The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 780

Chapter 780 Heber Stellar Furnace Cultivation

I did not say that. But you knew Black Star is our enemy, yet you did not tell us about it. Doesnt that go against our agreement? If wed known that Black Star was on our side in advance, we definitely wouldve told the Tyrant to cancel this duel, and the joke today wouldnt have happened.

Youre exaggerating it. Zoel was not angry and smiled. Hiding this news was Black Stars request, and I agreed personally. I dispatched the garrison to the scene to prevent the situation from getting out of hand. Furthermore, didnt the results of what happened today turn out to be beneficial? The entire Star Field now knows you people and the Black Star Army have become allies, which is beneficial for both of you. Overall, not only did you guys not suffer any damage, but you actually benefited from it. After all, such a grant occasion like this rarely happens.

The Klent official clenched his teeth and smiled. Looks like we misunderstood you.

Thats right. Sigh, but I am indeed responsible for this. How about this? I will confess my wrongdoings to the Dynasty superiors and request for resources compensation for you. What do you think? Zoel said with a smile.

Theres no need for that. We misunderstood you in the first place; youve done nothing wrong.

Alright then. Nonetheless, to express my apology, please accept the resources compensation.


As Zoel ended the communication, the smile on his face disappeared instantly. He nodded with satisfaction.

Klent is smart, good.

Not long after, the Bloodshed Land received Klents message at the scene.

YourYour Excellency Tyrant, Klent has responded, Jorde stammered.


They said that Zoel was the one that agreed to make Black Star an ally. Klent told us to stop the duel and reretreat immediately

Klent knew that they had been tricked by the Crimson Dynasty, but what could they do? They still wanted a piece of the Flickering World, so it was impossible for them to rescind the agreement. They could only swallow it up.

Black Stars chips were too attractive. Klent knew clearly that the Crimson Dynasty would certainly not reject the Evolution Cube, so they could only accept it. Fortunately, the duel was mainly the Tyrants idea; Klent did not suffer much damage, so they had quickly compromised.

Heber closed his eyes.

After a while, he then reopened his eyes and squeezed out a word between his clenched teeth.


The order sounded from the Bloodshed Lands commanding channel. The many Bloodshed Land officers all became spiritless, like they had lost all their energy.

Jordes face twitched with resentment, but there was nothing he could do.

The Crimson Dynasty, Klent, and the Bloodshed Lands fleets left one after another, leaving only Purple Crystal and the Black Star Armys people at the scene.

The Bloodshed Land retreated, haha!

In the countless battleships, the warriors of the Black Star Army cheered with joy.

Influenced by the atmosphere, many players followed along in the cheering.

Ames smiled.

Although Han Xiao keeping this a secret made her feel a little unhappy, seeing Heber getting tricked by them made her feel very pleased.

The expression on Han Xiaos face under the helmet was filled with mockery. Tyrant? Hehe.

As their battle had been stopped, a winner was not decided. However, during the battle, he had fought the Tyrant on even ground, so no one would think that he had joined the Crimson Dynasty because he was afraid of the Tyrant.

On the other hand, despite being the one initiating this duel, the Tyrant had left in the end. This meant that Heber had become his stepping stone, defining his position in the Shattered Star Ring. He would no longer be underestimated by some people because he was a new Beyond Grade A.

At this time, a Legendary Point notification popped up on the interface.


You have received 3 Legendary Points.

Star Field Legendary Point (Shattered Star Ring): Battle Against TyrantYour battle with Tyrant Heber is known by all of the Shattered Star Ring. This battle will be passed around by one after another across this Star Field, along with your name.

Star Field Legendary Point (Shattered Star Ring): Ally of the Crimson DynastyUniversal Civilizations are the biggest forces of this galaxy. You have become an ally of one of them, the Crimson Dynasty.

Star Field Legendary Point (Shattered Star Ring): Star Field Signature CharacterYour name echoes through the entire Star Field as one of the signatures of this Star Field. From this day forth, whenever the Shattered Star Ring is mentioned, your name will be linked to it.


Han Xiaos eyes sparkled.

Star Field Legendary Points bonus to experience was much higher than that of Star Cluster Legendary Points, and they were extremely difficult to obtain. He had received three at once, which meant that his plan to command respect through this duel had been very successful.

When what had happened spread throughout the universe, his reputation in the Shattered Star Ring would certainly rocket once again.

At this time, Ralph sent a communication request.

Han Xiao knew what Purple Crystals reaction to this would be, so he had thought of what to say long ago.

Black Star

The communication connected. Ralphs face appeared on the tactical screen under the mechanical suit helmet. Ralph looked hesitant.

I know what youre going to say. Han Xiao spoke first. Becoming the Crimson Dynastys ally was my idea. As you guys know, the secret war is not looking good for us. In order to destroy Klents plan, the only way is to do it through people with a high position. Using myself as the chip, I exchanged for their stand regarding the secret war. This was the method to win the secret war I told you about.

Ralph opened his eyes with a complicated expression.

He had initially thought Black Star would abandon Purple Crystal. Once he heard what Han Xiao said, he felt much better.

Luckily, Black Star still remembered Purple Crystals support and requested the dynasty to give them some benefits. At least he was not someone to abandon them even after accepting so many resources from them.

You and the Crimson Dynasty, sigh

I know you guys hope to maintain the neutral ground of the civilization, but Im different. Im Purple Crystals ally, too, like a bridge between you guys and the Crimson Dynasty. This will be beneficial to a certain extent for all three of us.

Ralph nodded. This was indeed true.

He knew what Han Xiao meanthe wanted to be the Crimson Dynastys ally while continuing being Purple Crystals ally.

Of course, Purple Crystal was not satisfied with this. They had funded and supported the Black Star Army for close to a decade, all because they wanted to be the biggest partner of a Beyond Grade A. However, a Universal Civilization had gotten to Han Xiao first. Ralph was unsatisfied.

However, after more thought, he could only feel resignation. After that fight, the Black Star Army would become even more powerful. If Purple Crystal rescinded the agreement, the Black Star Army would not be afraid since they had an even better ally. In the end, the ones suffering the most losses would be Purple Crystal.

The best solution currently was to continue the partnership and share the profit brought by the Black Star Army.

After investing so much resources for so long, Purple Crystal was not willing to gain nothing.

Understood. I will report this to the upper echelons Ralph calmed his emotions down and secretly admired Black Stars guts.

Wait for the good news. Han Xiao smiled.

If he was just an ordinary Beyond Grade A, he might not have been able to make the Crimson Dynasty change their standpoint on the secret war. However, with the Evolution Cube in his hands, things were different.

Han Xiao ended the communication and secretly felt relieved.

Things were going great. Han Xiao felt relaxed. Having become a Beyond Grade A, he had truly entered the top circle of Galaxy. Most of the restrictions he had once faced as a Calamity Grade were now gone, and the weight of his name had become tremendously heavier.

This time, a teleportation gate opened beside Han Xiao and Ames. Austin, who had been observing from the side, walked out from it.

Hehe, congratulations, Black Star, Austin said with a smile.

Hehe Han Xiao replied with a smile as well.

This isnt a good place to talk. Lets chat again during the next Tyrant Party. Austin did not say much.

Then, he teleported back to the Palace of Hidden Spells and activated the spells on it. The palace flew into the teleportation gate and disappeared.

Tyrant Party

Han Xiaos eyes sparkled. He wondered if the Tyrant would invite him to the next party.

Since things are settled, I shall get going. Ames waved and flew back to Floating Dragon. Floating Dragon slowly left.

Han Xiao watched Ames leave. He then returned to the Black Star Armys flagship and entered the command room, where the army officers gathered. As soon as he walked in, everyone looked at him with admiration in their eyes.

Sylvia, Herlous, announce the fleet to return, Han Xiao said.

Roger! Sylvias face was filled with excitement.

Also, using the Black Star Armys name, issue a recruitment order to the entire Star Field. Its time for those who have been observing to make a choice. Han Xiao smiled.

Due to the Tyrants invitation to the duel, the Black Star Army had been keeping a low profile. Since the matter had been dealt with, it was time for the Black Star Army to expand and officially become a Beyond Grade A organization!

Many officers were exhilaratedthis was what they had been waiting for!

Han Xiao turned and looked at Feidin. He had yet to complete the mission to draw the Tyrants ability because he wanted to touch Feidin for some luck.

Patting Feidin on the shoulder, Han Xiao gave everyone a few words of encouragement and sent all the officers away, saying that he needed to rest.

Han Xiao returned to his room alone and opened the interface to claim the reward.


You have received the reward: Draw Hebers one ability/talent.

Tip: Heber is a Pugilist. Part of the abilities/talents are adjusted according to your class.

Randomizing complete!

Please select one from the five options below as the reward:

1. [Phantom Combo]Ability: +75% close-range attack speed. Duration: 7s. Cost: 80 Energy. Cooldown: 18s

2. [Star Tossing Power]Ability: Use energy to enhance your cells, +600 STR. Duration: 20s. Cooldown: 120s

3. [Weakness Observation]Ability: +30% close range Critical Chance. Duration: 15s. Cooldown: 180s

4. [Close Range Killer]Talent: +40% close-range attack and attack speed. +2 levels to all close-range combat abilities.

5. [Heber Stellar Furnace Cultivation]Ability: A secret technique the Tyrant uses to cultivate his energy. Current Effect: +500 Energy. Training Times: 0/650. This must be used on a Fixed Star. The effect of every training session depends on the time spent on the Fixed Star. Maximum effect per training: 25 Energy. Minimum: 0. Cost: 6,000,000 Experience per training session.


Scanning through the first four options, Han Xiao was a little disappointed. Beyond Grade A Pugilists had many abilities, so the chance of getting something good was exceedingly low. The first four options all had very limited effects.

However, the last option made Han Xiao surprised.

This is what Heber uses to train his energy?

This is good stuff.

Some of the Pugilists powerful energy came from talents and some came from cultivation type abilities.

When someone reached Beyond Grade A and wanted to continue becoming stronger, they would start searching for all sorts of abilities to train their energy. The longer one had been a Beyond Grade A Super, the stronger ones energy would usually be.

His current health-energy cycle had reached an obstacle. This was because of his energy numbercompared to his two million or so health, he only had fifty thousand energy, and this became a restriction to how tanky he was.

Although [Radiation Absorption] increased his energy, it required a very long time. Even if he searched for Energy Training Techniques like the other Beyond Grade As, it would also be highly time-consuming. Hebers Energy Training Technique, however, was the shortcut he needed at the moment to increase his strength. A high-grade secret technique created by a Beyond Grade A would have a considerable effect on increasing his energy.

As for the experience cost that was enormous for the players Han Xiao happened to have the experience penalty for more than ten months, so there was no need for him to level up.

The other four options were not very useful, so Han Xiao selected the last option without hesitation.


You have received [Heber Stellar Furnace Cultivation]!


Han Xiao closed the interface with satisfaction.

The biggest problem is temporarily settled. Next is the expansion of the Black Star Army. Plans regarding the Flickering World need to be brought forward as well. Speaking of which, when the army stabilizes, I will need to visit the Central Galaxy once

At the same time somewhere in the Central Galaxy, a broadcast of the duel in the Shattered Star Ring was playing on the screen. It had come to an end, and people started leaving.


The broadcast was shut down, and EsGods face was reflected on the dark screen.

Contact Black Star.




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