The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 822

Chapter 822 822 Handle

822 Handle

Floating Dragon floated beside Planet Aquamarine like a gigantic satellite, and the citizens on the ground could see a gigantic floating island in the sky if they looked up. Numerous individuals could not help but stop what they were doing and look up at the sky with shock on their faces.

“What’s that? Why does it seem so familiar?”

“Mummy! I have seen it in the encyclopedia before. That’s the legendary Floating Dragon Island. It drifts around in space! The palace of Dragon Emperor!” A young excited voice exclaimed while pointing at the sky.

“Oh! So, it’s Ames.”

After Planet Aquamarine broke free from Godora’s information lockdown, the knowledge of the citizens rose rapidly in the ten subsequent years. They all had basic understanding toward the famous characters in the Shattered Star Ring and were extremely familiar with Ames because of Han Xiao.

The citizens all knew that she was once Black Star’s superior and knew that they could only connect to the galaxy because of Floating Dragon’s protection. Thus, Ames and Floating Dragon had a special position in the hearts of the citizens.

Upon witnessing Floating Dragon Island approach Planet Aquamarine, many of the citizens could not help be both surprised and curious. They immediately called their friends to inform them of the news, and a huge commotion was created.

The various financial groups stationed on Planet Aquamarine had also noticed Floating Dragon’s presence and were extremely surprised. They approached the Planet Aquamarine government to find out what was going on.

At the same time, Ames and the others arrived at the dock in a small spaceship to meet Bennett.

“Your Excellency Dragon Emperor, Planet Aquamarine welcomes your arrival.” Bennett bowed and spoke with reverence in his voice.

He was extremely familiar with Han Xiao, and they had known each other for over twenty years. Thus, he could naturally behave more casually around Han Xiao. However, he was not familiar with Ames, and even though Bennett knew that Han Xiao had a good relationship with Ames, he would not dare overstep his bounds.

Ames waved her arm to indicate that Bennett did not need to be so polite. She then said with a smile, “Black Star should have informed you of my request, and you should have contacted Jenny as well.”

Bennett nodded. He had received news from Han Xiao a while ago and knew that Floating Dragon was about to be stationed near Planet Aquamarine. He had been truly shocked when he heard the news and was overjoyed shortly after. He knew that this was a rare opportunity and hurriedly mobilized manpower to work together with Floating Dragon.

He kept the matter a secret according to Ames’ wishes and only planned to announce the matter to the public after Floating Dragon’s arrival. The abruptness of the news would be beneficial to breaking everyone’s impression of Floating Dragon and also establishing a new image.

As such, Bennett did not announce the matter to the citizens of Planet Aquamarine beforehand.

“I will hold a press conference in the name of Planet Aquamarine and announce that Floating Dragon will be setting up their base here.”

“How long do you need to get it done?”

“I only need a couple of hours. Some of the galactic media groups have their reporters stationed here, and it won’t take too long for me to invite them. What do you think?”

Ames then nodded to indicate her approval. Floating Dragon would remain there for a long period of time, and the reason for her arrival today was to attend the press conference.

“Right, I met with some extremists from the Star Pupil Holy Race just now. They were roaming around the vicinity of Planet Aquamarine and had dangerous explosives loaded up on their spaceship. It seems as though they intended to ambush Planet Aquamarine, so I killed them out of convenience. A recording is present on their spaceship, and I shall hand them over to you.”

Bennett was taken aback.

The Star Pupil Holy Race This should be because of Black Star right? They have transferred their hatred for Black Star to Planet Aquamarine.

“I will inform His Excellency Black Star,” Bennett said with a grave tone. This matter involved the race of another Beyond Grade A Super, so it was not appropriate for the leader of a civilization that had not even reached the Star System level to handle it. Thus, he was prepared to ask for Han Xiao’s opinion.

Although this matter was stopped in time, it could be said that the innocent Planet Aquamarine had been implicated because of Black Star. Planet Aquamarine had once suffered from a similar catastrophe before when Stephanie, who was under Thousand Shadows, had tried to cause chaos on the planet to deal with Black Star.

However, Bennett did not have any complaints. He was extremely clear that since they wanted to enjoy the benefits that Black Star brought to them, they would also be targeted by Black Star’s enemies. There was no such thing as a free lunch.

The battle between those high up above was like a raging storm, and the current Planet Aquamarine was just like a little boat in the ocean. They would be easily capsized if they were not careful, with all of them ending up dead. However, it would be extremely cowardly for them to throw away the opportunity for their civilization to rise and cut off all ties with their own protector. Perhaps the leaders of the Six Nations would have considered such a choice, but Bennett definitely would not waver.

With Floating Dragon’s arrival and a Beyond Grade A Super being stationed there, the safety of Planet Aquamarine would be increased by a few different levels, and no one would treat Planet Aquamarine as Black Star’s weakness anymore.

Bennett naturally did not know Ames’ intentions for coming to Planet Aquamarine. Thus, he felt that Han Xiao was definitely behind this matter. If not, Ames would not have shown Planet Aquamarine such a great deal of face. As such, he could not help but admire Han Xiao for his foresight.

Three hours later, many different galactic reporters were gathered in a hall, awaiting the start of the press conference.

“The Planet Aquamarine government called for a press conference shortly after Floating Dragon’s appearance. Their agenda today is probably related to Floating Dragon.”

“It is probably going to be big news.”

“It can’t be right? Floating Dragon is always drifting around in space and will never stay in a single place for long. It shouldn’t be anything special for them to arrive at Planet Aquamarine, right?”

The reporters then saw a couple of workers carry some equipment in and set up a live broadcast station in the room.

Everyone could not help but be startled when they saw that.

They wanted to have a live broadcast to the entire planet. Only a large matter would require a live broadcast.

Just when everyone was guessing what the announcement would be about, the doors to the hall opened wide. Upon turning around to take a look, everyone’s expression froze in place with a look of shock on their faces.

The individual walking in was not the usual media department of the Planet Aquamarine government but the leader of the government making a personal appearance. Beside him was a famous character whose name shook the entire Star FieldDragon Emperor Ames.

All the reporters were truly shocked. Why would Ames appear in the Planet Aquamarine government’s press conference

They then watched as Bennett and Ames walked onto the stage.

“There is something that I must announce to the entire Star Field.” Bennett cleared his throat and said with a solemn tone, “From today on, Floating Dragon will remain outside of Planet Aquamarine’s atmosphere for the long run, and I represent the Planet Aquamarine government in welcoming our new neighbor.”

Before everyone could even react, Ames said, “Floating Dragon has been drifting for too long, and I have decided to stop it from drifting. From today on, this place shall be Floating Dragon’s main camp.”

Pin drop silence filled the place, and everyone was truly dumbfounded.


The entire hall burst into an uproar!

All the reporters were trembling from excitement!

This was a huge scoop!

News of Floating Dragon setting up a base spread throughout the entire Shattered Star Ring like wildfire, and all the organizations were in shock.

For the Floating Dragon to stop drifting, it could only mean that Ames was going to set up a proper organization. However, this was not the piece of news that puzzled people the most. The most shocking piece of news was the fact that the address for her new base was on Black Star’s mother planet!

All the large organizations knew that the most eye-catching base of the Black Star Army was their headquarters, which was usually located at Planet Golden Gate. After Han Xiao obtained a seat in the Civilization Conference through the name of Planet Aquamarine, many individuals all felt that Planet Aquamarine would become Black Star’s second base.

Just what was Floating Dragon thinking, setting up their main camp in Black Star’s main camp?

Did this mean that both Beyond Grade A organizations were going to have an even closer relationship?

No, there was definitely something more to this!

Back when Heber challenged Black Star, Black Star had joined hands with the Dragon Emperor. Furthermore, the alliance between the Black Star Army and Floating Dragon was something that everyone in the Shattered Star Ring was aware about. But even if both parties were allies, their scope of operations were still clearly defined and did not clash with each other. Black Star Army had many branches while Floating Dragon drifted around without a fixed location.

But now, Floating Dragon had chosen to stay on Planet Aquamarine. They were not setting up a casual branch but their main base!

For an organization at the level of the Black Star Army and Floating Dragon, they would not set up their main base at the same location if there was not a special reason. They would only set up a branch in the territory of their ally at the very most. However, Dragon Emperor had shifted her base over to Black Star’s mother planet, and her intention obviously was not to fight over territory with Black Star.

This signified their absolute trust in each other!

They both believed that the other party would not betray them. If not, they would never expose their backs to each other. Such a level of trust was extremely rare among galactic organizations.

The relationship that both parties had displayed had already exceeded the realm of ordinary allies. They were close to the point that all the organizations could not help but think of another possibility. Could it be that there was a chance for both organizations to merge?

No Beyond Grade A Super would be willing to be a subordinate to another Beyond Grade A Super usually. Apart from submitting and working together, there was another relationship that was extremely common among normal beings but extremely rare among Beyond Grade A Supers

The various organizations were not just letting their imaginations run wild but were making deductions based on the history between Black Star and the Dragon Emperor. Furthermore, Black Star had even taken Ames along with him to the Dynasty Ruler a while back!

This was a dangerous signal.

If both parties really merged together, an organization with unprecedented power would be born in the Shattered Star Ring, and the balance of the Shattered Star Ring would change greatly.

Back then, many organizations wished to drive a wedge between the Black Star Army and Floating Dragon, but they had failed. Now, many organizations still were not willing to see Floating Dragon and the Black Star Army become even closer.

Since this matter involved their interests, many organizations could not help but be alarmed.

On the contrary, many financial groups were extremely excited by this piece of news.

The development potential of Planet Aquamarine was pretty good before this, and with the addition of Floating Dragon’s presence, Planet Aquamarine’s potential had exploded.

All the financial groups that had cooperated with Planet Aquamarine early on injected another round of funds, and many other financial groups began to approach Planet Aquamarine to seek cooperation.

The citizens of Planet Aquamarine naturally would not reject it and were all filled with surprise.

In the Flickering World, rays of hyperdrive light sliced through the universe and stopped outside the atmosphere of a purple planet. This was the fleet that Han Xiao was in.

The majority of their manpower had already been sent out to explore other undiscovered planets, resulting in the small size of the fleet.

This purple planet was one of the transit stations in Han Xiao’s memories and was the target that he was prepared to explore. It was called Planet Pangurus in his previous life.

Because the unexplored regions did not have a stargate, the fleet took quite some time to arrive.

“We have arrived at our destination. Army Commander, please give us your next orders.”

Aurora stood up straight and pretended to mimic the voice of a soldier making a report, but before she could finish her sentence, she could not hold back her laughter.

“The engineering team should set up a stargate here, and the detection fleet should revolve around the planet to create a map. Make use of the detection devices to sense the presence of life and the resources on the planet. We will allow our exploratory squad to set off after the map is completed”

Before Han Xiao could finish what he had to say, Phillip’s voice sounded in his head and interrupted him.

“Master, there is an emergency message from Planet Aquamarine, hum”

The message then appeared in his quantum network. It was news that was sent by Bennett. Bennett had reported about successfully receiving Floating Dragon and also mentioned about the Avitan Souls incident together with a recording of what happened in the spaceship, asking him how the matter should be handled.

Han Xiao immediately frowned.

“Psyker didn’t provoke me, but there are people within his race who want to deal with me. Avitan Souls? There seems to be a small organization by that name. Don’t they hate EsGod? Why have I been dragged into this? They even want to commit suicide and destroy an entire planet? Is there really a need for such hatred? They are truly a ferocious bunch. Also, where did their psionic explosives come from?”

Han Xiao was a little helpless. This was one of the side effects of him obtaining the Evolution Cube. He was not too bothered by such an extremist organization. Everyone’s mental capacity was limited, and both war and calamities were the best way to cause the formation of an extremist group. Logic was not the only way for a living being to judge the things around them, and their emotions were usually more powerful than logic.

However, the vengeful actions of these extremists did Psyker a favor.

Han Xiao shook his head. He was not planning to pretend that nothing had happened.

Since Planet Aquamarine had a seat in the Civilization Conference, it was akin to them gaining the privileges of a Star System Civilization, and they would also be protected by the Peace Treaty. This was a good opportunity for him to exploit.

He then gave a reply to Bennett.

“Preserve the evidence and contact Purple Crystal on my behalf. Bring this matter to the Shattered Star Ring Civilization Conference and expose it to all the civilizations. I will take care of the rest.”

Although this matter would not do anything to Psyker, it would still disgust him for sure.

A small extremist group of his race personally delivering an excuse and the evidence to his hands. In the end, the entire Star Pupil Holy Race would have to take the blame for the matter. Who knew how Psyker would feel about this matter?


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