The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 767

Chapter 767 767 Announcement 1

767 Announcement 1 

In Han Xiao’s personal factory, dozens of army boxes were lined up in a row with a few hundred different mechanical soldiers lining up neatly. They were arranged from tall to short and light to heavy as though it was an exhibition.

“Seventy percent of the soldiers weren’t changed, and the new blueprints that came from Sardeem’s collection were mostly giant soldiers. Another portion of blueprints are those newly merged blueprints. Although there isn’t an upgrade in my knowledge, I managed to unlock new blueprints after becoming a Beyond Grade A and got a good amount of new blueprints from gambling…”

Han Xiao placed his hands behind his back and studied the different models.

A new army was usually created by using the new skills that he obtained after reaching Beyond Grade A to forge more powerful machines with better attributes. The introduction of new models was not that important.

Because of the lack of time, Han Xiao did not have the chance to learn any new knowledge, and the majority of his mechanical soldiers were still old models. However, their attributes were far stronger than his previous army. With the increase in his Intelligence, the bonus from [Supreme Prestige] and [Mechanical Genius] largely increased the attributes of his mechanical army.

However, even if they were old models, these mechanical soldiers were the elite products that had gone through many generations of improvements. The ordinary soldiers were all rebuilt, and all his elite forces such as the Oathkeepers and Phantoms were also reconstructed. At the same time, he had plenty of new additions such as the giant soldiers, Planetary Obliteration Group, Black Knights, and so on.

As for the weapons with large firepower, Han Xiao had modified the various satellite cannons. Because he had not learned the relevant knowledge, he was not able to construct a true Planetary Obliteration Cannon. However, the satellite cannons that he modified had comparable strength to the Ice Age Star Freezing Cannon. Furthermore, its penetrative and explosive abilities were even more powerful. Although it would be impossible to destroy a planet now, destroying a continent wouldn’t be a problem.

With his firepower reaching the Beyond Grade A level, Han Xiao also built a new mechanical suit to replace his Mountain Ape suit.

The new mechanical suit had a black theme with some yellow accents. It looked extremely sturdy and was like a growling beast.

The mechanical suit was made from precious alloys, and the nano transformation technology was further strengthened to improve its self-repairing capabilities. The strength of the mechanic suit was its movement speed. It was equipped with a high speed hyperdrive thruster that enabled Han Xiao to swiftly avoid enemy attacks in battle. As for its firepower, apart from the normal energy and close-range weapons, it also had a psionic energy furnace to increase damage.

The name of this mechanical suit was Battle Tiger. The Mountain Ape suit was suitable for those at level 165, and this ‘Battle Tiger’ suit was level-215 orange equipment. Its attributes were increased in every way. Its armor was over 100,000 points, and its energy was over 10,000 points. Before obtaining new knowledge and forging a new trump card suit, Han Xiao planned to temporarily use this suit to increase his strength.

The mechanical suit came with many additional abilities, including a variety of close combat abilities and a sound wave attack called ‘Tiger Roar’. It was even more powerful than the Mountain Ape suit in terms of violence and was far superior to the Mountain Ape suit in terms of armor and damage. This was a killing machine suitable for many different battlefields.

These machines have all reached Beyond Grade A. As long as there’s enough of them, I will be able to fight normally.

There were other larger machines that he had not had the time to build, such as the Eternal Light and a new base. When he activated [Secondary Dimension Army], he would be able to break through the limits of the compressed orb. At that time, he would be able to carry an entire satellite fortress and different super-sized machines with him.


Right at that moment, the room trembled slightly.

“Is there a problem?”

Han Xiao’s eyes narrowed, and he contacted Phillip.

“What happened?”

“Someone forcefully broke through the defensive line of the headquarters and landed on the satellite base. I will now send you images of the satellite, hum…”

The next moment, the image of the satellite appeared before him. A man broke through from the barricade of the battleships and landed on the surface of the satellite, resulting in an alarm being set off. The warriors of the army then flooded out and surrounded the man.

Upon seeing the appearance of this individual, Han Xiao was slightly shocked.


“Master, hum… your Guards Regiment have rushed over already. Are you going to take care of matters personally?”

Han Xiao’s eyes narrowed, and the Battle Tiger suit transformed into a bracelet on his arm. He then opened the door of the workshop and walked out.

“Tell Hila to not let him escape. I will go over immediately.”

At the same time, a few hundred spaceships were floating around the Black Star Army headquarters and recording the scene before them.

These spaceships were the news spaceships from the various galactic media groups. In order to get first-hand information of Black Star’s true strength, they had been waiting there for half a month. However, they had been blocked out by the defensive fleet of the Black Star Army and could only float in space nearby.

When a Calamity Grade Super appeared and broke through the defensive line of the Black Star Army fleet, the commotion immediately drew the attention of the galactic reporters, and they all became energetic.

The rumors said that Black Star had already become a Beyond Grade A Super, but there were still those who dared to provoke him. These reporters could keenly sense that this was the chance to dig up some interesting news. As such, they all gathered around to watch.

“I know this person. He’s Hadavy, and he had appeared in the secret war before. He is someone on the Bloodshed Land’s side.”

“Could this be provocation from the Bloodshed Land? Are they announcing war with the Black Star Army publicly‽”

“There will be a nice show to watch!”

In the entrance of the satellite, the soldiers formed three layers of encirclement around Hadavy with numerous cannons being aimed at him. Hadavy was not flustered in the slightest and said, “I am here to see your Army Commander. Since your fleet wouldn’t let me in, I could only barge in.”

Because Han Xiao had issued the order that he would not meet anyone before going into seclusion, all miscellaneous issues had been handed over to Sylvia and Herlous. The defensive fleet had strictly followed Han Xiao’s orders, and Hadavy did not manage to get an exception after reporting his name. He had thus barged in.

At this moment, a beam of red light appeared in front of Hadavy.

“Don’t move,” Hila said with a frosty expression.

Hadavy paused for a moment and sized Hila up. “Who are you?”

“Captain of the Black Star Guards, Hila.”

“Black Star Guards?” Hadavy’s eyes lit up.



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