The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 730

Chapter 730 Universal Treasure

As a famous Beyond Grade A organization, the location of Hidden Red Robe Abbey was known to the public. It was located in the Gelock Star Cluster and was also known as the Palace of Hidden Spells.

Palace of Hidden Spells was a large palace that floated in the universe, and this palace was Austins Mage Pagoda. It was used as the base of Hidden Red Robe Abbey.

The Mage Pagoda was important equipment for a mage, and it was both useful in combat and for research purposes. As the Mage Pagoda of a Beyond Grade A Mage, it was said that the Secret Law Temple had 48,000 different formations. It had a perfect attack, defense, movement, and life support systems. Furthermore, it had projections in a few hundred secondary dimensions and was able to leave the universe and enter those dimensions at any time.

If it was classified into a grade, the grade of Austins Palace of Hidden Spells would exceed that of orange equipment and would be at the level of a Universal Treasure. It was the equipment of the highest grade, the goldgrade.

The spaceship approached the Palace of Hidden Spells, and the trio looked out of the window and admired the gigantic palace from afar.

The Palace of Hidden Spells was majestic and luxurious with essence gold and dense silver as its foundation. It was decorated with colorful magical crystals all around and looked like a dream-like castle in the universe. The palace could be broken down into many different layers with plenty of subsidiary pagodas all around. A magical glow enveloped the entire palace and covered it with five colored gas. Numerous energy source formations were inscribed all around the protective shield of the palace to absorb a portion of the dark energy from the universe to replenish the consumption of the various formations.

How majestic, Feidin said with admiration.

How luxurious, Marian said with reverence.

How rich, Han Xiao said with envy. He truly saw things differently from others.

If those from the Mechanic class were like merchants, then those from the Mage class were like local tyrants. Especially a Mage of Austins caliber. The thickness of his wallet was something that even Han Xiao could not help but feel envious about.

Han Xiao then sought permission from the Palace of Hidden Spells to land, and after receiving permission, he piloted the spaceship toward the dock.

At this moment, the dock was filled with many different models of spaceships that came from different Star Systems. They were all there to seek apprenticeships. The Palace of Hidden Spells had always been open to the outside world, and countless mages chose to research magic in this place. If one threw a random brick out over there, at least two mages would end up being hit for sure.

Hidden Red Robe Abbey was a neutral mage organization. Austin did not work together with any Star Cluster civilizations and did not attempt to expand his armed force either. He allowed the majority of mages to enter Hidden Red Robe Abbey to cultivate and shared knowledge with them. As long as one raised their membership level, one would be able to gain access to knowledge that was of a higher grade. The organizational structure was extremely loose, and their number of members was certainly greater than that of Bloodshed Land. However, only the Forbidden Sorcerers and a few other armed forces were considered Austins direct subordinates.

According to Han Xiaos understanding, Hidden Red Robe Abbey was like a private mage school, and Austin was the principal. His direct subordinates were the lecturers, and the various armed forces under him was like the security detail of the school.

The trio stepped onto the dock, and there were already people waiting for them. The one waiting for them was Desoro, who had previously appeared to bring Lagi back.

Its been more than ten years. You havent increased your rank? Han Xiao remembered him and began to joke.

You must be joking. His Excellency Magus is waiting in the main hall. Please follow me.

Desoros attitude was much more respectful than before. Ten years ago, he had still dared to exchange pointers with Han Xiao, but now, he did not even dare to compete with Han Xiao.

The few of them then chatted casually as they entered the Palace of Hidden Spells.

The energy level of this place is so high. Marian took in a few deep breaths and felt extremely refreshed.

Hmm. The Palace of Hidden Spells is capable of absorbing the dark energy and magical elements floating around in the universe and can raise the density of magical energy here, Desoro explained. A mage who meditates in this place will see their efficiency increased greatly, and there is also sufficient energy to conduct various magical experiments. Even if one isnt a mage, breathing in the air here will allow ones spirit to be greatly refreshed.

Feidin then frowned and said doubtfully, I feel my Psychic energy being suppressed in this place. I am unable to release it too far, and its greatly restricted after fifty meters.

Its like this. Because many mages carry out their own magical research in this place, they set up various restrictions to prevent any mental probing. Releasing ones Psychic energy in this place carelessly is a taboo, Desoro said.

The few of them then entered the main hall.

Numerous thick magical books floated in midair, releasing a silver glow like the stars in the sky, seemingly forming a milky way in the main hall. There were a few hundred half-transparent Austins floating in midair and reading different books. They were all his doppelgangers, and Austins main body was seated atop his throne with his eyes shut. His hand was currently supporting his head up, and it was as though he was having a good nap.

The moment Han Xiao and the others walked in, Austin detected their presence and woke up from his slumber with a lazy yawn.

Black Star, youre here.

Austin wiped off the saliva by his lips, and his saliva transformed into a small, sky-blue dragon about the size of a finger and flew away.

Your Excellency Magus, Han Xiao greeted, and both Feidin and Marian followed after him.

Desoro left tactfully and shut the doors.

It is so rare for you to seek my help. We can talk later. Let me see what Psyker did to you.

Austin got off from his throne, and his numerous doppelgangers returned to his main body like birds returning to their nest. He then walked in front of Han Xiao, and his height was only at Han Xiaos waist. His large and baggy red robes were dragged along the floor like a carpet.

Austin then shook his head, and his feet left the ground. Levitating until he was at Han Xiaos eye level, he raised his tiny hand and tapped on Han Xiaos forehead lightly. After taking a look at the psychic toxin in Han Xiaos mind, he let out a gasp of surprise.

How is it? Han Xiao felt his heart sink. For a Beyond Grade A Super to be startled, could it be that his situation was terrible?

I see Its a little troublesome Austin retracted his finger and placed his arms behind his back. He then revolved around Han Xiao and asked, What do you know of Psyker?

I dont really know much about him Han Xiao pondered for a while. He tried to recall the information that the players from his previous life had gathered. However, there was too little information about Psyker. Furthermore, the players were not able to reach the upper echelons, and there was plenty that they did not know.

Alright, I have to first tell you that this psychic toxins official name is called Soul Embryo, and I do not have the ability to purge it for you.

Han Xiao was startled. Even a Beyond Grade A Mage like you cant do it?

Magic isnt omnipotent. Austin shook his head with resignation.

Lagi had also said the same thing.

Han Xiao muttered under his breath.

Let me explain it to you. Just like how I occasionally make magic scrolls myself, Psyker also uses various techniques to store his psychic attacks. Our Beyond Grade A disposable weapons are sold on the black market for a sky-high price. This time, the attack that injured you was a psychic weapon that Psyker created.

More accurately speaking, not just Psykers psychic energy is included. Another type of energy is also included within the attack.

According to my knowledge, Psyker once roamed the Ancient Star Desert before he became a Beyond Grade A Super. That is an ancient Star Field, and he obtained a Universal Treasure there called the Evolution Cube. It was an item from some lost civilization.

Hearing that, Han Xiao was stunned for a moment.

Its actually that item?

At this moment, Feidin asked with curiosity, Whats the use of that Evolution Cube?

Austin looked at Feidin and felt as though he was pleasing to the eye. Psyker hid the Evolution Cube extremely well, and I have never seen what it looks like. I also dont know its exact usage. I only know two of its uses.

First, the Evolution Cube can stimulate the potential of a living being, allowing it to evolve greatly in a short period of time. It can automatically adjust the gene structure of an individual to ensure that it is the optimum gene structure. Psyker relied on this method to become a Beyond Grade A Super. He activated the bloodline of his ancestors, and this was the contribution of the Evolution Cube.

Marians breathing became heavy. Does this mean that this treasure is able to lower the barrier to become a Beyond Grade A Super?

Not just that, Austin said slowly. Psyker also used the Evolution Cube to influence all the members of his race and aided an entire race to evolve and easily complete a journey that would take other civilizations a million years to complete. The genes of his entire race have reached perfection. Their body, lifespan, intelligence, and so on all exceed an ordinary species. The combat capability of a newborn infant is almost that of a Grade C Super.

Feidins eyes widened with shock. Such a treasure actually exists? This is too unbelievable. Wont other organizations eye such a powerful treasure with greed?

Of course, there will be some who are greedy. The Arcane Church also approached him, and Psyker came to an agreement with them. He was willing to serve the Arcane Church with the Evolution Cube in exchange for their protection.

Originally, Psykers civilization was only an ordinary Star System Civilization and grew rapidly because of this incident, looking as though it is about to become the next Star Cluster civilization. Although a Star Cluster civilization already existed in the region that he was born in, Psyker had the support of the Arcane Church, and his competitor wouldnt dare suppress him openly. They could only watch as he slowly rose to prominence.

Han Xiao nodded secretly. This was pretty much the same as the information that he had. Psykers attention was fully devoted to leading his civilization, and he did not like to participate in the conflicts of other regions.

He felt that it was extremely unlikely for Psyker to participate in the secret war.

He sounds like a hero of his civilization, Feidin said respectfully.

Austin did not deny those words and continued. The second ability of the Evolution Cube was to increase ones mental strength. The upper limit is still unknown. Thus, Psykers psychic energy is unbelievably powerful, and his mental strength is even higher than mine. Most importantly, the strength of the Evolution Cube had mixed together with his own psychic energy to form a special reaction, causing his sentient psychic energy to have a terrifying life force.

The toxin in your body is actually the embryo of a new soul. In other words, your other personality. This soul that had yet to be born has taken root in your mental world and is connected with your own soul. While I am able to destroy it, your body will suffer irreversible damage in the process.

Irreversible damage means Han Xiao pushed carefully.

Not sure. I dont mind if you want to try. Austin chuckled.

Han Xiao felt his head ache. Are there any other ways?

Austin then smiled mysteriously and said, If Ames or I suffered such an injury, we would be able to recover very easily.

Han Xiaos eyes lit up, and he seemed to have understood something. You mean

While Psykers psychic energy is powerful, it is only at the Beyond Grade A level, and it isnt incurable. The mental strength of a Beyond Grade A Super is extremely stable. As long as you become a Beyond Grade A Super, you dont need to receive help from anyone and can recover on your own.

Austin looked at Han Xiao with excitement and added, You know that I would not say such words to anyone else. However, you are different. I have great expectations for your potential, and you may be able to become a Beyond Grade A Super before being eroded.

Actually, there is an even easier method. Han Xiao could not help but say, You can ask Psyker to help me. He will definitely understand his own attack. Your relationship with him should be pretty good, right?

Nonsense, I dont know him, and I am not familiar with him. Austin denied it without even thinking

Han Xiao rolled his eyes in response.

Theres no way Ill believe you. You darn old man. That isnt what you said when I first asked you for help.




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