The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 634

Chapter 634 The Calamity Battle

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Every class had its nemesis.

Among them, the Esper class was the most uniquethey could sometimes be the nemeses of the other four classes, but the other classes might also sometimes be their nemeses. This was all because of the randomness of Esper abilities.

In the five Super classes, Espers pros were just as clear as their cons. Their combat capability was almost solely dependent on their different Esper abilities. Also, their class knowledge tree was very straightforward, such as enhancing Esper abilitys strength, range, accuracy, and so on.

Espers could shine brightly in one aspect and lack in others; all their abilities had their limitations.

For example, teleportation lacked defense, high speed recovery lacked the ability to deal damage, and prophecy well, no need to rub salt in the wound.

Of course, these were all rather extreme examples of Esper abilities, which explained the clear distinction of Espers pros and cons. To the players, the gaming experience would, of course, be greatly enhanced if one could obtain a special type of Esper ability. There were tons of players who topped up real money into their accounts to buy Esper Gene Awakening Potions.

Other than the lucky ones, some unlucky but rich ones would keep creating new accounts and use Gene Awakening Potions till they got an Esper ability that they are satisfied with.

During the team battles in the Pro League, forming teams that could counter the opponents was also a strategic focus.

For an Esper with the ability to control metal and the magnetic field, of course, they would not be much of a problem at all to Pugilists and Mages. However, it just so happened that someone like that was the nemesis of Mechanics. It would be a lie to say Han Xiao was not troubled.

Although, as a Mechanic, his energy had magnetic attributes as well, his ability to control the magnetic field was far from that of the enemy, who had the Esper genes to do so.

The Mechanical Force was more focused on enhancing machines; controlling the magnetic field was just a bonus. The most he could do was disrupt the opponents Esper ability. In order to completely nullify the opponents magnetic field, more specific machines would be needed.

In an instant, Han Xiao looked at the battle information and knew that the opponents name was Shana. Shockingly, her level was a question mark. Han Xiao was already level 170. Even if Shana was not Grade A+, she would not be far from it. The huge difference between their strength was very difficult to overcome.

Risda, leave the battlefield!

Han Xiao dodged the attacks from shattered metal and ordered Risda. If the Blacklight Stealth was torn apart, it would be a huge loss.

The Blacklight Stealth quickly ascended and was about to accelerate and leave the battlefield. Unbothered by this, Shana reached out her hand and aimed at the Blacklight Stealth as she was about to clench her fist, crushing Han Xiaos spaceship just like she did to the other spaceships.


The next moment, a while colored shadow of a man clashed toward her like a meteor, dragging a lightning-like tail behind. It broke the sound barrier and bashed heavily right onto Shanas magnetic field shield.

The invisible magnetic field shield was dented, and it bounced the white shadow out like it was elastic. Shana was not hurt, but she was sent flying a short distance away by the clash. She quickly controlled the metal on her and stabilized herself midair. She looked down at the white shadow.

In her eyes, Han Xiao wore a bone white mechanical suit. It was the Void Dragon mechanical suit that he had not used for a long time.

This persons Esper ability counters me, so I can only use non-metallic weaponsHan Xiao thought.

The metal content of the Void Dragon mechanical suit was very low. Although its attributes could not match up to a battle between Calamity Grades, at least it was not as restricting as the Berserk Ape, so it was barely usable.

Most of his machinery was made with alloysnon-metallic machinery might only make up ten percent of them.

Many machines had very strict requirements on their materials; high density and non-metallic materials that could replace alloys were very difficult to fuse. Depending on different materials, the machinerys attributes would be different as well. Before meeting an enemy that could control metal, it was clear that alloys were the most suitable choice.

If alloys could not be used, carbon nanotubes would be a very good choice as well. However, Han Xiaos previous opponent was Ember.

Even if he had to build machines that could deal with this situation, he would have to do it after this battle ended. Hence, most of Han Xiaos main machines, as well as his Army Style, could not be used unless he ignored the loss that he would incur.

From the way he saw it, the current situation was far from that desperate.

Test her limits first.Han Xiao squinted.

Using the instant when Shana was distracted, Risda accelerated and successfully escaped the battlefield, avoiding the fate of being turned into scrap metal.

All the rest of the spaceships were crushed into pieces by Shana and formed into a metal storm, directly going toward Han Xiao.

Other than the three Calamity Grades including Han Xiao, everyone else died without any ability to fight back. These Grade C warriors in metal battle suits were crushed by their own battle suits.


Han Xiao dashed through the metal storm, deftly dodging the attacks. The cannon in his palm kept firing at Shana, but the Void Jet Sprays could not penetrate Shanas magnetic field shield.

At this time, Jayne clenched his teeth and yelled, Ha!

His shirt shattered into pieces, revealing his muscular body. His body was vibrating at a high frequency. The air around him trembled, the vibration transferred into the ground below, and the cracks on the ground rapidly expanded.

Right after that, Jayne slammed his palm toward Shana, who was in midair.


An invisible vibrating wave headed directly to Shana. Everywhere it passed, the air was bent, outlining an oval shape.

Shana frowned slightly as she moved sideways in midair, dodging the attack.

Jayne was the only one present who was not countered. Han Xiao looked over. Jaynes upper body was naked, and his long chest hair was flowing and vibrating with the air.

Thats some macho heart-protecting chest hair!

This time, a sudden mission popped up on the interface.


You have triggered the hidden Grade A Chain Mission [Prey]!

Mission Introduction: You have become the prey of a terrifying organization. They will try to hunt you again and again till they succeed. Dont think about escaping; their background is beyond your imagination. You have no choice. Keep struggling. By becoming stronger through these battles, you may have a tiny chance.

First Round: Defeat Shana

Reward: 37,000,000 Experience. Draw one of Shanas ability or talent


Han Xiao saw the mission introduction and thought,A horrifying organization? Interesting.

He remembered the storyline in his previous life; however, Shana could not fit into any organization in his memory. It seemed like it was a hidden organization that the players in his previous life had no contact with. Their hunting targets were all renowned Grade As, so it would make sense if the players did not know about them at that time.

This thought flashed past during the battle. The three of them attacked Shana together.

Both Jayne and Gadeli were Calamity Grades. There was no need for words; they could easily cooperate with Han Xiao.

Since there were helpers, there was no reason for Han Xiao not to make use of them. He took on the job of direct battle, standing before the metal storm and attacking Shanas magnetic field shield. Jayne took on the job of the main attacker; his vibration attacks were quite threatening and forced Shana to keep dodging. As for Gadeli, he did not come closer after being blasted away. He went dozens of miles away and made use of his ranged attack strength as a Cannon Master by attacking from afar.

Tens of miles was nothing to Grade A Cannon Masters; his accuracy was still very high, and he could still shoot from even further away. His nickname Hundred Rounds Cannon explained his attack frequency. The nonstop ranged attacks caused Shana quite a lot of trouble. She wanted to deal with Gadeli but was limited by Han Xiao.


The three of them were embroiled in the fight. The power of Calamity Grade attacks was very high. The ground cracked, and explosions continuously occurred.

They were in a stalemate; Shana was quite irritated.

Bret, who had been crushed by Han Xiao and the others, was actually a member of an intelligence organization under the Bloodshed Land. He had received a mission from Klent to come to Colton and gather intelligence. It just so happened that the organization Shana belonged to had a special relationship with Klent, and she happened to be in this area after capturing Kernid. After Bret was attacked, the intelligence organization that he was in had informed Shana, who was nearby, to rescue them.

However, Shana had arrived too late, but she did discover Black Star. Hence, she changed the goal and targeted Black Star. The way she saw it, Black Star had presented himself to her, so she did not have to go all the way to the Garton Star System to find him anymore.

Shana had been confident in dealing with Black Star, so she had never expected to end up in such a tough battle.

Brets intelligence did not include Jayne and Gadelis information. As Han Xiao had quickly eliminated the fleet with the Ship Destroyer, the two of them did not act. Hence, they were unexpected backup for Han Xiao.

The game has ended.

Shana did not want to waste any more time. She yelled coldly before suddenly placing her hands on the ground, fully activating her Esper ability.


The ground started trembling violently.

The next moment, something shocking happened!

Dozens of miles away, holes suddenly started to appear on the ground. Almost a hundred gigantic snakes made of metallic dust soared up from the ground. They were all more than ten meters wide and almost endlessly long.

The ground was suddenly filled with holes!

The next second, almost a hundred gigantic metal snakes flew up and rushed toward Han Xiao and the other two.

Controlling the magnetic field of a planet and using the metallic elements underground Horrifying ability strength.

Han Xiao felt it was quite a difficult situation. Espers that could control metal definitely needed metal to make use of their ability. With only those spaceship pieces, Shana was not very threatening. However, her ability was strong enough to control the magnetic field of the planet. This meant that the entire planet was Shanas armory.

She was indeed a calamity!

Gadelis eyes opened wide. He quickly wanted to back away but was caught by two gigantic metal snakes. One of the snakes swallowed Gadeli, then the two snakes fused into a hundred-meter-wide metal ball, falling right down onto the ground.

Ka ka ka!

The sphere kept squeezing its interiors and increasing its density, trapping Gadeli inside. This was an attack that Shana loved to use.

Seeing this situation, Jaynes fists slammed down onto the ground, clearly using some kind of ability. A ring of shockwave expanded on the ground.


The vibration triggered chain reactions, and the ground started rapidly trembling at a much higher frequency. An earthquake appeared in this area, and countless gigantic metal snakes were shattered into metallic dust.

The movement caused by this attack was humongous. Further away, a huge fissure appeared in the ground as if the planet had opened its mouth.


The shockwave hit the metallic sphere that trapped Gadeli. The next second, the sphere was shattered into pieces, and Gadeli quickly escaped.

Han Xiao was surprised. Jaynes destructive power gave him quite a shock. His nickname Seaquake was indeed accurate. There were practically no Grade A Espers that were weak. After all, if ones Esper ability potential could not reach A, that person would never reach Grade A.

Bang bang bang!

Shana and Jayne did not hold back at all. The battlefield kept shifting, and everything with hundreds of miles was turned into ruins and shattered, like a disaster crawling through the planet surface.

However, although it caused a lot of destruction, Shana was hovering in the air. The earthquakes had almost no effect on her. She had the absolute upper ground.

Glancing at Han Xiao, who was dodging around far away, a shade of disdain flashed past Shanas eyes. She shook her head.

Although Black Star was the target on the list, he had almost no sense of presence, much worse than Jaynes. On the other hand, Jayne seemed more qualified to be a target.

Shana was somewhat disappointed. The rumors said that Black Star was very strong, but she now felt that it was exaggerated.

However, she then realized that her ability countered Black Star so heavily, so it was normal for Black Star to not be able to fight back.

If these two guys were not here, it wouldnt be this troublesome.

Shana frowned. As long as she could get rid of Jayne and Gadeli, Black Star would be a piece of cake.

However, she had a new plan. Jayne was quite strong and would sooner or later be on the list, so she decided she might as well capture both Black Star and Jayne.

As for that Cannon Master, she did not feel that capturing him would be of any use.

At this time, Jaynes defense showed a tiny flaw. Shana accurately captured the opportunity, and the gigantic metal snakes instantly surrounded Jayne and turned into a sphere. Jayne kept vibrating from within, wanting to break the cell. However, Shana used most of her attention on her; she controlled tens of metal snakes and made them part of the sphere one after another.

The huge sphere kept shrinking as its density kept increasing. Its ability to resist vibrations grew stronger and stronger, and the frequency of the vibration kept decreasing. Finally, Jayne could not move anymore.

Done!Shanas eyes sparkled. To her, controlling Jayne meant that this battle had ended. Black Star did not have any strong backup, so she could capture him easily.

Shana turned around, her vision penetrated the dust everywhere and stared at Han Xiao. Your helper is no more. Now its your turn.

Han Xiao suddenly stopped and stood opposite Shana.

Just as Shana thought that Han Xiao had given up resisting, Han Xiao suddenly laughed.

Youre right, its my turn.


The next second, continuous sounds of explosions came from above.

Shana quickly looked up.

Fifty stars were falling down at an unbelievable speed above her head.

These stars were all Eye of Gods attacks. One beam from the energy cannon was almost eight meters wide!

Shanas pupils rapidly constricted.

All she had time to do was form a magnetic field shield. The next moment, fifty satellite cannons attacks plummeted!


The deafening sound of explosions spread everywhere!

The impact waves blew everything around them away. Gadeli was sent flying far away, and the metal sphere trapping Jayne was shot up and crashed into a mountain more than 10 kilometers away.

A bright mushroom cloud rose from the ground. It was white everywhere and almost nothing was visible.

Countless stones turned to ash, and the gigantic metal snakes melted into liquids.

It was like the end of the world!

Even in outer space, a bright red mushroom could be seen rising on the planets surface!

It looked like Han Xiao was not doing much, but he had actually been giving orders to Risda, who had left the battlefield to plant the fifty Eye of Gods from the warehouse. One round of fire from those cannons was more than enough to destroy an entire city!

The enemy had shown extraordinary abilities. It would be very difficult for him to defeat her even if he was very tanky. Only such strong firepower could decide the outcome of the battle.

Han Xiao placed his hands on his waist and chuckled.

Did you really think I was out of my depths? Let me introduce the Tactical Support Style. Im the representative of rascals.

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