The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 844

Chapter 844 844 Shocking Change

844 Shocking Change!

The instant that the alarms went off in Planet Lighthouse, more than three million Fallen Ark battleships appeared near the security perimeter in a long, stretched-out formation.

In the flagship, EsGod’s subordinate Fakisen was looking at the star map, and the distance between them and Planet Lighthouse was rapidly shrinking.

“Boss, we have already entered the security perimeter of Planet Lighthouse. The radar shows that the nearby dynasty fleet is heading our way and will exchange fire with us soon.”

Fakisen used his long tongue to scratch the back of his neck as he spoke.

“Try to speed up. Do not get tied down by them,” EsGod said calmly. This time, his main body had made an appearance.

Fakisen swung his tongue around and said, “Even though we are working together, the Arcane Church still has their guard up against us. Not only did they not reveal their exact plans, they even changed the location of their secret stargate. They are obviously guarding against us, and who knows when they will take action and from which direction?”

EsGod was not too bothered; it was perfectly normal for them to guard against each other. It was just like how he would not inform the Arcane Church of where his secret stargate was located.

With Planet Lighthouse at the center, the security perimeter around the planet was extremely large, and the dynasty had sufficient time to mobilize their troops the moment an enemy was spotted. Thus, EsGod could guess what the Arcane Church’s intention was even if they kept it confidential.

They obviously wanted him to be the vanguard, and the size of his troops was not sufficient to get the dynasty to abandon their Planet Lighthouse outpost. By the time he fought his way to Planet Lighthouse and tied down Black Star and the two other Beyond Grade A Supers, the Arcane Church would take action.

EsGod felt that his guess was definitely not too far from the truth, and the only thing that he was not sure about was how many high level combatants the Arcane Church had sent out this time.

The dynasty had three Beyond Grade A, and Milizaus’ strength could almost equal his own. If that was the case, the Arcane Church only needed to send out manpower to deal with Black Star and Beyoni.

Black Star and Beyoni were still a distance away from a top notch Beyond Grade A Super, and it should be sufficient for the Arcane Church to send out four Beyond Grade A Supers.

I wonder who the Arcane Church will send out this time

EsGod narrowed his eyes. If the Arcane Church sent out too powerful a line up, he would have to be careful as well.

Right at this moment, the dynasty’s fleet arrived and appeared on their radar.

Fakisen looked at EsGod, and upon seeing that his boss did not have any intentions of saying anything, he ordered on behalf of EsGod, “All weapons free! Destroy all the battleships in our way!”

Planet Lighthouse had already entered high alert, and the three Beyond Grade A Supers entered the command room together with Tarrokov.

A large number of military personnel were gathered in the room with plenty of messages being sent back from the battlefield. Tarrokov stood in front of the 3D battlefield model with a solemn expression.

The scene being shown on the battlefield was the battle between the Fallen Ark fleet and the dynasty’s fleet. The battleships of both parties had been shrunk down many times to completely simulate the battlefield environment. It was as though two mini fleets were battling it out in front of everyone’s eyes.

“The enemy fleet has about 3,200,000 battleships. An organization capable of sending a fleet of such a size to the Flickering World is definitely a powerful one. We cannot see the origins of the fleet from the models of the spaceships,” a staff sergeant said. “The highest possibility is the Arcane Church.”

As he said that, Tarrokov turned around to look at Han Xiao and said, “However, they may also belong to other organizations.”

Han Xiao noticed his gaze and said without any hesitation, “They are from the Arcane Church.”

Tarrokov nodded slowly and said, “I understand.”

Although Han Xiao’s expression seemed calm, his mood was low.

His words were not completely baseless as a notification popped up after the appearance of the fleet.


You have triggered an Urgent Mission [Cause and Effect]

Mission Introduction: You have snatched the Evolution Cube and attracted the enmity of the Arcane Church. They have finally taken today and decided to deal a lightning fast blow to you to snatch the Evolution Cube back!

Mission Requirements: Defeat the enemy or escape successfully.

Failure Condition(s): Death or lose the Evolution Cube

Reward: 24,000,000,000 45,000,000,000 Experience, 1 Legendary Point, 3 Random Rewards, 3 Unknown Character Summon Cards


Han Xiao was shocked upon seeing the reward.

Twenty-four billion experience at the very least The highest reward when he was fighting Heber was only 8.5 billion experience!

Even he felt that this was a huge sum of experience!

However, Han Xiao just could not find it in himself to be happy. The reward would correspond to the difficulty of the mission. With such a large reward, this meant that the strength of the Arcane Church would be extremely frightening! The reward of over forty-five billion meant that he had to face at least five Beyond Grade A Supers!

Just who would be able to survive

Although Han Xiao had already secretly hired help just to be safe, he could not help but have thoughts of retreating. At the same time, however, he was also extremely wary.

If he escaped through the stargate right now, he should be extremely safe. However, would it be so simple to complete a mission with a reward of twenty-four billion experience?

Perhaps the Arcane Church had some other means that would make it easier for them to catch him if he escaped alone.

He was currently being surrounded by many layers of defense and was still considered safe. Furthermore, the dynasty would not think too highly of him if he escaped the moment he met an enemy. After pondering for a moment, Han Xiao did not make any rash moves but arrived at the command room together with Tarrokov.

Since they had a sufficiently large buffer zone, it would not be too late for him to decide to run after observing the battle.

The name of the mission is [Cause and Effect]. Heh, a Universal Treasure truly isn’t that easy to take.

However, all those present did not know what he was thinking about.

Tarrokov observed the changes in the battlefield and issued a command.

“Inform all our Beyond Grade A allies to return immediately.”

Upon hearing that, Han Xiao’s eyes sparkled, and he nodded.

Tarrokov had obviously noticed something, and this chief commander truly had foresight.

There were still another three Beyond Grade A Supers in the Flickering World: Heber, Ravenlaude and another Mechanic who was called Maximiler. If they all returned, there would be six Beyond Grade A present, and they would not have to be afraid of the enemy.

Without knowing how many high-level combatants the Arcane Church had, Tarrokov did not mind being on the safe side. Even if his actions were deemed unnecessary after this battle, it would be better than regretting his inaction.

“Our fleet has sent a message for reinforcements. They won’t be able to hold the enemy back. Chief commander, are we going to send the security fleet from the other regions to support them?”

Tarrokov observed the battle for a moment before saying, “Only mobilize the security fleet in that direction. Do not move the other fleets in the other directions. The remaining reinforcement troops shall be sent from Planet Lighthouse.”

Beyoni could not help but be surprised by the order. “It will take quite some time to send out troops from our base. The enemy fleet will then be able to close the gap quickly. Why don’t you mobilize the troops on the outside instead?”

“The enemy doesn’t have any insignia and chose to attack our security perimeter alone,” Tarrokov replied with a deep voice. “I think that this isn’t the Arcane Church’s main force but a vanguard force. Their objective is to tie down our defense force on the security perimeter and create a gap in our formation. Their main force will then break through our defenses, and we will have to face a pincer attack. This should be the Arcane Church’s tactic.”

Upon hearing the explanation of the chief commander and looking at the battlefield, everyone had to admit that it was likely for the enemy to employ such a strategy. Since Tarrokov had seen through their plans, his method of dealing with it was not too bad.

“However, this is only a temporary measure. We need intelligence on how many Beyond Grade A combatants this fleet has.”

Tarrokov then looked at the three people with his intentions obvious. Only someone at the same level would be able to force the enemy out.

“Hand it over to my long-distance troops.”

Han Xiao nodded. Since he was the enemy’s target and a key character of this battle, it would not be good for the three of them to split up at such a time.

The long-distance troops that he had sent out would also show their use.

“What? Planet Lighthouse was attacked”

The Bloodshed Land troops that were currently in Renault received news from Jorde and could not help but be surprised.

“The enemy is the Arcane Church, and their target is Black Star. Chief commander Tarrokov asked us to return to reinforce them Your Excellency Tyrant, what should we do?” Jorde asked carefully.

Heber began to frown. He did not wish to help Black Star. However, he suddenly thought about something, and his brows relaxed.

“Since it is the dynasty’s orders, we shall return to reinforce them. Inform my troops to head to the nearest stargate at full speed!”

Heber’s fleet then turned around and headed to Planet Lighthouse at full speed.

Although Han Xiao and he had some conflicts, this matter concerned the pride of the dynasty. As a member of the dynasty, defending the dynasty was compatible with his own benefits.

In the Garu Star Cluster, Ravenlaude also received Tarrokov’s request for reinforcements.

Black Star’s death had nothing to do with him, and he would rather have one less competitor.

However, it was a pity that his organization was located in the Central Galaxy, and he needed to rely on the dynasty.

Such a small matter was not worth disobeying the dynasty’s orders, so he could only lead his troops over.

Very quickly, he realized a very frustrating matter. Black Star had constructed a stargate in the Garu Star Cluster, which meant that he could arrive at Planet Lighthouse rapidly and did not have any excuse to delay.

Right at this moment, Ravenlaude suddenly realized something.

Could it be that Black Star had constructed the long distance stargate because he knew that something like this would happen

That’s right. This must definitely be the case. If not, I can’t think of another reason why Black Star would sacrifice his own benefits to construct a long distance stargate.

Ravenlaude finally understood Black Star’s ‘true goal’. To think that he was still laughing at the other party’s thoughts before this. Even if his skin was not too thick, he could not help but feel a little embarrassed at this moment.

EsGod’s fleet gradually entered the core of the security perimeter and battled the dynasty’s fleet along the way with the battle line being dragged out.

The dynasty’s fleet stabilized the space along the way, and neither party could enter hyperdrive. EsGod’s fleet was slowed down inevitably and continued to be harassed along the way.

Millions of battleships exchanged fire, and a large intergalactic war exploded.

Laser beams of different colors flew in all directions and lit up the pitch-black space. The explosions of the battleships became fireworks in the universe.

There was a special fleet in the battlefield that was the long-distance force that Han Xiao had sent out. The fleet weaved around the formation of the Fallen Ark fleet like a flock of crows.

This mechanical fleet had more than a hundred thousand mechanical soldiers, and they were all boosted by his Mechanical Force. Their attributes were boosted and could achieve the strength of a Beyond Grade A Super.

Energy explosion!

Another three enemy spaceships were destroyed, and the mechanical army was about to find their next target. Right at this moment, a dark red energy pillar swept past the explosion and smashed right into the mechanical army, swallowing almost half of the troops.

After the pillar of light disappeared, the mechanical soldiers that were hit by it had been reduced to scrap.

Han Xiao’s eyes narrowed upon witnessing such a scene.

“An enemy Beyond Grade A Super has taken action! This isn’t an ordinary individual”

Han Xiao looked in the direction of the attack through the viewpoint of his army. He wanted to see who the enemy was, and EsGod’s figure appeared in his sights.

The next moment, Tarrokov, Milizaus, and Beyoni saw Han Xiao’s expression change greatly.

“Did you see who the enemy is?” Tarrokov asked.

Han Xiao let out a deep breath and said with a solemn expression, “It’s actually EsGod! It’s his main body!”

Everyone was stunned for a moment.

“Isn’t the enemy the Arcane Church? Why would EsGod be here”

Beyoni was truly shaken. Because he had personally fought EsGod before, he was extremely clear about his strength.

Tarrokov’s expression grew solemn. “The Arcane Church must have provided aid to EsGod and gotten him to leave the Central Galaxy. Dammit! To think that they would work together with such a character for the Evolution Cube!”

EsGod’s combat strength was famous throughout the universe, but this time, they also had a top-notch Beyond Grade A Super on their side.

Milizaus shook his head and said, “I’ve fought EsGod many times before, and holding him back won’t be a problem. However, I won’t be able to be distracted when fighting him, and I won’t be able to do anything else.

“Apart from EsGod, the Arcane Church will definitely send out other high-level combatants, and the situation is not to our advantage. Chief commander, what are your thoughts?”

Upon hearing that, Tarrokov fell into deep thought.

The enemy had a single EsGod and a few million battleships on the surface, and they would definitely have three Beyond Grade A Supers and even more battleships being hidden for sure.

On his side, they had three Beyond Grade A Supers and around four million battleships guarding Planet Lighthouse. Their strength was definitely on the losing side, but they would be able to stall for time with the huge buffer zone for their security perimeter. Furthermore, the dynasty had more troops in this Star Field, and they were currently rushing over from various regions.

Tarrokov was currently considering whether he should retreat immediately or wait for reinforcements to arrive.

The enemy’s target was Black Star, and if they chose to retreat, they should be able to protect Black Star. However, the dynasty’s outpost would definitely be destroyed by the enemy if it was not guarded. Losing the resources was secondary, but they would definitely have to close up their stargate if they did not want to let it fall into enemy hands. If that was the case, the dynasty would temporarily lose the core of their transportation network, and their mobility would be greatly affected.

Upon thinking about that, he then took a look at the battlefield again. Apart from the dynasty’s troops that were facing EsGod, the other troops were currently awaiting their orders and keeping their guard up in their respective regions.

He had even sent out a portion of the fleet stationed on Planet Lighthouse as a quick response force to prevent another enemy force from launching an ambush.

After thinking for a moment, Tarrokov let out a long sigh and said with a deep voice, “Although the situation isn’t good, we have the ability to hold on. Let’s try to stall for time. When the reinforcements arrive, we will be”


Before he could even finish, an ear-piercing alarm went off in the command room.

“Alert! Alert! Detecting an odd spacetime disturbance outside the planet! Spacetime is being shifted to form a wormhole!”

“Wormhole? Transportation gate?”

Tarrokov had a face full of shock; the appearance of a wormhole was truly out of his expectations. It was not because he did not have any preparations. With the Crimson Dynasty’s technological skills, they would definitely install appropriate equipment to cut off any long-distance transportation, and it was impossible for the Arcane Church not to know about this.

He did not understand why the Arcane Church would make such a pointless attempt!

Right outside the atmosphere of Planet Lighthouse, space seemed to have been folded. This was the sign of a wormhole appearing. The forces stationed on Planet Lighthouse also made an appropriate response. They immediately triggered the space stabilizing equipment to disrupt the formation of the wormhole. This would work regardless of whether the other party was using magic or technology.

However, the scene that followed truly shocked everyone. Their infallible anti-wormhole equipment was useless. Space continued to fold, but the wormhole did not appear immediately, and a strange scene occurred.

A hazy appearance of battleships appeared outside the atmosphere like an illusion.

Just when everyone was still in a daze, the next moment, the folds in space suddenly flattened out, and these hazy figures became solid. In the blink of an eye, the illusion became reality!

This fleet contained a few million Arcane Church spaceships with the famous Butterfly Flagship!

In that instant, a few million spaceships descended upon Planet Lighthouse!

They had ignored the security perimeter of Planet Lighthouse, and the defenses of Planet Lighthouse had weakened because they had sent out a portion of their fleet. This was the Arcane Church’s true strategy.

Tarrokov suddenly seemed to have thought about something, and his expression changed abruptly.

“This isn’t wormhole transportation. Only the strategic Universal Treasure of the Federation of Light, [Multi-Dimensional Sky Opening Transportation Device], has such an effect!”

“The Arcane Church actually joined hands with the Federation of Light”


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