The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 86

Chapter 86: A Strike of Philosophy

Pan Kuang was a Lv.38 Pugilist with high agility and attack power. Therefore, it was almost impossible for his intelligence to exceed 50. If Han Xiao was really that unlucky and Pan Kuang did have higher than expected intelligence, Han Xiao would have had choice but to resign to his fate.

The illusion confused Pan Kuang, who was totally unprepared for it. All the attacks from the illusion could deal real damage to Pan Kuang, but ultimately, Pan Kuang had a relatively high level, so he would not be defeated if Han Xiao relied on the illusion alone.

Without hesitation, Han Xiao's lightweight mechanical arm headed for Pan Kuang crotch, which housed his most vulnerable body part!


The power of the mechanical increased by 30% instantly, and the punch landed right on the target.

Pan Kuang's wiener exploded!

Han Xiao had learned this move after observing a series of tapes. He had derived this legendary move from "The Faraway Home of the Warrior The Third Twilight". Once the move was activated, even the skies would tremble.

Han Xiao had no time to look at the messages on the interface. He needed to make use of the period when Pan Kuang was distracted by the illusion to deal as much damage as he could.

Han Xiao immediately activated the pressure compressor in the palm of the mechanical arm. His palm went through a sudden vibration, and a shockwave was sent out. Blood seeped out of Pan Kuang skin, and a blood red triangle could be seen on Pan Kuang's crouch.

Of course, Han Xiao's right hand was also put to use. Using the machete held in his right hand, Han Xiao stabbed hard into Pan Kuang's chest without any hesitation. Pan Kuang was still affected by the illusion, and thus, the protective energy shielding his body was non-existent. The stab successfully pierced through Pan Kuang.

Han Xiao then reached out for his Berserk Eagles and stuck the barrels of the pistols right where Pan Kuang's heart was. He used his wind-gliding steps to drag Pan Kuang backwards together with him. Han Xiao fired the shots continuously, and all the bullets went into Pan Kuang's body.

Blood spurted out. There was a burning sound of the scorching ember sizzling human flesh.

Ka, Ka, Ka

All the bullets in the magazine were expended, and Pan Kuang was finally awake. The sharp pain sent Pan Kuang into thunderous fury, and his face twisted in agony. He slashed hard at Han Xiao's abdomen.

It seemed Pan Kuang wanted an eye for an eye.

Han Xiao used his energy to control the magnetic retractable armor to shield himself from the strike. Although he was protected, the shock from the strike still made Han Xiao pale. He could sense a chilly wave of energy going all the way up to his forehead via his spine.

Enduring the pain, Han Xiao expanded the reach of the mechanical arm to press hard onto Pan Kuang's head. Pan Kuang was hurled to the ground back and forth. The back of Pan Kuang's head, after coming into contact with the ground so many times, started bleeding profusely, forming a puddle of blood on the ground. Coupled with growls of agony, Pan Kuang was desperately trying to retaliate by slashing his machete hysterically. The slashes landed on Han Xiao's armor, and his HP was steadily decreasing.

"The crack of a hundred winds!" Pan Kuang yelled manically before his blade suddenly let out a blinding glare.

Han Xiao was alarmed and moved backward immediately. At this of time, explosions of light emerged from the Wind-slicing Blade. They surrounded Pan Kuang like a tornado. Countless slash marks could be seen on the surrounding ground. Han Xiao suffered a head-on attack, and his armor was losing endurance. This move had a damage-radius that was too large for the armor to offer complete protection. Every part not protected by the armor turned bloody. There was a series of damage inflicted on Han Xiao, and each amounted to 40 points.

The light from blade continued to glare for about three seconds before disappearing. Han Xiao retreated about ten meters. He took a deep breath. Droplets containing blood and sweat were dripping down as he stared at Pan Kuang. The previous attack must have consumed much of Pan Kuang's energy. Also, the cool down period for the move was definitely long; therefore, Pan Kuang would not be able to use it anytime soon!

Pan Kuang supported his body using the blade and stood up. He looked ghastly, and his lower body was in a bloody mess. There were charred bullet marks in his chest, and the ember was still scorching his body, giving out a smell of burnt charcoal. The burning and bleeding were dealing him continuous damage, and one could not imagine how his damaged body looked from the inside. The retractable machete was still stuck in his chest. His face looked even more horrifying. His nose had broken and was dented inward, and his skull was exposed from the back of his head. He looked like a savage ghost.

A savage ghost!

The savage ghost stared hard at Han Xiao.

Han Xiao looked alarmed. He was prepared to use all his additional points to increase his endurance. That was another trump card he held.

The howling wind brought the sand along while, at the same time, seemingly bringing away the murderous atmosphere.

Pan Kuang's head drooped down, and he stopped breathing.

The final sign of life was decimated by the scorching burn. Pan Kuang was like a camel that was knocked to the ground by a piece of grass.


You killed Pan Kuang (Lv 38), 21,000 EXP gained.

The enemy killed was ten levels above you. You gained an additional 280% experience worth 58,800 points. Your individual contribution rate was 99%.

You gained an additional 58,212 (99%) points of EXP.

[Assassination III] completed. Contribution rate was 99%. You gained 79,200 EXP.

A total EXP of 158,500!

That was Han Xiao's total gain from the successful killing of Pan Kuang!

A victory against opponents of higher levels could generate additional rewards.

To activate such additional rewards, the opponent defeated needed to be at least five levels higher. The additional EXP was in accordance to the respective contribution rates of the member of a team since most missions were team challenges. If any member of the team failed to meet the criteria mentioned, the entire team would be deprived of the additional rewards. Such a measure highlighted the importance of good cooperation, and cheating from the players was prevented. It also prevented the occurrence of free-loaders that leeched onto the efforts of others.

Han Xiao finally relaxed and sat on the ground. He then lay down, allowing the rays of sunlight to hit his face. He closed his eyes in peace and enjoyed the calm and silence after the battle, as if all the damage and destruction did not exist.

A thought suddenly flashed in his mind, and he immediately jumped up and checked his pants. The little Han Xiao in his pants was all good. He heaved a sigh of relief. Luckily, the sleeping dragon in his pants had not been damaged at all.

After a short rest, Han Xiao started to check on the damage. The endurance levels for all his equipment had dropped drastically. The delayed-explosion explosives had all been used. His HP had started to recover, and the overall damage was within his expectations.

Han Xiao walked to Pan Kuang's dead body, which was still in an upright position. He searched for any loot and found a hard object in Pan Kuang's pocket. He took it out and discovered that it was a communication device from the Germinal Organization.

Han Xiao thought for a moment and decided to activate the device. Ten seconds later, a virtual image of the chief of the Germinal Organization appeared.

"Ji Jie, have you guys retreated successfully..." The chief was halfway through his words when he realized that something was amiss with the image transmitted over from the other side.

It was Han Xiao. The chief changed his expression immediately and glared at Han Xiao.

"Why are you here"

Zero was using Ji Jie's communication device, and it was apparent that the base had been completely destroyed. It was also highly likely that Pan Kuang was dead.

"You have the audacity to contact me?" the enraged chief exclaimed.

"Yo, haven't seen you for a long time." Han Xiao laughed

If felt weird that Han Xiao was talking to him like a long-lost friend. The chief could not think of a reply immediately, so he paused for a moment. The chief then questioned, "Where did you obtain the confidential information?"

That was the greatest puzzle in the chief's mind.

"Why do you think I will tell you the answer?" Han Xiao replied snobbishly.

"Do you think you can damage the power of the organization with such means? What a fool!" the chief yelled back.

"I sabotaged four of your bases.

"I can destroy you easily with my hands!

"I sabotaged four of your bases.

"There are many executive officers in the organization. You won't be out there for long!

"I sabotaged four of your bases."

Ahhh! Too angry!

From the tone of the chief's words, it sounded as if he was chewing on metal and every word was filled with the utmost determination to kill Han Xiao. "Don't you think that you will be able to escape from our clutches by pledging your allegiance to Stardragon. My guys will disintegrate every bone and tendon in you once they catch you!"

Han Xiao started laughing. Following that, he blew a kiss at the chief.

"Come and find me if you can? Hahaha..."

The chief was completely enraged upon hearing Han Xiao's words of contempt. He wanted to say something, but before he could, Han Xiao destroyed the communication device. The screen blacked out.

The chief's words of fury were stuck in his throat. He was shaking in anger.

"Increase the bounty on Zero to five million dollars!"

The bounty increased by five times!


Han Xiao wiped his smile away. Teasing the chief was not just a random act of entertainment.

The Germinal Organization was bound to send members to the West Capital to find him. They would not rest until he was dead.

The situation seemed disadvantageous to him, but in actual fact, it was not.

Because...Han Xiao never wanted to return to Stardragon!

This was his real plan!

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