The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 570

Chapter 570 Siege

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The arcs of Mechanical Force connected several Army Boxes. With a wave of his right hand, Han Xiao triggered the lightning to move downward.

The Army Boxes were slammed open, and out rolled numerous compressed orbs that shot like bullets toward Ember, as though a hail of arrows.


The machines clanked as they moved around, the noise suppressing all other sound. All the compressed orbs unfolded in midair, turning into countless mechanical creations that covered the sky, raining down like a deluge of metal.

Ember’s expression changed, and he controlled his black current in a head-on collision.

Boom boom boom!

The black current was forcibly ripped apart, and the mechanical soldiers landed on the ground one after another. There were different models, different appearances, with their heights and sizes varying. They covered the entire area, with Ember trapped within, looking extremely helpless.

There was a total of four Army Boxes, and the one numbered 001, the Mechanical Beast Guards Army, had several thousand mechanical beasts encircling Ember, as though they were observing prey.

Box 002 contained the Strike Artillery Regiment. This was a long-range force, meant to support the troops. It was located behind the formation and boasted long-ranged artilleries, including rapid-fire turrets, large-caliber turrets, self-propelled turrets, mini-rail guns, and more. All their nozzles were aimed at Ember.

As for box 003, the G-1 Steel Army Corps, this is a hybrid army with the largest personnel, a total of 6,400 mechanical warriors. Among them were the larger attack units, clad in heavy armor that reflected a cold metal luster. They shielded the front of the formation, each holding an alloy tower shield that glowed with energy arcs.

There were also harassment units composed of the 4th Generation Rangers, equipped with high speed rocket-powered machinery to serve as the vanguard. Some were suspended in the air, able to conduct aerial combat with their lasers or trap and separate enemies.

The last was box 101, the Oathkeeper Personal Guard. Separated by ‘fighters’ and ‘gunners’, there was a total of eight of them standing around Han Xiao.

Han Xiao possessed four armies with their own unique numbers. Other than the elite troops comprised of the Oathkeepers, the other three armies were conventional models of an army, utilizing human wave tactics.

The first number for the serial numbers in the regular armies was ‘0’, while the elite troops were labelled ‘1’.

The construction of the Army Style was time, money, and energy consuming. To create those four legions, Han Xiao had thrown in quite a bit of money. Even with the assembly line aiding him, he had also spent quite a bit of time constructing his machinery.

The mechanical warriors configured were all carefully selected by him after scouring through many blueprints. Not only did they possess strong fighting capabilities, they could be quickly repaired after receiving damage.

In theory, as long as one had enough money, they could build as many legions as they wanted, given that the operating speed of the Artificial Intelligence in charge of controlling the legion could keep up. If one Artificial Intelligence could not handle the operations, then just build another! This was the advantage of money.

However, Han Xiao had only built four legions, which had taken him almost three months. He had originally planned to only expand his army on a large scale after he reached Grade A.

It would be a qualitative leap forward for him, allowing his manufacturing speed to be further boosted, which could save him a lot more time. Furthermore, the machines created would also have stronger properties, and he would also have a lot more powerful blueprints by then.

This was also the first time that Han Xiao had fully activated his entire mechanical army.

The mechanical army surrounded Ember tightly, their alloy armors reflecting the sunlight.

Han Xiao fired a Void Jet Spray in the direction of Ember.

Where the muzzle was pointed, the army advanced!


The next second, the mechanical army pressed forward, reminiscent of a metal tsunami!

The artillery fire was almost endless, and with each passing second, more than a thousand lasers were fired toward the black current. The diamond barrier constantly shattered and regenerated, and Ember was immediately placed under a great amount of pressure. He gritted his teeth.

Even with the natural resistance afforded to him by his Calamity Grade, if he was hit by so many attacks, he would definitely suffer a serious injury!

Ember could only sense that a division was surrounding and attacking him. He was drowned in the sea of machinery, and he felt at a loss.

His face revealed an expression of shock. Every time he faced Black Star, the speed of his opponent’s growth would always leave him fearful. The gap between their abilities seemed to be shortening, with him being caught up.

Could it be that I’ll never defeat him in my life‽

Ember’s eyes turned bloodshot at the thought.

Fog-like particles rose from their surroundings, merging into the black current. The size of the black current constantly expanded, and soon, the cloud of black particles covering hundreds of meters condensed, changing its shape. The outer layer turned into diamond to resist the attacks, while several huge python-like carbon creatures stuck their heads out from within, piercing into the mechanical army and continuously swallowing the broken mechanical warriors.

“A Calamity Grade is indeed difficult to go against.” Han Xiao continued to release his mechanical force, providing a large amount of machinery bonuses to his army.

He did not need to worry about his energy being depleted. He just had to rush into the black current and receive a few hard blows, and his energy tank would be refilled. A generator was just this law-breaking and unbridled.

The Army Style was about being a gangster and using human wave tactics. It was even more overpowered than the summoning system. The summoning system at least required mana consumption, but this Army Style only required the machinery to be prepared in advance. Both sides had their advantages and disadvantages, but just speaking in terms of raw fighting strength, the Army Style was the most domineering.

Just like how the summoner was required to burn their mana, the Army Style required burning money, just like the divine skill of legends ‘Tossing out the Heaven and Earth[1.It’s an idiom meaning to go and stake everything. Think ‘All In’ for poker.]’. Money was in some ways equivalent to the combat capability of a Mechanic.

The Army Style can be used to crush someone of the same level and could also be used to consume the strength of Supers of a higher level. Ember being reduced to a passive state was a good example. Back when they were on Noriosse, Han Xiao could only try to avoid a direct fight with Ember by any means. However, he could now go head to head against him and even suppress the other party. The effects were obvious.

Even if Ember could withstand the concentrated gunfire and slowly swallow and chip away at his forces, he still had a limit to his energy. If he continued to waste it as such, it was unknown who would be the biggest loser in the end. This showed that the probability of Ember losing was not low at all!

For a Calamity Grade to face off against a Grade B Super, winning was inevitable. Very few could surpass the gap that divided both sides.

The battle between both sides only grew fiercer. After the mechanical army joined the battle, the resulting activity could be described as earth shaking. It was difficult not to notice it even if one did not wish to. Even the players far away from the Sanctuary could see the great war between Ember and Han Xiao, and they had expressions of surprise.

Compared to the power that Black Star was showing, the strength that he had used to deal with the Mutation Source was almost trivial!

Bun-Hit-Dog’s eyes shone, and he rushed to the scene without fear of his death, recording the entire scene in the meantime.

By this point, Hila had brought Aurora back to the protective shield region. As she turned back and saw the battle between both parties, a hint of worry flashed across her face. Han Xiao was right; she did not possess the qualifications to take part in a battle of that level.

In the sky, Nagakin had brought his own troops to attack and destroy the offending DarkStar motherships. As for Herlous and the rest, they heeded Han Xiao’s instructions, taking a group of players to assist the Six Nations.

At that moment, a few batches of DarkStar spaceships appeared in the sky, quickly drawing near. The number was many times greater than the first batch.

The DarkStar’s main forces had arrived!

Everyone’s expression dropped.

The situation has just gotten worse!

Two other threats quickly approached. Han Xiao’s eyes flashed, and he commanded the mechanical army to halt their attacks and pull away, protecting himself in the center.

Ember was breathing heavily. He had resisted the mechanical army for quite some time and had begun to feel the fatigue. He was extremely aggrieved in his heart, as he realized that if he continued fighting, his life would be in danger. His abilities were well-suited for killing carbon lifeforms but not so powerful against the group of machines comprised of different alloys. If it was merely ordinary machinery, it would not have been so bad, but all the machines present were buffed by Black Star and increased his consumption to ward them off.

However, at this point, Ember burst into laughter with great confidence—his reinforcements had arrived!

From the other two positions, Degulish and Terry each occupied a spot, forming a triangular formation with Ember. In a twist of fate, Han Xiao was now the one being surrounded.

“Well done, Ember. He’s trapped now.” Degulish nodded, his body brimming with energy. He was a pugilist.

Ember looked at Han Xiao, breathing a sigh of relief as he sneered, “My mission was not to kill you but to restrain you. The moment we engaged, you had already fallen for my ploy. Bet you didn’t expect it!”

Ember was hoping that Han Xiao would reveal some panic or maybe even try to escape. However, Han Xiao did neither, instead moving into a fighting posture.

Han Xiao had always intended to tangle with the three of them but at the same time did not wish for them to realize that he had known about the ambush in advance. As such, he had followed along. Besides, his mechanical suit covered his face as well, not allowing anyone to observe his expressions.

Looking at the three of them, Han Xiao started to calculate.

This ambush was created for me. Three Calamity Grade Supers, looks like DarkStar really wants me dead. It’s good that I sent Risda out, or else I would have been facing the same headache as Godora…

Right now, I need to restrain these three with all my might, not allowing them to have any energy spare to deal with others. Among them, the Pugilist gives me the most pressure. I estimate that he is slightly stronger than the other two. I’m not sure if I can endure the damage given by the three of them. Oh well. For now, it should be fine!

Those thoughts shot by in an instant, and Han Xiao took a deep breath. Activating his [Medium Cell Proliferation Control], he exhausted a portion of his energy to recover his HP. Then, he cracked a smile.

“Only the three of you? That’s too little!”

Unable to witness what he expected, Ember gritted his teeth in hatred. Stubborn!

Seeing how Han Xiao wished to resist to the end, Degulish revealed a cold smile.

A Grade B Super, when faced with three Calamity Grade Supers, still wishes to resist?

Is Black Star relying on his mechanical army? Ha, do you think that can ward off three Grade A Supers? It will not take long to demolish all of them, and they will definitely not be able to block us. I am a Pugilist and can rush straight in and kill you instantly!

You’re overestimating yourself!

Terry patted his chest, and a thin, light combat suit covered his body. From his arms came out a few pieces of soft metal of an unknown alloy. Sweeping his hands out like a maiden throwing out flowers, the metal pieces suddenly elongated over tens of meters, easily destroying the surrounding machinery.

He was a Mechanical Pugilist.

“I have no idea how long the space disruption device can ward off the reinforcements from Godora. Stop wasting time and get rid of him,” Terry replied.

The moment he finished his words, Ember, Degulish and Terry rushed straight into the mechanical army from different directions, utilizing their full strength and sending scattered machinery flying into the air. The metallic parts filled the air as the three of them cleared out a path, throwing themselves straight toward Han Xiao.

Three immense pressures barreled straight into Han Xiao, causing the Mechanical Force around him to jump around excitedly in arcs.

His eyelids snapped open, and his voice was resounding.

“Come, let’s have some fun!”

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