The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 556

Chapter 556 An Experienced Individual Indeed

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“What a coincidence. Let me make the introductions. This red-haired lady is called Hila, and the one beside her is Aurora.” Han Xiao looked at the two ladies and introduced them to Ames.

Hila walked up to the two of them with her gaze fixed onto Ames, completely ignoring Han Xiao.

Why is the atmosphere so awkward? Han Xiao’s mouth contorted slightly, and he continued his introductions. “Cough cough, this is a top-notch expert in the universe, the leader of Floating Dragon Island, Land Ripper, Absolute Power, Dragon Emperor Ames. I am temporarily working for her.”

“Top notch expert in the universe?” Hila’s eyes narrowed. This description from Han Xiao immediately simulated Hila’s nerves. “How powerful?”

Ames’ eyes lit up, and a trace of pressure was exuded. “What do you think?”

Han Xiao coughed dryly and slotted himself between the two. He then rubbed Aurora’s head and tried to change the topic. “Where is your little bear?”

Aurora snuck a glance at Ames before saying with tacit understanding, “It is sleeping at home. Han Xiao, this big sister is really beautiful. Is she a bigshot?”

She was asking the obvious with the intention of changing the topic. She could already sense the strength of Ames’ life force with her Esper abilities, and Ames’ strength was one that she had never seen before. She was like a frightened deer who did not dare approach Ames.

Aurora understood Hila’s strong personally and knew that her elder sister was never afraid of any powerhouses. The word ‘fear’ was not in her dictionary. Seeing her sister’s lousy attitude, she was afraid that this bigshot might end up enraged. Thus, she hurriedly played along with Han Xiao, hoping to break the tense atmosphere.

Hearing those words, Ames’ gaze was diverted away from Hila, and she looked at Aurora. Seeing Aurora’s adorable appearance together with a look of fear on her face, Ames’ gaze softened, and she said with a smile, “Your body is full of life; I like that feeling.”

Feeling the pressure being retracted, Aurora’s heart eased up, and she smiled. “I also like the scent on big sister’s body.”

“Big sister…” Ames let out a merciful smile. “It has been so many years since someone last called me that.”

With Aurora’s interruption, the atmosphere was no longer awkward, and Han Xiao heaved a sigh of relief. He understood Hila’s stubborn temper very well. Apart from her sister, she did not care about anyone else, and she also lacked any form of reverence toward experts. On top of that, she pursued strength greatly, and if no one restrained her, Hila would probably want to test the strength of this top-notch expert from the universe. If she ended up in a conflict with Ames, her death was almost certain.

Ames was considered pretty easygoing. If it was any other beyond Grade A Super, they would definitely have slapped anyone who dared provoke their prestige to death. Just like the old saying, a grandmaster cannot be humiliated, one who acted cool should get struck by lightning. This was probably the reason.

While Han Xiao paid attention to Hila’s potential, her potential did not equate to strength. While Hila was much stronger than she had been a couple of years back, she would still be easily defeated by Ames. After all, Hila had not left Planet Aquamarine, so her sights were limited.

Hila frowned. She was not an overconfident frog in a well. From the very start, she knew that she would not be a match for Ames. She was only curious about how powerful a top-notch expert would be and how far away she was from that realm.

Since her words had been interrupted, Hila also threw away the idea and looked at Han Xiao. “You left Planet Aquamarine a few years ago. Have you been working for her the whole time?”

Han Xiao stroked his chin. “Almost.”

“Aren’t you a mercenary?” Hila asked doubtfully. She had always been extremely curious about Han Xiao’s experience in the universe. While she had heard Han Xiao’s introduction of Ames previously, she did not understand what those titles meant. Thus, she was extremely curious just how powerful Ames was and what kind of a background she had.

“About this, it’s a long story.” Han Xiao laughed awkwardly. He naturally would not talk about his embarrassing past easily.

At this moment, Ames placed her hand of Han Xiao’s shoulder and said with a smile, “Black Star is extremely capable, and I really need him. He has helped me greatly these past few years and is someone reliable.”

Ames still remembered that Han Xiao had only joined Floating Dragon because his life was in danger. Talking about this topic, she was afraid that Han Xiao would have a knot in his heart and thus felt that there was a need to display her trust and reliance on him. She was someone with a light case of mysophobia, but Han Xiao was not an outsider to her. From the moment Han Xiao helped her to capture Aesop, she had treated Han Xiao as one of her own.

“Er…” Hila’s gaze suddenly narrowed as she looked at the palm on Han Xiao’s shoulder.

She then thought about the recent rumors that had been spreading in the streets.

She originally did not think much about those rumors, but it seemed like the rumors were not wrong…

Hila observed Ames’ appearance carefully. Ames was wearing a long dress and had an elegant appearance. Her beauty had the charm of age, and while she did not seem too stunning on the first glance, the more one looked at her, the more beautiful she got.

Being vain was the nature of a lady, and Hila subconsciously compared herself to Ames. Feeling that she was not a match for Ames’ beauty, she did not feel too good inside. However, when she looked down at her chest, her confidence immediately returned.

Hila’s gaze then swept past Han Xiao coldly.

Humph, all men are the same. As long as they go into the flowery world, not a single one of them will be able to withstand temptation.

Han Xiao had a strange look on his face.

What is this? Why is this darn lady always glaring at me?

At this moment, Aurora broke the stalemate and asked, “Big sister, why did you come to our planet?”

Ames’ expression became gentle again, and she said with a smile, “Actually, there is a reason for me coming to Planet Aquamarine. I am very interested in both of your Esper abilities.”

Hila’s face changed abruptly, and her memory of the Germinal Organization flashed through her mind. Protecting Aurora behind her, she said with a wary look, “What do you mean?”

“One of you in charge of death, and the other in charge of life. Furthermore, the both of you are sisters. Very long ago, there were two similar characters in the galaxy. In the historical records toward the end of the war, the first appearance of a beyond Grade A Super seemed to have broken some sort of limit. Plenty of Calamity Grade Supers achieved a breakthrough in the various Star Fields after that. Perhaps they were already at a bottleneck, and the first beyond Grade A Super showed them the way. Or perhaps there were other reasons. In any case, plenty of beyond Grade A Supers appeared one after another during that period.

“After the war ended, these first batch of beyond Grade A Supers were recorded in the history books and called the [Primordial Ones]. Among them was a pair of sisters with abilities extremely similar to yours. Millions of years later, the both of you have appeared. Thus, I am very interested in the both of you.”

While Ames was extremely lazy, she still had some basic knowledge of the universe’s history. With Aurora and Hila being siblings and their Esper abilities being so similar, this coincidence was too stunning. Perhaps there was only a one in ten thousand chance of something like this happening. Paying attention to something that had such a low probability of happening had always been Ames’ interest.

However, there had been many others with similar Esper abilities in the past, and she did not think that Aurora and Hila were related to the Primordial Ones. She only felt that it was a shocking coincidence.

Hila and Aurora had shocked expressions on their faces. This was the first time that they had heard about the history of the universe.

However, Han Xiao’s eyes began to glow. As a resident of Earth who had read many different web novels, he immediately thought about the possibility of reincarnation.

Thinking about the storyline in his past life, Aurora had been reduced to meat paste very early on in the game, and she did not have a lucky halo or any fate protection. If she was truly a reincarnated being, her outcome was a little too pathetic.

Han Xiao shook his head helplessly and felt that he was thinking too much. This was probably just a coincidence.

“Then… then what do you want to do to us, big sister?” Aurora could not help but shrink back.

Hearing that, there was a moment when Ames’ gaze turned distant as though she thought about some memories. She then quickly snapped back to reality and looked at the two sisters.

“I wish to… take the two of you as my disciples! Are the two of you willing?”

“What?” Han Xiao, Hila, and Aurora all looked at her with a strange expressions on their faces.

Ames was very interested in the sisters, and the thought of taking them in as her disciples was not a sudden one. When she was young, Aesop had taken her in, and this favor had always been in her heart. For a long period of time, her goal had been to find Aesop.

After Han Xiao found Aesop and fulfilled Ames’ long time wish, she had another thought. Ames also wanted to take in a few kids like Aesop but had not managed to find anyone suitable.

When Black Star mentioned the two sisters to her on the spaceship, Ames had immediately grown interested. Aurora and Hila’s parents had died when they were young, and they had huge potential. Furthermore, there was such a huge coincidence at the same time. Her age was sufficient to be the foster mother of the sisters and perhaps even sufficient to be their grandmother!

However, both of them were already all grown up and did not need another foster mother. As such, Ames decided to accept the two sisters as her disciples instead.

Both Hila and Aurora were stunned. They had never imagined that Ames would have such a request. Upon looking at each other, they could see the shock in each other’s eyes.

“This…” Just when Hila was about to reply, she suddenly seemed to think about something and rubbed Aurora’s head. “What do you think?”

She rarely made decisions on Aurora’s behalf and largely respected her sister’s opinions.

Aurora had a complicated look on her face. She did not understand Ames but felt a sense of closeness to Ames from the depths of her heart. She then turned around to look at the carefree Han Xiao and asked, “Uncle Han, what do you think?”

“Call me big brother,” Han Xiao corrected with a helpless tone. “If you are asking me whether or not I encourage this, I definitely do. She is a peak level expert in the Shattered Star Ring after all.”

It was a huge opportunity for a powerful individual like Ames to accept a disciple, and it was definitely beneficial to both the sisters.

Most importantly, Ames was his boss! He could not wreck her matters in front of her, right? Could he even give another answer‽

Silly lass, Han Xiao muttered in his heart.

“I shall listen to sister this time.” Aurora dodged the bullet.

Hila fell silent for a moment before opening her mouth slowly. “I wish to know what kind of strength you possess and whether you have the rights to be my teacher.”

Ames smiled gently and pointed her finger at the sky.

Nothing happened.

“What are you doing…” Hila frowned. Before she could finish her sentence, a large commotion came from the sky.


In the sky, a few hundred meteors broke through the atmosphere from different directions and shot toward the ground rapidly. The destination of all the meteors was the same and they all shot toward the Sanctuary.

It was an extremely majestic scene, and it was as though the end of the world had arrived. All the players and refugees in the Sanctuary raised their heads with immense shock.

A loud cry sounded.

Just what’s going on‽

Is DarkStar attacking again‽

Where’s the Godoran fleet‽

With the few hundred meteors tearing through the sky and rapidly approaching the Sanctuary, there was nowhere for them to hide. As the meteors approached the Sanctuary, it became obvious what those ‘meteors’ actually were!

All of those meteors were actually the Godoran battleships on standby outside the atmosphere!


Just when the meteors were only a thousand meters away from the Sanctuary, their ferocious momentum halted, and they froze in midair.

All the Godoran battleships floated above the Sanctuary.

Ames then tilted her head and said to the dumbfounded Aurora and Hila, “Do you think I have the right?”

Catching the battleships with her force field was a piece of cake for Ames. She had the title of ‘Land Ripper’ after all!

“Hahaha.” Han Xiao lit a cigarette and laughed as he smoked with admiration in his eyes.

Ames is truly good at acting cool. Who would have thought that she was an expert in this field as well?

Looking up at the Godoran battleships, Han Xiao had a look of schadenfreude on his face. The fleet commander Barette is probably peeing his pants from fright at the moment.

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