The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 577

Chapter 577 Attention From Everywhere Black Star Army

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Godora paid close attention to the coverage. Nagakin had already reported Han Xiao’s personal strength, so the focus of the upper echelons was on another problem. Han Xiao had already declared to the galaxy through the reporters that Planet Aquamarine was a part of Floating Dragon.

Despite Floating Dragon being a neutral organization with no regime, its influence was not to be underestimated.

With the brand of Floating Dragon labeled on them, even though Planet Aquamarine was in Godora’s territory, it would be difficult for them to control or manage Planet Aquamarine. This planet would then become a special region within Godora’s territory.

Floating Dragon’s value had far exceeded the value of a low-grade planet like Planet Aquamarine. As long as there was no conflict between the two, Godora could only choose to close one eye.

Of course, compared to DarkStar, Planet Aquamarine was a tiny problem. After the news got out, Godora’s official media team also came forward to join in the fun and spread the news. As long as they could dampen DarkStar’s momentum, it would not matter who it was that defeated DarkStar.

As Jenny watched the news, her face turned dark, and she immediately contacted Ames.

Ames was currently roaming the galaxy, and Jenny’s holographic figure appeared on her communicator.

“What’s the matter?”

“Go and take a look at the news! Black Star is creating trouble again!” Jenny pressed a few buttons on her communicator and sent the news over.

After watching it for a while, Ames smiled calmly. “He’s not too bad.”

“That isn’t the point! Before gaining my approval, he announced to the galaxy that Planet Aquamarine is a division of Floating Dragon!” Jenny looked as though she was about to go crazy.

“But I agreed.” Ames blinked innocently.

Jenny had no choice but to force all her curses back down her throat.

“I took in two disciples recently, and they are both from Planet Aquamarine. Black Star will be bringing them to Floating Dragon Island soon, and you should look after them.”

After saying that, Ames cut off the line.

“Argh! Black Star!”

The employees outside the room heard Jenny’s enraged roar and all jumped out of their seats.

In some random place within the Shattered Star Ring where a beyond Grade A organization was located.

“Tanking the main cannon… he does have my style. Ames finally has a powerful officer.”

In the darkness, a giant who was seven meters tall sat on his throne and watched the news with a look of deep thought.

“Floating Dragon has begun to expand, and Ames is finally interested in building her organization. Hmm, I should find some time to propose to her again. Maybe I will succeed.”

The DarkStar mothership that had ambushed Planet Aquamarine was currently floating in space, and the three Calamity Grade Supers also saw the news.

“Bullsh*t! When did he beat us up‽” Degulish flew into a fit of rage. “It was obviously Black Star who was beaten to the point he couldn’t fight back. These reporters really know how to bullsh*t!”

“The truth is, we weren’t able to kill him,” Terry said helplessly.

Ember snorted but did not comment. He was thinking about how he could get rid of Han Xiao.

“He must have a weakness. We have to quickly plant spies within his mercenary group. We will only be able to find his weaknesses by coming into close contact with him.”

“Then, what should we do next?” Terry asked.

Degulish frowned and slowly said, “Black Star’s ability was out of our expectations, and our mission has failed. The leader said that this isn’t our fault as none of us knew how much strength Black Star is hiding. He ordered us to regroup with the main fleet and prepare for the next step of the plan.”

“Next step of the plan?”

“I am not aware of the exact details, but since he is gathering all the motherships, it will definitely be a large mission,” Degulish said.

DarkStar was still planning their next attack.

However, DarkStar did not know that Han Xiao had already snuck into their backyard.

All the hidden motherships were exposed under Risda’s surveillance, but DarkStar was still in the dark.

With the news being spread throughout the entire Shattered Star Ring, Black Star’s name was being discussed everywhere. His name spread far and wide, and Han Xiao received plenty of bonus Renown points.

DarkStar had finally paused for a moment after failing twice.

However, this was only the calm before the storm. The large storm that was being directed by Han Xiao was currently brewing.

Every now and then, Han Xiao would send the coordinates of the DarkStar motherships to the upper echelons of the War Bureau through Nagakin. Godora intended to destroy DarkStar in one fell swoop and secretly mobilized their forces without making any rash moves.

At the same time, Godora kept the mercenary groups on the payroll as insurance but did not reveal their exact plan to them. Godora only got Sky Ring, Purple Gold, Blades, and the other large mercenary groups to await their orders.

Han Xiao was still on Planet Aquamarine carrying out his plan to recruit the players. The plan was now at its most crucial phase.

By making use of this event, Han Xiao changed the name of his faction through the faction interface and Mercenary Alliance.

The [Black Star Mercenary Group] was renamed to…

[Black Star Army]!

Only large mercenary groups would dare have the word ‘Army’ in their name.

Because of the addition of a large number of players, Han Xiao’s faction had more than ten thousand members. His faction was already at the right level, and the mercenary world probably would not have any complaints about it.

Regarding this decision, Han Xiao gave a speech to all the players and emphasized the fact that their faction was only able to change their name thanks to the players. He wanted to make the players feel as though they were contributing to the growth of the faction.

By changing their name because of such a reason, Han Xiao would be able to cultivate a stronger sense of belonging and team spirit among the players. The players would then feel as though Black Star Army was a faction that belonged to them.

At the same time, this was a signal to the players that they were about to leave Planet Aquamarine and start the next phase of their journey. This was so that the players would have some mental preparation.

The way the players saw it, a change of name in the faction meant that they were about to enter the galaxy!

Of course, all his plans would only work if there were sufficient benefits provided to the players. Han Xiao had to make sure to launch new products from time to time.

Through the exchange center in the galaxy, Han Xiao spent more than 100,000 Enas to purchase new Pugilist and Esper knowledge and placed them in the faction store. What shocked the players the most was that the new knowledge did not require money like in the past but experience!

At the same time, there were no Favorability requirements to fulfil.

With respect to this incident, Han Xiao made an explanation through Phillip.

“The Black Star Army will provide these two Advanced Knowledges ‘free of charge’ to groom and train the new mercenaries.”

This action of his immediately drove the players mad with excitement!

Han Xiao sold his own Mechanic knowledge using the [Skill Impartation] method, but he sold the knowledge from the other two classes through the faction store. This meant that as long as players joined the Black Star Army, they would be able to learn those two Advanced Knowledges for ‘free’!

This immediately became a beginner benefit for those in the faction. It was just like how the players who joined the Godoran faction would be able to acquire knowledge if they accumulated sufficient merit. It was just that Han Xiao had removed all those restrictions and allowed the players to spend experience points to learn the knowledge without spending any money.

The players were overjoyed and felt as though they had made a huge profit!

The players who had entered the galaxy in Version 1.0 shared the price of that Advanced Knowledge in the galaxy. If they did not join a faction, the Advanced Knowledge would cost them tens of thousands of Enas to purchase.

In comparison, the Black Star Army seemed to be the kindest of saints!

The way the players saw it, this was all due to their contribution. It was because of them that the faction could grow to such a size. It was because of them that the faction could change its name and provide such benefits. This was truly a faction that could grow!

Han Xiao intentionally made it so that only experience was required to learn the Advanced Knowledge. His target customers were the players of the other two classes, and his intention was to accumulate experience so that he could quickly hit level 140.

The Great Mechanic Han had over 10,000,000 Enas in his account, and the 100,000 that he had spent was peanuts in his eyes. In fact, he was even too lazy to collect a symbolic fee. Even if he only collected 1 Ena, the effect would have been grossly different from providing it for free.

Advanced Knowledge was a necessity, and the market was essentially all the Planet Aquamarine players of the two other classes!

After spending 100,000 Enas, if Han Xiao could not harvest a good amount of experience, he would be going against his conscience!

This was the only shop where they could purchase Advanced Knowledge at such a good price. None of the players hesitated in the slightest, and the experience points on Han Xiao’s interface rapidly shot up.

300,000… 600,000… 1,000,000,000…

The effect of it being ‘free’ was truly frightening!

Looking at the explosion of his experience points, Han Xiao was in a great mood.

After this harvest of experience, apart from being able to reach level 140, it will probably last me a long while.

In just one day, the amount of experience accumulated was enough to bring Han Xiao up to level 140.

In order to get to Grade A, Han Xiao did not even bother repairing his Mechanic Army. This ambush had allowed him to understand that it was best to harvest the vegetables when they were ripe. If he had already been at the Calamity Grade when facing the encirclement of the three Calamity Grade Supers, it would not have been so dangerous for him.

Han Xiao then walked into the training room of his second base and locked the door.

Taking in a deep breath, Han Xiao opened the interface and channeled his experience into increasing his level.

I can finally reach the Calamity Grade and step into the ranks of the powerhouses!

Han Xiao was truly excited.

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