The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 553

Chapter 553 Negotiations

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The two of them proceeded into the spare conference room; the original one already had a huge hole smashed within it.

Nagakin ordered his guards not to allow anyone in before closing the door. Staring at the mutation source that Han Xiao had placed on the table with a burning gaze, Nagakin walked over to the table and studied it.

A black liquid substance was sealed in a transparent sphere, and its shape slowly changed.

“Are you sure that this is the source of the Mutation Disaster?” Nagakin paused for a moment before continuing. “It isn’t that I don’t trust you, but I have to be certain because this matter is extremely important.”

Han Xiao could understand Nagakin’s careful attitude and slowly said, “Don’t worry, this is a Mutation Source that has not been unsealed. Two years ago, when carrying out a mission, I coincidentally met the carrier from DarkStar with this item on him. I somehow managed to snatch it from DarkStar, but since I didn’t know what it was, I passed it over to Floating Dragon Island.

“Only when the Mutation Disaster erupted and I searched for some information was I certain that this black gluey substance is the Mutation Source. I came to find you half a month ago because of this matter, but you were busy at that time. Thus, I went back on my own to fetch this item.”

Upon hearing that, Nagakin slapped his forehead with regret. “You should have contacted me earlier!”

Han Xiao waved his hands to show that he was also extremely helpless and purposely asked, “With this source, you guys should be able to develop the antidote, right?”

“I am not a researcher, and I will have to wait for the conclusion of the research department…” Nagakin clenched his fists and could not suppress his excitement. “However, it will definitely speed up the research progress!”

Godora’s researchers had been researching the Mutation Disaster from the start and were attempting to create an antidote. However, they could only study the infected individuals and did not have any data on the Mutation Source. As such, their research had been delayed.

With the original source of the mutation, they would be able to carry out more experiments and develop an antidote to deal with the illness! The progress of the research would definitely be sped up greatly!

The earlier they resolved the Mutation Disaster, the earlier they could prevent the situation from becoming worse!

This meant that with the item that Han Xiao had handed to them, Godora would be able to break the situation that DarkStar engineered and turn the tables!

At this moment, Han Xiao interrupted Nagakin’s dreams and said with a smile, “Don’t misunderstand me. I never said that I would give this thing to you guys.”

“What‽” Nagakin’s gaze shot over immediately with a trace of enmity within it. This was an item that Godora had to obtain at all cost. Even Black Star…

“Don’t be so nervous. What I mean is, you can have the item, but I need a reward. I am a mercenary, and I like to solve my problems with transactions. In other words…” Han Xiao stroked his chin as he said, “How much is Godora willing to pay for this Mutation Source?”

“I see.” Nagakin’s eyes narrowed, and he calmed down. At the same time, a thought flashed through his mind.

In this tense situation, Black Star had suddenly been able to take out an item capable of breaking the stalemate… This is truly fishy!

It was possible that Black Star wanted to gain riches from the chaos, but there was another very small possibility—Black Star had ties with DarkStar.

Black Star had made DarkStar suffer quite a number of losses, and the impression that an ordinary person would get was that both parties were enemies. It would be impossible for the past events to be a set up. However, if DarkStar was willing to endure humiliation and, instead of taking revenge, contact Black Star personally and pay him a high price to work together, this was also a possibility.

Black Star was a mercenary who fought for riches, and Nagakin never had held too much expectations toward mercenaries. It was not him thinking too much; he had no choice but to be extremely careful. The problem with DarkStar was extremely delicate, and he had no choice but to consider all possible sources of risk. After all, Black Star had been able to suddenly take out an item that was the key to resolving their crisis. Even if the other party was able to explain the origins of the item clearly, it was not very convincing to Nagakin.

As these thoughts flashed through his head, Nagakin said in a deep voice, “Is Floating Dragon aware of your actions?”

He decided to contact Floating Dragon personally. It was impossible for Floating Dragon to work together with DarkStar, and he would only be at ease if Floating Dragon acknowledged Han Xiao’s words.

“Of course they’re aware.” Han Xiao had anticipated this question and shrugged his with a smile. “If you are worried, you can go and ask Ames personally. I brought her over.”


Nagakin slipped off his chair and fell onto the ground.

He then crawled back up pathetically.

“You you you you… you brought Dragon Emperor to this planet‽”

“That’s right, she is in the plaza.”

Nagakin looked at Han Xiao in disbelief.

Oh my goodness! What kind of a figure is Ames? And she has actually been called over by Black Star? Just how much authority does this fellow have on Floating Dragon Island! Am I playing Wayne Cards‽

“I don’t have anything to ask…” Nagakin laughed bitterly. For Black Star to bring such a character over, he was obviously unafraid of Nagakin verifying his words with Floating Dragon. If that was the case, what was the point in him suspecting anything? No matter what, it was impossible for him to doubt the relationship between Ames and Black Star. Black Star did not have those rights yet!

Han Xiao’s expression remained calm. On the way back, he had told Ames about the Mutation Source. Since it was not something disgraceful, there was no need for him to hide it from Ames. Han Xiao understood her and knew that she would not bother about these little details. If she was Jenny, Jenny would definitely have slammed the table.

Just as he expected, Ames had been completely uninterested in this matter, and Han Xiao naturally did not have any concerns.

“Black Star, this is an extremely important matter, and I have to inform my superiors. You can raise your conditions to them.”

Nagakin did not delay any further and contacted his superiors with his communicator.

A wave of disbelieving gasps could then be heard on the communicator. All the different departments in Godora had been racking their brains over this problem, and the timely news was like the biggest relief that they had over the past few days. Not just the War Bureau, this piece of news had even spread all the way to the desk of the highest leader in Godora!

The upper echelons in Godora were shaken!

Very quickly, Godora sent out a couple of individuals with sufficient authority to handle this matter. A couple of images then appeared, and they all looked at Han Xiao.

“You are Black Star? Be direct. What are your conditions?” Their expressions were grave, and they were fully prepared to pay a huge price.

However, the upper echelons of Godora were not dissatisfied about it at all. Since it was a transaction, it was only right for them to pay a sufficient price. Making Black Star hand over the mutation source without any payments would be the actions of a gangster. Even if Ames was not there, they would not have behaved in such a manner. Being in their position, they would not casually make enemies for themselves.

Could a problem that could be resolved with money be called a problem?

Han Xiao’s eyes glowed, and he said with a smile, “Let’s talk about it in detail…”

Over the next hour, an intense negotiation took place. The Godoran representatives argued to bring down the price, and they slowly inched toward a price that both parties could accept. In front of those upper echelons, Nagakin did not even have the right to interrupt.

A long while later, their discussion finally ended.

“We accept your conditions. When this incident is over, we will fulfil the promise we made today.”

While he was taking advantage of the other party’s misfortune in this transaction, Han Xiao did not extort an exorbitant price from Godora. The conditions that he had raised were the ones that he had already thought about, and it was within an acceptable range for the other party. This attitude of his made the upper echelons feel much more comfortable.

Han Xiao nodded and was in an extremely good mood. The negotiations had gone much smoother than expected.

Just as he had guessed, Godora understood their predicament and urgently needed something to break out of their current situation.

Godora displayed great sincerity and accepted his conditions generously. Furthermore, the ones who participated in the negotiations were those with sufficient authority in their hands.

The Mutation Source was exchanged for many things. First was a sum of money. 3,000,000 Enas were immediately transferred over, and his wallet, which had almost been flat, was fattened up again. The next was the supply of materials for the next few years, including a few special Godoran products, raw materials for machines, quality products produced by their factories, and completed spaceships. All of these would be sold to him at their cost price.

Apart from those material benefits, the rest would be his status, treatment, and request for clearance in certain areas. The motive of this would be to raise the fame of his mercenary group. All of those conditions required Godora to fulfil them in the long run.

He was not afraid that Godora would go back on their word. His backing of Floating Dragon Island was his assurance.

Furthermore, Han Xiao had hinted that Floating Dragon Island supported his actions and used this to build up diplomatic ties between Floating Dragon Island and Godora. This was not an alliance between the two, only the two parties sharing a closer relationship. After all, it was always better to have an additional friend.

Ames was respected by many, and there were plenty of organizations that gave her plenty of face. However, this did not change the fact that Floating Dragon Island was far too weak. All of Floating Dragon Island’s influence could only be seen on the surface. For the organizations of the other beyond Grade A Supers, they all had deep relationships and cooperative deals with many civilizations. Han Xiao naturally would not break Floating Dragon’s stance of neutrality, but being neutral did not mean that they could not make friends.

The Great Mechanic Han was extremely willing to help Floating Dragon Island form relationships with other organizations. This should have been Jenny’s job, but that cold lady was obviously too conservative, and Han Xiao did not mind giving her more things to do.

The stronger Floating Dragon was, the more he would benefit.

Godora was naturally willing to be on good terms with Floating Dragon, and it could be said that they would die for that opportunity. They could naturally catch Han Xiao’s drift and formed a tacit understanding.

“Godora thanks you for your contributions, and we will never mistreat our friends.” The upper echelons looked at Han Xiao emotionally.

These figures of authority in Godora felt that it was time for them to reevaluate Black Star’s importance.


The image disappeared, and only two people were left in the room.

Reaching a satisfactory outcome, Han Xiao threw the Mutation Source over to Nagakin.

“Take it. Send it back to Godora secretly, and don’t let anyone rob you.”

“I understand.” Nagakin nodded heavily. He was already looking forward to the day when Godora broke out of DarkStar’s disgusting scheme. Currently, he felt that Han Xiao was extremely pleasing to the eye.

Han Xiao then stretched lazily in the chair.

He had finally handed the Mutation Source over, and Godora would be able to quickly solve this crisis. The crisis would be solved a year earlier than in his previous life.

DarkStar was still kept in the dark. When they found out that their plan had failed, who knew what their expressions would look like?

If the players could finish this Main Storyline earlier, they would not have to waste time on Planet Aquamarine. Entering the universe as part of his mercenary group, they would definitely be far more valuable than in his previous life!

The experience of the players and the development of the storyline would definitely take a completely different path!

The future… who knows what it will be like?

Countless individuals would have their futures rewritten. Han Xiao shut his eyes, and his body tingled with an excitement that he had not felt in a very long time.

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