The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 903

Chapter 903 Transformation

“This item is a little interesting. This looks a little like an Ultraman transformation.”

“This looks like a biochemical transformation!”

“Wow, he really looks a little like a Creeper”

“No, no, no, this is a Ravager!”

“Bullsh*t, look at his sexy bone spikes. He is obviously a Skeleton Horse!”

“I didn’t study much, but don’t lie to me. This is obviously a monster from Balala the Fairies.”

The players all gathered around with curiosity in their eyes.

Their height was only up to the transformed player’s crotch, and they were like dwarfs surrounding a giant. The players then stretched out their hands to touch the body of the transformed player.

“Oi! Watch where you’re touching! You’re touching my ass! Why don’t you transform yourself if you’re so curious”

That player was exasperated and swung his palm out like a heavy hammer. The few players surrounding him were immediately sent flying and crashing into the alloy walls.

The players who were sent flying were not angry at all. They all stood up and puked out a mouthful of blood before crowding forward again excitedly.

“Wow, that attack dealt a lot of damage. How powerful.”

“Hurry up and check your attributes.”

The other players pestered him by the side.

Han Xiao’s eyes sparkled as he watched the scene before him.

The Ovitan Badge was an item that had been through many rounds of improvements and modifications. The Evolutionary Civilization would not create soldiers that lost all reason. Thus, the transformed being would maintain a certain degree of their consciousness and would not enter a [Chaos] state. It was just that their intelligence level and mental resistance would fall, and they were only capable of making some basic judgement. However, because of the uniqueness of the players, they would not experience any changes to their mental state after using the Ovitan Badge.

This meant that his theory was right. The players were the most suitable bunch to use the Ovitan Badge!

They did not lose their rationality and could fully utilize their strength after the evolution!

Han Xiao coughed and interrupted the players. “How are you feeling right now? Can you still control your body freely?”

“I can.” The transformed player performed a few actions curiously and displayed his stunning dexterity. His nails transformed into sharp claws to scratch his bald head.

Han Xiao nodded, and nanoparticles gushed out from his sleeves to form a golden needle.

“Don’t move, let me check your body.”

As he said that, Han Xiao stabbed the needle into the transformed being’s body, and combat information popped up.

The Ovitan Badge seemed to exist in the form of a buff, and this player was currently experiencing the buff.


[Evolution Limit: Aberration]: Your genes have been reconstructed by the [Ovitan Badge], and your Class has been temporarily changed to [High Grade Biological Aberration].

Basic END boost will be transformed to 1:200, +30% STR, DEX, and END. -50% INT, MYS, and CHA.

Additional attribute changes: +240 STR, +200 DEX, +200 END, -300 INT, -300 MYS, -500 CHA.

1.3x physical resistance, 0.4x mental resistance, +200% Health and Stamina recovery speed.

You will lose 300600 Health every minute, and your Health will fall by 30% 60% every half an hour. Your Health limit is reduced by 10,000 20,000 every hour.

-90% effectiveness of any close combat equipment (including but not limited to mechanical equipment and magic tools). A portion of incompatible skills and talents will be frozen (unusable). +100% energy and stamina consumption of skills. Your close combat attacks will have [Hack] and [Sweep] effects. +70% close combat damage. +25% [Suppressing Force] and [Crushing Force] success rate.

Remark: Dance to your heart’s content before your death!


Woah, how ferocious!

Han Xiao excitedly analyzed the effects of the badge.

The transformation had obviously prioritized close combat strength, and the gene evolution path that the Evolutionary Civilization had set leaned toward strengthening the body while weakening the mind.

After all, the initial motive of designing the Ovitan Badge was to scam investments cough cough, create a suicidal civilian army. Thus, strengthening the body was the fastest way to raise an individual’s strength.

After the transformation, their biggest improvement was in their tankiness!

During Version 3.0, the player’s level limit was 120. When he was at level 120, his health was about thirty thousand, and the players, who did not have any Molding Talents, should have about ten thousand health with their basic Endurance boost being one to fifty. After the transformation, the player’s health was increased by four times!

Just this extra boost provided by the transformation would provide the players with forty thousand more health, and together with the few hundred points of Endurance that a level 120 player had, it was possible for their health to break the hundred thousand mark. Just from their health alone, it was sufficient to be compared to an ordinary Calamity Grade Super!

An ordinary level 120 player would have their attributes in the range of the hundreds. As such, the boost to their Strength, Dexterity, and Endurance would be almost doubled.

Thus, the benefits of the transformation were extremely obvious. If a player transformed when their HP was low, there was definitely a chance to turn the entire battle around.

However, the weakness was also extremely obvious. An individual’s Intelligence and Mystery would be greatly reduced, and their mental resistance would be frighteningly low. Furthermore, a lot of the frozen skills would be the long-ranged skills, resulting in the transformed being’s long-range combat capability being extremely poor. If the transformed being could not drag the enemy into a close ranged battle, it was very likely that the transformed being would end up becoming a live target board.

Just as he was viewing the combat information, Bun-Hit-Dog and the others also saw the attribute panel being shared by the transformed player.

“F***! This is too overpowered!”

“Although he is extremely ugly, I can accept it!”

Everyone then activated the badges excitedly, and eight more beasts appeared in the room. Feeling their powerful strength, they jumped around the room like monkeys. Bun-Hit-Dog was the only one who did not transform.

Bun-Hit-Dog swallowed a mouthful of saliva and asked Han Xiao with agitation, “Army Commander, will this item be sold to everyone after this test?”

Han Xiao looked at him and said, “Hmm, although the side effects of this item is extremely large, it is very useful. I will produce it in large quantities and sell it to the members of the army. As for whether they want to buy it or not, that will be their personal choice.”

Bun-Hit-Dog’s eyes widened, and he instantly knew that this matter would be world shaking news.

This was his exclusive content!

I am going to be trending for sure!

Following which, Han Xiao got the players to perform a few tests and obtained valuable research data. Finally, the players’ health dropped to zero, and they revived back into their original forms.

After confirming the usage of the Ovitan Badge, Han Xiao could also be at ease and gave the ten suicidal players their mission reward. He then watched as they left excitedly, and he got Phillip to place the Ovitan Badge in the army’s store. At the same time, he had also refreshed the interface of the faction store.

The product name was also changed, and it was not called the Ovitan Badge. Instead, it was called ‘Black Star Army Badge: Evolution’. The picture on the badge was the Black Star logo of the Black Star Army.

Because the core technological skill required was the Evolution Cube, the production cost of the Ovitan Badge was extremely low. Furthermore, it could be reused as long as it was refilled with energy. Han Xiao set the price of such a powerful equipment at 150,000 Enas and 2,500 Contribution Points. The price of the Ovitan Badge was akin to that of a spaceship, and his profits were sky high! The price that he had set was mainly to target the player group.

After all, to an ordinary member of the army, using the badge meant instant death. The frightening side effects and price would keep them far away from the item, and not many of them would buy one. But in the player’s eyes, this item was like a divine item, and dying meant nothing to them at all!

Not just in Version 3.0, the Ovitan Badge would be extremely useful before the players reached the Calamity Grade!

Of course, there was another reason for setting such a high price: to control the combat capability of the players. Furthermore, it was impossible for all the players to have the money to purchase such an item. Han Xiao was even planning to charge a fee for refilling the energy of the badge, and this would spur the players unable to afford it to do more missions

What a perfect cycle.

The only problem was that the image of their army would be affected. After all, which proper organization would create so many transformed creatures?

At the same time, Bun-Hit-Dog left the testing room and immediately posted a thread on the forums.

‘Shocking! The Black Star Army’s new item is actually’

The thread included the entire testing process and a large number of pictures and videos. At the same time, the [Black Star Army Badge: Evolution] also went on the shelves of the faction store, and Bun-Hit-Dog’s thread became extremely popular!

The players all began to reply to the thread.


Strange Things: Shocking! The product was just placed on the shelves, and you already have a review

Vice Commander’s Spaghetti: How frightening. Is this the speed of the army’s reporter?

Sandy Wind: I am currently at headquarters and just got off the spaceship. Did I miss some big news

Sprouting Melon: My goodness. The effect of this tool is too perverse.

Use Tyrant If You Want to Be Bald: The price is also equally perverse. My liver is crying out for help

Zhang Weiyu: The wealthy players are very happy. Hang in there! You have almost emptied my entire wallet.

Maple Moon: How ugly. I would rather be killed by a boss than use it!

Rat Who Likes to Eat Bamboos: It isn’t ugly at all! This is called the beauty of violence!

Bi Bi Bear: Would you rather be a handsome boy for your lifetime or a powerhouse for a few hours?

White Jewel: I’m sorry, but I choose to be a handsome boy.

Army Commander’s Big JJ: Too awesome! The Army Commander made such a frightening item, so his class should be Mad Scientist, right?

My Wife Is Called Feidin: Upstairs, you really changed your name!

I’m Really Not Too Bad: This tool is like the item of an antagonist. I finally found out that the Black Star Army is actually an antagonist faction. We should change our name to Protective Umbrella Army.

Elephant Waving Whip: Black Star’s ratings have been affected

Germinal Organization Leader: I am smiling at all of you in heaven.

Wind Colt: I think that the ‘Black Star Army Badge: Evolution’ is truly a treasure for fight dungeons. It is the best item for the main tank. We can finally kill all the bosses that have been torturing us.

Jupiter: Guild of Gods is purchasing Enas in large quantities, and the price is negotiable. Please contact the guild’s customer service players if you are interested. They are online 24/7. Guild of Gods has a good reputation and is definitely reliable.

Jade Green Sky: Temple of God is trash. There isn’t a need for explanation.

Jupiter: Haha, your Long Sky should wait for your deaths during the upcoming Pro League! Defend your title if you can!

Jade Green Sky: How sour, how sour. Some club didn’t even make it into the top eight

Sun Eggplant: ?

Dancing Fish Dragon: ?

Perfumed Bear: ?

Jade Green Sky: Wtf! The three powerhouses of Fried Eggplants with Fish, this is definitely unintentional!

Sun Eggplant: NMSL[1]

Second Prince: Hahaha! I am going to die from laughter!

Li Ge: +1


Apart from some useless banter, the majority of the players were discussing the effects of the [Black Star Army Badge: Evolution].

Every player only had ten chances to revive within six days, so this side effect was still acceptable to them. Many players could see the value of this tool.

Because of the high price, only some wealthy individuals and squirrels were able to afford it. After looking at the thread, many players were tempted and immediately placed an order with Phillip.

There was a limited number of badges available, and they could only pre-order them at the moment. Han Xiao planned to launch the product officially in a few days and got the logistics department to first set up an assembly line.

Han Xiao and the Dynasty Ruler came to a verbal agreement on the business for the Evolutionary Totem. The actual details of the cooperation would only be confirmed after an official response from the dynasty was given. A Universal Civilization was extremely large, and even if the power structure was simple, there would still be plenty of red tape.

Han Xiao could make use of this time to form a connection with the Evolution Cube based on the methods recorded by the Evolutionary Civilization. This was a long-term process, and it could not be rushed.

Han Xiao merrily viewed the forums and went back to his room. He suddenly thought about something.

“Right. Phillip, show me the footage of Shazik and Lothaire. I want to see how they are blending into the army.”


Han Xiao entered the quantum network and checked on how Shazik and Lothaire were getting along with the old members of the army.

Shazik was extremely normal and was still familiarizing himself in his new environment. He was getting along pretty well with the people from the intelligence department, but he did not have a great sense of presence. However, this was not a disadvantage for an intelligence officer but an advantage.

The situation with Lothaire was a little different. Lothaire was used to being alone and did not interact with the other officers. He would be either training in the training room alone or sharpening his blade in the room while staring at the wall in a daze. He was like a loner.

Han Xiao thought for a while and headed toward Lothaire’s room.

When Lothaire first joined, he was rushing to take a look at the Evolutionary Civilization’s information and did not communicate much with the other party. Han Xiao decided to head over and have a good conversation with Lothaire.

Based on combat strength and potential, Lothaire was definitely ranked among the top five in the army and had even exceeded Hadavy. He was only second to Hila, Aurora, Feidin, and Nero. He was a peak expert below the Beyond Grade A realm. Han Xiao placed great importance on Lothaire’s potential and thus felt the need to care about his mental health.

After all, EsGod was his nightmare, and he was now freed from his nightmare. Since he had snatched the enemy from the other party, Han Xiao felt the need to take responsibility for that. If not, a loner like Lothaire might end up losing himself in the future.

[1] This is Chinese slang. It’s the initials for “Ni Ma Si Le”, which means your mom’s dead.



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