The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 779

Chapter 779 779 Your Ally Is Not Bad..

779 Your Ally Is Not Bad…

What is the Crimson Dynasty doing Jorde was stunned. He could not understand why the Crimson Dynasty suddenly attacked the Arcane Church. Aren’t we on the same side today?

Ralph was startled by this sudden turn of events as well. He was at a loss. Both the Crimson Dynasty and the Arcane Church were on the enemy’s side, so why did one suddenly attack the other

The Arcane Church hastily adjusted their formation to face the Crimson Dynasty. While guarding against the attacks, they tried to counterattack. The Crimson Dynasty was behind the Bloodshed Land formation, so the Bloodshed Land fleet and the Klent fleet were affected as well.

Psyker’s expression suddenly changed as he quickly distanced himself from Heber.

“Was this your plan”

All kinds of speculations appeared in his mind. Was Heber’s sudden betrayal revenge for his earlier interference, or was this planned long ago? Could it be that Heber was so mad that not only did he want to make an example out of Black Star but him as well?

Could it be that the Crimson Dynasty wanted to use this opportunity to get rid of him, an Arcane Church ally in the Shattered Star Ring?

Psyker could not help but to make many guesses. However, he realized that Heber looked puzzled as well, as if he did not know why the Crimson Dynasty had suddenly attacked.

Heber had no time to care about what Psyker was thinking. He turned into a meteor and flew back to the Bloodshed Land formation, entering the closest spaceship and borrowing their communicator.

“Jorde! Contact the Crimson Dynasty’s men and ask them what they’re doing!”

“Your Excellency Tyrant, their commander told us to attack the Arcane Church with them and did not mention the reason!” Jorde hastily replied in the communication channel.

“Then contact Klent’s men. Tell them to ask the Dynasty Emissary Zoel for the reason.”

“Ookay,” Jorde replied. “The officials on their mother planet are trying to contact Zoel.”

Zoel had been staying in the Crimson Dynasty Diplomatic Building on the Klent Mother Planet all along. He had only deployed the Crimson Dynasty garrison but did not go to the scene personally.

The two Universal Civilization garrison fleets had fired at each other. Many nearby observers were affected and blasted into pieces.

The other observers backed away in panic. Countless spaceships turned around and escaped from the battlefield.

The situation became chaotic in an instant. Everyone was busy dodging stray bullets, and no one paid attention to the main participants.

The Black Star Army and the Purple Crystal’s fleet on the other side were not affected. Seeing that the enemies were in chaos, they were confused. Han Xiao did not publicize becoming the Crimson Dynasty’s ally, so Han Xiao and the Crimson Dynasty were the only ones that knew about it.

Due to the sudden change, both Heber and Psyker’s attention was diverted, and they had no time to care about Han Xiao. Han Xiao and Ames, who were in the middle of the battlefield, did not chase after them. They looked at the battle between the Crimson Dynasty and the Arcane Church from far away.

Han Xiao suddenly smiled.

“With the Crimson Dynasty’s attack, this should end soon.”

“This is your doing?” Ames turned to look at Han Xiao, and then it occurred to her. “You’ve joined the Crimson Dynasty.”

She did not know about this either. Before this, she had thought that she was Han Xiao’s most powerful ally there.

“The Tyrant wants to step on me to increase his reputation, and Psyker wants to take back the Evolution Cube,” Han Xiao said slowly. “I also want to use this opportunity today to increase my influence. I’m a new Beyond Grade A Super, so I need to achieve many deeds to have a reputation like the Tyrant’s, which will take too long. An opportunity for the Tyrant is also an opportunity for me; I can use this battle to obtain a ton of reputation and fame.”

Ames raised her brows and said, “It sounds like you don’t need my help to deal with the dangers today, or did you think I’m not good enough?”

“Don’t misunderstand, I’m just used to having more than one plan.” Han Xiao smiled with resignation.

The Crimson Dynasty and the Arcane Church did not turn out to fight a full out war. Very soon, both sides stopped firing and distanced themselves from one another. The atmosphere was tense.

Still puzzled, the observers all focused on the Crimson Dynasty’s fleet from far away. Everyone wanted to know why the Crimson Dynasty had done what they just did.

At this time, the trillions of spaceships at the scene all received a message from the Crimson Dynasty. This was an announcement made in the official civilization public communication channela channel shared by the civilizations above the Star System level, only used to make official announcements. Any message sent using this channel would be received by all devices within a certain area.

“This is the Crimson Dynasty Shattered Star Ring Garrison K-004 Fleet Commander, Sciurio, hereby sending a warning to the Arcane Church

“Firstly, this battle is monitored by the Crimson Dynasty. Any organization breaking the rules will be firmly stopped by us. Your interference has violated the rules.

“Secondly, the Black Star Army is the Crimson Dynasty’s ally. The Evolution Cube currently belongs to the Crimson Dynasty. Any organization planning to snatch it will be seen as the Dynasty’s enemy!”

After hearing this announcementbe it Klent, the Bloodshed Land, the Purple Crystal Civilization, even the Black Star Army, or any other observereveryone’s eyes widened with shock.

When did Black Star become the Crimson Dynasty’s ally

So, the Crimson Dynasty is actually not here to help the Tyrant but Black Star!

Everyone was stunned.

Heber’s expression changed drastically. “Why didn’t I know about this”

Jorde’s mind was blank.

The Bloodshed Land was the Crimson Dynasty’s ally, and now the Black Star Army had become the Crimson Dynasty’s ally. Did that not mean that they were now on the same side

The two sides had fought for a decade, but they had become allies

“What the f” Summer Night Flower’s expression stiffened, and his face turned pale.

Initially, he had thought the Bloodshed Land’s biggest advantage was having the Crimson Dynasty as their backer. Now, however, the Black Star Army had the same thing.

As his last shred of hope shattered, Summer Night Flower’s heart was filled with regret.

Suddenly, his vision was blocked by a shadow. He turned around and saw that the players around had surrounded him with unfriendly expressions on their faces.

“The Black Star Army has become the Crimson Dynasty’s ally. When did this happen”

Ralph was astonished.

Comparatively, all the players of the Black Star Army were overjoyed by this news.

Opposing the Crimson Dynasty was not optimal. They had initially been worried about the Black Star Army’s future. They had never expected the army to become the Crimson Dynasty’s ally!

The millions of army players were relieved immediately. Becoming an ally of a Universal Civilization meant that the Black Star Army had a channel for even more growth and that its potential was even greater!

Many players’ previously shaken beliefs became firm once again, and they were more confident in the army now than ever!

“Sh*t, I thought it was the end of us.”

“The captain somehow got to the Crimson Dynasty. The term ‘Black Star Networking Group’ is definitely accurate.”

“It seems that our army will most likely last for many versions.”

“Amazing, I’m going to be famous again.” Bun-Hit-Dog recorded footage with a huge grin on his face.

Inside the Black Star Army flagship, the many Calamity Grade officers breathed a sigh of relief, followed by joy.

“The captain made a backup plan long ago!”

With the Crimson Dynasty backing them, the Black Star Army was no longer an ordinary Beyond Grade A organization!

The many officers were thrilled and glad that they made the bet years ago to become a pillar of the army!

They did not make a mistake in believing in Black Star!

Inside the Palace of Hidden Spells, Austin’s eyes sparkled.

“I see. Not only did you showcase your power by fighting the Tyrant, but you also publicly announced your support from the Crimson Dynasty, enhancing your reputation and indirectly solving your battle with the Tyrant. You single-handedly turned this feast today into an event to increase your fame. Heber and Psyker both fell right into it. You’re the biggest winner this time”

A strange smile appeared on Austin’s face.

“Good, a person with ambition. The Shattered Star Ring is finally going to become boisterous.”

“No wonder you were so calm. You joined the Crimson Dynasty using the Evolution Cube”

Psyker had a complicated feeling. Now that the Crimson Dynasty had their hands on the Evolution Cube, the difficulty in snatching it back was beyond his abilities.

Seeing the situation, he sighed and sent a message to the Arcane Church Fleet Commander.


With the Crimson Dynasty expressing their standpoint, no matter what the Bloodshed Land and Klent were thinking, the Crimson Dynasty would be part of this. Since Black Star and the Tyrant stood on the same side and he had become their common enemy. The Arcane Church fleet would not be able to do anything by staying there.

After considering both the pros and cons, Psyker felt retreating was the best choice. Hence, even though he was very displeased, he still made a decisive decision.

Under the eyes of the crowd, the Arcane Church fleet slowly retreated and left the battlefield, turning into a stream of light and disappearing. The Crimson Dynasty did not stop them; their goal had been to make the Arcane Church retreat all along.

“The Arcane Church has retreated!”

“Psyker left, too.”

Countless people turned to look at Heber. With one of the people that demanded a duel with Black Star leaving, the Tyrant was the only one left. The direction of the situation was in the Tyrant’s hands.

Originally, everyone had thought that the Tyrant and Black Star were enemies, but they had just discovered that they were allies. This duel had become an internal conflict between the Crimson Dynasty’s allies.

Hence, the Tyrant was in a very awkward position. Heber’s earlier confusion looked sincere, so most people believed that Heber did not know about this.

If that’s the case, will he still insist on fighting Black Star now?

The situation had taken many turns, and no one knew what was going to happen next.

The Bloodshed Land remained at the ready. Heber did not return to the battlefield to continue fighting Han Xiao immediately. He narrowed his eyes and looked at Han Xiao from far away, and Han Xiao was looking at him.

As Heber did not make a move, the battlefield had entered a strange silence.

Inside the spaceship, Heber asked Jorde in a deep voice, “Did Klent respond?”

“They’re still talking to the Crimson Dynasty” Jorde could hear that Heber’s tone was unpleasant.

At the same time, in the Crimson Dynasty embassy on the Klent Mother Planet

“Envoy Zoel, what is the meaning of this? Didn’t the Crimson Dynasty agree to fight Black Star together with us? Why did you accept Black Star as an ally?”

The outcry of the Klent high-level officials sounded from the communicator. Zoel raised his eyelids and slowly replied, “I don’t think I ever agreed to this request. I dispatched the garrison to the venue and only said that it was to back up our ally. Klent is our ally, as is Black Star. Our target is just Psyker and the Arcane Church backing him up. You misunderstood, that’s all.”

“But you did not notify us about Black Star becoming your ally!”

“Oh?” Zoel raised his brows. “Does the Dynasty have to notify you every time we gain an ally? Do you also want the Dynasty to give you all of our military secrets?”


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