The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 793

Chapter 793 Golden Leek

A small silver cube floated above the totem, gushing out black cloud-like energy.

Evolution energy spread in the nest, covering the Black Spirit Race one after another. In just a short time, the nest was already filled with black cocoons.

With a flash of Mechanical Force on Han Xiaos fingertips, the small silver-white cube obediently returned to his hand, and he wore it back on his neck.

Han Xiao nodded. Now, I just have to wait. I wonder what the Black Spirit Race will evolve into.

Advanced civilizations more or less controlled secret technology that others could not replicate. The Evolution Cube was a relic of a civilization very close to becoming a Universal Civilization. The technological essence within it had long been lost. Even when it was in Psykers hands, the Arcane Church could not understand it. Han Xiao had only tested the various parameters of the Evolution Cube.

There were comparatively fewer restrictions on this Universal Treasure. The Evolution Cube would absorb multi-dimensional and dark energy to charge up automatically. The method to use it over a large area was to cover an entire area with the Evolution Cube. That way, all the creatures within that area would be evolved.

This evolution energy was considered in the rage of Space Wonderssafe, no side effects, and exceeded all kinds of gene medicine and gene hormones. It was as if countless years of natural evolution were all concentrated in one individual.

After a short wait, a sudden clear and crisp sound appeared.


One black cocoon cracked open, showing the Black Spirit Race member inside.

The Black Spirit Race were originally black insects with strange appearancesthey had hair between the gaps of their carapace, and their mouths were cone-shaped and could penetrate stone. They had no eyes, only four antennae that functioned as their sight organs. They had four muscular legs and a shovel-shaped tail covered in carapace. Basically, they looked like very vicious beasts.

Now, however, the appearance of the Black Spirit Race had drastically changed.

The proportion of their carapace and their muscle became much more balanced in a streamlined shape, much more aesthetic to the eyes. The hair in between the gaps on their carapace was all gone. They looked much neater.

The sharp fangs in their mouths became tidy. Two of the four antennae on their heads became longer and thicker, hanging on the back of their head like hair. The two antennae below disappeared and became bean-sized azure eyes. The antennae were previously organs to help them to adapt to living underground, but now the Black Spirit Race had started to get used to sunlight and were trying to live above ground. Originally, it would take many years for them to slowly develop and evolve into having eyes. However, the Evolution Cube had drastically reduced this process.

The Black Spirit Race still used four feet, but their two back feet became much more muscular as if they could easily stand up.


With the first Black Spirit Race completing its evolution, it seemed to start a chain reaction. Tons of black cocoons started to shatter. The brand new-looking Black Spirit Race appeared and looked around with confusion.

The surprise of the Black Spirit Race spread quickly in the Mind Network. To Han Xiao, these internal thoughts sounded as young as the voices of a child.

WhaWhat is this feeling?

I can see so clearly. Is this what sight is?

The sun is so blinding

Having gained normal sight for the first time, countless Black Spirit Race members felt curious and adapted to their new organ.

Han Xiao suddenly realizedthe biggest change that the Black Spirit Race had undergone was not their appearances but their minds. They were born with connective minds, which meant that the Black Spirit Race had a very high talent in that area. Now, that talent was amplified The most direct impact was that the brains of the Black Spirit Race became much more developed.

This time, a clear voice appeared in Han Xiaos mind, which shocked him a little. This voice did not come from the Prophecy Stone group chat server but was a voice sent to him through direct psychic communication.

Black Star God, we will remember the blessing youve granted upon us forever.

Han Xiao looked over and saw that the Germinal Tribe leader was noticeably larger than the normal Black Spirit Race members and was staring at him with his bean-sized eyes. The voice came from him.

You can use psychic power? Han Xiao wondered.

The Prophecy Stone was the base station of the Black Spirit Races Mind Network. Without it, the Black Spirit Race could not previously connect their minds. Now, however, the Germinal Tribe leader was able to transmit his voice without the help of the Prophecy Stones. This had exceptional meanings.

I dont know. I just felt that I could suddenly do it. I seem to be able to do this too. The Germinal Tribe leader shook his head and suddenly picked up a small Prophecy Stone, bit it, and swallowed it. Right after, a circle of invisible energy spread from his head.

Feidin was slightly shocked. Such special energy, there are traces of the Prophecy Stone in it

The next moment, the Germinal Tribe leaders psychic energy formed a new Mind Network and turned him into a chat server. He had undergone some kind of positive mutation during the evolution, which tremendously stimulated his psychic talent. There were dozens more mutants just like him.

Han Xiao was surprised. Every complete Prophecy Stone was equivalent to an individual Mind Network server. Only the Black Spirit Race members in the same server could communicate with each other. Now, however, some mutants had become able to create their own servers, once again increasing the mobility and unity of this race.

This had extraordinary meanings to a race. With their race-specific talent enhanced, they would be able to adapt to more environments.

With such high potential, maybe this race can really grow into a powerful civilization in the future.

That was how Han Xiao sincerely felt.

He was truly glad that he had kept the Black Spirit Race alive back then. Han Xiao had a feeling that this insignificant investment of his might yield more profit than he had ever expected.

After bidding farewell to the Germinal Tribe, Han Xiao did the same for the other tribes one after another.

As the Black Spirit Race had migrated as an entire race back then, although the various tribes lived separately throughout the years, they were still relatively close in terms of distance. So, it did not take too much time.

Han Xiao had gifted them the evolution opportunity, so the Black Spirit Race felt gratitude toward this god of theirs from the depths of their hearts. Their belief became more deeply rooted, and they believed that they were a race blessed by God.

After Han Xiao left in the spaceship, all the tribes started to sculpt new wall paintingsof a small man representing Han Xiao floating above the ground, worshipped by the Black Spirit Race under him.

This day was forever recorded in the Black Spirit Races history.

Completing the Black Spirit Races evolution had taken less time than Han Xiao expected. He took his time looking for Fixed Stars to train Hebers Energy Training Technique on the way and finally arrived at Planet Aquamarine.

Welcome home.

At the dock, Bennett looked at Han Xiao as he walked down the spaceship, smiling with the joy of reuniting with an old friend.


Han Xiaos thoughts drifted away for an instant before he suppressed the sudden surge of some kind of emotion and sized Bennett up.

Bennett still stood as straight as he always had, and his white hair was neatly combed.

Behind Bennett were a ton of officers that looked like they were filled with nervousness and panic. When facing Black Star, their protector, only Bennett could remain casual. Everyone else was overwhelmed by the pressure.

Black Stars wiping away nations with a few words deed had only been a few years ago. The example of the Six Nations was still crystal clear in the minds of these people. They could not control their anxiety when facing someone who could decide the life or death of their entire government with a few words.

However, the impact of what Black Star had done back then had already shown throughout the past years. From the perspective of an entire civilization, uniting the government was indeed beneficial. It drastically reduced internal conflict, and making decisions was much more efficient. Had they entered the galactic society with multiple governments, they would have ended up like the Luhan Beastmen.

You look well. Han Xiao nodded. He then looked at the small boy beside Bennett.

Nero looked up and stared at Han Xiao with curiosity.

He had seen Han Xiao countless times in textbooks. He even memorized his deeds before. However, this was the first time that he had seen him in person.

GodGodfather, Nero stuttered with a shy tone.

Good boy. Han Xiao smiled. He then lowered his waist and picked Nero up, firmly holding him in his arms and tapping Neros forehead.

Nero was Bennetts child. Bennett had decided to stay and guard Planet Aquamarine and given his child to Han Xiao to take care of. Of course, he was willing to take care of an old friends child.

Nero had initially been a little nervous because of how high Han Xiaos position was, but Han Xiao was very friendly and warm to him, so he became relaxed in no time and laughed joyfully.

This toy is for you. Han Xiao casually waved. Nanoparticles flew out from his shirt and quickly turned into a black and gold hovering guard flying around Nero.

This was high-level Orange equipment; its energy core was a stable dark energy reaction furnace. It had both offensive and defensive abilities and multiple other functions.

A bright blue and gold electric spark lit up on Han Xiaos palm and flew into the floating guard. He gave this machine permanent [Emperors Gift] and [Machinery Fusion] blessings, giving it increased capability.

This Hovering Guard is a gift for you to protect yourself. You can give it a name.

Then, with a snap of Han Xiaos finger, he created a nano-level nerves connection device and planted it into the back of Neros head without him feeling any pain. He added, It can move with your thoughts. However, this thing is very powerful. Youd better not use it recklessly, especially not to hit your father.

An orange equipment made by a Beyond Grade A Super was extremely powerful. Even without his Mechanical Force bonuses, this hovering guard alone would be able to easily defeat any Grade C Supers. This type of machine had no level limit. It was basically god-tier equipment to low-level Supers. He did not even sell this to the players.

Nero tried to control the hovering guard. With a thought, the hovering guard followed his commands and moved around smoothly as if it was his own body. Neros eyes sparkled immediately as if he had discovered a new continent.

Thanks, godfather! With a face full of surprise, Nero hugged Han Xiaos neck and expressed his excitement.

Go play. Han Xiao chuckled, put Nero down, and turned around to head to the political building with Bennett.

On the way, Bennett started to report the situation.

Ive announced gathering orders in the various cities. Its almost done. Theres nothing I can do to those weve missed.

He had explained the situation about the Evolution Cube to the people of Planet Aquamarine. Those who wanted to evolve would gather on their own. This would save a lot of time.

However, some people were unwilling to gather due to various reasons.

Let them be. Im not forcing everyone to accept the evolution. Han Xiao shook his head. By the way, Ill let you use it first.

Bennett smiled bitterly and said, I dont actually want to use it

Youre different. Han Xiao waved his hands. This is an evolution involving an entire civilization. Dont you want to experience it for your people beforehand so that you have nothing to worry about?

Bennett shook his head with resignation and did not oppose it.

By the way, Nero too Han Xiao paused. Let me take him into the galaxy. Ill help him become a Super.

Isnt he too young? Bennett hesitated.

The earlier he becomes a Super, the better. Since youre planning to let Nero live his life in the universe in the future, its best to let him get used to that life as early as possible. Plus, theres me. What do you have to worry about? Hes my godson. Ill take him to travel for a few months in the universe before bringing him back.

Sigh, alright then. Bennett was initially hesitant, but he nodded in the end. He decided to stay and guard his mother planet, but he did not want to limit Neros future because of his own reasons.

This time, Han Xiao suddenly thought of something.

He thought about seeing Neros attributes.

He turned and looked behind. Nero was following behind them and playing with his new toy.

Han Xiao secretly released a tiny bit of Mechanical Force, turning nanoparticles into a metal needle invisible to the naked eye. He remotely controlled it and stabbed Neros butt.

Ow! Nero felt a pain on his butt and yelled with shock. He looked around hastily but did not notice anything.

As this dealt 1 damage to Nero, combat information appeared on the interface, and Neros attributes were fully listed in Han Xiaos eyes.

Han Xiao scanned through. Suddenly, a tint of shock flashed past his eyes.

Nero was still an ordinary child, so his attributes were basically empty. However, under the list of talents, there was a bright and shining list that shocked even Han Xiao.

The Molding Talent[Advanced Luck Glow]!

ThiThis is Feidins level of Luck Glow. This kid is a high-level protagonist character Han Xiao was so in disbelief he almost wanted to rub his eyes.

In his previous life, Bennetts life had been completely different, and Nero did not even exist.

Bennett had Basic Luck Glow, and his son had Advanced Luck Glow. What are the chances of that? Did this thing run in their blood

This time, a daring speculation appeared in his mind.

Could it be that Neros Advanced Luck Glow has something to do with me?

Come to think about it, Neros dad is the Aquamarine Federations leader, his godfather is Black Star, whos known across the entire galaxy, and he will receive personal mentorship from a Beyond Grade A at a young age! Isnt that exactly extraordinary luck

Han Xiao had no idea that such a high-quality leek would come to grow in his own leek field. He was so surprised that even the way he looked at Nero changed.

Although Nero was just a kid, in Han Xiaos eyes, this kid had become a treasure overflowing with luck.

If he had decided to take care of Nero because of personal reasons before, he now truly wanted to train this potential stock!

For a high-level protagonist-type character, he would at least become a Calamity Grade in the future!

What a pleasant surprise

Han Xiao was thrilled.





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