The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 703

Chapter 703 Surprise Im Back

The mechanical army surrounded the entire region and countless cannons were pointed toward the black fog silhouette and the DarkStar leader. The cannons were charged up without being fired, and Han Xiao sized up the silhouette of the Beyond Grade A individual, which gave him immense pressure. Frowning, Han Xiao rapidly looked through his memory of Beyond Grade A experts.

A Beyond Grade A Super was far rarer than Calamity Grade Supers, and every one of them was a top expert in the galaxy. Han Xiao could clearly remember the details of every expert.

Black fog silhouette, red light spots

A figure then flashed in Han Xiaos mind.

Could it be that this fellow is (EsGod]? The God of Espers and infamous Beyond Grade A Super?

This black fog silhouette was extremely similar to the EsGod doppelganger in his memories. After searching through his memories once, Han Xiao realized that it was extremely likely that his guess was correct.

If that was the case, it could barely be considered good news. Han Xiaos eyes narrowed.

EsGod was one of the final bosses in the neutral-evil faction. His name was a secret, and people only knew him by his title of EsGod or Lord of Fallen Ark. He had a few other nicknames, such as the Guide of the Crazy Believer, Tide of Extinction, and Butcher of Life.

Among the Beyond Grade A Supers, the combat capability of EsGod was ranked at the very top. His battle record was stunning, and he had not suffered a single loss before. His worst battle record was a draw, and he even had the record of killing another Beyond Grade A Super!

Even the three Universal Civilizations were extremely wary of him.

If the main body of EsGod descended, Han Xiao was certain that no one in the entire Shattered Star Ring would be his opponent. Even the Tyrant, Magus, and Dragon Emperor would not be a match for him.

But if it was only a doppelganger, even if he could give off the pressure of a Beyond Grade A Super, his actual combat ability was definitely weaker than his main body.

Furthermore, the battlefield was advantageous to Han Xiao! Han Xiao looked at the wormholes all around and came to a conclusion.

I can give it a shot!

All these thoughts flashed past in an instant, and Han Xiao already had a grasp of the situation. He took a deep breath to calm himself down and increase his concentration.

This was his first time fighting a Beyond Grade A Super head on, and Han Xiao would give it his all. Suddenly, he seemed to have thought about something and began talking to Harrofal in their communication channel.

Professor, both of us are in danger right now, and this isnt the time for you to hide anything. Tell me what kind of machines you have. I need to gather all of our strength.

Harrofal only hesitated for a second before whispering to Han Xiao through the communication channel. After listening to what Harrofal said, Han Xiaos eyes sparkled, and he immediately came up with a plan. He then gave Harrofal a series of instructions, and Harrofal handed something over to him.

Right at this moment, the doppelganger of EsGod made a move. His figure disappeared in an instant and arrived within the formation of the mechanical army.

Before the mechanical army around him could open fire, he disappeared again, and his figure flashed around the mechanical army rapidly before appearing in front of Han Xiao. He had managed to break through the defensive line of Han Xiaos mechanical army in an instant.

The moment the doppelganger of EsGod made his move, Han Xiao reacted. He first got Harrofal to leave the battlefield before he retreated swiftly. At the same time, he released a large number of compressed orbs and nanoparticles, which transformed into a hundred six-sided alloy plates. The exterior of the alloy plates looked like solar panels with an intricate mechanical design on the plates that was much more complicated. These metal plates were used to stabilize spatial coordinates.

These alloy plates were dispersed and formed a loose sphere structure. The space within the interior of the sphere was stabilized, and the undulations of space were flattened.

This was a product of the Cutting-Edge Knowledge (Advanced Space Application), a product to stabilize space.

When the doppelganger of EsGod appeared in front of Han Xiao, he also fell into the region within the sphere, and his instant movement skill was restricted. However, EsGod did not pause and charged forward at an unbelievable speed instead

Just when the thought of retreating surfaced in Han Xiaos mind, his vision suddenly darkened, and EsGods figure was already right before him. The speed displayed was almost no different from instant movement, and his Dexterity was at least three thousand points!

Esper ability, Divine Speed!

Dammit, isnt he too damn fast? Han Xiao was startled and gritted his teeth to activate his Mechanical Force.

The psionic furnace of his Mountain Ape suit immediately revved up, and bluish lightning bolts flashed over the surface. Psionic energy exploded from his mechanical suit and formed a bluish energy blast at EsGods doppelganger.

However, the psionic energy blast passed through EsGods doppelganger as though he were a holographic projection. The energy blast only had a miniscule effect.

Esper ability, Dimension Crack!

The next moment, EsGods doppelganger regained its physical form, and a palm drifted toward Han Xiaos chest.

Han Xiao immediately felt his hair stand on end, and he deactivated the space stabilizing device without hesitation. He used his Advanced Void Travel and escaped into the Void Dimension to avoid this fist.

He had a feeling that he would definitely be in huge trouble if he suffered such an attack!

The world before him then quieted and slowed. Everything around him seemed to be covered with a screen of water. After entering the Void Dimension, Han Xiao immediately attempted to retreat.

Right at this moment, the black fog that represented EsGods doppelganger suddenly trembled and escaped from the state of being silenced. He had also entered the Void Dimension!

EsGod then spread out his fingers before clenching his fists tightly. Han Xiao could clearly see a gigantic crack appearing in the space around him, and before he could even react, the Void Dimension world around him shattered like a broken mirror. Han Xiao was kicked out of the Void Dimension and brought back into the physical world.

His Void Travel was interrupted!

At the same time, EsGods figure appeared before Han Xiao again with his palm descending.

Han Xiao took a deep breath, and the danger alarm in his head went off loudly with his heart almost stopping. This was an instinctive reaction that he could not control at all. He could only watch helplessly as EsGods palm approached him.

Since he could not avoid the attack, he could only tank it!

Han Xiao gritted his teeth and immediately adjusted the power output of his mechanical suit to the maximum. All his buff skills were activated without hesitation, and he even activated a few Character Summon Cards to increase his Strength, including Nagakins [Muscle Is Truth] card.

Mechanical components sprung up on the surface of the Mountain Ape suit, and a surging force was generated.

Han Xiaos arm folded to form a blocking posture, and he activated his shield to welcome the incoming blow.

Despite the palm pressing down on the psionic shield as though there was not the slightest bit of force being exerted, Han Xiao could feel as though a tsunami crashed down onto him.

Esper ability, Star Toss!

Thankfully, there was no sound in space. If there was, the soundwave from this attack alone could have killed all life forms below Grade C instantly!

Han Xiao blacked out, and he lost consciousness for an instant. When he regained consciousness, he realized that his body had been sent flying uncontrollably, destroying any mechanical soldiers in his path.

EsGods doppelganger became a small dot in Han Xiaos vision, and Han Xiao did not know how far away this blow sent him.Read the next chapter on our vipnovel.com

The scales beneath his mechanical suit tried to dissipate the force of this attack, but they overloaded and were instantly reduced into scrap.

Han Xiao hurriedly summoned his interface to take a look and saw that this palm strike alone had taken out twenty-four percent of his suits armor and ten percent of his health. If he did not have his armor and shield, this palm strike would probably have taken forty percent of his health.

This is the strength of a Beyond Grade A Super Han Xiao was dumbfounded.

The most frightening part of EsGod was the fact that even if he absorbed a simple Esper ability, he would be able to evolve the ability and allow it to unleash the force at the Beyond Grade A level!

The basic forms of Divine Speed and Star Toss were actually extremely common low grade Esper abilities, giving a speed boost and strength boost respectively!

Even if it was only a doppelganger, it still had the strength of Beyond Grade A!

Han Xiao tried to stabilize his body while releasing the space stabilizing equipment to prevent EsGod from using his instant movement ability. During that short exchange, he had already gotten his mechanical army to aim at EsGod and open fire.

Rainbow colors lit up the universe!

Thousands of light balls swallowed EsGods doppelganger, but the next moment, a black hole seemed to have formed, and the energy of those balls of light were sucked into EsGods body. As though he had eaten a great supplement, EsGods face, which was originally dim, began to light up again.

Esper ability, Black Hole!

The energy capacity of his doppelganger was limited, and the Lord of Fallen Ark would not inject too much energy into it. Thus, EsGods doppelganger was like a three-minute man. However, this wave of attacks had resupplied it with energy again.

What kind of a hack is this? Han Xiao finally managed to stabilize his body and cursed as he witnessed such a scene.

He could not tank the enemys attack or initiate an attack.

You are a bigger rascal than me!


The DarkStar leader who was hiding at the side burst into laughter upon witnessing such a scene.

He had originally worried that EsGods doppelganger would not be able to suppress Black Star. However, it seemed like his worry was unnecessary. In his eyes, EsGods doppelganger fighting Black Star was like an adult bullying a child!

This time, Black Star definitely would not be able to escape!

The next moment, Han Xiao turned around to escape and charged toward the wormhole zone.

Upon witnessing that, the DarkStar heaved a sigh of relief, and a satisfied smile could be seen on his face.

It seems like EsGods doppelganger can threaten Black Stars life, so Black Star wants to escape through the wormhole. Hahaha, you are going to be exiled in order to save your life.

EsGods doppelganger easily weaved through the mechanical army and gave chase to Han Xiao. Both figures transformed into rays of light and charged straight into the unstable wormhole zone.

Despite the wormholes being unstable, the wormholes with the most intense energy fluctuations tended to connect to further places. This had not been verified, but it was from the experience of the galactic residents.

The speed of EsGods doppelganger was extremely fast, and he chased closely behind Han Xiao. His objective was to send Han Xiao into the largest wormhole of this wormhole zone and exile Han Xiao away as far as possible.

Han Xiao could feel the terrifying suction force from the largest wormhole next to him. Turning back to look at EsGod, who seemed to be teasing him, he gritted his teeth and operated his thrusters to avoid the wormhole.

Right at that moment, a chuckle sounded by Han Xiaos ears as though it was telepathically transmitted.

Stop struggling. Come and take the risk together with me. Entering wormholes is one of my hobbies.

EsGod said those words through voice transmission, and the next instant, he appeared behind Han Xiao and grabbed onto Han Xiaos arm. At the same time, the red dots on his face shook slightly as though they were forming a smiling face.

It turns out you know how to talk!

Han Xiao felt his balls ache.

The next moment, EsGods doppelganger dragged Han Xiao into the wormhole, and both of them disappeared.

The mechanical army lost their source of Mechanical Force and all froze in midair.


The DarkStar leader was overjoyed and could no longer suppress his excitement.

They had finally exiled Black Star, and Klents mission for him had been completed. There was hope for a new country for the mixed blood Godorans!

Its over. Its finally over, the DarkStar leader muttered to himself with tears welling up in his eyes. Amid the tears, he seemed to be able to see a future full of hope.

As long as the mixed blood Godorans had their own home, they would be able to lead a happy life together without any discrimination from the purebloods. While every mixed blood Godoran looked different and came from a different tribe, the DarkStar leader believed that they were all the same. They were the new Godorans.

The DarkStar leader wiped away his tears and put aside such thoughts. Just when he was about to turn around and leave, he suddenly thought about something and turned around to search for Harrofal.

He still remembered this Calamity Grade Super who did not participate in the battle. He had seen Harrofals information before, and Harrofal seemed to be a researcher for a Star Cluster Civilization. The DarkStar leader felt that he could catch Harrofal for an additional reward.

After looking around for a while, he finally saw Harrofals figure in a region far away from the battlefield. Just when he was about to go forward to capture Harrofal, Harrofal suddenly stopped moving

Harrofal took out a compressed orb, and the compressed orb transformed into a strange looking machine. It looked a little like a music box, yet it did not have that many layers of complicated construction. Compared to a weapon for battle, it looked more like a delicate research tool. Eight arms then appeared from the machine, and the arms got to work as though it was painting, leaving behind a bluish mark of light.

The light marks became darker and darker and suddenly ballooned up to become a blue teleportation door. Following which, the blue light door spat out a figure before closing up.

This thing is truly useful. Here, you can have it back. Han Xiao stabilized himself and threw a beacon back to Harrofal.

Humph, I am a researcher. The things I develop are naturally useful. However, if you fly into other wormholes that havent been measured before, this machine wont be able to find you.

Harrofal looked at the beacon with heartache and stored it back in his mechanical suit. This was something that he had given to Han Xiao.

Han Xiao then cracked his neck and looked toward the shocked DarkStar leader. Crossing his arms, his lips curled up with mockery as he sent a message.

I bet you didnt expect to see me again!



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