The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 887

Chapter 887 Troops Established

Leaving the government building, Han Xiaos communicator rang. It was Milizaus who called him.

"Black Star, are you on Planet Crimson Ring already?" Milizaus chuckled.

"Yes, are you here too? I didnt see you around."

"I havent arrived yet. We are having a long-distance gathering. Come online for a while."

"Alright." Han Xiao entered the quantum network and found an encrypted channel.

The next moment, his projection appeared in a huge room with a round table in front of him and plenty of seats around. His own projection was currently in one of the seats. Most of the seats were filled with only four empty ones at the moment.

Han Xiao then looked around and realized that everyone present was an ally of the dynasty. It was like a Beyond Grade A group chat for the Crimson Dynasty.

Without anybody organizing a meeting, the group chat would usually be silent with no one online. Currently, most of the Beyond Grade As were online, and many familiar faces were present. That included Dragon King Milizaus, Incineration Beyoni, Warship Emperor Maximiler, Fox Arts Ravenlaude, Star Slasher Viru, and Little Ty-Ty. Dark Lord Clotti and another of the three pillars were not online.

"Haha, Black Star is here." Beyoni was the most welcoming, and he looked very happy.

Everyone then looked at Han Xiao and greeted him. The two who fought with him on Planet Lighthouse were the friendliest. Maximiler was also pretty friendly. Ravenlaude and Heber greeted him calmly, and the others had a trace of respect in their voices.

After the battle on Planet Lighthouse, Han Xiao had gained the battle record of capturing a Beyond Grade A alive, which cemented his status in the Beyond Grade A group.

Although Han Xiao had only entered the Beyond Grade A realm not too long ago, he had already gained the respect of his comrades and was officially accepted into the group. He was now at the middle rungs of the group and had an even greater status than some ordinary Beyond Grade As. At the very least, there would not be anyone who intentionally provoked him anymore.

Fists reigned supreme after all, and the Beyond Grade As only respected strength.

Facing the friendly looks on the faces of his comrades, Han Xiao replied to all of them warmly.

After which, the organizer of this meeting, Milizaus, started the meeting.

"The other four arent coming, and there isnt a need to consider them. Lets begin our discussion. Everyone knows that the dynasty plans to send out at least three Beyond Grade As to kill EsGod and has prepared a name list. However, they would like to ask us if we are willing first. There isnt a need to talk about Black Star since he is resolute about killing EsGod. I also plan to help him. Is anyone else interested?"

A Universal Civilization could not easily order a Beyond Grade A around and would generally consider if the Beyond Grade A Super was willing to participate in the operation.

Everyone then fell into deep thought while glancing at Han Xiao once in a while.

Han Xiao looked around and felt Milizaus looking at him. He immediately understood Milizaus intentions.

Milizaus had heard from the dynasty about Han Xiaos intention to kill EsGod and thus summoned most of the dynastys Beyond Grade As. In fact, he was trying to find partners for Han Xiao and give Han Xiao a chance to choose his teammates.

Right at this moment, Beyoni shrugged his shoulders and said, "Black Star, you were around when we last fought EsGod. It isnt that I dont wish to help you, but I am also an Esper, and EsGods ability is my nemesis. I shall not take up a slot in this battle."

Han Xiao nodded in agreement. Indeed, EsGod had the ability to silence Espers and was the nemesis of most Espers. Beyoni was not wrong to say that he would be useless if he went.

However, understanding was one thing, but he still had to show disdain.

Ah, little brother.

I only have a single word for younoob!

Upon seeing the rest remain silent, Han Xiao said, "The Dynasty Ruler revealed some information to me just now. The dynasty isnt the only one taking action this time; the Federation of Light and Arcane Church will also be participating. With all three parties working together, they wont be putting up a show. There is a good chance to get rid of EsGod. I definitely wont let go of this opportunity, and I will definitely be thankful to anyone who is willing to help me."

Upon hearing that, the eyes of many lit up. This meant that they would be able to use the Evolution Cube if they helped Black Star get rid of EsGod.

"I will participate." Ravenlaude was the first to speak.

"Alright, who else?" Milizaus asked calmly.

As an Ancient One, both him and Ravenlaude were not easy to deal with. Although their relationship was not good, he also recognized Ravenlaudes strength. An ordinary Beyond Grade A was not capable of becoming an Ancient One. Milizaus would naturally be willing to select a few more powerful allies for Black Star.

There was no need to consider the other two pillars. Clotti would keep guard beside Urranrell, and the other one was guarding a Star Field.

Heber was also tempted but could not bring himself to offer help.

Some rejected and others were not too interested. Finally, more than half of the Beyond Grade As present decided to participate in the operation. Together with Han Xiao, there were seven individuals in total.

Milizaus, Maximiler, Ravenlaude, Viru, Kohler, and Lotus Swordsmanthese six were his comrades participating in the operation to get rid of EsGod. Kohler was a Pugilist, and Lotus Swordsman was a female Psychic. There was not a single Esper among the group.

"Will seven of us be too many? Will the dynasty agree?" Ravenlaude asked.

"We can help him in our personal capacity if the dynasty doesnt agree. Can the dynasty object?" Lotus Swordsman said.

The Crimson Dynasty originally planned to send out three to five people, but because Han Xiao had promised to use the Evolution Cube as a reward, the troop had seven individuals, which was out of the dynastys expectations.

However, the dynasty did not have any issue with it. After all, it would not be good for them to stop their allies from seeking help personally. Furthermore, it was not a bad thing either.

Han Xiao then sized up this female Psychic. She had long white hair and violet skin. Her appearance looked similar to that of a human, and she was considered beautiful by the standards of the galaxy. She gave out a dreamlike aura and had a unique sense of charisma.

Lotus Swordsman was her name, not a title. Swordsman was her surname, and Lotus was her forename.

She came from a special race called the Rainis Race. The members of this race did not have any gender before the age of fifteen, and their bodies would undergo a special transformation at the age of fifteen. They could become a female or male, and this ceremony would be called the Gender Determination Ceremony. Once their gender was decided, they would not be able to change it in the future.

As such, the race put heavy emphasis on splitting up the workload evenly. However, because the Gender Determination Ceremony affected ones life, there were far too many people who chose to become males every year. Even if society increased the benefits and status of females, the birth rate was still falling.

As such, the Rainis Race had a quota of females to fulfill every year to ensure that their race could continue to reproduce. Lotus Swordsman was one of the unlucky candidates to be picked when she was young and forced to become a female.

Despite the Rainis Race producing a Beyond Grade A Super, they did not receive any protection. Lotus Swordsman had long announced that the Rainis Race had nothing to do with her and managed her own organization.

Their other comrade, Kohler, was a Beyond Grade A who had completely submitted to the dynasty. He did not have an organization, and although his strength could not be compared to Heber, he was still a Beyond Grade A.

"I will have to rely on all of you for help," Han Xiao said sincerely.

After chatting a while longer, Milizaus announced the end of the meeting and informed the dynasty of the outcome.

Han Xiao then left the quantum network and heaved a sigh of relief.

His teammates had already been set. With the dynasty sending out seven people, there would definitely be more than ten Beyond Grade As together with the other two parties. The scale of the battle might reach the same level as the battle on Planet Lighthouse.

But this time, all of them were going to deal with EsGod alone, and EsGods situation was far worse than the dynastys during the battle on Planet Lighthouse.

Han Xiao clenched his fists in excitement and prepared for battle!






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