The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 684

Chapter 684 Deciding Victory

Chapter 684 Deciding Victory


The armed satellite fortress was plowed by the mechanical army again and again. The four Calamity Grades were no longer surrounding Han Xiao but running for their lives.

While attacking the enemies, Han Xiao was also hacking into the armed satellite fortress. After all, destroying the armed satellite fortress was his main goal. After killing Tamaria, the other four did not dare get close to him at all, so no one interrupted him.

Many of his Virtual Technology abilities were upgraded compared to before, so Han Xiao successfully obtained control of the armed satellite fortress without too much effort. A Grade A+ Virtual Mechanic could penetrate most artificial intelligences.

Han Xiao searched through the modules of the armed satellite fortress and sighed.

No self-destruction module? Shame.

After giving it some thought, Han Xiao controlled the armed satellite fortress to open its surface tunnels. He then sent some of the mechanical soldiers into the armed satellite fortress and planted secondary psionic bombs.

In terms of efficiency, destroying the energy furnace inside the armed satellite fortress was much more convenient than destroying the armed satellite fortress from outside.

At the same time on the main battlefield, a few small, agile spaceships dashed between the chaotic battlefield. In them were the Calamity Grades sent by Morred. They were trying to break through the enemies defenses and back Han Xiao up.

However, the high energy particle cannon attacks were too concentrated on the battlefield, so the reinforcement teams were forced to retreat again and again, unable to penetrate the enemies.

As the Bloodshed Land fleets arrived at the battlefield through quick reinforcement channels one after another, the main fleet could no longer provide cover for these reinforcement teams.

The situation isnt good. We took too long. Many enemies in the strongholds have gotten rid of the teams that were restraining them earlier and are arriving at the base station extremely quickly. The number of enemies were facing has multiplied many times!

Inside the flagship, Morreds expression changed as he heard the report.

He clenched his teeth and pushed the words through the gap of his teeth.

If this goes on, we will only achieve a pathetic victory! Black Star is the key to breaking the situation, but hes alone without backup. Are the helpers we sent still unable to break through their defenses?

They cant. The enemies seem to know our intention and completely blocked all routes to the armed satellite fortress that Black Star is


Morreds expression became firm. He waved his hand and said, Send my orders. All units, retract the formation and push forward in his direction. Open a path for the reinforcement teams and penetrate the enemies defenses!


As soon as his sentence ended, everyone was shocked.

The current situation was very clear; it could be divided into five layers.

The most exterior layer was where Morred and the three Section Zero fleets were. One more layer inside was the base stations defense fleet. Those two were fighting each other.

After the defense fleet was the base stations gigantic protective shield, separating the exterior battlefield and the base station core. One more layer inside were the nine armed satellite fortresses around the base station. In the center of all this was the target that Section Zero planned to destroy-T-04 Hyperdrive Base Station.

Morreds order was to have the entire fleet march forward without backup and open a path for the reinforcement teams for Black Star. This was no different from giving up any possibility of retreating and deliberately entering the enemies encirclement.

If they penetrated the enemies line of defense but were unable to break through the base station protective shield immediately, it would be the end of them.

This is a gamble. Its too risky!

I dont agree with such a reckless method. Its better to fight steadily.

Many fleet captains objected. They belonged to the partnered organizations and were not Morreds direct subordinates.

The downside of an alliance force was showing againwhen facing a danger that required them to take risks, they would not be united and would prioritize their own safety before the overall outcome of the battle.

Objections came from the communication channel nonstop. Morreds expression became more and more angered. Only the New Phylen Rebels were directly under his command, but they were far from enough. He needed help from the other organizations.


Morred could not take it anymore. He bashed the table and interrupted the objections from the various captains.

I know, each and every one of you wants to be favored by Purple Crystal and become a long-term partner of a Star Cluster civilization. But you dont want to fight for it with your lives. Do you think that the Purple Crystal civilization is easy to fool!

Ive had enough of being defeated by the Bloodshed Land again and again. Theres an opportunity right in front of us. His Excellency Black Star is fighting the enemies with his life. As long as we back him up, we will be able to break the stalemate and win this battle!

Youre all big organizations from your Star Systems, famous and renowned, why have you all become a bunch of cowards? If you dont even have the guts to take a little risk, pardon me for saying this, but why did you even join this war?

The communication channels became quiet; no one spoke.

Seeing this, Morred said in a deep voice, Execute the order!

The entire fleet was no longer moving forward slowly. They retracted their formation and bashed right into the base station defense fleets formation like a hammer!

Enduring attacks from all directions, the fleet entered deep into the enemies fleet and headed toward the armed satellite fortress that Han Xiao was on.

At first, the enemy fleet was messed up by the sudden change, but they adjusted their formation very quickly and obstructed Morreds fleet.

Not long after, Morreds fleet was no longer charging forward quickly. Like they had stepped into a swamp, every step forward became difficult. At this point, they had already reached deep into the line of defense and were only a short distance away from the armed satellite fortresss protective shield.

Yet, it seemed like the Morred fleet had to take ten times the time they took to get here to overcome such a short distance.

Hang on. The armed satellite fortress is right in front of us!

The command room was shaking from the attacks as Morred loudly ordered, Reinforcement teams, its your turn!

At this time, the atmosphere was tense among the reinforcement teams.

With a serious face, the captain of the Calamity Grades loudly said, Everyone, get ready for battle. His Excellence Black Star needs our help. Go!

The next moment, those Calamity Grades jumped out of the spaceship, moved swiftly using the other spaceships as cover and finally penetrating the line of defense under Morreds nervous gaze. They headed toward the armed satellite fortress.

Morred looked at those Calamity Grades full of hope as they quickly approached the armed satellite fortress.

Whether they would win or lose all depended on this!

However, as he was being extremely nervous, something suddenly happened!

The members of the reinforcement team were just about to reach the protective shield of the armed satellite fortress when the armed satellite fortress suddenly emitted a blinding light and exploded!

The entire armed satellite fortress exploded from within. This fortress that looked like a small planet turned into a blinding explosion in the blink of an eye!

Countless scraps of armor, parts, and machines were blown away, turning into floating space debris. The impact was as large as a planet exploding!

As the fortress was destroyed, the base station protective shield lost one of its generators. The shield in this area suddenly disappeared, showing an enormous hole more than big enough for a fleet to enter.

Behind the hole was the hyperdrive base station now without any defense.

The path toward the enemies core opened!

A person flew out from the wreckage of the armed satellite fortress.

Han Xiao!

The sudden explosion attracted the attention of everyone on the battlefield. Friend or foe, they all looked over with shock on their faces.

Black Star had destroyed the armed satellite fortress all by himself!

The mechanical army had already been retrieved. Han Xiao took his Army Boxes and left the wreckage. There were quite many burn marks on his mechanical suit.

He saw the reinforcement team members right away. He waved and sent a voice message.

You guys are late.

The reinforcement team members were all mentally prepared for a bloody fight ahead, but now they felt as if they had just punched a ball of cotton. Dumfounded, they all looked at Han Xiao.

WhWhere are the enemies?

Did you kill all of them?

They were completely shocked.

How many Calamity Grades did Black Star just kill!

What an amazing job!

Morred was stunned for an instant before he was overjoyed, yelling with excitement.

He had thought that Black Star was held back by the enemies and had no back up, but it seemed like the situation was the opposite of what he had speculated!

He had never expected that Black Star could destroy the fortress even while being surrounded by many Calamity Grades!

How damn reliable!

The protective shield broke very timely; it was a perfect opportunity.

Not having the time to think about other things, Morred grabbed the opportunity and quickly issued the orders. The entire fleet headed right through the hole in the gigantic protective shield, firing intensely at the base station.

At the same time, the base station was trembling from the attacks. The scene inside was full of chaos. Piercing alarms echoed in every corner.

Warning! Warning! High energy attack detected!

Like the countdown of the grim reaper, the bright and firework-like beams of attacks outside the windows rapidly approached.

Inside the main control room, the base station commander looked out the porthole, shivering and twitching from fear. Like everyone alongside him, he was in despair.

He could not understand it. Why is Black Star so much stronger than the intelligence said?

He had sent out five Calamity Grades to back Tamaria up just in case. They were supposed to guard against the reinforcements of Black Star. However, he had never expected that Black Star would kill Tamaria when those five Calamity Grades were still on the way!

She was the strongest person there, yet she had been killed just like that!

When the five reinforcements arrived, the four Calamity Grades following Tamaria were either dead or heavily injured. They were crushed. Black Star did not stop there and went ahead to demolish the five Calamity Grades that had just arrived!

Black Star eliminated more than half of the high-level combatants stationed at the base station all by himself!

The how to deal with Black Star information in the intelligence file was absolutely useless!

This completely messed up all their plans. The base station commander was petrified and unable to think.

In the face of such overwhelming strength, he felt powerless and had no solution for it. All he could do was watch as Black Star turned the armed satellite fortress into fireworks.

Time seemed to slow down, and the attacks got closer. The bright light lit up the base station commanders face and filled his vision.

At this moment, he only had one thought in his mind.

I lost to Black Star.



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