The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 610

Chapter 610 Openly Poaching

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The three thrones floated in midair, surrounding the emissary of the Crimson Empire in the middle.

What can we get if we help you?

After pondering for a while, Austin was the first to respond.

Everyone present had a certain status, and even the emissary of the Crimson Empire could not expect them to work for nothing.

It was no more than a pipe dream if he wanted the beyond Grade A Supers to help him without offering any conditions.

A new territory represents new opportunities. Only a piece of white paper is easy to color. If we are able to transform this newly discovered Star Cluster into the beginning of a new Star Field, anyone who wants to explore or expand their territory will have to enter the territory of the new Star Field. At that time, the new Star Field may become a Star Field that has the same weight as the Shattered Star Ring. The benefits hidden within it are frightening, Zoel explained as he waved his hands to reveal a holographic star map from his communicator that had the new territory marked.

It was outside the boundary of the Shattered Star Ring, and a dark unexplored region of space was marked on it.

After crossing through a long, desolate space belt, a bright region appeared from within the dark region of space. That was the new Star Cluster that the Federation of Light had found.

From smallest to largest, the regions of the galaxy were classified as planet, Star Zone, Star System, Star Cluster, and finally Star Field.

The Crimson Empire wanted to obtain this new Star Cluster not just to expand their territory but because it formed the bridgehead for any future exploration. The Crimson Empire would then be able to make use of this new territory of theirs as the starting point of their exploration and continue to expand their territory. All the new regions that they discovered after this would belong to the new Star Field, which was part of the Crimson Empire.

The Federation of Light controlled the Shattered Star Ring, and the Crimson Empire wanted to obtain another neighboring Star Field. They were not willing to share this exploration path with the Federation of Light.

As Zoel analyzed the pros and cons of supporting him, Austin and Ames listened silently by the side.

As for Han Xiao, his attention was drawn to the star map that Zoel showed.

No matter how he looked at it, he felt the position of the Star Cluster to be extremely familiar.

After taking a closer look at it, something clicked in his head, and Han Xiao was filled with agitation.

My goodness, isnt that part of the Flickering World

The [Flickering World] was the Main Storyline of a later version, and it was a completely new Star Field. Billions of stars shone brightly to light up the dark universe.

Pioneering the discovery of a Star Field would definitely bring about plenty of benefits.

The players of the entire galaxy would all participate in this Main Storyline mission to pioneer the discovery of a new Star Field. There were also countless races and civilizations that entered the Flickering World. This became an event that caused a huge reshuffle in power among all the organizations and battles to break out everywhere.

The new Star Cluster that Zoel had shown was a part of the Flickering World. It was the tip of the iceberg.

Who would have thought the events of the later versions were already beginning to unfold?

Only a small corner of the region has been discovered. To explore the new region fully, many years will be required. It is still a long way from the current version

In the past, the players had performed missions for the various organizations, but this time, they might have the opportunity to be the ones in control. Just as the emissary had said, a new territory represented new opportunities. Perhaps this was the best chance for him to move up the food chain.

While the Black Star Army was not powerful enough and was still a great distance away from large organizations such as Bloodshed Land, Han Xiao had a huge advantage. He knew how things would develop.

If he wanted to have the rights to be in control, he needed to have a more powerful organization. They stronger he was, the more benefits he could obtain. His present self was far from sufficient. Thankfully, there were a few more versions to go.

Han Xiao could not help but grow anxious as he pondered silently.

The birth of the Flickering World meant one thing. The Crimson Empire succeeded in the end and managed to snatch the new Star Cluster from the Federation of Light and transform it into a new Star Field.

When he was deep in thought, Zoel had finished explaining his conditions. In summary, the Crimson Empire would provide them with aid in secret.

The support of a Universal Civilization was a very tempting condition. While the Federation of Light was in control of the Shattered Star Ring, they rarely interacted with the various organizations of the Shattered Star Ring and appeared to be high above.

Austin frowned and had a serious look on his face. However, when coupled together with his childish appearance, it looked extremely comical and adorable.

I am not too interested in such a matter and would rather study curses at home. So, I apologize, but I would like to remain neutral. I can only promise you that I will not help the Federation of Light.

After considering for a while, Austin gave his response. He wanted to stay out of this matter and remain neutral.

I understand. Zoel was not too surprised. They were all beyond Grade As, so he could not force the other party. The outcome of the other party remaining neutral was not too bad. Zoel had only managed to persuade Heber to help him after putting in a great deal of effort. The main purpose of the meeting today was to inform them of their empires stand and reduce the number of helpers for the Federation of Light.

What about you, Ames? Heber asked.

Ames was not interested in such a matter and was about to follow Austin and reject the proposition. However, she paused for a moment and looked at Han Xiao.

Black Star, what do you think?


Han Xiao was currently deep in thought, and upon being called, he was stunned for a moment.

Seeing everyones gaze on him, Han Xiao pondered for a moment before nodding. The Crimson Empire can naturally be trusted with their reputation. The esteemed emissary is correct in saying that this is a once in a lifetime opportunity with great benefits hidden within it. I personally feel that the Crimson Empire has a sixty percent chance of succeeding at the very least.

Zoels eyes lit up, and he revealed a smile. While wondering when he had successfully converted this fellow, he nodded at Han Xiao and said, Good eyesight.

Han Xiao also nodded back in response. Thus, I feel that you shouldnt be in a hurry to reject. This isnt a bad thing.

Upon hearing that, Ames thought for a moment and did not reject Zoel directly but said, Let me think about this.

The expressions of both Austin and Heber immediately changed.

Both of them had known Ames for years and knew that Ames had actually intended to reject the proposition. However, she had immediately changed her mind after listening to Han Xiaos advice.

Black Stars importance to the Dragon Emperor had far exceeded their expectations.

Not just a hired thug but an advisor?Austin stroked his chin and fell into deep thought.Thats right, with Ames personality, she will need a reliable strategist if she wants to expand, and Black Star seems pretty capable.

Black Star, I heard from Malekith that he tried to poach you but was rejected, Heber said.

Han Xiaos eyes gleamed, and he slowly nodded.

I rarely try a second time, but I would like to ask you again personally.

Heber raised his arm out to Han Xiao and said in a solemn tone, Black Star, join me.


Ames aura exploded, and an immense pressure was exuded.

Her tone was chilly.

Trying to poach one of my men before me, do you not respect me at all

The frightening pressure assaulted Heber from all directions, but it seemed as though he could not feel it. He ignored Ames and fixed his gaze on Han Xiao. Do you agree or not?

Han Xiaos face began contorting.

Oh my goodness, poaching someone so openly, he is truly tyrannical.

He had never expected Heber to personally make an invitation at this moment. This fellow truly did not care about what the occasion was and only about how hard his fists are!

My apologies, but my answer is the same. Han Xiao shook his head helplessly.

Heber nodded and was not angered by the rejection. It was as though he had never brought up this topic at all.

He liked talents but was not willing to force someone who did not want to submit.

The force field was still growing in strength, and Heber turned around to look at Ames. Arent you going to stop your force field? Do you want to fight?

Ames remained expressionless as her aura continued to grow. She almost wanted to completely ignore the advice that Aesop had given her.

Austin could only interfere helplessly lest they ended up fighting. With a snap of his fingers, he cast a calming spell on Ames.

Alright, alright, this isnt the first day youve known her. Dont act so rashly.

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