galaxy, he would probably bring resources from the new version. This was something that they needed. What kind of new benefits would Black Star bring them? Just thinking about this made all the players excited.

The players who went online in the other regions immediately threw down the missions on hand and rushed toward the Sanctuary. All those who were already on the way to the Sanctuary sped up even faster.

As Frenzied Sword and the others who were travelling saw all the posts, they hated the fact that they could not return to Han Xiao’s side immediately and were extremely helpless.

We all followed Black Star from Version 1.0. We were supposed to be the first.

Bun-Hit-Dog’s videos were immediately shared rapidly throughout the forums, and the players from other novice planets also came to watch the show.

“His appearance truly makes my blood boil. I feel that there is a chance for this scene to be chosen for the advertisement of the new version.”

“The Galaxy Times report was right. There are more storylines for this character, and he has indeed appeared in Version 2.0.”

“I wonder if others are able to join the Black Star Mercenary Group like the professional players.”

As the players discussed the recent events on the forum, someone then made a guess.

“In Version 2.0, every novice planet will be connected to the galaxy. Could it be that Black Star is the NPC to guide us into the galaxy?”

A couple of people pondered over that possibility and realized that it was extremely likely.

The ten or so spaceships in the air would be the best transport to take plenty of them off the planet.

This guess immediately received great approval from many, many players, who thought that Han Xiao was the key character to take them into the galaxy.

In the core region of Sanctuary Three, Han Xiao got the mercenaries who knew magic to aid the growth of the suppressant’s raw materials. With their help, the production of the suppressant was greatly increased.

Currently, the Mutation Source was still young, and the effects of the suppressant were able to last for about three months. When the Mutation Source entered its next phase, a few servings of the suppressant would be required in order to achieve the same resistance. Thus, they greatly lacked resources.

Saving refugees would contribute toward the total mission progress, and Han Xiao’s mission also enjoyed the mission progress that the players accumulated. However, if they allowed too many people to stay in Sanctuary Three, not only would the place become crowded, the place would descend into a large mess the moment the suppressant lost its effect.

Han Xiao did not want to let too many refugees to stay in Sanctuary Three, but Bennett definitely would not be at ease. The way Han Xiao saw it, the Six Nations had a large territory and would definitely be able to take care of many refugees.

The Six Nations is definitely aware of my return. Since the Godorans have not arrived yet, it is very likely that they will contact me to seek my help. They should be contacting me over the next few days, Han Xiao guessed to himself.

Sharing the suppressant with the Six Nations was beneficial to the bigger picture. While he did not like the other five nations apart from Stardragon, there were benefits to him protecting the nations of Planet Aquamarine. In his previous life, there had only been a single Emerald Grass. With many subordinates under his charge being able to grow the raw materials of the suppressant, Han Xiao could allow them to aid the Six Nations in concocting the suppressant. This would prevent Sanctuary Three from standing out too much and ensure its safety.

Of course, he would only offer them aid if the Six Nations sought his help. It was too well beneath his status to approach them to help them, and it would lower the respect that the Six Nations had toward him. This was not in line with his plans, and he was confident that the Six Nations would try to approach him.

However, Emerald Grass’ suppressant was not the only method to resist the Mutation Disaster. Godora was also a magic civilization, and they had their own medicine. However, Godora’s medicine was also in short supply. After all, wasting medicine to protect billions of irrelevant backward planet inhabitants was a waste of their resources. Furthermore, Godora had to take care of more than one planet.

In the storyline of his previous life, Godora only handed out limited quantities of medicine, and the majority of the refugees were not able to enjoy it. Players could also earn money through Godora’s missions and use the money to purchase the medicine. From there, they would be able to fulfil the requests of some refugees and raise the total mission progress.

However, with Han Xiao’s influence, the supply of Emerald Grass’ suppressant was greatly increased, and it was pretty much handed out freely. Thus, Godora’s medicine would not seem so important anymore. While this did not seem too important, it was an integral factor in Han Xiao’s plans.

Because this was related to the exchange of currency.

The players of Planet Aquamarine were currently using the local currency, which was not recognized in the universe, and Han Xiao needed Enas. The players’ money was all earned from NPC missions, and since they were not connected to the galaxy yet, they did not have any Enas at the moment. Thus, Han Xiao’s target was actually Godora.

Godora would issue missions to the players, and the reward would be in Enas. Since the players did not need to spend their money to purchase Godora’s medicine, this money would be saved. When the players saw the many machines and Advanced Knowledge in Han Xiao’s store, together with the fact that spending money would increase their relationship with his faction, it was very clear where these players would spend their money.

Thus, Han Xiao did not plan to sell any machines before Godora arrived, and he would only teach skills and knowledge to earn experience.

Godora still isn’t aware that the Mutation Source is actually part of DarkStar’s schemes. As long as I reveal that fact, Godora will immediately place more importance on this matter and send people over immediately…

He watched the Mages craft the raw materials while pondering over his next step.

DarkStar planted the Mutation Source because of some strategic plan. As long as Godora doesn’t show up, DarkStar will not make an appearance. If I inform Godora now and they rush over, the battle between both their camps will break out, and they will become competitors to snatch the players from me. If I do not inform Godora for now, I will have the initiative and make use of this time to increase the attractiveness of my faction to the players…

The moment that both parties were involved, a battle would definitely break out. The period before this was most beneficial to Han Xiao. He had also witnessed the commotion on the forums. Just as he expected, the influence of his return was slowly brewing among the players, and it was extremely beneficial to him.

Han Xiao thought for a while and decided not to reveal his own information and wait for Godora to make their way over on their own. He had the truth of the Mutation Disaster in his hands as well as a copy of the original Mutation Source. He needed to find the right time to hand it over to Godora so that he received the greatest benefits. This was not the best time, and there was no need for him to be so anxious.

My goal is to let as many players join my mercenary group as possible. However, I cannot let anyone join as they wish. I need to set a barrier to entry. If not, I will look like I am desperate. Things that are too easily obtained won’t be treasured.

However, if I want to have enough players, I need to set a suitable entry requirement. The only thing that I can be sure of is that many players want to join my faction at the moment. It is best if I can create some competition. After all, the victors are usually envied, and I will be able to make joining my faction a privilege that only the victors can enjoy. This is the best way to make the players take this chance seriously.

After thinking for a while, Han Xiao came up with a pretty good plan. With Version 2.0 being launched, he had many more things to do.

However, before implementing all of these measures, there was one more important thing for him to do. He needed to harvest a large amount of experience to rapidly increase his strength.

Han Xiao was currently level 116, and the experience on his interface was less than 100,000,000. It had been a year since he last increased his level, and the number of blueprints on his skills interface had increased by a few hundred. He truly had a great need for experience at the moment.

It had been too long since he last harvested the players, and he was itching with excitement.

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