The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 708

Chapter 708 Spending Money Brings Me Joy

Chapter 708 Spending Money Brings Me Joy

After testing all his new skills, Han Xiao was extremely satisfied.

The load of his machinery was 100 + X. 100 was the basic load that it could take, and X was 3% of a machines Power Level. Han Xiao was able to obtain more than 1,000 Attribute Points from the Machinery Apostilization skill, which would be spread out evenly among his Strength, Dexterity, and Endurance.

As long as he could think of a way to increase his Intelligence and Endurance, the upper limit of the load that he could take would also increase.

Han Xiao had just received the (Machinery Apostilization) skill, and when his level increased, the effect of this skill would also become more obvious. Han Xiao wanted to take the path of the Army Style, and the boost from the Machinery Apostilization skill would provide him with a new Support Style, allowing his body to become stronger. He would no longer have to walk the path of getting beaten up in the future.

Opening his interface, Han Xiao first raised the levels of his two new skills to the max and received two Potential Points. He then used his experience points to level up.

At this moment, Han Xiao was level 195, and after leveling up five times, he reached level 200.

The amount of experience required to level up became greater and greater toward the end, and his large stash of experience points was rapidly being used up. He did not have much experience left from Version 2.0.

[Apostle Mechanic] was raised to level five, and the level limit was thirty. This would last him to level 225.

Han Xiao pondered to himself about his future plans. Because he had spent a large amount of experience gambling for blueprints and raising the level of his skills, the remaining experience was only enough to bring him to level 206. At that point, the experience that he had saved up would be completely spent.

If he wanted to increase his level quickly after this, he could only wait until Version 3.0.

Now that he was at level 200, he would have to face a new Promotion Mission. After glancing at the Promotion Mission, Han Xiao had a helpless look on his face. This time, he would have no choice but to use a Mission Completion Card.

Han Xiaos Promotion Mission was an ordinary mission this time, but it was one that Han Xiao could not complete. It required him to clear a high-grade dungeon within ten levels from him with a rating of Grade A.

To the players, they would be able to obtain such a level only at the later versions. At that time, they would have gone through many different Main Storyline Missions and resolved many troublesome storylines. Thus, high-grade dungeons would basically be in surplus. However, it had not even reached Version 3.0, and unless he could create a dungeon of his own, it would be extremely difficult for him to find a high-grade dungeon.

Most importantly, Han Xiao had never used Dungeon Crystals, and it would thus be impossible for him to challenge a dungeon. His only other option was to use a Mission Completion Card. One of the usages of the Mission Completion Card was to help players skip these difficult but compulsory missions.

Talking about a Mission Completion Card In the past three years, Han Xiao had received a few Random Rewards from the various missions that he had completed. However, he had never used them in order to save them for a rainy day such as this. As such, there were two chances for him to roll a Random Reward on the interface.

Thankfully, it seemed like the Grade S mission (Bloodline) had a chance of being completed, and there would definitely be the chance to roll a Random Reward. Furthermore, the Random Reward of a Grade S mission would definitely give him more choices.

Compared to Version 2.0, my strength and the scale of the Black Star Army have completely transformed. When the players return, I will be able to harvest a new round of experience. Before that, I must use the remaining seven years to accumulate a few Mission Completion Cards. When I get enough experience, I will be able to increase my level rapidly.

Han Xiao decided on his plan.

After packing up his new equipment, Han Xiao left the Machine Modification Room and went to his office. He then summoned Rossellin and Reynold.

When both of them entered, Han Xiao went straight to the main point.

Rossellin, what do you think about the Black Star Army?

How so? Rossellin asked.

You just need to tell me your overall feeling.

You want me to praise you, right? Rossellin rolled her eyes before adding on with a tone of helplessness, Alright then. Even though I am an extremely picky person, I have to admit that I do admire you. I underestimated you when I first saw you and never thought that you would be a legendary character.

After being locked up for so many years, Rossellin did not know about the changes in the outside world. She had only started looking through what happened over the past few years in the Shattered Star Ring after returning to the Black Star Army base with Reynold. Only then did she understand the position of the Black Star Army in the Shattered Star Ring and everything that they had accomplished.

After looking through the accomplishments of the Black Star Army, her first reaction was to suspect that the documents in her hands had been falsified.

What shocked her the most was not the size of the Black Star Army but the speed at which they grew. After all, the Black Star Army had only been around for about a decade.

Black Star had only taken ten years to grow from a Grade C Super to become a Beyond Grade A Super seed. Furthermore, he had survived a battle with an actual Beyond Grade A Super!

In the past ten years, the Black Star Army that he led had become the largest armed force in the Colton Star Cluster with the Purple Crystal Civilization as their backing and their bases all around dozens of Star Systems!

This was an unbelievable miracle.

Rossellin had never imagined that Han Xiao was actually such a bigshot.

After seeing those files, she was truly filled with admiration toward Han Xiao but was too embarrassed to show it on the surface.

Upon hearing that, Han Xiao said, Hmm, I would like to ask you for help and be a temporary officer of the Black Star Army.

A teasing look could be seen on Rossellins face. You also want to make use of my ability?

More accurately, it should be a mutually beneficial agreement. You are a special talent, and I am willing to give you appropriate compensation.

What if I dont agree?

Dont worry, I said that you will have a certain degree of freedom, and I will not force you like the Hutt Civilization. You can choose to reject me.

The corner of Han Xiaos lips curled up slightly, and he continued. However, even if you have the ambition and want to accomplish something, you wont be able to do that without money. Furthermore, I will give you attractive compensation that will allow you to build up your capital.

With my ability, Rossellin replied, it would be an easy task for me to accumulate capital. Why do I have to help you?

Han Xiao chuckled in response. Dont forget that you have a criminal record. Since I bailed you out, I will not allow you to run around freely and do as you wish. If you do, you will become a wanted criminal. Thus, working for me temporarily is the best opportunity for you to earn money.

Humph, you are bundling both threats and benefits. Do you think that I will definitely agree to your request? Rossellin snorted. I like to deal with those who overestimate themselves the most!

Actually, it is possible to remove your criminal record entirely

What do you want me to do? Rossellin took a step forward without any hesitation and hugged Han Xiaos arm with a fawning look on her face.

As Reynold looked at the fawning Rossellin, he was completely speechless.

He had talked to Rossellin privately and knew that Rossellin was willing to stay behind and help. However, she just could not put aside her face to do so. Now that Black Star had taken the initiative to mention this, it gave her the opportunity to accept it.

Han Xiao was also certain that Rossellin would not reject him. The eighty Favorability points that he had with Rossellin were not just for show. When facing Rossellins venomous tongue, he also knew how to deal with her. As long as he gave Rossellin an excuse, she would definitely agree to his request.

You will take up the role of a Culture Instructor and lecture the members of the Black Star Army. You will lecture the members of the Black Star Army about our history so that they will understand our Black Star Army better and have a greater sense of belonging. You should research the history of the Black Star Army and come up with lecture material for it. Find a suitable incision point to set up their faith in the Black Star Army. I will check the material after you have prepared it.

Han Xiao wiggled his arm out from Rossellins embrace as he spoke.

For his faction to develop healthily, the loyalty and identity of the members had to be developed. This would require a culture to be established. Organizations such as Bloodshed Land and Hidden Red Robe Abbey each had their own unique culture.

Han Xiao felt that he did not only have to cultivate a sense of belonging and acknowledgement with the players but also the other members of the army.

Rossellin accepted her job and left the room. Reynold then thanked Han Xiao.

Thank you for giving my sister a job

You are someone of great importance to me. There isnt a need to say such pleasantries.

Han Xiao waved his hand indifferently.

Even with Reynolds silent and serious nature, he could not help but feel touched at this moment.

Having such a boss is truly great.

After a casual chat, Han Xiao said, I asked you to help Vilna set up an army about a month ago. How are things going?

I mobilized a portion of our resources and funds, amounting to about 70,000,000 Enas, to purchase battleships and hire manpower in the name of Floating Dragon, Reynold replied. However, a portion of them didnt wish to join Floating Dragons Field Team and wanted to join the Black Star Army instead.

Han Xiao fell into deep thought.

A wise individual would be able to tell that Black Star Armys growth was due to Floating Dragons influence.

Currently, the Black Star Army was Floating Dragons most powerful force. Joining the Black Star Army meant that they would enjoy Floating Dragons influence as well, and it was akin to killing two birds with one stone. Thus, the majority only wanted to join the Black Star Army.

Furthermore, the rumors of Floating Dragon and the Black Star Army splitting up had been spreading. Compared to Floating Dragon, most people felt that the more ambitious Black Star Army had a brighter future.

Even if Han Xiao was not a Beyond Grade A Super yet, the scale of the Black Star Army was larger than Floating Dragon. After all, Ames did not work together with any Star Cluster Civilizations and did not have as many connections as Black Star.

How large a force do you think 70,000,000 Enas should be able to create? Han Xiao asked.

Hmm its difficult to say. According to the current speed at which I am burning through the funds, I will be able to finish the funds within half a year, and the army will end up being slightly smaller than the large mercenary groups.

Its too small, Han Xiao immediately replied. I will give you three months to finish all the funds and invest another 150,000,000 Enas.

Reynold was startled. Would the cost be too high?

Its alright. Im not short of money.

Han Xiao smiled. Floating Dragon had given him plenty of assistance when he started out, and he did not plan to save any money when helping Floating Dragon create another Field Team. Furthermore, he gave Jenny a sky-high amount of money every month; he was not bothered about this small amount of money.

The Black Star Army was working together with more than a hundred financial groups and had mines on dozens of planets.

After deducting their monthly expenses, the profits from the mining would be at least 200,000,000 Enas every month.

As long as he had connections in the various governments, earning money was an extremely easy task.

Of course, his wealth still could not be compared to a Star System Civilization, but it was enough to maintain an armed force.

The word poor had been struck from his dictionary.


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